Bahareh Hedayat: Prisoner of the day

Rights activist returns to prison

Kaleme: After prison authorities refused to extend her medical furlough, Bahareh Hedyat, a member of the Central Council of Dafter-e Tahkim-e Vahdat student organization, returned to prison after she was released on July 29. Bahareh Hedayat had been released one year after her last prison leave in order to pursue medical treatment for kidney and digestive track problems which she developed inside prison.

Bahareh Hedayat, 31, is a student and women’s rights activist, member of the Central Council and Spokesperson for the Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat student union, and an activist with the One Million Signatures Campaign for the Change of Discriminatory Laws Against Women. She was arrested by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence for the fifth time in four years at midnight on 31 December 2009. She was transferred to Evin Prison’s Ward 209. She then received one of the harshest prison sentences among student activists, 9.5 years in prison for civil and peaceful activities in national student organization. Hedayat was sentenced to two years in prison for “insulting the Supreme Leader,” six months for “insulting the President,” and five years for “actions against national security,” “propagation of falsehoods,” and “colluding for assembly”. Also an earlier two-year suspended prison sentence for participating in a 2006 gathering to protest discriminatory laws was activated by the court. Hedayat’s cumulative prison sentences total nine years and six months.

Here is an excerpt of a letter Bahareh Hedayat wrote her husband from Evin Prison in April 2012. You can read the rest here:

"...Here, we waste away a lot of our life. Even with happiness, what is taken along with the wind is also daunting.

I will never forget the first time that Fariba wanted to bring a flask of tea to the meeting with her daughter Taraneh. I saw her place sugar cubes on the tray but then take them away. Then she put some chocolates on tray but decides to replace them with dates! I said to her: “What are you doing?” She said that she was unable to remember how Taraneh took her tea. She ended up taking the sugar cubes, chocolates, and the dates!

I didn’t show any emotion with Fariba in the room but when she left I was unable to control my tears. Think about it. Taraneh was 12 when her mother was arrested and now she is 17. She is a mother but has forgotten little niceties of her motherhood because of oppression. Or, imagine the [women prisoners] with two or three-year old children. How much do you think Nasrin and Maryam have lost?

To be honest, saying “prison has no impact” is not an accurate statement, but those who say that “completely breaks you” are not on point either.

Here we live in another world, far away. When we return we are not the same people, and neither are you...."

Photo: Above is a recent photo from Bahareh Hedayat's Facebook page. It shows former female political prisoners, or political prisoners on furlough, visiting with her this past week. From right to left, Nazanin Khosravani, Mahdieh Golroo, Bahareh Hedayat, Nazanin Hassan Nia, Atefeh Nabavi


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Bahareh Hedayat can at least console herself, knowing that...

by Reality-Bites on

... she has First Amendment in her corner to speak on her behalf and tell everyone what Hedayat needs or doesn't need.


درود بر همه ی زندانیان سیاسی



و ایرانی به شما مفتخر و مدیون شما ست

برو کل نظامت ببر



Reform and IRI is contradiction in term.

by Manam_Babak on

Rejime change is the only way back to joining civilization in Iran. Every one knows it here, but some would like to politely avoid talking about rejime change. I have to admit that I am not very found of joining Arabic countries, but in recent years they have shown, that they have more corage than we have had for past 34 years. we should join the Spring and free our country of the Islamist Rapist Rejime.


Bahareh and her like-minded fellow-activists, as FA said

by Truthseeker9 on


Free all prisoners of concience, without prejudice. 


در باره پیام زیبای بهاره هدایت نماینده جنبش دانشجویان


جناب رهبر خود کامه ایران

پیام دخترم بشنو

که می گوید 

تلاش اهرمن بیهوده می‌باشد

حیاتش رو به پایان است

اگر چه روز و شب تاریک می‌باشد

ولیکن مشعل امید در دلها فروزان است

بهاره دخترم گوید

زمستان رو به پایان است

ولی‌ از تو چه پنهان است

بهاران در پی این روز‌های سرد می‌‌آید

و این خارج ‌ز افکار و اراده

یا تلاش این پلیدان است

بهار سبز میاید

و حتی این کویر لوت ما هم سبز میگردد


Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


درود بر تمام زندانیان سیاسی


 ننگ بر آنانیکه از این زندانیان شجاع برای هدف شخصی خود سؤ استفاده میکنند


Iranians of all walks of life taking a stand for their freedom and just rights.  They are to be commanded and supported by all freedom loving folks.


  Iranians need to stand united in their support for these brave souls, support their goals and aspiration for a  free independent and prospers Iran. 

 Foreign nations which thru their apartheid policy practice the same insanity and unjust detentions cannot be a good example for the future of Iran and need not to apply. 


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Brave and outspoken - Iran needs many more like Bahareh

by MM on

Down with dictator(s)

First Amendment


by First Amendment on



Bahareh belongs to a movement which has truly understood the only remedy for today's ill: a genuine reform from within our homeland........she needs no pretentious well-wishing gestures from those who advocate hardship and destruction upon those who are best represented by Bahareh and her like-minded fellow-activists........
Free our beautiful, brainy Bahareh for all logical reasons.........


Regime change for Bahareh's sake

by Fred on

Regime change for the sake of ever growing legions of victims of the Messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all, is the only way out of this national nightmare.

These Islamist Rapists are after imposing another war on all; before it is too late they must be overthrown.

Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine is a must.