Ramin Mehmanparast: Threatened by angry mob near UN

Foreign Ministry Spokesman

AP: An Iranian diplomat was escorted from a street by police Wednesday after he was surrounded and threatened by an angry mob of protesters near the United Nations. Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast was walking near the U.N. when he was noticed and confronted by the angry mob, said New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne. He flagged down police officers, who helped him get to a safe spot. Browne said the threats were believed to have been verbal >>>


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

Nothing wrong with some New York style hospitality ... LOL

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


Loved it ;o)

by Rea on

Whoever was in that "angry mob", well done. Let them get the taste of their own medicine.


Fact is :

by fullback on

....Iranians in Iran have been fair game for the Islamist Occupiers and their hired Thugs , therfore, meymoonparast, is Fair game in NY sidewalk. I rest my case. NEXT


Once And For All

by fullback on

please do not refer to these criminals as Islamic republic of Iran , they are nither Republic or Islamic , These Bastards are Occupiers of Iran , so PLEASE refer to them as SUCH. Islamist Occupiers Of Iran



by fullback on

I agree with YOU.


Tme we Increase the ape habitat in Africa

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and decrease it in Iran.  No to Akhoonds.



this ugly mofo

by shushtari on

is just an 'aab-daar-chee' for the akhoonds

we need a bunker buster bomb to be dropped on the top of khayeneis head along with all his cabinet.....

you'll then see how fast iran will be free :) 


around 350 or more people a year are executed by

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

this extremist regime and those who are representatives of it need to think what this excessive repression implies about them.  They are representatives of criminals and they must face justice/not harrassment when the time comes.  Not unlike how israel pursued those carrying out their peoples holocaust.  Iranians have a score to settle with Akhoonds for the obvious crimes they perpetrated and those that have taken malicious and armed action against their freedom. 

Just remember when the USA/West says it supports freedom for Iranians, it either is trying to secure the regime of dissenters or wishes to bring more controllable yet worse extremists to power MeK.  So Long as the Africanization of Iran is the goal of the West, think clearly regarding the most responsible way to prevent the USA/UK/France from sending Iranians further backwards.  My choice is the Shah, because we already discovered with a King there are no limits to our peoples progress, peace, and human rights within Iran and across the world.  The 3 most obvious benefits of a Monarchy for Iran is 1) the unity of all the people and 2) the defense of Iranian language and culture 3) monarchies are the leaders of democratic societies and have delivered greater democracy than any other form of government for their people,

tehran e Azad

Great job

by tehran e Azad on

If mehmanparast or any other high ranking IRI official 

Khamenei, Ahmadinejad , etc walk in any streets in Iran with out armed body guards they will be instantly  slaughtered by Iranian people, for what they have done to Iran and Iranians . 

So I think the reaction of Iranians in new York towards this terrorist was pretty calm if you asked me.  

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

This animal mehmanparast and all the IRI establisemt are nothing but a bunch of lunetic murdering terrorists.

The IRI is really scared , with the Assad demise near , and prices sky rocketing in Iran , they have completely shut down internet services

IRI is coming to the end of its useless life!!! 


How about a minute of silence,,,

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

In respect of Elevn prisoners of the fascist islamist regime who were hanged in secret at Karaj's Ghazal hesaar jail about the same time Ramin Joon was attacked in such cruel and uncivilsefd manner, in big apple?

These are the names of these latest  victims of the fascist regime we know of as today:

1) Asghar Mashadi (34)

2) Mehrdad salimi (25)

3) Ali salimi (33)

4) Jahanshah Geravand (35)

5) Asghar salak

6) Abbas saidi



First Amendment


by First Amendment on

This is my question: "Would or could a democratic regime emerge from this crowd?".........


So you can't translate it either?

by Zendanian on

Now which part pissed you off: condeming the attack on a  defensless man on the sidewalk, chat with Maryam jon, or the "Pimps Corps of Islamic Revolution?"

This IS my chill mode, and it happens when I don't have anything else to do. If you had the vaguest idea of how tan I have become.

Dr. Mohandes

zendanian jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

I am beginning to get worried about your overall health status my man.

I ...don't know... but i have a feeling that you should start heeding some of the advice being dispensed here about you...

