Zakaria: Israel, don't strike Iran

Everything Israel says about Iran now, U.S. said about the Soviet Union

CNN: We are hearing a new concept these days in discussions about Iran — the zone of immunity. The idea, often explained by Ehud Barak, Israel’s defense minister, is that soon Iran will have enough nuclear capability that Israel would not be able to inflict a crippling blow to its program. Israeli officials explain that we Americans cannot understand their fears, that Iran is an existential threat to them. But in fact we can understand because we have gone through a very similar experience ourselves. After World War II, as the Soviet Union approached a nuclear capability, the United States was seized by a panic that lasted for years >>>


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aghay Faramarz jaan

by rtayebi1 on

We are talking about attacking IRAN, right? you are so  so funny and you had to walk to the dark side!!!by the way f.. the mulahas


Very well said!

by Benyamin on



Faramarz jaan: I hardly intend to change your mind to suit mine.

by Bavafa on

I believe your cherry picking examples does not do you justice.  While I agree many (not all) US officials have cautioned against war with Iran, none have said “there will not be a war


But the drum of military attack is not being beaten in US but from Israel and I don’t think I need to bring you the so many daily news that comes in that regard.


With that, let me not try to change your mind any further to suit mine and let’s just leave it at that 


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Mehrdad, You Are Entitled to Your Own Opinion

by Faramarz on

But you are not entitled to change mine to suit yours.

Every US official from Obama and Hilary down to military leaders have been saying that there will not be a war with the Regime. But somehow that is not acceptable to the war-mongering/promoting Iranians on this site who under the guise of non-violence are creating hysteria and are trying to push for an agenda of dialogue with the Regime and the removal of sanctions.

I totally disagree with them.

My “Reality Check” comment was also meant to show that a bombing campaign by Israel is not feasible either and will not happen.

I have said all along and will say it again that I fully support Obama’s strategy of cutting off the oxygen to the Regime so that it will not pose a threat to Iran’s neighbors and the Region’s stability.

Now, if it turns out that a weakened Regime can be toppled by the Iranians through whatever means, then that is icing on the cake.


Reality check Faramarz jaan...

by Bavafa on

Consider this, 

As often as you say you are against war, your comment here and elsewhere sound unambiguously like an endorsement for a military attack on Iran.

 And back to the report itself: What has been suggested here by Zakaria, has already been said and confirmed by Israeli officials that they do not believe Iran would ever use a N. Bomb on Israel.  They are just afraid as they [Iran] will be immune from any future attack and subsequently their influence in Lebanon and Palestine.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Reality Check

by Faramarz on

Israeli air force has 125 F-15 and F-16’s and a dozen or so refueling tanker planes. In order for Israel to carry this 2,000-mile roundtrip operation and bomb, Ghom, Natanz, Esfahan and Arak, Israel needs to employ its entire air force of fighter jets and tankers. Israel also needs to plan for rescue operations in case any of its planes gets shot down over Iran. Military analysts have projected that around 4-5 planes may be lost in this operation.

In other words, the operation of this scale and magnitude will not happen only to achieve uncertain results of setting the program back one or two years. The cost benefit analysis does not support it.

However, if Israel ever feels existential threat from the Regime, it would feel justified to use tactical nuclear bombs to destroy these facilities and live with its consequences.

We are not there yet.


Just Shut the $%#@

by masoudA on

You ignorant little baboon.   What do you know about Akhoond and Akhoondism?!!   If IR ever gets a bomb - the first place they will set it off would be in Iran.   Seperate Iranians and IR - then you bozo would not be saying these.....Iranians are no terrorist indeed - but IR would go as far as Argentina to blow up Jews.