Another dimension

Paintings by Shirin Golestaneh

by Nazy Kaviani

I met a female artist, Shirin Golestaneh, in London who is a painter with the most beautiful and cheerful works. Her website address is, where you can find her gallery of works and her biography. She is a delightful and compassionate individual, too, serving on the Board of Popli Khalatbari Foundation. From her bio: A work of art often mirrors one's life experiences - this is true for the viewer as well as the artist. Shirin Golestaneh's work represents the journey from within - the world of imaginary landscapes, dreams and places we know inside ourselves. She incorporates moons, suns, brooks, mountains and seas working with layers of transparencies to create a mosaic of colors revealing images from underneath. Someone looking at her work may recognize objects not because they have been there physically but perhaps in another dimension. This is the common language or journey shared by the viewer and the artist that brings them together >>>

The first seven are her most recent work.


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Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

A satisfying visual statement. Everything adds up perfectly. I keep going back to it.

Thank you Nazy and Shirin.


Nice work

by amir Salamat (not verified) on

loose, flowing colors. Interesting work

Iranian Reader

Very nice

by Iranian Reader on

There is an unassuming sweetness in Shirin's work that is very touching. Also, her work makes an interesting contrast to her mother's (Sylvia Golestaneh/Edwards). There is a sadness in the daughter's work that is not in the mother's. Perhaps it is the sadness of the nasl-e sookhteh.

Nazi joon, you certainly treat us to a lot of good stuff. So far you have appeared at the intersection of my discovery of three people related to my past: Afshin, Shohreh, Shirin. God bless and its contributors!  



Lovely work

by Monda on

Ms. Golestaneh's compositions, technique and colors honor this fresh child-like quality mixed in the depth of her/our psyche. I truly enjoyed visiting her website and I hope to see her work from a much closer distance.