Reza Pahlavi 1987

Speech in London

رضا پهلوی در سال 1368 در لندن: "ما باید بپذیریم که ایران را یا همه با هم نجات خواهیم داد یا نجات دادنی نیست. به هر نام و عنوان یا به هر نقش و رسالتی که مرا بشناسید، من مهم تر از هر چیز و بالاتر از هر چیز، من خودم را سرباز و مبارز آزادی راه میهن می شمرم."


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Dr. Mohandes

Brother Anglophile

by Dr. Mohandes on

Khahesh mishe . We are your servant:)

One of these days, we will get to the bottom of things and figure things out my man. and then we will gather around in New York or Paris or London and celebrate. Mark these humble words. We will even invite Our good ol' dokie joon ... you know?:) and will have a ball by going over all of those discussions and articles and comments...

Elahi amen!


قربون آدم فهمیده





مهندسم مهندسای خودمون نه این اینجنیرای
اینجا که فقط بلدن ماشین رختشوی تعمیر کنن. مرسی‌ مهندس جون. از خانم هم
واسه چایی قند پهلو تشکرن کن. این طرفا کاری داشتی در خدمتیم.


یا حق


Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

On my eyes ...we are your little as well!!

This time just because it is you...

Khanoom...kamar bando chayi ghand pallooo biar bebnim taklife in mamlekate chi mishe belakhare...aasab ma khord shod:((



مهندس جان



بابا یه رحمی بکن. ما نوکرا از کمربند و طناب و اینجور چیزا می‌‌ترسیم. از بس از ارباب شلاق خوردیم هر وقت اسم کمر بند میاد از ترس میلرزیم. شوخی‌ هم حدی داره عزیزم.

Dr. Mohandes

laidback mentality vs conspiratorial mentality

by Dr. Mohandes on

which one should we pick?:) Hirre jan It will probably take an unlimited number of generations before we can get to adopt that kinda mentality, so until then i'd suggest we take what we can which is some help from the west and convince ourselves to cooperate with them any which way we can!! By the way, As crudes and immature as i might sound, West will not have a say in exerting control over our resources if we the people learn to raise our voices once in a blue moon. But with most of us Iroonis (goorboonesh beram) Once our own bread is fully and satisfactorily buttered, It is vacation time and all goes down the hill, Off to Dubai or Vegas.

 First things first. Let's start by learning what it means to look after one another's interests then worry about who is stealing what and in what way from our resources!!!


Symbol worshipping is dangerous

by hirre on

Symbol worshipping is dangerous, the reason the west exploits/exploited countries like Iran etc is because of absolute power was concentrated around one figure. Iran must never be a monarchy (const. or not) again because there will be forces, both domestic and foreign who will try and influence these symbols into doing their bidding... Only if iranians one day magically develop a scandinavian laidback mentality towards symbols there can be e.g. a const. monarchy, but before that it's just an easy way for the west to control resources...

Dr. Mohandes

Arj jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

so what are you suggesting here?

I think You arethe only one Who "chooses" to see and rather selectively put your finger on the fact that in your mind he has been rather ambiguous and ambivalemt with regards to his role in Iran's future power structure!!

I think it say so much about him and his personality and the content of his soul and what he stands for really, when he openly and publicly puts himself on the pedestal and out there saying Ya ayohannas (check the spelling please:)) i am more than willing to be and do whatever you want me to, in whatever governing, administrative capacity thatyou deem appropriate for me! Va salam name tamam.

What is really amazing to me is that many of your posts regarding this guy automatically or rather conscientiously turns into a dossier with regards to what a despotic background he is possibly coming from and drop hints after hints that he perhaps needs to come clean about his father's past or else!!! he would have no legitimacy. That seems to be the gist of your comments everytime his name comes up.

I mean Do you see the Irony in your assertions? There is such an immense degree of Dichotomy/contradiction sensed in there. On the one hand , You despise all them monarchs and despots and those who insist on having the final word and decision, yet at the same time when This fellow comes in and says Look Guys. I am open to suggestions and i am more than willing to assume any roles in leadershhip of OUR country that you think i shall have, and all of a sudden you unleash all the tormen on him and are all over him!!! As we say in Tehran vvaatt geevz?

Here we've got one man who is willing to go the mile and do things the right way and we just can't seem to be able to handle that. again as we say in tehran: vvee need to git ovelll eeet!!! 


sheytooni moghoof!!! :)) pa mishamaa:)) khanoom on kamarbando biaresh....

Maziar jan:

All we need is Love in this world and all will be good. I know you have so much Love in San diego:)

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Thank you and Thank you again.

The question will be : Is there going to be An Iran for us all to call homeland.



Self expression in a beautiful thing, encore

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Self expressions help us Raise the Collective Conscience of Iranians.

The good news is as we re-hear the familiar stories presented in mid 1970's mass controlled media articles, regarding the late shah

those which were used to slander the him, create hate towards him and to help bring All Iranians to their knee's by political activists

that produced & delivered the IRI to Iranians, it gives us a chance to examine these IRI creating ideas and choose which ones make sense,


brutally dictatorial.... never exercised absolute power, or broke any laws with force, left the country in face of demonstrations, never allowing national forces to harm demonstrators.  For a shah who couldn't tolerate violence and never started any wars?  (all evidence we are given of allegations, are secret abuses done by agents of investigative/information services, with many many personal testimonies as only proof, by witnesses of organizations that were killing and torturing iranians)

a puppet...... that acted independently in favor of Iranian development and industrialization in opposition to the wests aims and was was betrayed and murdered over it.

inherited with no pain.... was groomed and spent his life be prepared to serve his national family, in the midst of friends, countrymen/women and family members being murdered and tortured all around him by personal enemies.

not trusting foreign power.... maybe Iranians being deceived by western media and the king being betrayed by them politically, after irans rise from the ashes of a failed nation state to an approaching first world country is a reason to not trust west, who love the IRI for Iran.