You are ripping everyone apart and ranting and raving like there is no tomorrow and reserve the right to establish such authority to render absolutely out of place and uncalled for judgements , and frankly speaking that ain't cool.

what you need to do is to take a break and sitback and enjoy the sun. do that and then we will go over the translation part. ookie dokie artichokie?:)) 


"عاری از مهر" جان ، باز در ولایتتان غوغا کردید!


همه ی شماها شناگران ماهری هستید، ولی هیچ آبی گیرتان نمیاد، غیر از پیاده روهای نیویورک و فضای مجازی اینترنت.

باش تا صبح دولتت بدمد.

یعنی به مقدار متنابهی کشک احتیاج دارید.

در امر خطیر سابیدن موفق باشی .

در ضمن از یاد مبر آدولف رضا خان تریاکی بود و برخی از نوادگانش نیز معتاد.




by AryamehrNYC on

Your head is so far up your arse its beginning to crown out of your mouth. Please, refrain from posting your diluted and intellectully challenged rants ever again.  I, for one, will never get back the minutes I have wasted trying read and comprehend your Tariyak infused rants.   

Cheers geezer.   


DM's translation skills needed: " the voice of the smell coming

by Zendanian on

Cousin DM, or any other Coz: how would you translate ; 

" the voice of the smell coming out of Iran since 79?"

Amir parviz, for the love of God and Jesus combined, can you write that in Persian, at least once.

Here's a little Jesu joy of Man's Desiring, to persuade you for write in Persian. Enjoy




by nozarmahallati on

 Are you seriously comparing American and European diplomats to thugs from the Islamic Republic of Iran?!  An assumption of equal respect for civility? 

It is reasonable to believe elements of the MEK were behind this and I am of the belief that MEK is and will be even worse than IRI.

Having said that, there are members of the human species that do not respond to anything other than brute force.  If you have chosen to believe ANY person, closely or remotely associated with the Islamic Republic's regime, has enough humanity and logic within them to respond to logical arguments and humanitarian pleas, you have chosen to ignore 34 years of recorded history.

These facsimali representation of humans such as Mehmanparast and the other 140 creatures who have come to the U.N. must be harrassed and assaulted at evey opportunity.


He was lucky that they didn't rape him

by divaneh on

I am sure they would rape him if they would get the chance. MEK has always given me a sense of deja vu.

I think we need to distinguish between bravery and thuggery. Majid Tavakoli and Nasrin Sotoudeh are brave, these lot are thugs, or at least in this instance they are.

I am sure if the regime falls the MEK will cheer for the killing fields on the roof tops once more. I hope the rest of us don't.



by Shepesh on

I just researched the 'food' protest and find it gave results in Iceland. And if you look at the protestors they do not seem to be thugs. Could it work in Iran? lol



Zendanian, the voice of the smell coming out of Iran since 79

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

My post was not in response to Zendanian, it clearly says Roozbeh

Sepratists from Iran in collusion with Iraqi' Kurds do not enjoy my support for the record, while I completely understand the suffering that has been imparted on iranians in kurdestan by IRI, which came to power as a result of those who supported 1979, not sure why anyone would want listen to them now? lol  100% support for Justice for Kurds at hands of IRI.

Iranian civil society benefitted the most it ever had done in Irans history, during the time of the late shah as a result of the freedom Iranians enjoyed and the protection & expansion of their human rights by savak, preveting abuses across Iran in various government offices from police to courts.  Iranian Workers are one of the main bases of monarchists, iranian workers were becoming the most skilled in the world and enjoyed the highest standards of living in comparison to others around the world at the time of the late shah, it's easy to see why they are also the most intelligent in the region.  Put together by the iranian workers, hundreds of thousands of which appreciated their rights.  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTDORw_-ooo




by Fesenjoon2 on

Heyfe tokhm e morgh.

a sac full of fresh hot dog excrement would do. :-D


learn from the british

by Shepesh on

Throw raw eggs as form of protest. They are cheap and cause no injury.


Tendencies with zero community support, like monarchists

by Zendanian on

are a lot more accurate description and reality of Marginalization, Isolation and Irrelevance.

