Zakaria: Israel, don't strike Iran

Everything Israel says about Iran now, U.S. said about the Soviet Union

CNN: We are hearing a new concept these days in discussions about Iran — the zone of immunity. The idea, often explained by Ehud Barak, Israel’s defense minister, is that soon Iran will have enough nuclear capability that Israel would not be able to inflict a crippling blow to its program. Israeli officials explain that we Americans cannot understand their fears, that Iran is an existential threat to them. But in fact we can understand because we have gone through a very similar experience ourselves. After World War II, as the Soviet Union approached a nuclear capability, the United States was seized by a panic that lasted for years >>>


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 Doroghgoo: Stealing the

by vildemose on


Stealing the Iranian Election

Posted on 06/13/2009 by Juan

Top Pieces of Evidence that the Iranian Presidential Election Was Stolen


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Mash Ghasem

Kujirasan, The plot thickens!

by Mash Ghasem on

So you claim to have fought against the aparthied regime alongside Cubanos and that gives you the right to insult anyone you like. Wasn't sure that was also an "anti-imperialist" privilige! Thanks for the info. ( The battle you refer to was actually extensively documented by the alterantive Western press, but I guess you're not a big fan of alternatives in general).

As an 'insider' of all things Cubano, you of all people should be well aware of the extent of racism against people of African decent, inside the single-party state of socialist Cuba. My objection to the carton, which you mention was not because he called Obama Black (which is actually inaccurate, Obama would be catagorized as a Mulatto, since he's mixed, white mother, black father). My objection was his use of the N word, along with his usual jew bashing. But most probably for you  using the N word in calling a Black man, is not a big deal, and just a matter of 'semantics!'

As far as Cubans and Iranian opposition goes, Cubanos really don't have a very good record to be proud of: either during the shah's time or after 1979.


Last but not least, if I may, I'll be calling you a Torob'cheh (Red Radish) from now on. Red outside, but thouroughly all White  inside. Cheers



by masoudA on

Are some of the comments here....No not because the usual IR apologists tag me as war mongor.....but..

1- I truely agree with Siahilashgar.....You see my fellow Iranians....The big Oil companies hate war but they love the "Threat of War" to jack up oil prices or keep the prices high.  There will be NO war on or in Iran.....the whole thing is to get the people in the United States to go along with $5/gallon gas...or more.

2- What is also painfull is the fact that some of us consider CNN or this idiot Fareed Zakaria as the voice of the west!!!!!!  This bozo is a George Soros creation - one who looks Middle Eastern, but probabaly grew up in England, and like Christian Amanpoour did not spend significant time in his native country.......with very little concerns for vatan and hamvatan......same as Trita RParsi, Houman Majd, ....... Soros/CFR can pick them. 

Arash Kamangir

IR is the most evil of all!

by Arash Kamangir on

Soviet union and IR cannot be compared as soviet union did not have a fraction of evilness that IR represent. Khrushchev and Stalin and other soviet union leaders never said they would want to destroy other nations as Ahmadinejad and other IR leaders say it everyday! Moreover socialisem has never believed in martyrdom and other rubish beliefes that Islam has!


The Abuse of words and Semantic/ Faramarez

by kujirasan on

Faramaz you modify the post, the way you want it, and I will do the copy past for you, that should please you and your favourite pets as well!


Now to the Mashti;

It seems you have made a habit of indulging in emotional black mail and psychophysical warfare, usually hibernating in fashion of a pen pushing marmot and coming up with clap traps and impostering as humanist and intellectual! 

As a former combat officer in Africa, I guess I should know more about racism than some one that has been brought up dealing with Aftabeh for ablution and personal hygiene and has journeyed to Mashad to receive the benediction of a pilgrimage, and become more pious! May lyre and laurel be yours and all those heathenish  houris promised for the faithful in the holy book.  and of course the river of wine!

A coconut was a term that was use in Africa, for people the were black but put in the place to do the dirty works of whites!  That what these people are, basically they were legitimately vile. 

