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Photo essay: Visiting Iran during Nowrouz

by kfravon
I got my second chance to visit Iran during Nowrouz (since I left back in 77). My mother-in-law had not been feeling well, so we planned to spend most of the time with her in Karaj—however she was up for a short trip when we first arrived, so we ended up heading up to Shomal (Caspian Sea) before Eid to beat the crowds. It was simply wonderful! We were back in Karaj in time for 4-Shanbehsoori – It’s not like the old days. No ghaashogh zani and there were no signs of real botteh to fire up. Folks used wooden boxes etc. (at least in our neighborhood). Lots of fire crackers though…just not the same as the old days….sigh Flowers had bloomed everywhere. On the first day of the new year, as we were looking out at the wisterias in the garden, it started to snow! Here are some pictures I managed to take during our short trip … Do stay tuned for the next photo essay of my visit to Vafa Animal Shelter in Hashtgerd. -- Faranak Ravon

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responding to your notes

by kfravon on

All, it's wonderful to visit iran before/during nowruz.  The positive spirit is felt in most people...even during these hard times. I'm glad the pics brought back good memories for most of you. 

Monda jaan, the guys were playing inside the parking lot where jomeh bazaar is held weekly - it's in eslambol near Cafe Naderi.

Someone told me they also perform in a park (i want to say parke saei, but i'm not 100% sure) - they were playing rock/blues songs.....wish i had my camcorder then-

I also wanted to point out, I'm not a professional photographer and never claimed to Ghalam-doon who made comments on pics 24 and 25, about digital camera etc....can relax - I merely wanted to share what I saw --during nowruz-- with my friends here on :)


Jahanshah Javid

Always pleasing

by Jahanshah Javid on

Your photographs are artistic without being pompous or obscure. Always pleasing to the eye and full of depth. Simply fantastic.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Poor that black Turtle :=( .

Thank you .


Wonderful eye. Sepaas va doroud

by oktaby on

You brought dozens of memories and I got lost in few. I miss Iran.

Norooz Pirooz 




by abc123 on

I try not to think of Iran, since I can't go back! By seeing these pictures that are taken from different subjects, I feel I wanna go back so bad!

I will someday.... when brave people of Iran are free from Islamic dictatorship!

Thank you for reminding me of being Iranian and yet being alive!


Organic NUTritionist


by Organic NUTritionist on

Really not sure which pictures to comment about--they were all great.

But, the food made me crave all the Iranian shirinis and desserts.

Lucky you (: 


I've seen your photo essays

by Emrooz on

I've seen your photo essays over the years on this site a number of times, and each time I've been transported back in time to my diar - my diar of yesteryears.

I just never want your photo essays to end. Can't thank you enough. But here goes... Thanks so much. 



Faranak jan, cheghadr chassbeed! mamnoon!

by Monda on

Ressidan bekhair aziz.  Lovely photos as usual.  The beautiful little girl in your 42 is my screen saver, I could smell your aghaghia (wisteria?) va sonbols from here, and the orange that toddler was biting into, the shoes and all.... Alli bood!  

I wish Kourosh's mom and all of you the best new year. I will look for your Vafa photos soon.

P.S. What kind of music were those young men playing on guitar and harmonica??   were they playing their instruments in a public area?


Thank you!

by HollyUSA on

There have been many photo essays of trips to Iran on this site and others. But I found this one to be by far the most amazing, the most real, ever. You have truly captured the essence of the feeling and connection that never seems to fade no matter how far away I am and for how long (and even how hard I try to let it go sometimes!).

There are no words that can describe the volumes that each detail means to me.

My sincere thanks for sharing these.



by yolanda on

One of the best photo essays on IC....I like the festive colors of Persian New Year! I e-mailed #7 to myself! It must be very special to visit Iran during Nowruz!

Thank you for sharing! 

Darius Kadivar

Vaay Farah Jaan So Mammany

by Darius Kadivar on

Especially the Turtle amongst the Gold Fish :


You have a Golden Eye !

Lovely !