Brilliant fate

Photo essay: My trip to Portugal

by Orang Gholikhani
Last week, I went on a trip to Portugal where there is Islamic influence in its brilliant past. This gives them a certain nostalgia that Iranians catch better than others. You breath it everywhere in their eyes and their music Fado translated as destiny or fate.

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Orang Gholikhani

Usual Traveler

by Orang Gholikhani on

Irandokht jan,

I love this nickname :-) As Souri jan said, I'm a lucky man and cross the finger and fire a lot of "Sfand" to continue travelling as far as I can. Being in Europe makes it easier to travel. Since Viking, Europe has been the explorer land!

Marco Polo has always fascinated me! You know including many things he imported pasta as an Italian adoption of Chinese Vermicelle! And I love Pasta as well as Polo et Chelo ;-) So Orang Polo sounds natural to me :-) Even if a comparaison with Saadi example // could be better for my poetic ego ;-)

I didn't catch your sentence about "colonization" ! When you travel, you learn to don't juging people and history with black and white point of view.

When you go to Greece, they tell you that Persian has been colonizators and Portugal has been colonized by Arabes  before becoming colonizators themselves and nowdays a very peaceful country (more than British and French). Shah Abbas ousted Portugease by introducing British in the region ! Today can we say it was a wise decision ! Difficult to say.

In France, there are many Portugease who left thier country during Salazar Dictaturship. I've many Portugais freinds. By their history, I find them very close to us as spanish as well.

Tha last wondering thing I discoverd is how they says Days of the week in Portugease :

  • Domingo – Sunday
  • Segunda-feira – Monday
  • Terça-feira – Tuesday
  • Quarta-feira – Wednesday
  • Quinta-feira – Thursday
  • Sexta-feira – Friday
  • Sábado – Saturday
  • Doshanbeh for them is also Second day ! below there is an explanation :


    I don't know if it is the good one but Sabbat Shanbeh are looking similare and you could say that if Jomeh (Friday) is holiday, Monday as second day makes sens too ! You see we are very close !

    Ghorbanat Orang 




    it's official

    by IRANdokht on

    Your nickname will be Orang Polo bar vazneh Marco Polo :o)

    When you were there, did you ever think of the Portugal's history of colonization? didn't the country look more like a borderline third world country than an empire?

    Thanks for the pictures Orang jan, keep them coming 



    Going on this tour was

    by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

    Going on this tour was just what I needed this mornning, after all the other disasterous things happening with IRI. Thnaks for sharing and I love Fado music just goes well with our Iranian mood.


    beautiful pictures Orang jan

    by Souri on

    thanks for sharing. i loved the number 11 and 49 the most.

    you are one lucky guy!! so many trips, so many marvelous things to discover. khosh be haalet.