"Iranian Soldiers Torturing, Killing, Dismembering Syrian Detainees"

Says Syria Army Deserter

Al Jazeera talks to a Syrian deserter who fled to Iraq and he tells them that he deserted after he could no longer bear the horrible crimes of the Assad Regime -- He tells of Iranian buses coming to Syria packed with Iranian Soldiers who are there to help save the Assad regime and that the iranians are torturing and killing and dismembering Syrian political prisoners.


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Darius Kadivar

Bad Bazam Begoo Dorough Meegham ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Undercover in Syria's Kurdish region (bbc, VIDEO)


While President Bashar al-Assad of Syria is fighting rebels in Damascus and Aleppo, he has given up control in parts of the Kurdish north east.

Kurdish leaders say they now control about 50% of the territory there, and warn they will fight the regime if it tries to retake power.

The fate of this area has implications beyond Syria. Iraq, Iran and Turkey have their own Kurdish populations. With a combined total of about 30 million, they are the world's largest stateless people.


Our Correspondent Orla Guerin has spent 5 days under cover in Syria's Kurdish region and sent this report.  



Kurds add explosive element to Syria (cnn)

CNN) -- In the city of Qamishli, on Syria's border with Turkey, neither the forces of the Syrian regime nor the rebels of the Free Syrian Army are to be seen. But visitors say the Kurdish flag is very evident, and Kurdish fighters man checkpoints around the city.


More are being trained in the Kurdish region of neighboring Iraq.


  • Kurdish fighters have gained control over areas of northern Syria
  • The main Kurdish group, the PYD, has been seen as useful to the Assad regime
  • It has close ties to the PKK, the group fighting in Turkey for Kurdish autonomy
  • The Syrian Kurds' experience will influence other Kurdish groups, an analyst says

Darius Kadivar

choghok You are the one who recurrently questions my values

by Darius Kadivar on

So Yes that Upsets me to see folks like you hiding behind anonymous avatars lecture me from their comfort zone and then complaining because you don't like the answers.

If as You Claim people don't read my stuff, So why are you reacting to my comments then ?

The Links are NOT Spam they ARE Related to what I am offering as an explanation as to where I stand. And to dedramatize at times I try to do it either with a touch of humor which at times can fall flat. So What ? You don't like it others do.


Don't read them what do I care ? Just don't come and engage in Back and Forth Arguments if your only intention is to contradict me for the sake of contradiction merely because you don't share my ideological views. 

For I have had several debates with you on a range of different issues in the past and I know that what truly upsets you is rarely the subject being debated but merely that I am not a Jomhurykhah like you and that I don't advocate a Republic as a democratic system of government for a Post IRI IRan. So anything goes as long as it can offer you a pretext to question my humanism or my democratic beliefs as if you yourself were the embodiement of all these Virtues.

You do it with me as you do it with Fred ( whome I don't always share his views) but hardly go to the depth of your argument.

I have no problem with being contradicted on what I offer as an argument on a given subject but don't come and lecture me on my value system or jump on your high horse as if YOU had a heart and we didn't when it comes to such tragic events unfolding in Syria or elsewhere on this planet.

Who are you to claim anything about what I stand for as a human being ?

You don't Know me and to your very own admission here hardly read the counter arguments even when presented coherently.


So if anyone displays a self righteous behavior it's YOU !


You folks think that the only answer to the ills of the world is to put an end to what you percieve as Evil overnight without EVER questioning yourselves about the DAY AFTER !

Unlike you I don't Claim I have all the answers be it for Syria today or Tomorrow not even on Iran... I just have unanswered Questions because I am not on location to know exactly what is going on there and I can only draw a conclusion based on what I read and discover in the news.


You folks on the otherhand want to just read what pleases or comforts your conscience !


The minute someone asks a question that troubles your own self righteous views on a given subject you dismiss it without even reading his or her arguments or worse question the values that person may or may not uphold in his or her heart and mind.


I have no taboos on any subject even when I blog on the monarchies in other countries I blog on the Happy Events as on the Scandals and even shortcomings taking place be it in fairly absolute monarchies like Thailand, democratic ones like Spain or the UK. Because I'm interested in how other societies operate and how society handles it's own shortcomings. But I see so many familiar comments like yours jumping on their high horse when they read one wrong doing commited lets say by Prince charles or the King of Spain to come and Self Righteously claim: "Aha See we told YOU how monarchies are ridiculous or Corrupt" ... 


Did you ? And who reported it in the first place otherwise you wouldn't even bother to show the slightest curiosity ... 


So I'm not going to apologize for questioning the Authenticity of this Man's testimony merely because a media outlet broadcasts it without offering the slightest evidence that his claims are verified. 


If Not then the Cinema Rex Tragedy should ring a Bell ? ... 

For that That's precisely the difference between Seeking Genuine Justice against People accused of the most horrendous Crimes through genuine investigation and a fair and honest Trial:


Reza Pahlavi Submits Demand for Ali Khamenei’s Indictment to UN Security Council 


and the type of arbitrary ones carried out by YOUR Republic against it's opponents regardless of ideology including to this day:


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Man Arrested For Being a SAVAK Agent (1979)


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Amir Abbas Entezam Chained to Hospital Bed (1990's)



People should be regarded Innocent unless PROVEN GUILTY ! 


Even if they work for the Most Horrendous Regime. That is why Nuremberg was put together in a bid to put an end to the type of crimes against Humanity which alas have been reproduced elsewhere ...


And in Syria today probably due to the fact that this very regime's security forces were set up with the help of some former Nazis Criminals :


WANTED: Did Nazi Criminal Alois Brunner train Syria’s Security Forces ?


I was to first to blog on the horrors being commited on a daily basis in Libya yesterday and Syria today and gathering as much information to allow a better understanding of the challenges faced by these brave men, women and children while we are sitting comfortably watching the "spectacle" on our TV Sets or on the Internet.

If I blog and share this stuff it's not because I have the answers but because I want to UNDERSTAND what is going on and learn about their implications on the long run. 


So to hear you come and lecture me as if I was indifferent to the predicament of the people in the region merely because you want to set scores for entirely different reasons makes me angry YES !



As for your assessment that This is not about Iran but merely Syria ... Then What is the purpose of your comment in this thread in the first place ?


Didn't you read  the title of the blog ? ...


"Iranian Soldiers Torturing, Killing, Dismembering Syrian Detainees" say's Syria Army Deserter !











PS: Lastly Don't engage with me in the future if you have no other purpose than contradicting for the sake of contradiction. I'm not interested is wasting my energy and time convincing you or others. You are the mirror image of the Likes of Simorg666, Q or others on this site who are not interested a debate but merely trying to get even because they can't handle a different opinion.  



DK why so upset?

by choghok on

Apparently having high moral seems to be upsetting you. The talk here is about Syrian people and not about Iran so I see it very unnecessary to watch all the irrelevant clips you are sharing and discuss monarchy here.

You seem to prefer quantity before quality when you argue, maybe it is better to keep comments short with no clips if you want other people reading your comments. No one is interested to watch hundreds of your clips so to discuss daily issues.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/How is the Arab media reporting the conflict in Aleppo?

by Darius Kadivar on

Reporting the conflict in Aleppo (bbc, VIDEO)

Getting trustworthy news out of the Syrian city of Aleppo is proving very difficult for all broadcasters.

The situation on the ground is fluid and extremely dangerous for correspondents.

Claims and counter-claims by the Syrian Army and the rebel FSA only lead to more confusion.

But how are the main Arabic-language TV channels reporting the conflict in Aleppo?

BBC Monitoring's Mike Linstead reports. 


What a load of garbage,

by alx1711 on

What a load of garbage, Aljazeera = load of Bull S**T

Darius Kadivar

Choghok do you even bother reading before commenting ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Clearly you haven't !


otherwise you wouldn't repeat yourself like a parrot ...


And do step down from your ever moralistic High Horse ...


I have no lessons to receive in terms of human compassion and humanity from your likes or your Jomhurykhah Likeminds !


'BOOBOOLI, BOOBOOLI': Bahram Moshiri Mocks & insults Shah’s Executed Generals



For I did not highjack YOUR Republic !


