Akbar Dehnamaki: 95-year-old father

2 year-old child from 30-year-old wife


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Sheila K

the word "Pervert"

by Sheila K on

comes to mind


Yes but...

by Daadaash on

You have to get it up first! ;)


His prophet Mohammed

by Manam_Babak on

I don't blame him, he is only folowing his prophet Mohammed's foot steps. At least he married a 17 year old, but his Prophet married a 9 year old kid.


mogheh ezdevaj chand saleshoon boodeh!!!!!

by pedramx on

13 saal ke ezdevaj kardan... yani 13 saaleh pish in piremard 82 saalesh boodeh va khanoomeh ke 30 salesh hast alan mogheh ezdevaj 17 salehesh boodeh.... ajab zoolmi be dokhtareh 17 saleh shodeh.... 


Viagra doesn't make pregnant

by choghok on

There is a difference between getting erection and having healthy sperm


Viagra is universal, Daadaash

by Rea on

Like English.



by Daadaash on

I didn't know they had Viagra in Iran!!!! :)


Across Iran on the back of Imam Khomeini سفر بر دوش امام


Around 25 sec into the video, it shows the direction to "Imam Khomeini Street" near the old guy's village.  Does that mean that there's an Imam Khom. street or square in every town in Iran?  If so, are they connected, so that you can traverse the whole extent of the country by just travelling on Imam Khom. highways and byways?



by yolanda on

OMG! The tiger story is so funny! Thank you!

I think the 95 year old guy knows if he is the biological dad of the little girl! He probably knows his "capability"!

Dainasur and amu maad agha

it can happen though!

by Dainasur and amu maad agha on

Once a 95 year old man goes to see his doctor and boasts about having had a baby with a Young woman. The doctor tells him, I have a story to tell you. He says, once a man goes hunting and on his way he is attacked by a few tigers, he tries to get his rifle, but he realizes that he has brought his umbrella mistakenly. He aims anyhow and bang! The firs tiger is dropped dead, he shoots and again bang! the second drops dead. He rethinks the whole issue and says it can’t be true; someone else must have shot the tigers! Then the doctor addresses his old patient and says, do you understand what I mean?!


Wow! He deserves to be on motivational poster!

by Kooshan on

Please stop disrespecting the lady with affair. This is a major crime to brand someone like that in Iran. Take off your wetsern glasses and look thru Iranian culture.

As for difference in age between them, it's up to them. I know 69year old VP of a major tech company who is married to a 27year old! We call them sugar daddies here with pride and smile!


Most Iranians are learning to be hypocrites! 


It Takes a Village to Have a Child!

by Rea on



It Takes a Village to Have a Child!

by Faramarz on



With god's help and the neighbors' cooperation, everything is possible!


So long as she was older than 10

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I am less concerned about his age, than his wife's. By islamist regime's own admission, last year alone, 42,000 girls of under 14 were married, of which, 700 were under the age of ten.....

Now reform that for me!


I know one of 61

by Rea on

... running after 20-year old Dominicans and Haitians. They love him, he says. Lucky, viagra runs faster than he does.

My future ex. ;o)



by yolanda on

The kid is very good looking and cute!

Is this a new world record to become a dad at age of 93?

The guy seems to be perambulatory and does not look like 95! Maybe his young wife has prolonged his life and rejuvenated him! :O))))

Ana Nicole Smith was 26 years old when she married an 89 year old oil tycoon, Howard Marshall!


Soosan Khanoom

Paneer, noon, abghoosht,and

by Soosan Khanoom on

Viagra.   ..


Nader Vanaki

بابای مسعود ده نمکی

Nader Vanaki

تجدید فراش کرده به خانواده معظم ده نمکی تبریک میگم.  امّت حزب الله این روز پر افتخار را فراموش نخواهد کرد.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Isn't a man of 95 impregnating a woman of 30, equal to a man of about 30 raping a child of almost 10?........He should have been executed 65 years ago.............


guilan why guilty?

by choghok on

I do not think anybody would think she is guilty, it is the system and the man who is guilty. She should be with a much younger man that can suort her and her child. utting an orhand into thw world knowingly is very xruel.


Woman is guilty?

by Guilan on

Why, the woman is denied and if she has a baby after 13 years maybe baby's father is not her husband. Where is the respect for this poor woman. The old man finaly succeeded after 13 years old.  This mariage is because of the poor economic situation of woman. I am sad for her and her baby.



by Mehrban on





Two things only

by choghok on

Only the mother knows who the father is. Second of all this child is not going to have a father most of his life. That is if his mother decides not to marry his real father after this guy has died.