Masoud Sedaghatzadeh: Bangkok Bombing Suspect Arrested

One of four Iranians linked by police to attempted attack on Israeli diplomats Malaysia on Wednesday detained an Iranian man suspected of involving in the series of bomb attacks in Bangkok's Klongtan district on Tuesday, a senior Thai security official said. The arrest of Masoud Sedaghatzadeh was made about 3pm in Kuala Lumpur following the Thai side giving information and identity of the suspect. He was one of the four Iranian police linked to the explosions. The fourth Iranian still unaccounted for was a female Iranian who rented the house for the suspects. The two others Iranians allegedly involved in the blasts are in police custody. One of them, Saeid Moradi, was badly injured after an explosive he intended to throw at police accidentally fell to the ground >>>


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Souri Khaanoom

by Reality-Bites on

I did say earlier (and I repreat): your questions and uncertainty are not unreasonable. Until the full facts are known (if we ever know get to them) of course no one can be 100% certain what happened here. Like I said, the passports could be fake."

Despite that, sadly I (presumably as one of "the others") seem to have not escaped you wrath judging by this comment of yours:


I am trying to have a conversation with you, because unlike the others,  you seem to have a certain level of  understanding and "sho'our kaafi" for having a decent discussion, without resorting to the name calling and jafangiat az in ghabil. The more they are illiterate and idiot,..."

Anyway, thank you for demonstrating how to conduct a decent discussion!


What's worse than an act of terrorism?

by پندارنیک on

A botched act of terrorism...........


More details emerging

by Reality-Bites on

According to this article:


An extract:

 "...Five people, including the alleged bomber, were injured in three explosions in Bangkok's bustling Ekkamai neighbourhood. The first explosion occurred at a house rented by three Iranian nationals who, according to police, fled after explosives accidentally detonated. Two men fled while a third, wounded and disorientated from the blast, attempted to hail a taxi before throwing a grenade at the car and another at police. He missed his target and the grenade detonated in front of him, blowing off one leg and requiring the amputation of the other.

Inside the house, Thai police found two magnetic bombs that could be attached to vehicles and resembling those used in attacks against Israeli embassy targets, said Israel's ambassador Itzhak Shoham.

"They are similar to ones used in Delhi and in Tbilisi," Shoham told the Associated Press. "From that we can assume that there is the same network of terror."

Doost daaram pas hastam

The problem with conspiracy theory minded people

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

is that they will never be convinced by any amount of logic and evidence. As soon as you refute one of their objections they come up with another one. They believe in conspiracy theories because in serves an emotional need for them. It was not logic or evidence that made them believe in the conspiracy theory so they are immune to logic and evidence. 9/11 Truthers are one example. Another one is Obama Birther. 


No I haven't seen them

by Souri on

I haven't seen those pictures , sorry, my bad.

But to me, finding a passport in that environment,  sounds like killing Ben Ladin in Pakistan and then throwing his body in the Ocean!

I know, some people belive in those brave stories. But I, don't. I need more substentance. More logics. More evidence.

Good luck.


Magnets link Thailand and India bomb attacks

by IranFirst on



Can't be IRI. Must be two groups of Iranian tourists one in India and one in Thailand who happen to carry and use the same bomb magnets within a day

Doost daaram pas hastam


by Doost daaram pas hastam on

It depends on the size of the explosion and the distance from it. The house explosion did not seem large. Most of the house is undamaged. Check the online pictures. There are people who have had letter bombs explode in their hands and lost fingers but survived. So if these people were not right next to the explosion they would have survived fine. Nobody is saying "we sould accept (and repeat) everything we hear"  But this story fits all too well with previous record of IRI terrorists. And so far I have not heard a single plausible reason why it wasn't the usual clumsy IRI operation.  



by Souri on


I am trying to have a conversation with you, because unlike the others,  you seem to have a certain level of  understanding and "sho'our kaafi" for having a decent discussion, without resorting to the name calling and jafangiat az in ghabil. The more they are illiterate and idiot, the more they call us names like : apologist, regime-friendly, West-hostile, and the funniest of all : brain washed bassijis .....Just because we don't want to sound as idiot and coward as them, to accept everything which we hear.

In response to your claim: I never said the "they didn't do that"

This is the whole point of my conversation with you. I say: I don't know, and I am looking for an evidence! but I am raising a wise question to which nobody answered yet: How could they find a passport among the sands and the remain of burning items?

It is easier to accept everything we hear from the Western media and repeating them like a parrot! But when asked a question, we can't answer, then we call others : brain washed!

How ironic!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

از سوری خانم عزیز و جنابِ باوفا خان تشّکر می کنیم.بعضی از دوستان اِنگاری به وسیلهٔ ماشینِ زمان از قرن اوّلِ هجری به عصرِ حاضر آورده شدند،وضعیتِ اطلاّعاتی‌ِ اینان بسیار پايین است،خداوند عاقبتِ ما را به خیر سازد.


Souri Khanoom Jaan

by rtayebi1 on

there is nothing wrong with asking questions, but just because they did a messy, unprofessional job, it doesn't mean they did not do it.


Avocat du dibale :)

by Souri on

That is a French expression, I think it would mean : The lawyer of the Devil (?)

So I am playing that avocat du dibable, asking: How after an explosion in an appartment, it is still possible that anything, I mean anything, from a human being to the passports and other items, remain intake, at the point that one be able to use it at the airport to flee the country?

I don't know if I understood it. There was an explosion, Isn't it? And in an appartment, isn't it? Could you explain how  you do imagine a scene after an explosion in an appartment?

I am just trying to understand WHY we sould accept (and repeat) everything we hear (which of course we do  like to hear)?


Give it to Conspiracy Theorists and IRI appologists..

by IranFirst on

They will come up with 10 different stories, why IRI is not responsible,
and possibly even this is US's work. These are bunch of idiot
brain-washed Basijis, the Explosion in their house was NOT planned ,
blowing their own legs was NOT part of the plan,  and they needed IDs
(correct or false ones) to travel. The full story will eventually come
out. Remember the the first world trade center bombers who went back to
get their deposits for their bombing truck and were caught. Why should
these IRI terrorists be any more competent than the other two groups in
Georgia and India that failed yesterday? Now back to people with their
usual anti-west/US rants and defending IRI.



by Reality-Bites on

Your questions and uncertainty are not unreasonable. Until the full facts are known (if we ever know get to them) of course no one can be 100% certain what happened here. Like I said, the passports could be fake.

But I will say one more thing though, based on what is in the press so far, these people didn't "take their passports" to any place of operation, but rather set off an accidental explosion in the apartment where they were staying and when the police arrived, attempted to flee the scene.

In other words, they were caught totally off-guard due to their own ineptitude and police response. So maybe that is why in their panic and state of confusion, soon after an explasion etc, and their haste to get away, they were caught with their (real or fake) passports.


What I, am saying?

by Souri on

What i am saying is that:

1) Unlike you guys, I am not sure of anything. I am not sure if there are Iranians involved in this bombing or not. Maybe yes, maybe not!

2) Usually a terrorist and bomb "gozar" don't carry their papers with themselves to the place. Usually they do have a few fake passports.

3) It is impossible to find an ID, a passport, a paper , intake, among the burning items and their sands, like they did at 9/11.

4) When there was a series of bomb attacks in Paris in 86, they have found this was related to Vahid Gorji. Nobody was looking to find a passport under the sands. They just found the criminals and ironically, they have returned them back to Iran! Same thing went with the assassin of Bakhtiar.


You, tell me!


so what are

by rtayebi1 on

you guys  saying, everybody including the thai police, indian police is in it?. The whole world wants to make IRI look bad? Come on now.Evil does evil things, it is just like that.


Consider this

by Reality-Bites on

Maybe the names on their passport are fake. Or maybe these fine upstanding gentlemen (and lady, if reports are to be believed) never planned to be caught, hence maybe they had no issues with carrying their passports with them. Put it this way, that hapless bomber never planned to toss that grenade at the Thai police car, only for it to bounce back off a tree and blow up his own legs, did he? 

At the end of the day they would've needed some kind of passports to get into the country and one can concoct all kinds of conspiracy theories and scenarios to claim this has nothing to do with the IR, but to try to absolve the IR and its murderers from being willing to carry out this kind of thing is a stretch.


ps: the 911 terrorists knew they were going to die. They considered themselves martyrs and wanted the world to know this. No reason why they wouldn't have had their passports with them, especially as there was nothing to clearly link them to Al Qaeda at the time

Doost daaram pas hastam

Anyone actually surprised by their stupidity

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

You look at all their assassinations abroad and you see, bungling, stupidity and sheer incompetence. Even when they actually kill their intended target such as  Bakhtiar and his secretary or Mikonos murders they almost always get caught. If you read the details of those assasinations you would be stunned by their stupidity. In a way we are lucky. If they were more competent and could get away clean with their overseas assassinations there would have been many more murders.  

Anahid Hojjati

Some people doubt that IRI did this

by Anahid Hojjati on

I have moments of doubt too, but then I remember that these are the same minds who came up with a cardboard Imam.  So people who make cardboard Imam, think of an operation and execute it in a way that a terrorist gets his legs blewn off. Sounds logical to me.


Roozbeh Jaan, 5 Stages of Coping with Tragedy

by Faramarz on


The reactions that you see by the Regime-friendly, West-hostile people here are easily explained by Kübler-Ross model for coping with tragedy.

People go through the five stages of Denial (it can’t be true, it must be Mossad), Anger (who is to blame, the West), Bargaining (I’ll do anything if..), Depression (what’s the point, there is going to be a war) and finally Acceptance (I can’t fight it, maybe it is the Regime after all!)


So, what do these genius operatives get for Jahaad attempt?

by Cost-of-Progress on

unless the Islamist divine rule has some kind of deal with emam zaman, this guy and those like him are not going to benefit from the available pool of virgins.

Perhaps a deal has been cut for a lesser prize, say...s some young boys - Taliban style!

Fogging morons.


"Bin-Laden & his arab terrorists had nothing to do with 9/11"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Hence, it follows, that these three bungling terrorists, carrying Iranian passports, speaking fluent farsi, running around  Bangkok throwing bombs at people rather than visiting local brothels (sorry I meant to say historical sites) -unlike average iranian male visitor to bagkok- had nothing whatsoever to do with the islamic regime!

Well, you cant beat the "line of logic' of an Islamist Regime apologist,  can you??!!! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Red Wine aziz: couldn't agree more...

by Bavafa on

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



dear Redwine

by Souri on

I have always suggested that IC should put this "like" button (face book style) for us to support other users comments!

You nailed it, man! I am so proud of you.

It is the same things they have said after 9/11 attacks. That they had found 4 Arabian passports among the burned stuffs on the ground! All the 4 passports were belonging to the "terrorists".............!

Only a French (Iranian French) inquisitive mind will pay attention  to these details to reach to the truth....especially when they are also a good Journalist!

Thanks for the good comment.


I can help Thai officials ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Find the female accomplice. Her first name is "Faati", last name "Komando", daughter of "Mohammad" and "Zeinab" Komando. IRI passport number "666". LOL

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland

Jeesh Daram

ترجمه ویدیو تروریستها

Jeesh Daram

به اول ویدیو توجه فرمائید که خانمی در گوشه تلویزیون در حال ترجمه گفته های وزیر اطلاعات  به "زبان اشاره"  است.  اتفاقا من با این زبان آشنایی دارم و این زن با شهامت و وطن دوست مطالب وزیر را اینگونه ترجمه مینماید:   "مامان سلام،  خوبین، این مردک دوباره  دارد یکمشت دروغ طبق معمول میبافد. توی استودیو هم بوی گند همه جارو ورداشته و نمیذارن درهارو واکنیم خیر پدرشون، خفه شدم از بوی گند. کار کار خودشان است.  بجای این دروغها بیایند حقوق عقب افتاده ما را بدهند. الان سه ماه است حقوق ما عقب افتاده و دفتر تلویزیون مرتب امروز و فردا میکند....مامان شنبه یادت نره  باید بریم خونه سادات اینا برای آش پشت پای اکرم سادات، زهرا هم قراره بیاد،  بهم زنگ بزن؟....امروز من یک کمی دیر خونه میام شما شامتونو بخورین"  و در اینجا ویدیو تمام میشود

Maryam Hojjat

These Islamist terrorists of IRR have

by Maryam Hojjat on

Ruined the image of IRANIANS for sure.  Shame on them if they call themselves IRANI.

Mardom Mazloom

شهیدان زنده اند، الله و اکبر !!

Mardom Mazloom

این "اینجوری" تا کجای پای این بابا رو به خون آغشته کرده ؟ کسی میدونه؟ اگر تا سر اون بابای ختنه ایش بیشتر نرفته باشه بالا "او.کی" است وگرنه باید ۷۲ حوری از همینجا براش سفارش بدن !!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

تروریست هم تروریستهایِ قدیمی‌... آخر کسی‌ که میرود ترور سیاسی کند با خودش مدرک و کارت شناسایی حمل می‌کند ؟! واقع مسخرست یا قضیه چیزِ دیگریست و ما از آن خبر نداریم.این اخبار خوب است برایِ خلقِ کامنت گذارِ حرفه‌ای که از دنیا و از مردمانش بی‌ خبرند.

این پدر سوخته‌ها باید تروریستگری را از جنابِ کارلوس (ملقب به شغال،زندانی در فرانسه که اگر ببینی‌ او را از ترس و وحشت بی‌ زبان جلویش به ایستی) یاد گیرند تا بفهمند یک من ماست چقدر کره دارد.

سرِ خود را شیره بمالید.برایِ کچلی ناشی‌ از نادانی‌ و بی‌ خبری عالیست.