Constitutionalist's Rebuttal of Republican Assessment that Revolution was "Highjacked"


Or Send your complaints to your new guru Abbas Milani for what I care ...


SATIRE: Lookalikes Abbas Milani and Nasseredin Shah ;0)







DK so now who is IRI supporter?

by choghok on

The Revolutionary guard themseves said they are in Syria to help Assad kill less civilians as they put it themselves. Syrian government is Alavites, a minority ruling over majority who are sunnis. The sunnis are not extremists as Assad want other countires to beleive, just like Khaddafi said rebels were from other countries while he himself would pay merceneries kill his own people.

 The former top generals and politicians have turned over to opposition which is lead by a Kurd actually. 

Darius Kadivar

Syria's Kurds have not entirely joined Opposition to Assad

by Darius Kadivar on

They were actually quite neutral even when the conflict was spilling beyond it's frontiers


For good reason because at the wake of the conflict Assad tried to buy their loyalty by giving them full citizenship something he had refused prior to the conflict.


BBC News - Syria's Assad grants nationality to Hasaka Kurds

So it doesn't at all surprise me that this Kurd was initially fighting on Assad's side before "defecting" ... 


Unholy alliance between Assad and the Kurds -

Alliance between the PKK and the Assad Regime!


The Kurds remained at bay refusing to take sides until they could get guarantees from the Opposition to Assad on their future status in a Post Assad Syria. They made sure that the Syrian Opposition conference in Cairo would reach a stalemate which further delayed a proper coordination of the oppostion forces inside and outside Syria:


Fights break out at Syrian opposition meeting | Reuters



Syrian Kurdish group quit the meeting in CairoSyrian opposition ...


Even if the current pre selected head of the Syrian opposition is an exiled Kurd from Sweden who has yet to prove he has some form of authority on a still deeply divided opposition. An exiled opposition which itself strongly relies on the officers of the Free Syrian Army who for the most are composed essentially of former officers of the Assad Regime. In a Post Assad Syria it will be these War Lords who will decide on the fate of the future regime and not a bunch of white collar opposition figures however well intentioned. 


Guide to the Syrian opposition


Anyone who claims the contrary either is naive or has his head stuck in the sand ...

Iran Paidar 1st

You can't fix stupid

by Iran Paidar 1st on

I have no comment about this specific clip but if anyone still has any doubt about IRI helping Asad regime to put down the rebellion in Syria is nothing but a total fool and idiot since several of Iranian murderers atop Iranian government have already hinted that they are helping Asad regime.


' they were in charge of interrogation'!!

by مآمور on

 لابد از ایران مترجم زبان عربی آورده بودنند!!

I wear an Omega watch


Zionist propaganda!

by asadabad on

The sky is blue..Zionist propaganda

Ahmadinejad is short...zionist propaganda

The world is round...Zionist propaganda

Iranian revolutionary guards are cowardly murderers...zionist propaganda  


Immortal G.

by Rea on

So, Saudis are zionists, too.

Damn, wherever you look, there are always some zionists waiting to ambush you.


Makes me sick to see

by Manam_Babak on

to see anyone even after all crimes that this rejime has commited against our people, have the guts to stand behind them, and defend these murderes. Unless they are a part of the rejime. I just hope each and every one of those Muzdoors are tortured and hanged in public in Syria. Maybe that would teach rest of the a lesson. 

Immortal Guard

Zionist Propaganda!

by Immortal Guard on

Zionist Propaganda!

Part of the Zionist's psychological warfare!


Al Jazeera, Syrian deserter

by Rea on

I'd take it with a grain of salt. 

It's a dirty war, conflicting interests, lot of propaganda .... from all sides.


DK is Right

by nojanthegreat on

we should know by now that most of syrian rebel are influenced by other goverments in the area . saudia arabia and qatar or turky are not behind the rebel because they seek freedom or democracy . syria have a powerfull and loyal army to this point and they have enough troops to take care of bussines . they dont need iranian sepahis to cover them

Darius Kadivar

Yes Birdie ... Baleh Azizam ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Yes Choghok Jan I prefer Cold Blooded Objectivity to naive embracements like yours ...


Anthony Quinn - I Love You, You Love Me



It's Three decades you fools have been wishfully preaching like Kids about politics and democracy without ever offering a concrete blueprint on how to achieve it in one of the most troublesome regions in the world which has never truly known or experienced democracy first hand except at Gun Point.


Not surprising that you get manipulated by foreign powers time and again all that because you wishfully think that geo strategy has absolutely no role in regional politics and that it's all about brotherly love ...


pictory: Soviet Propaganda Film - Iran, Tabriz 1945-46


Well it isn't ...


Danielle Mitterand (1924-2011): MKO & Kurdish Separatists pay tribute to France's First Lady 


One truly wonders what you Jomhurykhahs (Secular or not) and other Mossadegholahis have learned from history ? ...


Nothing I'm afraid ! 


As for our Kurdish brothers ( if they wish to be called as such that is) I am far more aware of their predicament than meets the eye:


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE:Chemical Weapons Attack On Kurds (1988)


LET THE CHILDREN IN: Princess Ashraf visits Kurdish refugee camp Iran-Iraq border (1974)


And I also know what many non kurd Iranians owe them:


THE PRICE OF FREEDOM: Manouchehr Vossough Leaves Iran thanks to Kurd Rebels (1978/79)


David & Layla : When Love Transcends Religious Prejudice by Darius KADIVAR 


But I am Not naive nor ready to overlook the threat of separatist movements to the stability of this troubled region and particularly to Iran be it today or in a Post IRI Iran ... 


SEPARATIST TEMPTATIONS: Don't Let It Fool You ... Treason Exists ...



Cause you see my dear fellow I saw what You folks did with your wishful promises of Democracy by advocating revolution only to run away like the rest of our miserable lot once your Revolution proved a disastor to your own well being.


I have grown too old for such romantic and naive outlooks on mankind and events involving "masses" you so self-righteously think are flawless.


Whether it's revolutions, civil wars or wars between nations, it's not individuals who control events it's often the contrary. 


As such and to paraphrase a French actor, singer and Human Rights Activist Yves Montand I would conclude with this quote from him:


"Il y'a ceux qui rêvent les yeux ouvert, et ceux qui vivent les yeux fermés"




"I'd rather dream with eyes wide open than live with eyes wide shut" 


Well I humbly claim I prefer belonging  to the first category of individuals.


Oh and Lastly "Vive Le Chat" (i.e: The Cat)  ... 



Yves Montand Le Chat de La voisine English subtitles







Recommended Book


Yves Montand : il y a ceux qui rêvent les yeux ouverts ... - Livre - Fnac




First Amendment


by First Amendment on


I hope that we can get over the irooni part of this report and understand the new map which has been drawn up for the Syrians...........Do you want to see a torn-apart Iran too?..........


DK with perception abut everyone

by choghok on

Because the Guy is Kurd is he automatically separatist? Or if he is does it mean he is lying? Actually the history of middle east has been other people dividing and ruling over Kurds not the opposite.

 I do not find it strange that IRI would send people to help Syrians like them and Hezbollah help beating up Iranians after elections. 

Darius Kadivar

Unreliable testimony particularly if claimed by Kurd separatist

by Darius Kadivar on

And on a Qatari Media Outlet knowing the country's regional hostility with Iran  ...


Iran's threat to fast-growing Qatar - Citywire Money

Iranians protest over Saudi-Bahrain union plans - Politics 



Divide and Rule ...


How Kurds Complicate Turkey's Response to Syria Revolt |



The Kurds seek autonomy on the long run and to present the Iranians as taking part in the slaughter can be partly a convenient argument ... 



Kurdish minority to seek regional autonomy in post-Assad Syria ...



Turkish Minister to Meet Iraqi Kurds Over Syria | World | TIME.com




Regime's Latest Export!

by Faramarz on



With oil revenues drying up, the Regime is diversifying its exports into the service sector!


No noubt

by fidelio5 on

helping Assad as well as learning.
tactics that they will deploy at home soon.

A nice barbaric foreign exchange program.

Hope the FSA shows them no mercy



by yolanda on

Wow! So they are not pilgrims at all!