Earthquakes kills hundreds in Tabriz region

Magnitude 6.4

AP: In a change of heart, Iran said Tuesday it now welcomes foreign aid for victims of the deadly twin earthquakes that hit the country's northwest over the weekend. "We would welcome help by any country," said Iran's parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, during his visit to the earthquake-stricken area on Tuesday. >>>

Minutes after earthquake:

Complaining of government's rescue efforts:

Manoto TV: Iran will accept foreign assistance:

Al Jazeera: Two more survivors found

More donation drive images on state tv:

Al Jazeera report:

Donation drive:

State TV report on people donating essential goods:

Long line of people at blood donation center in Tajrish/Tehran>

Press TV report:

Latest report from state tv:

Al Jazeera: Hospitals struggling to cope after quake

People made homeless:

Photos from quake one (3):

Interview with Shargh newspaper reporter eyewitness:

State TV: People need tents and blankets

Manoto TV report:

Majles MP from Ahar Gholm Hossein Masoudi:

20 hours after first quakke:

Quake Zone Photos (2):

News report:

Quake Zone Photos (1):

Home shaking in Tabriz:

Initial report:


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Darius Kadivar

Be My Guest choghok ... Bet It's SAVAK's Fault

by Darius Kadivar on

Gullible as Usual to all efforts directed in giving this regime more time ...


I wonder if you Jomhurykhahs  (Secular or Not) had given the Royalists you Point a finger at as much a second chance as you give your current Republic where would Iran be today without the Revolution you so enthusiastically endorsed and still do to this day ! 





DANTE’s PEAK: Shah and Shahbanou Farah visit Eartquake Victims 1960’s -70’s 







Thanks Darius

by Fred on


If anything, NIAC lobby is predictable.  

BTW, did the NIAC lobby ever disclose what it did exactly for Bam victims, with sending their Dokhy (don't remember her full name) over and all the noise they made about their hands on humanitarian activities?


Damn NIAC they don't just talk

by choghok on

They actually do something unlike rojalistisk, they have to be mullah worshippers. I support guys Who play khaleh zanekeh online and on satellite TV. Just like royalists.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/ NIAC Already Surfing on emotions

by Darius Kadivar on

NIAC Urges SWIFT to Maintain Services for Humanitarian Causes in Iran



Yesterday, earthquakes struck Tabriz and Ahar and, according to reports from Iran, killed at least 250 people and injured over 2,000.

NIAC is reaching out directly to humanitarian organizations to determine what is the state of humanitarian relief efforts and how best Americans can support these efforts.  We will keep you updated regarding what channels are available to provide financial and humanitarian support in the wake of this disaster. 

Given current U.S. sanctions on Iran, there are serious concerns that humanitarian relief will be hindered.  NIAC is in direct contact with officials in the White House, Treasury Department, and State Department and is urging for a general license to be issued to exempt relief efforts from current U.S. sanctions.  Officials have provided assurances that the U.S. Government is actively looking into and preparing for the most appropriate response.

In 2003, following the earthquake in Bam, the Bush Administration issued a general license to enable relief organizations to provide services in Iran.  NIAC strongly supports a similar and hopefully more robust effort by the Obama Administration today.  The Obama Administration should take all steps necessary to ensure that relief efforts are not obstructed due to the dispute between the U.S. and Iranian governments.  

Given that sanctions have dramatically escalated since 2003, restrictions on humanitarian relief are even greater today.  Therefore, more robust steps by the U.S. government may be necessary to allow humanitarian transactions--particularly financial transactions to support relief work.

Under current U.S. sanctions it is legal to donate food and medicine directly to Iran under an existing humanitarian exemption.  Efforts to send these goods have been obstructed due to confusion about the law and over enforcement of the sanctions.  Banks, drug companies, and reportedly even the U.S. Postal Service have been unwilling to facilitate and send such items.  However, in our discussions with Treasury it has been made explicit that such transactions are indeed legal and we are urging Treasury to take additional steps necessary to ensure private and public entities are not blocking legal transactions.

Further information regarding how relief efforts can be supported, how direct relief can be sent to Iran, and what steps the U.S. Government is taking in this regard will be made available as soon as possible.




Sanctions on Iran: ‘ordinary people are the target’ by  (guardian)



Lets see

by Fred on

Lets see how long it takes NIAC lobby to try to milk this tragedy for its own purposes? 


در هيچ جای دنيا زلزله ۶ ريشتری کشته نمي‌دهد


ايلنا: پدر علم زلزله‌شناسی ايران گفت:‌ در هيچ جای دنيا زلزله ۶ ريشتری کشته نمي‌دهد و در نهايت حداکثر در چنين زلزله‌ای بايد۱۰ نفر زخمی مي‌شد.

پرفسور بهرام عکاشه در گفت‌و‌گو با ايلنا با بيان اينکه خوشبختانه زلزله روز گذشته آذربايجان شرقی ساعت ۱۷ اتفاق افتاد، اظهار کرد‌: اگر اين زلزله ساعت ۵ صبح رخ مي‌داد همانند زلزله بم چندين هزار کشته بر جای مي‌گذاشت‌. ‌

وی با بيان اينکه در هيچ جای دنيا زلزله ۶ ريشتری کشته نمي‌دهد، تصريح کرد‌: در ‌‌نهايت حداکثر بايد۱۰ نفر در اين زلزله زخمی شود در حالی که به دليل ساختار نامناسب ساخت و ساز‌ها شهر‌ها و روستاهای ما در اين زلزله بسيار آسيب ديده‌اند اين نشان مي‌دهد که مديريت بحران ما در مقاوم سازی بسيار مشکل دارد‌.



quick everyone, palestine

by alx1711 on

quick everyone, palestine and lebanon need financial aid to rebuild....

