Waiting for the Order

U.S. stand for liberty and democracy in Iran


Waiting for the Order
by S. Rob Sobhani

President Obama’s recent executive order freezing the assets of Iran’s clerical regime is another step in the right direction, bringing immediate pressure on Tehran. But a more significant move and quite possibly a game-changer would be an executive order, with close congressional consultation, to commit material and policy support for the aspirations of the Iranian people.

According to former intelligence officials, the psychological boost of such an act alone by the president will cause a paradigm shift within the Iranian political world.

The fundamental premise of such an order would be to correct the failure of successive administrations to counter the Iranian regime’s covert and overt policy of low-intensity war with America.

First, the executive order would design programs to boost both public and private support and funding to leading universities in the U.S. to draw up blueprints for an Iranian renaissance. This effort would be supervised by leading Americans of Iranian decent covering fields of high-tech, medicine, energy, commerce and infrastructure. An American-Iranian partnership could start with a Disney-style theme park based in Shiraz, Iran's millennia-old capital city, as a means to boost tourism. Iran’s neighbor Turkey, generates over $20 billion annually from tourism. Or, it could make the case for how solar energy not nuclear best serves Iran’s future interests. Currently American scientists of Iranian descent at elite institutions such as MIT, Stanford and Berkeley are making inroads on incorporating nanoparticles into the next generation of vastly more efficient solar panels. Imagine if Iran’s vast Loot Desert were to be cultivated as a solar farm, it would yield enough clean electricity to feed its national grid and support regional exports.

Second, the presidential order should bring serious and immediate attention to Voice of America’s – Persian News Network (VOA PNN), boosting programming to present a more serious content into Iran, much like our broadcasts into the Soviet Union, serving as a daily dose of the truth, this time for millions behind an Islamist curtain.

At its peak 20 million viewers used to tune into a hard-hitting VOA programming into Iran. I experienced the power of speaking the truth as an analyst for the VOA PNN from 2004-2009. Every Tuesday I would dissect the conduct and failures of the regime in addition to assessing the opportunity costs of the Islamic Republic for the Iranian people. My immediate feedback from daring callers inside Iran was exhilarating: convincing me that America’s greatest allies in Iran are not dubious “elements within the regime” that periodically wink and nod hints of a “grand-bargain with the west,” but the 70 million Iranians simply wanting a better life. VOA’s PNN is arguably the single most important asset of U.S. diplomacy as it concerns Iran.

Third, instead of centering our Iran policy solely on the regime's “dangerous nuclear weapons program” Washington should bring equal, if not more, focus on the Islamist regime’s abhorrent human rights violations against its citizenry. Ambassador Susan Rice would have a compelling case to put the Islamic Republic’s human rights violations front and center at the Security Council. A more vociferous highlighting of Neda’s murder, daily torture of Ayatollah Boroujerdi or persecution of ethnic and faith minorities in Iran such as the Bahais will do wonders in dulling the veneer of the “promise” of an Islamic Republic throughout a region whose streets are often impressed by the regime’s well-designed rhetoric.

Fourth, the NSA and search engines such as Google should unleash tools to assist Iranians to counter the army of Chinese hackers and cyber censors hired by the regime. Iranians are the highest regional users of the Internet and the blogosphere, making the digital world a powerful tool to help satisfy their thirst to learn the truth, communicate and organize.

Finally, cell phones embedded with hack-proof chips should be flooded into Iran, in the millions, enabling the young to broaden their circles without the worry of regime intercept or disruptions during times of public unrest.

Detractors from the academic community, self-proclaimed representatives of the Iranian community in America, certain business interests and elements within his own circle of advisors will undoubtedly move against and undermine the implementation of such a policy. But President Obama should be made aware that this is not a repeat of 1953 and that the people of Iran are thinking about their future not past. America’s failed attempt to restore the Shah to power has been dredged time and again by apologists for the regime in order to freeze America from having a pro-active policy on Iran.

If the President wants to go down in history as a transformative leader, at least in terms of US foreign policy on Iran, he should be bold and sign the executive order, thus making a compelling case that America will stand for liberty and democracy in Iran.

If President Obama fails to act, Congress must fill this leadership role and support the aspirations of the Iranian people for freedom.

First published in thehill.com.

Sobhani is the CEO of the Caspian Group (www.caspiangroup.com). Since the tragic events of 9/11, the Caspian Group has been invited to consult with senior officials from the United States Government to devise strategies that can help the United States and its allies win the war on terrorism.



Amirparviz: WHy don't you

by vildemose on

Amirparviz: WHy don't you write a letter to Rob Sobhani and explain it to him? I'm sure he has no idea what's going on.  