Hundreds and thousands and millions of Iranian workers are getting up and demanding their rights. We, are the ones on their side, sending them resources and defending them in four corners of the world, not monarchist morons.

The revolutionary movement of Kurdestan has been undfeated for the past 33 years, and enjoys a most wide spread public support in Iran and still very relevant. Yet moronic monrachists  are totally marginalized and isolated.

Iranian Left has more respect, influence and good will in Iranian Civil Society than any other force in Iran. Obtuse monorchists are yet to understand what Civil Society means?

If I'm so irrelevant why you keep responding? 

Go and beat up a defensless man, with your martial arts, Takewondo techniques. Cheers

Anonymous Observer

And why does it always have to be about regime change

by Anonymous Observer on

as Dalai Lama once put it so eloquently:

"sometimes you just have to punch someone in the face." 

It was either him or Gandhi.  I'm sure it was one of the two.


از رستم تا گیلانی


خشم ابراز شده توسطِ ایرانیان در اعتراضِ به نمایندهٔ دولتْ قطره کوچکی است از آنچه که درطیِ این سی سال بر مردم ایران گذشته است. پدری که در این ویدئو فرزندش را یاد آوری میکند درد میلیونها ایرانی را فریاد میکشد. التماسِ ملتی مستأصلْ که به درد «چه کنم؟» گرفتار است. ما با این پدران داغدار گریسته ایم: برای عزادار شدنشان ، برای از دست رفتن زندگی جگر گوشه هایشان ، و برای تبعید و اجبار در ترک کشورشان.

آیا جا دارد قطره اشکی هم بریزیم برای ملتی که هنوز برای خجالت دادن جلاد به پایین تنهٔ نسوان حمله میکند؟ کثرت فحش «خواهر-مادر» و تحقیرجنس زن شاهد بر این است که ما هنوز کاستی های فرهنگیمان را نتکانده ایم. تعجبی ندارد که civil disobedience نمونه‌های چندانی در ایران نداشته است، به جز مواردی مثل عدم اطاعت زنان از حجاب اجباری به طور کامل. البته رندی ایرانیان را هم نباید فراموش کرد. آزار ارباب رجوع و کم محلی به آیین رانندگی را به حساب مبارزه منفی با دولت وقت گذاشتن، هم کرده وهم چشیده ایم. آنقدر گندش را در آوردیم که سمپاتهای غیر-ایرانی مان هم فهمیدند ما اهل کار نیستیم. هر که خشمش را مهار کرد و سعیی بر تعقل و منطق ورزید "بی غیرت" و "وطن فروش" شد.

روز بعد از فوت محمد رضا شاه پهلوی خانمهای کارمند وزارت کشور سیاه پوشیدند(هدف از ذکر مطلب اشاره به روش است نه سوگواری برای متوفی). این امر بهانه ای داد به دست آنهایی که تیز کرده بودند تاخیال خودشان را از بابت زنان متخصص راحت کنند. جمهوری اسلامی در طول حیاتش مکرراً نه تنها زنان بلکه کلِّ ایرانیان را مورد تحقیر قرار داده است. نمونه بارز آن منع حضور زنان در بین تماشاچیانِ مسابقاتِ ورزشی است. چرا ملتی که دایماً ضجّه اش بلند است نتوانسته مسابقات ورزشی را تحریم کند. نمیتوانیم اعتصاب کنیم. حد اقل ضررش این است که حقوقها قطع می‌شود ونمیتوانیم گوشی موبیلمان را هر شش ماه نو کنیم.

آیا تحریم مسابقه ورزشی خرج دارد؟ آیا اگر مردها بلیط نخرند و و به تماشای مسابقه نروند سر از کهریزک در می‌آورند؟ چرا این طرزِ مبارزه به فکر ایرانیها نمیرسد؟ ما با facebook و tweeter صدای جیغمان را به دنیا رساندیم، اما نمیتوانیم با هم حرف بزنیم.