In Senegal usually lot of street vendors when they see a white they race towards him and try to sell their wares, usually African handy Crafts make in a Chinese factory, and if they white person refused there are shouts of Racist Racist all the way! with no let up, wonder if you pick up you tricks from them?

You attack another person after calling Obama black,  given you are Mashti, the day of naive piety and believe the presidential election should have been over,

His handle and chief of his press in those days was Rahm Israel Emanuel, he father was one of the founder of IRGON, which is now called Mossad!

They used a black face to appease the world after  the Bush's rampage around world, but the same policies were perused with greater vigor and more bail out for extremely rich! So misuse and manipulation are the norm, and if you notice no one replies to your posts! They just insipid and useless if not cloches and poor pastiche from a long and forgotten joke book! I fought at Cuito Cuaval, it was largest battle on African Continent since world war and not one word was mentioned about it in Western Press , Here is quote from Mr Nelson Mandel,

" ........without that victory , to day I would not be here........."

Well what can I say long live the Aftabeh! 

meanwhile enjoy the music and heat up! wonder if you call your self mashti there on the street or more likely Michael! 









Wallstreet democracy and its allies are full of fealth

by ahosseini on

They are run by lobbies representing bankers, military industry and drug barons. Just like Bush, Obama was brought to power by these lobbies. Obama is just a big mouth.  There is no substance to any of his claims. After more than ten years of fighting Taliban, they are inviting them to join the Afghan government, only because their logic and elequence is just as useless as Taliban. Imagine after ten years of so called democracy we will invite mullas to share power in Iran. It is just crazy.

They are against real democracy and will do anything to stop people to achieve real democracy thorough popular uprising. They are trying to achieve their goals by pushing people into the arms of one or other hardliners.  The mentality of all these hardliners are the same and will eventually form a united front against any movement for real democracy be it in US, Europe, Israel or Iran or Arabian peninsula.

The sanctions are going to starve our people and will not work. It will consolidate harliners in the same way it consolidated Saddam. Those who starved in Iraq did not blame Saddam, they blamed US and its allies.

Sanctions is the begining of a process which will definitely end in war and the war will start by their own agents from Iran or in some kind of cunning way to satisfy their public opinion.

The world is run by some crazy super rich wanting more and more and more. 

Get real and seek the support of the Wallstreet movement to support the movement of Iranian people for democracy. It is a hopless case to ask US govermnet to bring changes to Iran. If they are against hard line rules, they should do something against their own Arab Sheikhs in the Middle East.

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


آژیرهای جنگ را چه کسانی به صدا در می آورند؟


بیانیه کنشگران سیاسی، اجتماعی، مدنی و فرهنگی داخل ایران پیرامون خطر حمله نظامی به ایران


صلح اعتراف آشکار به حقیقت است:

با خیل کشتگان چه کردید؟ (محمود درویش).

۱- جنگ مخوف‌ترین پدیده‌ای است که انسان از گذشته تاکنون با آن روبرو شده است.


Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


And you guys after listening to this think the west wants regime

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

change?  End to antisecular extremism? No.  West loves extremists and this is clear.  They help them come to power & keep them at all costs.  How easily manipulated iranians are is what is mind boggling and their love of the usa/uk/france/israel which work together to secure extremism is mind boggling too. 

The Obstacle to a Free and Democratic Iran with out the IRI is the apartheid supporting neocolonialist west lead by USA/UK/France & Israel.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Please get real

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Israel is not in a position to move without US approval. Plus if Israel uses nuclear weapons on Iran it will be paying a very high price. They would be proven insane; and vilified by the world with very good reason. 

Therefore the only reasonable option is to let America handle it. Obama is already starving IRI and Iran along with it with sanctions. These are far more than any other president did since 1979 so just wait and let the sanctions do their job.

Assuming Israel is sane then why the rhetoric? To pressure the world into maintaining the sanctions; to scare the mollahs into giving in or manipulate the oil market and make money. Maybe do all of the above.


