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Photo essay: Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

by Cost-of-Progress
These photos of are of a place where some of us may never visit due to various reasons, so here's a piece of the planet for you to cyber-visit. I should mention that all the time I'm Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, I have this strange urge to sing the "Englishman in New York" song from Sting. Funny thing is that I am no Englishman, and this ain't no New York!

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Selling point: The Red Sea

by Monda on

COP, I've been close to being sold on a scuba diving trip in and about the region. I hear the underwater life makes up for the rest. Looking at your photos though, I think I'd rather land on a different beach town. Thanks for sharing your views.


Don't know what you people are talking about!

by Reality-Bites on

That camel looks peaceful to me!

Btw CoP, very nice photos.


HG jon, you're welcome

by Cost-of-Progress on

And you're right, the Hajj pilgrimage is the # 1 reason for non-natives and non-professionals to visit KSA.

I did not have nor did I see camel tongue sandwich on any menus. The food there is actually good.




hamsade ghadimi

cop, thanks for the

by hamsade ghadimi on

cop, thanks for the photos.  you just validated my lack of desire to ever visit that forsaken land (as if i needed it!).  i like the camel head picture.  did they have camel tongue sandwich? 

btw, there's also a third reason to be in s.a.  hint: it's an implicit forced tourism clause in a holy book.


Comrad, you're so confused

by Cost-of-Progress on

you think the commies are still a superpower. And by the way, don't quit your dayjob!





COP, be careful with Al-Faramarz

by ComraidsConcubine on

 If he were Eyeranian he'd be Paramarz, right? 


Faramarz - Regarding photos

by Cost-of-Progress on

You spend time there for two reasons:

1. You have to!

2. It's your country

Guess which one applies to me?

The Red Sea where this city sits by is very pretty and scenic. The water reminds me of Cancun, minus the bikinis..... The city is actually the second industrial center in KSA. (hint regarding "have to")! 





I always wondered if they

by alx1711 on

I always wondered if they sell Hallal Pork in their McDonalds?



by RostamZ on

Loved your comment. Very funny.


looks like a great place

by deev on

to demolish =)


Paradise Lost!

by Faramarz on

Why would anyone consider spending even an hour in this god forsaken place?