Orang goes to Washington

Photo essay: Sight-seeing in U.S. capital

by Orang Gholikhani

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Too long to watch them!

by Souri on

I don't know what JJ is using recently for the traveler pages!

It is almost impossible to see all the pictures....They take soooooooo

long to be downloaded. Pity!! I was so much interested.

Orang jon, hope you had a delightful trip.

Thanks for sharing the pictures (if only I could watch them :))

Orang Gholikhani

Benross : It is done by Niki de Saint Phalle

by Orang Gholikhani on

I don't see why you want cut off breasts ! I've always been against censorship.

You should visit them directly in the street : //www.nmwa.org/

These sculptures are done by  French-born artist Niki de Saint Phalle (1930–2002). //www.nmwa.org/sculptureproject/ 





I loved those colourful

by benross on

I loved those colourful status. But maybe they should cut off those breasts don't you think?!

to Ebi:

I know what you mean! Downtown DC at night is deserted and quite scary. 

ebi amirhosseini

Orang Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

You're a brave man,some of these pictures were taken in places that,I  personally don't dare being there even for a minute!.


Ebi aka Haaji