All in the family

Photo essay: Three days with the Salari family near Brussels

by Jahanshah Javid

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To Anonymous Fan

by Anonymous Mahzari (not verified) on

Khanoom alan vaghtesheh ta dir nashodeh va jj hanooz mojaradeh bejonbi va kholaseh digeh khodet behtar midoni. sareto bejonbi ye dokhtar jj ro ghap mizaneh o mibareh va to bayasti ye chand sali digeh sabr koni.
bejonb dokhtar.


A Little Chubby...

by Anonymous546 (not verified) on

خانم فان محترم، فکر می کنم ار لیتل دیگر گذشته. ببخشید ها ولی می شود گفت که این دو تا خیلی خیکی تشریف دارند.



by Anonymous Fan (not verified) on

The family looks innocent enough but I don't know about JJ...Look at him in Picture #15. He's a devil. I can tell.

And so handsome...and so famous too, and here I am, just another fan...What's a girl to do?


God bless this family. Look so innocent

by Khoraak (not verified) on

I love your taste. Dock's liver, win and chocolate um um um. Enjoy the life the way you do.


I'm jealous; great pictures!

by Ben Bagheri (not verified) on

Jahanshah-e Aziz,
I wish I could have been there with you to visit Siamack and his family. I have been following hs writings, videos and pictures from the beginning. And my wife is a professional Facilitator, so I know a thing or two about what Siamack and V do professionally!
Sia is a great guy and very spirited. I'm glad you spent some time with them. Hopefully you won't be sick when you come to Dallas to stay with us! :)
You (and Siamack) are invited; whenever!

I was struck by the same impression you had about the recent government crisis in belgium and the institutionalized civility in most of Europe (as opposed to the 3rd world!)


what a great looking family/salari

by maloos 2004 (not verified) on

What is it with every one being like Twiggy
go behind the weight.

love all the beautiful pictures, beautiful people
food and locations. thank you for sharing.


I am sorry to hear that

by Sibil (not verified) on

Mr. Javid,
I am so sorry to hear that. I hate break ups which is not (or used to be) a very common thing among Iranians. I don't know, may be I am from old school. I am sure you are experiencing some pain and maybe this trip is a sort of escape from this pain. I wish you well. Take it easy.



by caspianseamermaid on


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Javaneh and I are no longer a couple, unfortunately. As I said, I'm no family man.


Sibil Joon

by Mashroote' (not verified) on

Ozr Mikham, Vali Enghadr "Fozool" Nabash. Shayad "Nakhad" Behet Beghe' :)


Where is Javaneh?

by Sibil (not verified) on

Are you going to answer or not? As a public celebrity, you owe it to us Mr. Javid. What is going on?


I think they both look hot a little chubby...

by Anonymous Fan (not verified) on

Love handles...


and that gorgeous wife of Siamak's obviously agrees with me...

eat, jj, eat...french fries and Belgian chocolate...

you're on vacation...



by Ali Agha Teryaki (not verified) on

Still waiting on the "Photo" From Coffee Shop Menu - Happy Holidays :)


Looks like they took good care of you.

by پیام on

Hope to see you soon again Jahanshah jan and hopefully be of more service to you next time.

Darius Kadivar

Hey Siamak & JJ Season Greetings From Paris ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Hey Siamak & JJ Season Greetings From Paris ;0)

by Darius KADIVAR on

Make Sure JJ doesn't topple King Albert before New Year's Eve now that you guys have a Prime Minister running the country.

Oh and Hello to Tintin ;0)





by Siamack on

Another weight loss competition in the New Year is appealing. And goodness knows I need to lose weight. Much, much more than JJ does. Siamack

Rosie T.

Uphill climbing...

by Rosie T. on

Why don't you ask the Salaris to adopt you? It is legal in the US to be adopted at any age. Maybe it is in Belgium too. Then you will have several playmates big and small, parents, siblings, the whole Darling family, and Peter Pan will be very happy in Neverneverland. Or should I say, "La terre de plus jamais..." Or...Neverberg, Chateaubergburger.


JJ Jan

by Manoochehr - (not verified) on

Thanks for the Pics. Don't pay attention to this "Ahmad Bahai". He is neither Ahmad nor "Bahai".
He uses different names. Including "Kourosh Sassanian". When he wants to get nasty, he uses different names. He is nothing but full of "Kose Sher". I am sure he knows what I am talking about.
Have A Great Time :)


They do look pretty content

by Bahar (not verified) on

They do look pretty content and happy together with their cute sheytoon kids!
--not only in this photo essay , but in all those videos and pics I've seen of them before.
How great is that these days?!
Best of luck Salari family!
Best of luck to you too JJ, whether single or not!


Where is Javaneh?

by arghavan (not verified) on

Where is your wife Javaneh? Are you still together?


Naeen rug?

by Anonymouse on

Is that a Naeen rug on picture 13?  Looks pretty nice.  JJ looks like kolli zahmat dadi!


Nice pics and great description of a warm lovely family

by Ahmad Bahai (not verified) on

Thanks for great pics JJ. It seems that if you put your censorship habbits aside and act a bit more responsibly, you and your friends are real good people. My hat off to Siamak for his apparent warmth in his family and for his great "mehmoon navazi".


I challenge both of you to

by PT (not verified) on

I challenge both of you to another weight loss competition. You could even get some readers to support you and join! Kind of like America loses 1 000 000 pounds, version. Neither of you look like you were able to keep the weight off.