Immortal Guard

This Earthquake was on July 11th!

by Immortal Guard on

The D Day was on June 6th!


Not long ago ( perhaps 2

by Khebedin on

Not long ago ( perhaps 2 months back) I read in the international news that an earthquake of magnitude 6.4  in a city in Australia ( possibly voictoria) caused a man falling from a latter as the only casualty, and no death or serious enjury. Why is it that every few years Iran loosed between 50,000 to 100,000 in earthquake and the authorities do absolutly noting. Despite several years of such cases and thousands of death, Iranian authorities have failed to introduce building regulations to prevent serious death in such cases. CAn you imagine what could happen if there was ( god forbid) a serious earthquake in Tehran?. Why do they allow building multi-story constructions in Tehran? where they know a serious earthquake is possible. Very sad to see such a indifferent government.



by yolanda on


God bless

by مآمور on

I wear an Omega watch

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Rest In Peace RIP: all those souls who passed and may their loved ones be endowed with strength of spirit.



by yolanda on

Tabriz is earthquake-prone. It has had many devastating earthquakes in history! This earthquake is definitely not the last one!

If a 6.4 earthquake occurred in Japan, the casualties would be very very low or even no casualty due to Japan's stringent building codes!

You cannot stop earthquakes from happening, but there is a way to minimize the casualties and damages!

Last big earthquake in Iran is the 2003 Bam earthquake with the magnitide of 6.6 and death toll of 26,000!

Honestly speaking, the death toll is too high!

It is sad that Iran has both natural disasters (earthquakes) and man-made disaster (crazy mullahs in power)!


شبی که زلزله آمد ، چه فتنه ها برخاست


شبی که زلزله آمد ، چه فتنه ها برخاست

نماز شام غریبان به گریه انجامید

و آنکه نامش بر خاتم نبوت بود

چو ماه کنعان در چاه نابکاران رفت

و ماه نخشب بر ماه راستین خندید

و دزد و چوپان ، در گرگ و میش صبحدمان

به حکم پیشه ی نو ، جامه ها بدل کردند

و از دروغ ، سیه رو نگشت صبح نخست ! نادر نادرپور

Anonymous Observer

Thoughts with the families

by Anonymous Observer on

terrible news...

Our homeland has been cursed for the past 33 years.  Nothing but bad news...



extremely sad, heartbreaking news.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

My heart goes out to all the victims and their relatives. These are mostly poor villagers with sub standard homes... 

I have not yet seen any funds set uo to help the victims. Anybody who knows of one, please let the rest of the community know. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Poor people

by Rea on

... speechless.

iraj khan

Guardian's Report,

by iraj khan on

"Thousands fled their homes and remained outdoors after the quakes, as at least 20 aftershocks hit the area.

Casualty numbers could well rise, Iranian officials feared, as some of the injured were in critical condition, others were still trapped under the rubble and rescuers had yet to reach some of the affected villages. Some 60 villages had sustained more than 50 percent damage, Iranian media said."




by yolanda on

Now the casualties are 180 already!

Darius Kadivar

In pictures: Deadly Iran quakes

by Darius Kadivar on


آمار تلفات زلزله آذربايجان شرقی به 180 نفر رسيد



تبريز - خبرگزاری مهر: براساس اعلام های اوليه، تاکنون 180 نفر در زمين لرزه های امروز جان باخته و بيش از 1300 نفر نيز زخمی شده اند.

به گزارش خبرگزاری مهر، بر اساس آمارهای اعلام شده شمار جان باختگان در زلزله اهر، هريس، ورزقان به 180 نفر رسيد.

بيش از 1300 نفر نيز بر اثر زمين لرزه های امروز زخمی شده اند و به خانه های روستايی اهر و ورزقان نيز خسارت جدی وارد شده است .

بواسطه زمين لرزه های امروز 60 روستا بين 50 تا 80 درصد خسارت ديده اند که چهار روستا بيشترين خسارت و تخريب را داشته اند.

امدادرسانی به روستاهای زلزله زده آذربايجان شرقی با وجود شدت خسارات وارده و مسدود شدن راهها، از سوی امدادگران و نيروهای اعزامی پيگيری می شود.

زمين لرزه های امروز بيشترين خسارات را به روستاها وارد کرده و خسارتهايی تا 100 درصد بدنبال داشته و موجب شده مردم در فضای باز مستقر شوند . همچنين برای اسکان حادثه ديدگان نياز مبرمی به چادر وجود دارد.

گزارش خبرنگار مهر حاکی است زلزله ها در ساعتی رخ داده اند که بسياری از روستاييان برای امور مربوط به زراعت در باغها حضور داشته اند و همين نيز آمار جان باختگان را کاهش داده است .

زمين لرزه ای به بزرگی 6.2 ريشتر ساعت 16:53 دقيقه امروز با مرکزيت اهر در آذربايجان شرقی به وقوع پيوست و زلزله ديگری نيز به بزرگی 6 ريشتر ساعت 17:04 دقيقه در ورزقان آذربايجان شرقی گزارش شده است .


They need to organise and mobilise help quickly

by Reality-Bites on

Otherwise the number of casualties will rise further really fast. My deepest condolences to those who have lost family members and loved ones.


More reason for regime change

by Fred on

Pictures reaching the sane world show the horrendous shoddy construction of the buildings in the earthquake hit zone.

Iran is a earthquake prone country. The Messianic Islamist Rapists’ not using the readily available technology and building codes to address the issue, and instead waste billions upon billions of dollars on weaponized nuke only makes the need for their overthrow more urgent.



by yolanda on


now they say its 87 dead! :(

by SinaK on

now they say its 87 dead! :( :(