از ۱۶ آذر ۱۳۳۲ این تخمِ لق به دهانمان افتاد که فرزندان ۲۰ تا ۳۰ ساله مان وظیفه دارند دانشگاه قبول شوند، در دانشگاه به یک گروه سیاسی به پیوندند (ترجیحاً چپی)، به زندان بیفتند، شکنجه شوند، اعدام شوند، و شهیدی از آن‌ها ساخته شود تا ایرانیان به خودشان اطمینان بدهند که ملتی مظلوم و ستم دیده اند و به دنیا هم ثابت کنند که چقدر خواهان آزادی و دمکراسی هستند. فردوسی به حقْ مردم ایران را شناخته بود. تعجب ندارد که در بزرگترین تراژدی او، رستم سهراب را میکشد. این ملک هماره پسر کش بوده است از رستم تا آیت الله گیلانی.


You are Irrelevant Mash Ghasem

by Faramarz on



You and the rest of the "Siasi-Oghdeh-ei" crowd made the wrong alliance then and you are wrong again now. Your whole Empire collapsed in '91 and now you are desperately clinging to your lost cause. It's over.

Give it up. The train has left the station without you.

p.s. Try to keep your emotions and your profanity under control. It gives me no pleasure to humiliate someone who is down and out.


A substantive protest against IR, & occupying its embassy, in

by Zendanian on

Stockholm (May 13, 2010).

Iranians around the world continue protesting local IRI embassies - Stockholm (May 13, 2010


Now, if anyone could organize something of this magnitude, with full community participation and a clear and public aim of occupying the spy's nest, that would qualify as substantial anti-regime organizing.

Cornering a defenless man, still remian thugish, be it: MEK, Hezb'ollah, Zel'ollah,..

The real problem with all three mentioned tendencies is that they have no real community base inside or outside of Iran. 

And the last ones are obviously confined to the virtual world of the net. Watching an a..hole slapping another a..hole qand thinking that's going to bring about "regime Change."


What is grotesque is the disconnect between this guy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and the criminal actions of the US Government, which is working to help sepratist extremists from Kurdestan and MeK extremists (neither of which are just, moral or ethical), but will do nothing to help Secular Democratic Iranians, who are the majority of the power within Iran against the IRI and the only power with a successful base among the electorate.  So In place of Seeking Justice for the participation in creating mass graves of Iraqi's in Iraq, which the MeK with Iraqi Republican Guard helped create to protect Saddam in the Uprising after the 1st Gulf war, we have a USA that has protected the mek/now delisted them and given them the freedom to be used for another "humanitarian" Mission.

Roozbeh/Anti-Monarchists who supported the UK/France and USA in 1979, please continue to clearly make yourselves known, because once you do most Iranians will not give you the right to complain or influence them.  You and like minded Iranians are known to be gullty of misrepresenting the consensus of Iranians that participated with the Monarchy and helped create peace, progress and continuously helped improve Iranians Human Rights.  You did this all of your own free will, with out coercion in cooperation with the USA/UK/France and their media that insincerely soiled the character of the late shah to achieve greedy motives Iranians have been suffering from, and in doing so you participated against every single group of iranians that benefitted as a result of the late regime, ie most of iran.  This was a betrayal of all Iranians for being a direct part all that has occured since 1979  (presenting yourselves as just moral/just or ethical in llght of all that we can see and experience is laughable yet sick.


Not only you haven't learnt Shiite from the past,you're begining

by Zendanian on

to have a hard time  understanding even simple English.

The protest against shah had been in preparation for weeks, those students had regular meetings with DC police going over all aspects. Some chose to take up violence against shah. I still remain by that historical fact: Iranian students, violence against  shah (indeed the entire Iranian nation's violent reaction to shah) was only a response to his unrestrained violence. Does that  make everything the students movement in Iran did correct? No.

Back in 1968 when shah had a visit to W. Germany a German students was killed in that protest against shah. The distinguished German philospher Jurgen Habermas called those student activists "Red Fascists." Was he correct? Yes. 

You're simply incapable of understanding and distinguishing different forms of violence and think of beating up a defenless man, as an achievement and a victory against tyranny.

It's one thing for people to organize a massed armed struggle against unrestrained violence of a state, as we see in Kurdestan, and such attepmts are just, moral and ethical. Beating a defensless man is not quite the same caliber.

And that's exactly how you cheapen and devalue the struggle against IR, because your culture and your politics are cheap and debased. Cheers