George Galloway shame on you


George Galloway shame on you
by ahosseini

Shame on you George Galloway

For behaving in this way

You justify murderers

Iranians you betray


You won because of this war

The so called war on terror

Also a big warmonger

A party in this horror


You won and you went ahead

Don’t let it go to your head

You won because of mullahs

People you did go to bed


You managed to fool the mass

In each and every class

With Iranian money

Money from oil and gas


You won because in the west

US, France and the rest

The war lobbies dictating

Lack of respect and unrest

You support these fascist thugs

These animals and mad dogs

You have become their mouth piece

On TVs and in blogs


One day supported Saddam

His majesty and kingdom

Now you support hard line thugs

In the name of freedom


You and your so called respect

Support this horrible sect

Those who rigged the election

In day light which was perfect


Perhaps we should just mention

How they rigged the election

In just about 50 towns

Votes exceed population


Are you saying they cause pain

And we can not complain

This is really so sick

you must be thick and in sane


Behave like mercenaries

So you collect some pennies

For opening your big mouth

To help hard line clergies


Palestine is just a game

For you to make a big name

You don't believe in justice

This is your ultimate aim


There is no big difference

Between this and that nonsense

Muslim and Jewish hardliners

Are much the same in essence


In fact they are even worse

For using their might and force

Against people of their own

You go along and endorse



They are both extremists

And both behave like fascists

Don't insult intelligence

We are not imperialists


Don't tell me you are proud

When they run into crowd

With motorbikes and with guns

You respect and speak load


You respect the managers

Who killed many teenagers

For just reading some leaflets

Considered as big dangers


You have no respect for us

Respect for votes and census

For holding peaceful rallies

You are making so much fuss


You respect thugs when they jail

Thousands of male and female

For exercising their rights

To this extent and scale


You respect those who torture

Those who behave like vulture

Hurting people on chambers

Those who lead and give lecture


You respect the TV show

After they pull nails from toe

You must be so disgusting

Resign or get the elbow


You respect them when they close

Papers of those who expose

The opposition papers

And the journals who oppose


You respect when they ignore

Women's rights and they ensure

Suppressing oppositions

A policy which is core


Mr. respect shame on you

We urge you that you will do

Stop working for these thugs

Or will come and will say boo


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by Shemirani on

شرمش با د !

az dast in behnevis :D


Galloway Garbage

by Shemirani on

این افراد آشقال هستند که نمیذارند ایران آزاد و سکولار بشه ! این هم یک حسن عبّاسی اورپیا، یک دیوانه زنجیری ایران و پول نفتشو ابزار نفرت ضد یهود خود استفاده می‌کنه !

یک خود فروخته دیگری که از طرف مادری ایرانی‌ هست و همین روش بکار میبره شرمش بعد !

darius guppy



Please note

by ahosseini on

Refering to Iranian hardliners here. The way it is joined to previous four lines it implies as if I was talking to the subject in those four line. Obviousl he does not support western goverments.

So the first line should read: You supported fascist thugs


You support these fascist thugs

These animals and mad dogs

You have become their mouth piece

On TVs and in blogsBelieve

I believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.