Former Mossad Chief: Attack On Iran 'Stupidest Idea'

Meir Dagan interviewed on 60 Minutes


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by Liberated on

Are you being paid in dollars or tomans, because with your bosses great plans for the country the tomans are not worth much so for your sake i hope you negotiated a Dollar rate.

What future do you see for Iran. More of the same? Dont count on it. Save your salary while you can.  You and Maryamjoon can get together and start a family of Jew hating Islamists. You just have to do it in another country and not Iran.

Israel has no borders with Iran. Israelis are not the problem for Iranians, Mullahs are. please continue your Jew hating rants on a site about Jew hating not


"Liberated" Iraq?!

by Demo on

The liberated's comment below is a duplicate copy of what both the Americans & Israelis neocons were saying about Sadam & his WMD before having had Iraq liberated! We all know what happend there afterwards! Or do we?


Main goal of IRI is to gain immunity from outside intervention

by Liberated on

The Mullas want to turn Iran into a country like North Korea where they can opress the people and steal the riches without any intervention from the outside world. 

They can only gain this immunity by having nuclear weapons.  Once the Mulllahs go nuclear watchout all Iranians.  They will rule and distroy Iran for generations to come.

They must be stopped not for Isreals sake but for Irans sake.



Agree with Mehrdad's comment

by Reality-Bites on

Netanyahu has been very assiduous is pushing the Palestinian issue off the table and into the background by continually banging the drums of war against Iran.

Likewise, the IR, as it is its usual tactic, has also been desperate to divert world attention from its repression of the Iranian people and go on about its nuke programe and the usual Israel this and Israel that rants.

Attack on Iran would indeed be the stupidest course of action and bad for all the decent people who want to see tyranny and injustice come to an end in the region. Netanyahu would do well to listen to his ex-intelligence chief and not give the IR exactly what it wants.

iraj khan

nojanthegreat: "where is our moral standard ?"

by iraj khan on

What a timely question you've asked.

Where is our moral standard when it comes to war?

What is war?

What happens in a war?

Who loses in war regardless of who wins a war?

Why to go to war?

The head of the Mossad is saying lets not attack Iran by ourselves, lets push U.S. to fight on our behalf.

The majority of Israelies say the same thing 'let America go to war on our behalf'.

The recent polls sez so.


where is our moral standard ?

by nojanthegreat on

Is it any important that no one in media and politic scene ever talk about the moral issue of the war? We have some people who claim that attack on Iran is not good for US influence in middle east or its so call interest in the region , some say it going to take the whole region into flame. The are all right , but again we have a moral issue here . We can not go to wars or not , based on our interest.

For people who call IRI a fanatic and irrational regime its is interesting to know who BIBI is and what he stand for .

I also come a cross this argument that just because Israel maybe attack Iran we should push pressure on Iran ? Is this a ration argument to you? Yet this argument is being used by some of the most powerful man on earth.

USA had put sanctions on Iran even though there are no evidence of the program or hostility of Iran against its neighbors. We Iranian know that Iran have not been an aggressive state for hundreds of years. We never went to a was that was started by us.

US and its western allies have never truly condemn terrorist attack against Iran both cyber or physical . EU also have never really put any pressure on Jewish state or US for their hostile environment ?

Wars do not start by rational people , war and conflict is an insane move, and sadly the world is full of insane leaders.

Soosan Khanoom

Bavafa Jan with all his lies and deceive BiBi can only

by Soosan Khanoom on

fool some Zombies .. After his latest plea with the American people he basically has digged his own grave ...  He and his manipulative policies regarding both U.S and the middle east are going to backfire on him.  I have no doubts that should there be any war with the U.S involvement for Israel then there will be huge demonstrations on this country against Israel.  Something that has not been a case before...

American people are awaken now and can't put up with these craps anymore. The more BiBi makes a fool of himself the more his evil intentions will be exposed and the more Ameticans will be awaken... Just read some online comments made after BiBi's plea.    They are overwhelmingly anti Zionist and anti agendas that are presented by BiBi ...  

What goes up must come down and that is the law of nature !!!


“Stupidest idea” is the politest way ….

by Bavafa on

To describe what has been pushing by Netanyahu government vise a vie Iran.  However, he has effectively turned all the international attention from his government’s crime against Palestinians and painted Israel as a victim in all of these.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory