That’s interesting: My penis is larger than that of gorrillas'

That’s interesting: My penis is larger than that of gorrillas'
by acopier101

Men will be happy to know that humans have the largest primate penis with respect to overall body size. Gorillas oddly enough have one of the smallest primate penises, despite the fact that they are the largest primates on Earth. Gorillas penis size averages around a paltry two inches. Chimpanzees are much smaller than gorillas, yet sport a penis twice as long…




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khaleh mosheh

Zero tolerance policy

by khaleh mosheh on

Now Rosie, if an Iranian came over form the muslim infested land of England to the big apple and started to paint the town the colours of Iranian flag the boys of NYPD will soon get on top of things I have now doubt. So shall we will settle for seeing the sites?



by Rosie. on

I thought about writing that along with red!

khaleh mosheh

Well Rosie

by khaleh mosheh on

You have just made me an offer I almost cann't refuse. If it was painting the town green, I would be on the next available plane over in a flash...



by Rosie. on

well then come to New York. We'ill paint the town red!


Austin Powers Dick Rocket

by MM on

khaleh mosheh


by khaleh mosheh on

Alas the closeness is virtual and metaphorical...


I always feel you...

by Rosie. on

very close.


khaleh mosheh

Dear Rosie

by khaleh mosheh on

Thanks for building up my confidence- it is very rare for me to be called an expert in anything let alone in the field of comparative anatomy with so many great illustrious academics in the field. Let me just humbly add an original statement, Rosie Jan, that if I have seen further it is because I have stood on multiple anatomical regions of giants. 

PS Thank you for reminding me of my Ex- Oh I miss him so as sadly I have as yet to find an adequate replacement. 

PPS Good to see you again Rosie-I am a fan from afar.


Well, Khaleh,

by Rosie. on

This is the reward for meticulous research-All that psychological harm caused by inappropriate interspecies penis envy has now been overcome with some excellent piece of science.


Well, Khaleh, you're the species expert!


// //


And the moral of the story is

by Marjaneh on

that if you notice a male of the human species beating his chest like a gorilla,  physically and/or metaphorically, the chances are that ---- ---- ----.

"...society celebrates its live conformists and its dead troublemakers..." - Mignon McLaughlin


King Kong

by Yara on

Well, thanks for the report, but I'm sure people won't think any less of King Kong as a result of your blog.



by acopier101 on

No, that is not the reason women get headaches.  It has more to do with their partners' previous history of poor performances. 


khaleh mosheh,

by acopier101 on

Well, I feel really bad for the gorrilas.  They must feel devestated knowing that my penis is larger than theirs.  Ooochhhh!  That must really hurt.


Rea, well actually I didn't figure it out

by acopier101 on

...but it's okay, I might get it next time.  Thanks,


No wonder

by iamfine on

No wonder women try to stay away from sex by saying things like "I have a headache". Is it because they get heart when 4-5 inch penis is inside

khaleh mosheh

This is

by khaleh mosheh on

the reward for meticulous research-All that psychological harm caused by inappropriate interspecies penis envy has now been overcome with some excellent piece of science.

No doubt  the male  homosapiens readership of the i.c will  be thankfully much more secure in their manhood and hence will continue to enjoy reading prime chunks of delectable news. Although I am saddened to imagine the male gorrilas reading i.c will all be in need of prolonged psychological counselling.



by Rea on

Actually, it's self-explanatory. Now, go figure. ;o)

Outta here. 


Shifteh Ansari,

by acopier101 on

The problem with us, the news posters, was that we were too serious about the news, but now, with the new turn of events, we could explore many fascinating aspects of life on this planet, and laugh about them too.



by acopier101 on

You should've told me that long time ago.  You see, I always thought I was too short intellectually. 



by acopier101 on

What do you mean by ehjoooj?  Please explain in lengthy detail.

Louie Louie

Such a relief for many

by Louie Louie on

Confidence is back, no more complimenting!

Yes, it's huge. No don't do that towel rack thing!


Curiosity killed the cat

by Rea on

Yet, measures are universal.  ;o) 


Wow !

by Rea on

Ehjoooj. ;o)


Darwins' girls

by comrade on

Rarely is any blog commented upon first by the ladies. Any particular reason for the exception here?!!


Shifteh Ansari

Live and Learn

by Shifteh Ansari on

Fascinating share.  Thank you for this most illuminating news blog.  I may have been wrong to spend all that time trying to learn things in the news section.  As is evident, some very important lessons can be learned in the blogs
section, too.  Live and learn.


Point well made ;-)

by Mehrban on

I always thought you were smart, now with this information...........LOL

Certainly your commentary makes this news blog worthy.  I hope it gets featured :-).