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Interview with Iranian graffiti artist A1one (Tanha)

by Nazy Kaviani
I came to know about Tanha (A1one) several years ago in Tehran. At the time, I didn’t know who was responsible for the graffiti work I sometimes saw around the city. All I knew was that I had never seen such interesting graffiti in Iran. I couldn’t imagine the courage it took for anyone to write and create art on Tehran walls, a domain interchangeably used for government propaganda and for the harried, short words of those opposing the government, sure to be crossed out or white washed the next day. I was astonished to learn that someone would take the risk to break the law only to create the beauty that is art. I was delighted to find Tanha, A1one, on the internet a few years ago, when I was living in the US again. I recognized his art to be the same one I had sporadically seen on Tehran walls. So, that was his name—A1one. I have followed his work with delight ever since. So, it was a very pleasant surprise to be able to interview A1one via telephone and email in Europe a few days ago >>>

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Nazy Kaviani

Thank you!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you dear Ramin and Sid:

Tanha is a remarkable Iranian artist, and a pioneer of his art form in Iran. I invite you to take a look at this video in which he talks about his work and his arrest and solitary confinement. I hope he gets to continue his work and to grow and reach for the stars as he deserves.

A1one (IRAN) sur CANAL+ from Galerie MATHGOTH on Vimeo.


Great work of art for all ages

by Sid Sarshar on

Enjoyed this piece very much.  Thank you Nazy Khanoom. 


Superb work

by ramintork on

I really thought some of the works are outstanding both as Street Art or a work you would find in a gallery.

Thanks for the article Nazy Khanoom.