Abou Ghraib in Iran


by ahosseini

Abou Ghraib in Iran 


Abou Ghraib in Iran

It is managed and is run

By a gang of fascist thugs

Mad hooligans and mad dogs

In the Islamic Kingdom

All in the name of Islam

So embarrassed the leader

That soon closed the centre

When an ex-leader appealed

Films and pictures he revealed

The depth of horror and shame

All done in the leader's name

So did the supreme cleric

When secrets were made public

We know there is nothing new

Nothing that they can argue

Anyone who can murder

Any one who can torture

Can hurt and rape teenagers

Considered as big dangers

No doubt can these murders

Can hurt and rape prisoners

They have done it in the past

In thirty years of the last

These thugs do not have mercy

Even on a dead body

They rape because they recon

Teenage girls go to heaven

Oh yes, marry the victims

So just like other "Muslims!"

Fulfil religious duties

When rape and kill detainees 

They kill and rape at this rate

The enemies of state

We must stop them all use

Use religion to abuse

In Iran and in the west

In Israel and the rest

Send religion to the Mosques

To churches and synagogs

Separate in every region

The state from religion

Look at state of affairs

The attitude of "carers!"

Look at Mr Obama

The man of big drama

Mr "new Luther King!"

The biggest man of acting

Go on and makes big speech

Human rights he breach

Recognise this mad regime

Members of entire team

Those who cheated election

By all their own admission 

Look at Mr G Brown

Do little on crackdown

We have lost complete hope 

On Sarkozi and Europe

That Russian drunken man

Colonised like did Afghan

This human rights is sham

All of them failed the exam

Come on you all world leaders

Don't watch thugs commit murders

How could you watch the rapists

Acting like horrible beasts

How can the civilised world

Stand and watch this war lord

I think one way to stop

Is to setup a workshop

Use internet just like mine

Or one that can be off line

This is just one suggestion

And I say this with passion

We must apply pressure

On states to take measure

We design a petition

A short and concise motion

Ask people to sign paper

In a kind and good manner

The public are kind to us

We do not make any fuss

Then we send all the copies

To each of local MPs

We go and ask for feedback

We do not get off their back

We record things in the book

We don't let them off the hook

We get every union 

To pass a resolution

We will organise and fight

Just like anti-aparthide

This is one way to fight pain

In this justified campaign

Please see Ali Hossein's personal website for more of poems.


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Aby Gharib is a luxury hotel compare to what goes in Iran

by peace45 on

There were no rape of innocent women or young boy in Abu Gharib..Actually there were no women at all or young boys.

So, lets not give credit to Mullahs...they are the real evils! 

 and pleassssse Obama is not Luther...dont give that much credit to Obama either. 

 the more I read your post, the more confuse I get.

 there are no one in the West that remotely can be resembled to Mullahs and what they have done in the last 30 yrs.