Political Executions in Iran

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To Benyamin -

by cvaughan59 on

J. C. Vaughan

One thing we can start doing right now is to absolutely refuse to refer to such unjustified and unjustifiable murders as anything other than what they are: murders.  These are no more "executions" than I am Imam Reza.  And the same goes for most of the killings which have been done by the Mullahs and their IRG.  The term "executions" is designed for only one purpose, to make the elites of the world, including the current Mullahs and their IRG, comfortable with the fact that they do not give a d*** for anyone or anything other than themselves, and that they regard all other people (not to mention animals) exactly as if they were pigs on a factory farm. Absolutely disgraceful.



by anglophile on

"The only way we could calm ourselves is believing that "Karma" will carry on the justice at the end."     Is this not why my good friend said: "religion is opiate of the masses"?   You know my good friend, don't you?     


can any one wash off blood by new blood?

by Benyamin on

It is painful and definately heart wrenching to hear all those stories! I for one have felt such pain having read the name of one of my own relatives in the news paper amongst the excueted!!!

I still remember he was number 23 out of 25 executed and the year was(1361 khorshidi). I was 11 years old and being a child I thought if only he was number 26 he wouldn`t have been killed!!! not knowing the names were written alphabetically and not by the degree of  "wrong doing" commited!

I know  a lot of us either know someone close to us like a family member or someone like a friend that has been executed they could have been executed before or after revolution and it doesnt make it right either or to kill anyone for their political, social veiw, but here we are after 50 years of struggling with "democracy" and "freedom" and still wittnessing idiots like "jannati" asking for more to be executed and thousands sitting before him agreed by shouting the name of "thier god" as if they were talking about some sheep!!!

I believe the solution is in "forgiveness"! I know it sounds insane but the cycle must be broken and not let it continue the great burden is on the shouldres of those who have lost a love one to forgive the criminals running Iran right now. There is no other way to look at this.

If we are able to forgive then we have finally let our love ones to lay rest till eternety! After all they fought for freedom indiscriminately and that also includes  the children of the criminals that carried on the execution. The only way we could calm ourselves is believing that "Karma" will carry on the justice at the end.

god bless Iran and our love ones, those who gave their lives in the front lines of the war defending Iran and those who lost it to their brothers getting executed" 


that son of a dog....

by shushtari on

psychopath- khalkhali should have been aborted by his ugly mother long time ago.....

a POS like him was allowed to live and kill so many wonderful men and women at the orders of this POS boss, khomeini

I witnessed one such treachery in ahwaz, where he killed an innocent worker of the oil company under the bridge- and when his son rushed to beg for mercy, he ordered to have him killed as well!!!

these animals don't deserve the oxygen that is there for everyone else to breath-  


I hoped they are rotting in hell along with khomeini as we speak 


the abhorrent practice of execution for political reasons.......

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

has been sadly a part of iran's bloody political history. Qajar Kings did it. Pahlavis did it more. current Islamist rulers have taken this barbaric practice to levels unheard of in human history....

Iranian Dictators are arrogant and stupid at the same time. They dont seem to see that executing citizens for political reasons is not only a moral wrong doing, but at a practical level, counter productive, as executing political opponents, only creates political martyrs. That people are many and dictators are few. That human desire for democracy and social justice is as unstopable a force as a Tsunami.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Agha Javad's favorite activity

by maghshoosh on

This BBC piece is from 2 years ago (2/2010), and it misidentifies Mohammad Javad Larijani as Mohammad Sadegh Larijani around min. 8:38 of the clip.  According to the video, sweeping IRI's crimes under the rug, away from international scrutiny, as he does nowadays as head of the Iranian High Council for Human Rights, has been Agha Javad's occupation for a couple of decades.


My prediction

by onlyinamrica on

This Goh will be replaced by the next Goh, just like the previous Goh was replaced by the current Goh. Gohs are good for one thing, to create the next Goh.  

Darius Kadivar

Rosenbergs:Capital punishment for political "treason" in the US

by Darius Kadivar on


In Islam the more you kill.

by عموجان on

The closer to God and haven you get. 

These days many Muslims are racing hard to just do that. 



by Simorgh5555 on


For the love of Iran please support military action.

Arash Kamangir

in first year after revolution...

by Arash Kamangir on

According to Red Cross in first year alone after revolution 20,000 people were executed. You cannot compare this with the times before revolution. I strongly believe that the number of people executed during Shah's time do not exceed several huindreds. 


توحش وحوش


مسلمین حاکم با توحش خود  روی رژیم سرکوبگر گذشته را سفید کرده اند؛ روزی که پاسخگوی اینهمه توحش خود علیه ایرانیان باشند که شامل قتل عام در دوران مسئولیت میرحسین موسوی میشود دور نیست.