Iran wants U.S. apology for hate film

Frustration that U.S. hadn't criticized anti-Islam film

UPI: The Iranian government expressed frustration that Washington hadn't come out with a public criticism of a film seen as insulting to Islam. Anti-American sentiment turned deadly this week in Libya after the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi was attacked, leaving several diplomats, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, dead. Protests were reported at U.S. diplomatic outposts in Yemen, Egypt and elsewhere. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast expressed frustration that the U.S. government hadn't criticized the film >>>


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Does Larijani need to apologize for asking these questions?

by MaryamJoon on

Dialogue with Haifan-Baha'i Leaders -- People Have Questions.


What if someone isn't Larijani and doesn't believe the same things he does, are they allowed to ask those questions?  




by Latina on

Expecting an apology from the whole country that did not create the film lacks logic.

If they want an apology then they need to address it to the individuals that actually made and financially sponsored the film.

The majority of the world was not even aware of such a film until all the drama over it began.


It just never ends.



The origin of Alqaedeh

by ahosseini on

 Do you know the origin of Alqaedeh?


When US president Reagan and Bush were sponsoring and supporting Mojahidin against Russians invasion of Afghanistan under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden. They had a base in Pishavar. The Arabs called the base Alqaedeh. 

These political games are deliberately designed to weaken democracy and accountibility to people. Whoever wins will strengthen the rule of god and accountibility to god.  Extrem Muslims, Christian and Jews pray to the same god and that is god of power and money. The ultimate winners are the extremists. It does not matter who wins. 

So, stay out of it and expose it. 

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


every thing is comparable and relative,

by مآمور on

 some 34 years in the absences of internet , phone cameras, tablets and
laptops......... some young idiots got too hyped to commit the most
stupid act in the Iranian history, and yet they did not actually kill
any one!!

'comparing' that dark event to a much much darker event that happened
yesterday in Libya make those students, who by the way were actual
students,'relatively' human!!

My joke about IRI being human is not any funnier than daily jokes of ' Israel being democratic' !

I wear an Omega watch



tehran e Azad

Here is a more accurate stat for you!

by tehran e Azad on

98% of Iranians in Iran like Israel and USA.

98% ofIranians in Iran dislike Palestinians and akhoonds!  


Massoud Rajavi deserves more than "whipping"

by MaryamJoon on

... but I don't mind if they give him a break and tie Netanyahu to his back when its done for humanitarian reasons.  


Larijani: whipping/lashing people is not torture

by Fesenjoon2 on

Larijani: "Whipping/flogging/lashing people is not torture, it is Islamic law."



97% of Iranian consider Islamist Rapist Rejime the real enemy

by Sasan.Khoramdin on

And they have been bomorded for 30+ yras to hate, and consider Israel thier enemy. Israel never stoned Iranian women, nor did they mass murdered our sister and brothers in Evin prison, They did not starved our people, and send our natural resouce money to Palestaine, or Hezbollah in Lebanan. Our real enemy Islamist Rapist Rejime did all that. Some people in here are clearly in the %3 and hopelesly brain washed by IRR.


What a cheek !

by Rea on

Larijani clan should apologize, first of all, to all the women of the world. 

Wasn't it his brother MJ Larijani who declared stoning to be a "controlled legal procedure". Interviewed in English, so, no mistranslation.


God Bless General Khosrowdad. A man who could/should have


eliminated these criminals (e.g., Larijani brothers et al) from the get go, had he been allowed!

Shlomo Salutes MG Manouchehr Khosrowdad!

Manuchehr Khosrodad

Hypocrissy Of the Year, IRI officials want an appology is

by Manuchehr Khosrodad on

beneath ridiculous.  It is an Outragous request of IRI.

If Obama should appologize to anyone for a piece of work he had nothing to do with, in a country with freedom of expression, he should first start by appologizing to those who paid 5
million for such a movie.  This film cost 5 million to make????  More
like $5,000.



The new Iranian Reality show will be;"IR's Virtual Agents and

by Zendanian on

their Multiple-IDs?

MJ do you feel like volunteering? The shoe might fit. It could be a hit, you never know.


Larijani is right to demand an apology for Shahs of Sunset

by MaryamJoon on

; )


What would Shah, Mossadegh, & Khomeini say about this?

by MaryamJoon on

Ali P.

So what?

by Ali P. on

No matter what, or whom, you think of as wonderful, holy, heroic or Godly, there is always someone else in this world who thinks, that person, or that concept, is total crap!


We see it here on IC, every day. Take the Shah, Dr. Mossadegh, or Imam Khomeini....Monrachy and republic....Islam...God... Faramarz(!)...whatever.



People are going to insult her/him/it .

Is it pleasant? No!

You have to like it? No!

You have to go totally nuts over it?

You could. But you can't stop it.






by Mashala on

Why do you think the world is in such a mess?  Some of the same monkeys in blue suits and red ties clime up yet another zoo in Washington and Tel Aviv everyday. They use their instincts not their whole brain.

This link explains better.




I knew it

by MRX on

It always takes these monkey's a day or two to whine about some thing that Arabs already have done. Nothing original, monkey see monkey do!

Soosan Khanoom

LOL ..Moshalla

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am all ready ... bastanee  & paaloodeh but no lemon juice.   

thanks   :) 


soosan khanoom

by Mashala on

They were not thugs. They were monkeys. Don't blame them! British Embassy looks like a Zoo.

I owe you a makhloot.



by Mashala on

But once they realized it was a bible, they turned it off by pissing on it!  That doesn't count? You got to give em some credit for that!


Oh, there isn't any? My bad:)


This shoar would have had a meaning…

by Bavafa on

If IRI had not committed the very same acts, if not far worse, than Mr. Larijani is accusing Obama or the US of.

  Having lied, deceived, insulted, jailed and murdered the Iranian people as well as the world for nearly 33 years now, he has little credibility to seek and apology.  Furthermore, I yearn to see this goon along other criminals within IRI system in an orange suit, facing justice and to account for their [mis] deeds vise a vie Iranian people in a fair and just court of law.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



To Larijani and Larijani supporters

by Fesenjoon2 on



by fullback on

Mashalah . Isreal???? embassy??? in Iran???? as for Iranians , If they see the movie in Iran I dare to say at least 97% of IRANIANS  agree with its content. I was offened by the Moslem Donkey in the movie, Donkies get no respect in our culture. and the director seems to know that ... i wonder How??

Soosan Khanoom

Larijani is an Spy if not an asshole ..

by Soosan Khanoom on

This guy supported the thugs who climbed the British 's embassy last year .. Believe me if there was a U..S embassy he would be the first to climb it up this time to shoot someone!  He makes me sick.  He  should be  judged in the court of law for treason.  

Let us hope he won't come out of the closet and write a book titled the ' Time to Betray ' or something .. lol  


Lay the Blame

by fullback on

 ISREAL.... ok next subject

with ZERO  RESPECT to the Elite member of the Islamist Occupiers of IRAN , I say   ... G F Y in  the Kitchen

 I saw the 13 minutes of this poorly made movie, it cost 5 million Bucks of donated money . which leads me to this, the producer  pocketed at least 4.5 million  very poor quality. as for the subject , it is very close to what i was thought by my dini teacher in Iran. go figure.....!!!! 


Good move. Good

by Mashala on

Good move. Good point.

There is a big difference.

Not just that we are most civilized nation, but also not even one person attacked US or Israeli embassy in Tehran. 

Dainasur and amu maad agha

I believe

by Dainasur and amu maad agha on

every creed should be respected. unless you totally believe in the motto, NOTHING IS SACRED!



I agree with what you wrote.

by MaryamJoon on

I agree ... but the Lobby markets it differently.  


Iranians in Iran (97% of Iranians) know Israel is an enemy

by MaryamJoon on


Compare this reaction

by Frashogar on

With the reaction of the Salafi lunatics in Libya and Egypt.