A complete family

Photo essay: Lila Soraya Salari has arrived

by Siamack
Lila Soraya Salari arrived a day later than her due date, the 28th of April. And now shares a birthday with my sister, twin cousins in Raleigh, NC, and an uncle in Mashad. Interestingly, she share the day with the twins who were also born on the 29th. The day before, at 4am in the morning, I was woken with, "Are you awake?">>> Full text

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by rainbowcountery on




beautiful name for a very beautiful girl






Me too!

by MAA (not verified) on

First off, congratulations :)

I also had no name for my offspring; I was so positive that it was going to be a girl and had planned to call her my grandmother's name that when the boy arrived I was completely caught off guard. Mind you, my family has girls galore, and even though I had an amneo-whatever I had not wanted to see the results. About another post of yours, V was right about the dark spots on the skin between the sun and pregnancy; I'm a terrific example.

Enjoy your beautiful family.


Thank you

by my idea (not verified) on

Congratulations aghaye siyamak and wife, I am very happy for you and your compelete family.
But, we could do without the first picture...I am a mother of 2 kids and not squimish what so every but do you really have to share every picture of your family here with your friends?? there are private albums on the net for this you know...
All the best,


ADORABLE picture!

by Jaleho on

mobarak. Your occasional stories about your kids have made them part of everyone's family here! I sometimes miss your boys when you don't update us on time. Now there are three of them  and I am sure the stories are gonna get cuter ;-)


Congratulations, she is beautiful.

by Tahirih on

Beautiful family.

Most regards,


Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Very beautiful.


A sign of the globalization we've come to!

by farrad02 on

An Indian-Iranian British girl who is born in Belgium (I guess, unless you went back to London for birthing?) and sharing birthdays with relatives in North Carolina and Mashad!!

WOW! Happy Birthday little girl.


anonymous fish

an Irish blessing for your beautiful lassie

by anonymous fish on

May the road rise to meet you,
may the wind be always at your back,
may the sun shine warm upon your face,
the rains fall soft upon your fields and,
until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

congratulations to you all!


I dont know what is

by shadi (not verified) on

I dont know what is happening to my comments so here it goes again:

1. Congratulation! She is beautiful.
2. You have lost so much weight
3. Write more often please!


All the best

by Mehrban on

to you all.  Great photos of the new arrival.  Thanks for sharing them.


خوش اومدی فسقل خانوم




خوش اومدی فسقل خانوم

لذت ببرین از نورسیده و وجودش و از عشق و محبت سیراب کنین٠

پنج شیش ماه دیگه پهلو به پهلوش چار دست و پا راه برین و........ «همراهش» باشین،

ده یازده ماه دیگه سعی کنین اصواتش رو تقلید کنین و................ «همزبونش» باشین،

یکی دوسال دیگه کنارش بشینین و دستتون رو بکنین تو رنگ و...... «همبازیش» باشین،

دو سه سال دیگه شبها براش قصه بگین و...................................«همدم ش» باشین،

در تمام این سالها، وقتی احتیاج به مراقبت داره............................«مواظبش» باشین،

وقتی «یه فکر خوبی » داره.........................................................«همفکرش» باشین،

گر چه تو ایران به دنیا نیومده....از ایران براش بگین و..................... «معلمش» باشین،

ولی سر جدتون هیچوقت........................................ «آقا بالا سر» ش نباشین

خوش اومدی فینگیلی...............
«عمو مجید »


Congratulation dear Siamak

by Souri on

I've seen those pictures and some more, at face book. She lookes so beautiful. Now the family team is complete. Great!

Mona 19

What could be sweeter ...

by Mona 19 on

than a new cute baby girl to love?...Congratulations and enjoy every moment with her.

Mona ;)




by ramintork on

Shad Basheed.


Lila Soraya Salari has arrived

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

She is welcam تا سه نشه بازی نشه
first: to make sure that it functions.
second: you notice that it makes a lot of plasoure.
third follows then automatically.



by dana (not verified) on

bah bah,,

Man asheghe akse # 7 shodam,, az didanesh sir nemisham, what a queen .....




by capt_ayhab on

چشمتون روشن و چه بچه زیبائی. خیلی باید افتخار کونین



Wonderful, Mobaarak Baasheh

by Monda on

That first pic is amazing! Wishing maman smooth recovery.



by Abarmard on

تا سه نشه بازی نشه