My Paris

Photo essay

by Orang Gholikhani
Paris should be one of the most photographed cities. I just wanted to share my point of view of Paris. It is why I call it MY PARIS.

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هم کوچه
Nov 25, 2012
نوازش پرستو
Nov 18, 2012
Nov 11, 2012
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Orang Gholikhani

To Avesta : Soleh Ashti or Salam

by Orang Gholikhani on

I agree with you.

This monuement is made by French Govrenement and they chose Soleh. Amazing that Soleh seems Arab for us but for Arabe they wrote SALAM!  You have whole wall in one one of the picture.

So Soleh is neither an arab word ! I wonder if somebody could expalin word's origine !



Paris is the capital of a

by daryoush (not verified) on

Paris is the capital of a democratic country that builds a monument to peace AND sell chemical weapons to Saddam.

About as ugly as it gets!


Orang jan

by Souri on

Thank for those splandid pictures. Your number zero is in fact a number one, with that trilling sky. Awesome !!

And ....yes, it brought back many great memories of the past. Especially the first years of my residence in Paris. In one of the street of Ile Saint Louis, Paris 4em.

When I saw that picture# 010a, I saw again mysel, at 20, walking on that side of the Senne, with a cassquette and a daman plissse :D)

My French comrade of the university named me " Ti Ti Parisienne"....

Yaade javooni ha be kheir.

Dastet dard nakoneh Orang jan.

Thank you so much.


soolh arab-Ashti parsi Irani

by Avesta (not verified) on

chera in hame vajehay boyadin va besiyar koohan va karegar irani ra be kaar nemibarim?!!{Ashti}

Azarin Sadegh

Oh nostalgia!

by Azarin Sadegh on

I have a love-hate relationship with Paris !

I’ve lived there for over 6 years and I did have the most memorable times of my life in that city… I remember this mix of gorgeous buildings and parks and narrow streets and amazing art galleries, etc… occupied by intelligent but indifferent people.

I miss the beautiful language of the city and then I remember my own impossibilities to feel part of the crowd and to belong.

 Unfortunately for me, the beauty of Paris has a sad gray tone to it…but still, I loved to go through these pictures Orang Jan!

Thanks for sharing! azarin


At The Gate ;)

by A Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

Bed Time Praying: 0.08

I am
Into the new world of sleep
For several hours
Let me have good dreams
Instead of bad ones
Like a drunken man
Who wish to have an all night joy partying
When his world has been transformed suddenly
From the solid
To that of vapor one without boundary
--Dr. Abol H. Danesh

Orang Gholikhani

To Lost Iranian : Paris & Parisians

by Orang Gholikhani on

Paris is very cosmopolite and you can find people close to your beleives.

Paris is not racist, Parisians are and not all of them, as after 30 years I consider myself Parisian too. These "typical¨ Parisians are not apreciated even in France by other French (see last picture).

I think it is a matter of Big cities. Look at "Tehrani" relationship with "Shahrestanti" as they are used to say.

Big cities make people rude because it is easy to be annonymous. Many people leave their small town because of that and at the end they regret miss of freindship.




> hometown

by Another Lost Iranian in Paris (not verified) on

I grew up in Paris, lived in DC and Dubai for a couple of years since the early 2000s. Now I'm back in good old Paris, and I have to admit, every Parisian has a special relationship with its city. I think people who lived in big cities full of soul and history have this strong feeling of belonging to their cities : Romans, New Yorkers, ect..

Paris is beautiful,no doubt about it.But keep in mond that it's one of the most racist city in the world : a very subtle, sometimes rude, and always discreet racism. I call it ''racism à la française''.



by Aria (not verified) on

I love Paris so much, I hope to visit it once ... Thanks for sharing



by IRANdokht on

Cher Orang

Ta Paris est tres belle! 

I wish I could visit there more often. I absolutely love it!  Beautiful!