A King before he has even taken on any role, displaying his patriotic convictions and views, is bound to bring up many anti-monarchist comments, who's aim it is to portray the king negatively (because the likelyhood of sincere support from them is zero) using parroted propaganda that has been used to bring the IRI to power.  Now the question is are we all going to unite and raise our collective conscience by openly discussing and questioning the old ideas that have us where we are today?

After all the political struggles that will bubble up & we wll read here, rooted in anti-monarchism due to the person speaking above, just consider this... within Iran, what do think and feel that most of the people that are alive from the time of the late shahs rule & their children, feel and think about that time in their own families lives?

Common words from people in Iran include... the era of peace, era of development, era of improvement in minority rights and creation of middle class and national development & education.  I think we should work together as a new generaton to look to raise the collective conscience of people, so people are not so badly manipulated again in the future

People do need any available encourageent to raise their conscience, if only quietly in the face of the drumming of the mass controlled media ordering them out of fear to support wars, hurt good guys, think and act in suggestive ways, to use their conscience to know how these qualities each of them personally experienced or discussed by parents are not the fruits of dictatorship, we need to explain to them what dictatorships really are and give examples of no peace, abuse of minority rights, exercising absolute power, fighting wars (the IRI in a nutshell) etc.  most people know for sure they did not personally suffer from any of these before. 

Good luck to Iran and the people of the world, we will need it if we start to work on raising one anothers collective conscience, by listening to what others are saying and using our understanding to screen how much of the truth is really present.  



Funny enough you have a point

by anglophile on

Arj, I am amused to see that you always, and rather crassly, omit the big 'M' from your analyses (damn it! this pathological obsession doesn't go away): "We always had, and still have one person whose words are considerd as bottomline and last word," Sigh ,,, memories of the decision to dissolve the Majlis aganist the advice of all and sundry returns to huant us for centuries to come. And a little correction if I may:  "What our people need is those with courage and honesty to admit that we are over and done with despotic rules, whether under the guise of constitutional monarchy or Islamic theocratic republic, " We have hardly had a lasting constitutional monarchy nor an endurig secular republic - time to try the real ones,  one at a time. I suggest to start with the home grown type: constiutional monarchy. What do you think :))?


Enduring ambivalence

by Arj on

Amazingly, the fundamental ambivalence in RP's position in relation to future system of government and his potential role in that regard still very well exists, even after more than two decades! He still leaves his potential future role open to interpretations as "whatever role or position" others could assume for him!

The issue here is that the difference in those interpretations is day and night! What some of his followers see him as, is pretty much an infallible version of god's representative on earth who is from a bloodline that is too good for the "undeserving," "unappreciative" people of Iran, while others at best want to see him compete with dozens of others for a limited term in an elected office.

Indeed, we (Iranians) have had enough (and in essence more than our share) of ambiguity and ambivelance with regards to our system of governance. What we have now as a republic is nothing but a monarchy in disguise! We always had, and still have one person whose words are considerd as bottomline and the last word, whether under Khamanei or under Shah! What our people need is those with courage and honesty to admit that we are over and done with despotic rules, whether under the guise of constitutional monarchy or Islamic theocratic republic, and that they whole-heartedly renounce despotism in all forms!


  To all Iranzamin haters

by Parsy on


To all Iranzamin haters who already posted or will post their hatred here against this video…..

Again, he is not saying anything anti Iran, Iranian or interest of "mamlekat" he is a patriotic and showing it; if there is one sentence I can quote here from his speech is when he said "heech kas dellesh barayeh ma na-sookteh" and it is all up to us if we want to change…. only if majority would had the same belief  then we would not have +30 years of darkness glooming upon Iran by the biggest tyrant himself  Ruhollah Khomeini….shah had a lot of shortcomings but I take 1000 years of Pahlavi than one second of this IRI….


Why we couldn't overthrown mullahs for 33 years?

by Siavash300 on

Mostly because we have been critical of past and never wanted to look forward to the future. Past is past and future belong to Iranian people under one flag and one king Reza Pahlavi.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

 He may have inherited that title but by all means and all accounts has been on the record, denying himself all the priviledges associated with such a title, wanting instead to  be known as a non-secular , candidate for a possible future shot at power in iran.

The question is will there be a day that we iranians, eventually agree who will be the right man or woman to be in the leading position as the head of a Gov. or something???!!! or are we just gonna continue throwing lables on anyone who happens to come around making a claim without even spending a minute considering HIS Or HER unique credentials DISREGARDING their past...



The kettle calling the tea pot black!

by jasonrobardas on

    The Pahlavi regime itself was brutally dictatorial ....Now the little king who inherited his "royal status" with no pain or effort , is trying to handle the mantle of democracy!

     His daddy was the puppet of the foreign powers ....Now he is talking about not trusting the foreign powers!

      What a joke ........."


This is a gem. Thanks Arshan

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

& Thanks Your Majesty for Sharing your Llght with Us and Brightening our space.  These dark years of Iran have been tough on many inside Iran, but having you on our side, makes pursuing our dreams more rewarding until together we Liberate Iran.