Israel knows too well it can't eat s***! Bibi wants to take US

by Disenchanted on

predisdential election hostage to his psychopathic agenda. Obama is smart. He has to let the wacko know he is on his own....This is all a charade to get the US and west involved. Israeli planes can't even make it to Iran let alone do a damn thing!.....and to those who are saying Israel is at no fault and rest of the crap, I point out that level of dessent is highest in Iran whenever foreign threats ebb and the country is left to itself! Israel is and has been the most manacing problem for ME. Just check their coduct with Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iran, palestinains and mnay more countries in the region!


Let's Maintain High Standards Here

by Faramarz on

I echo Jasonrobardas, Mash Ghasem and Divaneh's comments.

If someone has a problem with Fareed Zakaria's show or opinions, please express your views in a civil manner or even go on his CNN site and state your case. The man is extremely open to ideas and criticism.

I also recommend to Kujirasan to edit/modify his own comments and write something worthy of discussion. 


I was going to flag this racist comment

by divaneh on

but then I thought it is better left to show how low can a racist get. In UK you can be prisoned for such racist rant.

Mash Ghasem

What's with all this racism in attacking individuals you don't

by Mash Ghasem on

agree with?

Can't we, correctly, condemn mainstream media and its mouthpieces' manipulations, without resorting to racist commentary?

Yes, we can!

Si se puede!

P.S. "Agha Salavat Befrest," would roughly translate into English as "take a deep breath and chill." The only thing resembling feces here is your racist attitude! Check yourself. 


The Coconut

by kujirasan on

He is as intelligent as your self, it seems you are identifying with him, my knowledge of Persian language is not that good, so I don't understand the excrements that you have pasted up on the screen! Fist of charity begins at home , he be better of serving his own country with his big mouth rather than acting as cheap vile venal hack for corporate media, he was criticized by the other media sources for going along with Iraq style disinformation of weapons of Mass destruction, now he is doing more subtle deception, therefor far more pernicious, now got a life, go back few generation, your folks would have been wondering around those Bazaars, nice of you floating around Los Angels and be Massachusetts and changing your name from Javad to Joe Masachoseti. Get a life!


Agha salavat beferestid

by jasonrobardas on

    What is up with the coconut ? If a black man is intelligent and articulate , he will be labled as "Oreo" .....Now  a man coming  from the third world , why cant he be a liberal democrat?. All that ad hominum attack at Fareed Zakaria is so unfair, hateful and uncalled for.

    As the Iranian expression goes , "gar to behtar mizani, bestan bezan"....let us see you expressing your views in the media ... 


Do you mean it masoudA?

by divaneh on

"IR would go as far as Argentina to blow up Jews."

If that is the case then there is a ready supply of Jews in Iran. Let's not bring ourselves down to the level of politicians by making unsupported claims and unnecessary exaggeration.


The Coconut Syndrome

by kujirasan on

This guy is incredible, like most of the third world trash that roll up in the West and lose their sense and nonsense simultaneously, has become tools of media manipulation and disinformation, and subtle propaganda and like coconut, out side is dark in side tries hard to be white, a genuine ijo de grand puta, he always comments about things are that as familiar as kitchen utensils with mysterious gravity, and things that he know fak all about with good deal of self assurance!

There is one country he never talk about is India, he better go there and see what goes on, just roll up to Chennai Airport  (formerly Madras) and one can see, when the 60-80 years old Gulf Arab arrive,  they are swamped with agents and dealers offering them 12-15 years  old girls with their virginity guaranteed on the the 'your money back bases'!

Not to mention millions wallow in wretched poverty and millions of women are traffic around the gulf from there.Charity begins at home,India was the one triggered the nuclear race in the region,while Nehru and Gandhi were picking off noble peace prizes. What is he is not is telling people, is that how huge amount of money are poured in CNN and the rest for the public manipulation, it was constantly broadcasting Iranian Scientist was killed, was hit , was blown up, never mention the words that  the Iranian scientist was victim of a terrorist attack! So much for objective and impartial reporting!