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


The issue we need to be clear about.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


The USA used the shah to raise oil prices, which was the only thing that could save their collapsed dollar and help them handle their inflation problem by dishing it out on others anyone buying oil, they signed a pact of alliance with the shah in exchange for doing this they would back him 100%.  Instead they used high oil prices which they wanted, as the basis of their excuse to foment World & American support to betray their own ally using a totally disingenuous approach human rights (which the USA/France and UK and their global system are the greatest violators of internationally and locally).  The USA standing for Freedom and Democracy is based on its actions today a massive lie and some people are so ignornant they can not see this like the light of day, nor the depth of the US strategy or aim with respect to Iran. Africanization of Iran/economic regression/lack of education is only possible with extremist mullahs and that is exactly their goal, to Africanize Iran.

So Either this Rob is Knowledgeable and informed, in which case he knows that this will never happen from the US/UK/French side in the legitimate way he is outlining as the goal is Africanizing Iran, if that is the case and he is truly informed of the US goal therefore he is really acting as a sell out to help USA manipulate Iranians more using this approach in exchange for more extremism.  Or he is not knowledgeable about what the USA is doing, its aims its goals and how it can not change them due to the alliances it is in no position to betray like with the UK/France. In which case we can enlighten Rob and give him suggestions of what is going to be a better use of his time interms of results to defend and protect the abused children of Iran, indeed the entire nation.


Amir Parviz

by darius on

My age is no secret, I am old but that doesn't mean I cannot ask stupid questions and ask for  an enlightening answer.

I just wanted this Mr.Sobhani does not fall into the same trap as

those like Parviz Sabetior  Late Hoveyda .That is all.

Don't feel bad for me , I like to ask dumb question , I take any dumb but reasonable answer .Yours unfortunately was not dumb enough.


I thank you for trying though.

Enjoy Your saturday 


How old are you Darius? What is your age?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

,could you please  clarify that you have  no prejudice against other religious group or thoughts ?

Any politician will with an agenda other than serving Iran will lie to you and can lie to you on that question.  So why even ask a question that can be used to manipulate and deceive the less mature majority our youth?  There is Nothing wrong with Bias, so long as it has proven itself to be good for Iranians.  My suggestion is to enlighten Iranians regarding the good of the Institution of Monarchy.  it is made of our good culture, history and traditions a force that has proven itself to unite Iranians of all races, religions and creeds. The benefits of Monarchy are far too many to count.




A question..

by darius on

//www.huffingtonpost.com/rob-sobhani/bahai-21st-century-faith_b_1065829.html At this point of history we need men and women that understand their duties toward building a new Iran .People who are impartial toward race ,religion and any movement  if we are really looking forward to make a community that  can survive the future ups and down of econmics but become proud of itself for having equal opportunity to grow and have the benefit of  freedom and democracy .The truth is that as Iranian we no longer can afford to allow every few decades our country and our people witness killings and change of regime. Those who decide to lead us to this path , must be free of any bias or affiliation if ever decide to become a leader.We need this to preserve and safeguard all the member of community regardless of their  race, religion in oreder to be just and make a decision based on nothing but the truth . Now  I see Mr.Sobhani claims to be not a member of the Bahai faith but he write and claim to be a religion belonging to the 21st century. (I also know that our Bahais are being abused, discriminated  and their basics right being violated by the  IRI ). Since there is a chance that in future you may be a candidate for any position within Iranian government  or you may become target of character assassination ,could you please  clarify that you have  no prejudice against other religious group or thoughts ?     Thank you 

Oon Yaroo

But,1st the IRR regime must be toppled!

by Oon Yaroo on

Then this would be possible!


Yes my post was a suggestion, not a criticism

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

One day we have to ask ourselves as Iranians is the USA capable of changing its grotesque inhumane management of the world it dominates?  His suggestion is great, Reza Pahlavi has been guiding many political fores that wish to see the same occcur to no avail.  At some point and I am not saying Iranians are ready for a renaisance yet, Iranians need to be the leaders not the followers of a policy, they need to see things as they are, not as they wish the were.  I'm really sorry if my answers are not perfect, I wish they perfect but they are answers none the less of where Iranians need to look for a solution among and within themselves, under circumstances where no change & only domination is coming from the outside, lead by the USA.  The reality as I see it is that Iranians are surprisingly in and incredibly powerful position, the impact they could have is so immense they can not fathom, yet with out essetial enlightenment, their mass actions are not going to bear the sweet fruit they are seeking.  Suggestion, not criticism.  I know Iranians have been immensly brave and selfless in the face of global cruelty, now we need wisdom too.  Actions based on our heart, that inspire Unity.  Facing our oppressors, not being their pawns and opposing each other.  Does the transformation of Iranians not seem like the correct Solution, being lead by people who have had that transormation themselves?  There may be massive resistance to it at first, does any one have an alternative approach to establishing a Secular Democracy?

