Royal Green Norooz

Photo essay: Pahlavi family gathering for the new year

by Darius Kadivar
Iran's royal family gatheromg for Norooz at Crown Prince Reza's house in the outskirts of Washington D.C. Photos include Shahbanou Farah, Princess Farahnaz, Crown Prince Reza and wife Princess Yasmine and three daughters Princess Noor, Princess Iman, and little Princess Farah but also for the first time the daughter of the late Prince Alireza: Princess Iryana. All Photos courtesy of

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Time to remarry?

by bahmani on

No sons, no legacy?

Actually I take that back, we would be far better off with an un-Hejabed Queen instead of another King.

Maybe Reza can restore the monarchy long enough to hand it to one of his daughters.

Undoing a tyranny that has systematically sought to erase women from the Iranian-equation, would be the sweetest revenge.

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Beautiful pictures

by iamfine on

A few months ago, I saw a picture of Ahmadinejad with his wife, greeting Chavez (she was covered with chador – I couldn’t see her face). Which one would you choose as your leader, the RP with his elegant beautiful wife or AN and his wife with chador?

I despise fascists and stalinists


by I despise fascists and st... on

You seem to be filled with elitism and hatred for the peasant class.  Reza Khan was not the first Iranian king to come from humble origins. Nader Shah was also from humble origin.

In the United States of America, the nation takes pride that many of its presidents rose from very humble origin. Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama are a few examples.

I despise fascists and stalinists


I despise fascists and st...

If you use this name, then at least try to practice it. I see nothing but hateful language from you.


Election campaign?!

by Arj on

As if there is an election campaign coming up, the pictorial depiction of the baby-hugging RP and the "perfect royal family" is apparently ordained to be the Noruz fixture of IC! For some reason beyond anyone's understanding, Iranian people seem to be perpetually indebted to Pahlavis in the eyes of their worshippers!

Indeed, Pahlavis should be grateful to this great nation for providing them with a chance to rise out of a peaseant life in the barnyards of Savadkuh to royalty in the Marble pallace and eventually South of France and suburbs of Maryland with hefty bank accounts! Yet our people are increasingly being force-fed the non-stop propaganda that seems to be an overture to a bidding struggle to compromise our nation's fate in exchange for foreign support! 


It's refreshing...

by Daadaash on

To see photos of humans for a change, rather than those animals with Pashm o Shisheh from Iran!


Happy new years to all

by rain bow movment on

We have the new years celebrations and our dignity from Pahlavies as they are real patrotic family,unlike islamist and communist are trators.look at my haft seen table for 29 years out of Iran.



by Aria on

Do you look up to Ayatollah Mesbah-yazdi for spiritual guidance?

Is he your mentor?

When you were growing up, did your parents tell you that it was not good to shake hand with Jews?

Do you truly in your heart of hearts believe that there are 72 virgins in paradise? 

Arash Kamangir

The photoes give hope and joy

by Arash Kamangir on

The photoes give iraninans alot of joy and hope. Ahooromazda bless the whole family.


  Family pictures that

by Parsy on


Family pictures that makes every Iranian proud and want to be associated with….unlike any picture from the current leaders of the IRI regime, bunch of uncivilized thugs calling themselves Velyateh Faghih...


Happy Norooz to the Royal Family...


Beautiful Royal Family of Iran

by Shemirani on

Happy Norooz to all of them ! Wishing them all the Best, Zir e saye Queen Mother !

Happy to see Princess Farahnaz smiling again ! and Alireza's Litttle girl is just "maravillosa" so cuttttteeeee


 هیچی‌ کمتر از اسپا نیا از سوئد از بلژیک یا هلند نداریم و خیلی‌ هم افتخار دارد

Thank You DK jan, even better than Point de vue magazine ;)



Can I cordially invite...........

by پندارنیک on educated Pahlavist, which seems to be a rare commodity to some people sometimes, to read kujirasan's comment first, understand it next, and then try to write a reply to it?


What hurts

by oktaby on

is lack of a heart. Or education, or bare minimum of decency or marginal sense of proportion. $65 Million? When hundreds of billions, future of two generations, and heritage of a nation is raped and plundered since? I think you could use some injections and surgery on your soul if you have one, and on your perception because you have been so thoroughly deceived to utter this venom after 3 decades of a cancerous tumor that has long since infested you beyond repair.



Hateful Ways?

by Demo on

The truth hearts. Doesn't it? And sometimes it hearts too much that even if the $65M of our people' stolen money, all the faces' plastic surgeries, the botox injections, the beautiful pics?, the fake smiles, & all other deceptions are combinesd still won't be enough to calm it down!


tehran e Azad

beautiful pics!

by tehran e Azad on

Demo >>> instead of hatred learn how to become some one in your life, it might be too late for you , but don't pass on your hateful ways to the your next generation!!!!


Bejaye hasoodi ke motma-enan baese oghdeyi shodan mishavad , l teach your kids ( if you have any) how to become successful in life!!! 


Quote from a post below:

by Disenchanted on

"Let not press on with SAVAK, and sodomizing  by Coca Cola bottles and there innovative approach in rectal insertion techniques  , or other wonderful legacies of the Light of Aryan..."     Tabrik!

Anonymous Observer

Kujirasan or Kimosabe or whatever your name is

by Anonymous Observer on

dude, you sound like you just took a bunch of random words out of a thesaurus, put them in a blender, added a bunch of kings' names to them and spewed them out onto the comment section of this thread.  

Get some therapy man. 



by oktaby on

is my favorite. Sad yet hopeful. May Norooz remain the symbol of renewal, purity & what is Iranian.

Thanks DK 



Kujirassan, .......................

by Nezami. on

Kujirassan,......... your long comment has far too many historical inaccuracies to point out.

I suggest if you like or dislike someone, or some system, then stick to facts and make unbiased judgments. Otherwise your arguments lose validity and you lose credibility.

I am not here to defend or condem anyone, but I strongly condem (as we all should) a comment which is historically wrong, not backed up with proper references, based on hot air and emotions, biased and unbalanced.

So get professional with your writing please.




by Faramarz on

It sounds like Haji Firooz took your Eidi and left you with nothing!

Sorry buddy, there is always next year!

maziar 58

Blah Blab Blah

by maziar 58 on


WTF aer you blabbering?

think about the possibility of Iran & Iranians getting hit by the disasterous chance of MILITARY attack.

Forget about the B.S coming from hosseynieh news desk.



The Bazaarwise Goebbels

by kujirasan on

Kadivar, with his ubiquitous and exceptionally tepid and useless presence is nothing but a replete to nausea , the tragedy of Iran is that it has been ruled way too often by thugs, and its history and poets have passed the thugs and thieves as Greats by out right lies or panegyric verse (MADAH) , and degenerisy of Kadivar is the continuation of that repulsive tradition and betrayal, if one take care and look carefully , there is no mention of another Stellar collection of the Pahlavi gang, the notorious ASHRAF, arrested in Geneva Airport with Shah's personal Adhudant Housang Davalvu with suitcase of heroin and let go by authorities as Davalu had diplomatic immunity, before the Persian New Year, she would arrange a meeting with Press and would should, Eyede Shoma Mobarak, Harmoozadeh-ha, haranguing them for writing about her toy boys and debauched life style.

Ghajars, were did much better job in defending Iran, they were just out gun, the twice defeat Ottoman army out numbered by 100 to 1, and imposed the humiliating treaty of Arazrum,  as well in the beginning defeated Russian in Georgia and chased away General Yermolov and his Cossacks, while Reza Palani and his Amry lasted one week facing with no combat against invasion, in Paytaq near Kermansh the British just by passed his army that was camped in the Paytaq Gap.

The light of Aryans was grand son of a Donkey Driver, and of Turkish Ethnicity,  these were Khrakdar people, in moder terms there were transport company with large number of Donkeys, and original name was Palani.

Nader Shah, was a Bandit originally and Darisuh became King, after his stallion won a competition among other Army guys for having first erection on  sighting a mare. Read Reza Barehani's the The Crowned Cannibals and will get a better picture.

Let not press on with SAVAK, and sodomizing  by Coca Cola bottles and there innovative approach in rectal insertion techniques  , or other wonderful legacies of the Light of Aryan,  More of an Imperialist match stic to be pushed into the ash tray, when he out lived his usefulness for the masters. k, when he resulted to take of for his holiday Shapoor Bakhtiar asked American Ambassador to ring him and tell him to pack his bag for the long haul to oblivion. 


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Thanking mr kadivar  for the royal family's pictures

And Ignoring the nameless Ignorants .

happy nu rooz to Y'all.



The Royal "Nose!"

by Demo on

The similiarity beween the royal noses of RP & BB are simply astonishing! Compare the RP's huge nose on pic.#11 with that of BB's below:


No wonder 'Fred' believes Iranians & Israelis have so much of in common!


Great Pictures and Great Family

by Faramarz on

Behind every successful man is his woman. In his case there is more than one great woman.

Happy Norooz to Reza Pahlavi and his Family.

Azin Izadifar

who is the lady in black?

by Azin Izadifar on

who is the lady in black? Just curious, Alireza's Gf?


Oon Yaroo

Happy Noruz to the Pahlavi family, the pride and joy of

by Oon Yaroo on

Iran and Iranians!

Rest in peace dear general Khosrowdad!


Manouchehr Khosrodad

by Aria on

Rest in peace forever.

If only all friends remained loyal like him to the bitter end, the word “betrayal” would become useless and vanish. 

They don't make friends like him any more, do they?

How lucky to have a friend like him.




Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

I believe in electing rulers, not being born to rule. As do all Americans, a country that fought hard to establish its Republic out of colonial British rule.

Nevertheless, RIP Leila and Alireza - so sad, seeing their pictures at the Haftseen table. I wish their family peace.

Manuchehr Khosrodad

Thankyou for the pictures.

by Manuchehr Khosrodad on

Royal Green Norooz made my day.