Mamoor, mio fratelo (means my brother)  where are you?  Have you been holding session with your Charismatic hero, Ahmadi Nejat ? Have you by any chance studied in a theological school run Mullah Nasedeen? 


that is why we

by rtayebi1 on

R doing it ? " From medical isotopes to electrical megawatts..............and whatever is "hiding" between the two............"  why not make it more simple, why not make the best pen or pencil? why not the green stuff? why not try to communicate with animals? why not make the best corn? why not make the greatest sun flower? I think then, the mature, matter  world would think of us as sane enough to play with fire.,


Isreal is not our problem, IRI is the problem

by NY GAL on

I don't understand why some iranians on this site condemn Isreal in any opportunity they have. The enemy of Iran and iranian is islamic rapist tugs. what is your problem with Isreal? are you palestinan or iranian? hundreds of iranians are tortured, raped and suffer the most unhuman conditions in islamic jails and you Isreal haters have sympathy for palestinians? shame on you. you are not Iranian. You are agents of IRI on this site.



by پندارنیک on

From medical isotopes to electrical megawatts..............and whatever is "hiding" between the two.............Will we be able to handle the inherent risks that nuclear plants pose to our environment? Will our next generation be born with extra arms in their foreheads?.........In my opinion, the challenge is good for a nation which has been conditioned to rely on the petrodollar for so long.........way too's time to catch up with the developed world........


All this is to push the oil prices up and help Iran

by Sialashgar on

Why doesn't anybody get it there is no real threat.This is only helping




by rtayebi1 on

Why it is  good for our people? What would we gain out of it? explain in it in  simple terms please. No hidden meaning please.


Of making ME an A-bomb free zone...

by پندارنیک on

It no longer matters what this Indian-American journalist or that Jewish-American politician say, think, or do...........the nation of Iran will certainly get its peaceful nuclear program up and running. That's  guaranteed..........and that's good, very good's good for the nation of Iran and as long as it's under the supervision of the "Agency" it'll pose no threat to anyone in the world........Now, it's time that we focus on Israel's nuclear arsenal and make sure that she signs the NPT, and starts dismantling her atomic armament.


Zakaria's analysis is painfully linear and inside the box.

by fidelio5 on

The problem is: an inherently unstable regime possessing the bomb in an unstable region.

Perhaps prompting other unstable regimes to acquire the bomb a la the Saudis.

The thought exercise would be: what if Syria had the bomb or fissile material. The nation is in a state of complete flux as would be the possession of the weapons and materials themselves.

The Pakistanis already have shown through AQ Khans actions what is indeed possible.

this is the problem, not the solipsistic notion: will Iran bomb Israel.


The War Talk

by Faramarz on

Agha Tayebi,

The war talk started when the US and the west decided that they were not going to buy Iranian oil and also kick the Regime out of the international banking system. 

Now, you would think that a Regime that doesn't want to have anything to do with the international laws, conventions and treaties like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would come out and proudly say, "You don't want the oil, no problem, we don't want your stinking $ or Euro!" Instead, they got mad and said, "If you don't buy the oil, we close the Strait of Hormuz." Talk about sore losers.

The Regime is like a little kid that is spitting and throwing rocks at bigger kids and challenging them to a fight. The international community is just standing back trying to ignore the little idiot.


your are still

by rtayebi1 on

hilarious, leave it to you to change the dark side to dark,and handsome. hahahah   black turbans are shits, we already know that, we don't have to be like them. explain the WAR TALK please, it is not real? are you sure?


Agha Tayebi

by Faramarz on

I have been on the tall, dark and handsome side because Obama has been pursuing a peaceful resolution to this matter. But it is the dark turban side that is causing all the problems.

I encourage all the reasonable people here not to fall into the trap of war-talk. It is an old trick and the Regime has been using it for the past 33 years.


 It is evidently clear

by vildemose on

 It is evidently clear that neo-islamist are looking for a fight with the US. I hope or Israel don't fall into their trap.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.




I see Zakaria has touched a nerve. War supporters hate him. for good reason. 


All Options on the Table means...

by Abarmard on

US and the West continuously have said that ALL OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE, which includes military option, which means no military option since US has clearly declared with all options on the table that there is no military when they say military is on the table!!!

Make sense? I hope not.

Israel can't handle Iran because Iran has taken the regional super power title. Israel can only attack Iran with backing of the US and NATO. Fertish, payan, khalas, tamam, finish, end..