Ultimately his solution, asks for a fundamental change in US Policy on the level of a U-Turn. (though deceitfully the USA could use his steps, say it supports freedom and democracy and yet not have a fundamental change in policy and use iranians to bring people to power that are the likes of MeK, Mousavi/khatami, or a long list of ayatollahs the brits can furnish them at a moments notice).  My solution/suggestion, requires the Iranians to transform and be in control of their destiny.  The day Iranians in each city across USA/UK/France picket these governments in unison for supporting religous extremists we will have brought about a true and massive change among ourselves and be in a real position to solve our own problems.


Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Solutions dearest, solutions.

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Unless my reading comprehension is limited, the article leads me to understand the following: 

it is an open letter policy recommendation to the President of the US, coming in complete contrast to the military strike war mongers OR the grand bargainists and the basis of it all is as follows:  

  1. "To correct the failure of successive US administrations" to counter the regime's sheytanat, over the years;
  2. To embrace a no nonsense unapologetic approach of championing the cause of liberty, a long lost quintessential American brand, for the Iranian people;
  3. A strong political motivation for Pres Obama would be to enable him to become a transformative leader with respect to US policy towards Iran in more than 50 years. 

I am a mother of two and without a Ph.D. I do not claim to know more than my fellow cyber followers of Iran, but it comes across as quite sensible to recommend against war as well as a grand bargain.  The Iranian people themselves seem to want neither.  I frequented Iran (Tehran and Mashad) until last year, I am certain a good majority of the people in Iran do not want war, nor a grand bargain.  Why? The first will immediately destroy the land we all love and the second will ensure the gradual long-term destruction (through rape and pillage by the molahs) of the same land! 

Solutions dearests, solutions.  Tear down the regime not our thinkers, good or bad bring us solutions, not detractions -- please!

(If you must, respond by with kindness and courtesy.) 

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

(No subject)

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on


Darius on - I do not wish to be fooled again

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If you even have to ask the question, it means you are going to get it, with no knee pads, on the pavement, American Style.  The easy way to not be fooled again Darius is to use your conscience so it will be impossible to be manipulated for any period.  What ever happens from the American side will always start with approaches that are tested and proven to work well at fooling Americans, once perfected on US citizens then they use the momentum of that approach to work on Iranians.  Our responsibility as Iranians is to put Iran first and make the case for who that is and why.  For as far as the eye can see the USA is today no longer in any position to dig itself out of the grave it has created for itself, the only thing it is going to be able to do is work within her alliances and within her own political interests, to continue down this path, do everything in her power to fund and support religious extremists that wish to be involved in politics. This is why an attack on iran is more complex for the USA, because it is temporarily attacking its own darlings, the darlings of its allies and the darling of the entire rotten to the very core American political system.  In case you were hoping for light at the end of this tunnel from the US side like the above author, read Winston Churchills works, he was the first leader to observe that the big powers have one weakness that if they are smart they will be fully aware of and make sure they act with foresight.  That weakness is that great powers can never do a U turn on a national policy with out causing their own demise and defeat.

Hopefully you understand the fundamentals of why obama, increased the number of troops fighting in Afghanstan, why he withdrew from Iraq why he is negotiating with the taliban, why he funds the muslim brotherhood originally created with US funds and organization and why Obama supported religious extremists like belhaj in libya, which are busy torturing the people of libya and will not be a force for the economic or political developmet of orth africa or libya, that is the actually the center piece of the plan. I'm sure you can see that all this does not point to the USA supporting freedom and democracy and is in love with extremist islam for iran too. Once Iranians become enlightened to who their enemies are aka USA/UK/France/Russia/China and why, then the manipulation and deceit they face will be diminished and the real options for restoring Freedom to be able to pursue secular democracy will become obvious and iranians can get busy uniting behind their own plan.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Responses in here

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

pretty much define where people stand over IRI. No pretences no fake gheirat pretending to be for the people; none of the posts have been a surprise to me. 



by darius on

Thanks for the info , I had already checked his biography beofre ask my question. I am curious  to know if he is speaking on behalf of Iranian or a US citizen .

IWhen I see these  sstuff, I get 1979 flash backs. I see lots of

similarity. I do not wish to be fooled again.

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Quite Very Impressive!

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Thanks for the post, quite very impressive.  Not having ever heard of him before gives me hope that we must have plenty more like this guy in our midst.

Come on out boys and girls, lets not hold back, lend us some of your good thinking.  

Solutions, my darlings, solution is the key to look for, I frequently tell my two daughters.  That's what we need to encourage, not tearing down messengers of good thought.


The Caspian Group Holdings

by vildemose on

The Caspian Group Holdings is a multi-disciplinary company that includes Caspian Energy Consulting (CEC), Caspian Publishing, and Caspian Ventures. Caspian Group principals and staff have written books and articles about global energy issues, and discussed these issues in media venues across the globe. They specialize in negotiating projects for government and multinational clients with business interests in the Middle East and former Soviet Union.

Caspian Group principals and staff have participated in complex negotiations worth billions of dollars, based on comprehensive strategies that include country risk analysis, public relations, lobbying the U.S. government on behalf of the project, and maintaining the image of the client as a responsible corporate citizen in the host country. Based in Washington, D.C. but with extensive contacts worldwide, they help their clients understand how federal and state laws and regulations, as well as American media and public opinion, impact their business, economic, and political development goals.

 Dr. S. Rob Sobhani, PhD, is an American author, expert on U.S. policy toward the Middle East,[1] lecturer and pundit. Formerly a professor at Georgetown University, Sobhani is currently the president and founder of Caspian Energy Consulting, a company that specializes in working with companies that have business interests in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. [2] Sobhani has published two books on foreign affairs: King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia: A Leader of Consequence and The Pragmatic Entente: Israeli-Iranian Relations, 1948-1988.[3]Political Career

Sobhani made two runs for the United States Senate in Maryland, first in 1992 when he lost to Alan L. Keyes in the primaries and again in 2000 when he lost to candidate Paul Rappaport in the primaries. [4]


Sobhani received an undergraduate and graduate degree from Georgetown University and holds a Ph.D. in Political Economy from Georgetown University.[5]

Azerbaijan Energy Deal

In 1990, the then Soviet Union state Azerbaijan was negotiating with BP for its offshore oil exploration. Sobhani, an Azeri-speaking American, was sought by Communist Party leader Ayaz Mutalibov who decided to allow Amoco a chance to get the deal.[6] In 1991, after Sobhani's talks with Mutalibov, Amoco was granted exclusive rights to the Azeri oil field for one year. [7] Eventually, several companies would take a share of the offshore exploration after the fall of the Soviet Union. [8]


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Well What is Caspian Group?

by darius on

Mr.Sobhani  what is your affiliation?  Wouldn't be nice to introduce yourself first ? Don't expect me to give you a big hand unless as a courtesy to all of us  tell us who you are , where you come from and what makes you an expert?  I think  as matter first step for a acceptable and practical  democracy is that you  prove us your credential and your members beofre you talk on our behalf.  Thank you 


Yes Uncle Sam's Listening, Can't you see the Bird its flipping?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Thats because the USA hears you loud and clear and is not going to give up it's love affair with supporting extremists in the middle east and north africa.  The extremists in Iran are a dream come true for the USA inmeeting all her goals for Iranians.  If possible the USA will try and replace the extremists in power with other extremists and do everything she can to keep them in power and under better control.  The last goal America has is to support the development of Iran towards freedom and democracy, were that the casethe USA would have never betrayed the Shah for Khomeini and helped keep IRI in opposition to Iranians wishes.

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Is Uncle Sam Listening?

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Wow, one of the most refreshing well thought through pieces of writings I've seen in in this forum in a very, very long time.  With the exception of the section about the 'failed coup' which I could not fully get, a solid kind of approach to this stalemate.  

Certainly a departure from the two extreme positions of WAR or the failed Grand Barganists!  Some intelligent muscle behind a well founded premise, translated into a solid policy approach.  Is Uncle Sam listening?

Keep them coming, more such writings please! 

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

(No subject)

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on


America will stand for liberty and democracy in Iran.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Iranians shouldn't hold their breath on this one.  The betrayal of the late Shah and the support of anti-secular extremists in the middle east, for the last 40 years including today, shows the USA is determined to make poverty, regression, economic and political slavery, militarism and colonialism the foundations of its world leadership.  The events in Libya today and the desire for the Obama administration to verbally distance itself from those extremists which it did & does support in Libya while the libyan army was taken out by the USA and her allies means that the USA is continuing her criminal foreign policy under Obama as well. 


More hass-terical crap

by AMIR1973 on

How many years has it been that West-residing Groupies of this "Death to America" regime have been living in the US and other Western countries and using the freedoms they enjoy in those countries to vomit up propaganda on behalf of this Islamist terrorist regime?


More exiles talking crap

by hass on

How many years has it been that exiles sitting on their fat rears in the comfort of LA and Tel Aviv have been dispensing this sort of advice on how to "topple the regime" in a country where they haven't set foot in decades?


Mr. Sobhani

by masoudA on

It is a great way of thinking and analysis of the political situation, as well as a great suggestion......but you are assuming Obama works for America and is working for the best interest of America!!!    Toy around with the idea that such is not the case and Obama works for the Queen of England and the King of Saudi (who also works for the Queen)........then think about the events of the last 3 years....and suddenly you will see......

Good Luck


The right equation

by Fred on

The equation for giving peace a chance to blossom in the Middle East and empowering people to defeat the lunatic Islamists is simple:

Airtight sanctions + material support = overthrow of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR)