"Democracy, Tyranny, and Liberty" "دموکراسی‌ ، دیکتاتوری ، آزادی"


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A Viewpoint By: Prof. Aeon Skoble -- Hope you find his talk valuable.

"Nothing is unchangeable but the inherent and unalienable rights of man." Thomas Jefferson.

"Now, more than ever, it is the responsibility of every person to bring the culture of human rights into his or her life, home, and daily relationships with family, friends and neighbors—while perceiving that our riends & neighbors span the globe."

اينك هر كسي بيش از هميشه مسئوليت دارد تا فرهنگ حقوق بشر را به زندگي، منزل و روابط روزانه با خانواده، دوستان و همسايگان بياورد درحالي كه درك كنيم اين دوستان و همسايگان جهان را وجب ميكنند. اين فرهنگ حقوق بشر بايد بعنوان شيوه زندگي گرامي داشته شود.

Source: 12Petals Media Group

12Petals Media Group strives to be a union of visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, cinematographers, playwrights, social entrepreneurs and more, all coming together to produce inspired multimedia pieces that promote and encourage respect for those rights protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

گروه رسانه اي 12 گلبرگ اتحاديه هنرمندان بصري، موسيقيدانان، فيبمسازان، سينما گران، نمايشنامه نويسان، موسسين اجتماعي و بسياري ديگر ميباشند كه گرد هم آمده تا قطعاتي را توليد نمايند درجهنت نشويق و ارتقا احترام براي آندسته از حقوقي كه توسط اعلاميه حهاني حقوق بشر محافظت ميشود.


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12 Petals

Re: Excellent talk & Offered thanks

by 12 Petals on

Dear Maryam - You are most welcome. 12Petals is so glad you found his talk interseting. Thanks for your kind words and deed.

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Maryam Hojjat

Excellent talk by the Prof

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for posting.