The Hoopla, The Hope

Panel discussion on Iran's nuclear crisis

by Nazy Kaviani
Panel discussion on "The History of Iran's Nuclear Issue: Fears and Hopes," sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Iranian Students Alliance in America, with Dr. Maziar Behrooz, Assistant Professor of History at San Francisco State University, Dr. Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Southern California, and Reza Fani-Yazdi, human rights activist and former political prisoner.

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ز گهواره تا گور دانش بجو...


I sincerely  hope that there was a medical team specialising in Geriatric care on standbye throughout this meeting, just in case.....   

I must have missed the point by finishing my studies and leaving the academia in my twenties, and getting a job.  These days, "Iranian students", from those climbing the British embassy walls in Tehran, to the ones holding "hands off my Nuke" meetings @ Berkley, all seem to be mostly senior citizens/pensioners. 

And now, how about some real Iranian students?

Tiger Lily

P.S. What's that synthetic thing on the table for and what is it

by Tiger Lily on


Esfand Aashena

There is no such thing as "threat of war".

by Esfand Aashena on

Hamsade I think "threat of war" is meaningless.  "Threat of war" is to "prepare" the public opinion to go to war.  Wasn't there a "threat of war" for Saddam?  Or for Taliban? or in the case of Israel for Lebanon or many other cases?

The panelists believe what they believe in and they said in each of their cases it's their opinion.  Do you see anyone in IAEA or US or UK or anyone else for that matter saying Iran has a right to nuclear energy?  Or it's not IAEA job to check the Iranian missile program, if in fact that is what they're asking?

Are you saying that what IAEA, US and UK are saying are all 100% true?  If not, then what do you think is not true about IAEA, US or UK's stance?

Besides "threat of war" will not be taken seriously if they say it over and over and over and over and over .... until we're at war and then everything we know of, good or bad, guilty or innocent, Islamic or Secular, friends and family, ALL are destroyed.  War is hell.

Everything is sacred

hamsade ghadimi

next up: niac's conference against sanctions

by hamsade ghadimi on

i was dismayed, to say the least, that none of the panelists mentioned the duplicitous nature of iri when it comes to revealing its intent.  the intent is to become unattackable so that they can go on raping, imprisoning, and executing the opposition so that they can continue to loot iran.

also, none of the panelists expounded on iri's investment on nuclear energy while their mighty oil industry is significantly under-developed.  where does iran get its refined petroleum from?  what is the true purpose of developing nuclear program? economics gain or political gain?

the panelists acted as legal defendants of iri and failed to argue both sides of the issue: "yea they signed an agreement but it's not legally binding" (code word for "taghieh"). just as having nuclear weapons has value (threat of using it), the threat of war has value (not necessarily going to war).  even if there's one in a billion chance (sahimi's parts per billion argument) that iri wants to develop a nuclear weapon, i am whole-heartedly against the entire nuclear program.

Tiger Lily

Can somebody please tell me

by Tiger Lily on

what I'm supposed to do with this pictures?

Esfand Aashena

جمع دوستان جمعه! بگرد تا بگردیم!

Esfand Aashena

I am most definitely against a war with Iran under the guise of overthrowing Islamic Republic.  I do not want to build anything from the ashes of war.  I do not want a war so the Islamic Republic can be overthrown. 

It is the job of the Iranian people to overthrow this regime.  During this difficult economic times everyone wants to keep his/her job!  So let the Iranian people keep their job!  Do not lay them off.  Do not fire them.  They will do their job!

Nazy jaan this is probably your most personal photo essay!  I saw that Ari jaan was taking notes, did he ask a question?!  He was laughing so did he ask a question or make a joke?! 

Well if there were more contributors there could've been altercations leading to calling security, then tear gas and you could've all had a little more fun!  NOT! 

Everything is sacred

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Aren't you happy you finally get to see a Picture of Your nemesis:)))????


A perfect world

by Fred on

In a perfect world, one would back up claims with documents.

In a perfect world, in the name of nationalism, one would not wish to empower a “brutal regime” with nukes.

In a perfect world, one would disclose close working association with the “regime that violates the basic rights of its citizens.”

But since it is not a perfect world, keep on trucking.