Who's the Terrorist?



Who's the Terrorist?
by bahmani

Much has been said recently about the upcoming MEK de-listing as a terrorist organization. I say upcoming because I seriously doubt that there is any chance that it isn't going to happen. Unless releasing the pro-Israel hikers had something to do with it.

Yes, the innocent hikers it turns out, were statistically probable spies for either Israel or the US sent to look-see on the progress of the known nuclear plants several of which were a scant 200 miles from where apparently the hiking between the Iraq and Iranian border, is UNBELIEVABLE.

I'm not advocating this rumor's truth either way, but as conspiracy theories go, it is easy to see that pretty much nothing has changed since 1953.

NIAC and Trita Parsi either out of misplaced priorities, or nothing better to do this summer, have been front and center in their opposition to the MEK de-listing. The NIAC website, which I hope represents the NIAC position on all this suggests that:

1) MEK threatens the pro-democracy movement in Iran.

QUESTION: How? Unless I have been mistaken and the pro-democracy movement in Iran is actually a Marxist-Islamist one, I don't see the MEK making any gains there.

2) MEK paves the way for covert action and war, repeating the mistakes of Iraq

QUESTION: How? Is the MEK somehow super successful at covert action and war? It seems to me they bet on the wrong horse siding with Saddam against the IRI, and as far as I can tell the only mistake made in the Iraq war was to underestimate the IRI's influence. Does de-listing the MEK make the IRI more successful at daunting the US like they did in Iraq? I don't get the MEK connection here.

3) MEK empowers pro-war hardliners in Washington, and destroys US credibility among Iranians.

QUESTION: How? Do pro-war hardliners actually think that the Iranian Girl Scouts would be an effective force against the IRI? Do you really think that after Afghanistan, even the hardliners in the US are eager to fight Iran in a war? Really? As far as US credibility among Iranians, I don't see that it is possible to go below zero. Because that is where US credibility among Iranians is now.

4) MEK will control US policy towards Iran, silencing the Iranian-American community.

QUESTION: How? Is the US so weak to heed the advice of an unelected, unrepresentative dictatorial organization and develop harmful policy towards Iran? In case anyone is confused, I am talking about MEK here not NIAC. And how exactly does the MEK succeed at silencing the Iranian-American community? Especially when we are so good at it ourselves?

But my main question to NIAC is:

Why single out the MEK and not the IRI?

If we are counting Americans killed, the IRI wins that designation hands down (up?). If we are counting harming the pro-democracy movement, I think we can all agree the IRI wins that one easily too.

Don't get me wrong, there is no denying that the MEK has correctly been labeled as a terrorist organization.

Yes, it has assassinated 6 Americans in the 1970's when it fought against the now widely accepted as brutal dictatorship under the Shah. The Americans were predominantly carefully chosen military advisers, and key industrial corporate personnel that in effect supported the brutal dictatorship in Iran.

Here are the names of those 6 Americans killed by the MEK during the seventies:

- Lt. Col. Louis Lee Hawkins, a U.S. Army comptroller. He was shot to death in front of his home in Tehran by two MEK men on a motorcycle on June 2, 1973.

- U.S. Air Force officers Col. Paul Shaffer and Lt. Col. Jack Turner were in their car, which was trapped between two MEK cars carrying armed men. The MEK told the Iranian driver to lie down and then shot and killed the Americans. Six hours later a woman called reporters to claim the MEK carried out the attack as retaliation for the recent death of prisoners at the hands of Iranian authorities.

- A car carrying three American employees of Rockwell International was attacked in May 1976. William Cottrell, Donald Smith, and Robert Krongard were killed. They had been working on the Ibex system for gathering intelligence on the neighboring USSR.

2 other attempts that failed were:

- USAF Brig. Gen. Harold Price was wounded in a May 1972 MEK assassination attempt.
- In November 1971 the MEK failed in their attempt to kidnap the US Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II.

You can certainly look at this as innocent US military "advisors" being killed while helping Iran turn into a developing country. But if you like the MEK you can look at this as complicit US "military advisors" being killed while helping an Iranian dictator brutally oppress his own people for cheap oil.

After the revolution, the MEK certainly played a key role in the US embassy hostage taking, and continued their anti-American stance well into the early years of the revolution. Give them that.

But soon after, the more important note about the MEK is they went rogue against the IRI. Far more than 6 IRI officials have been routinely killed by the MEK over the years. Specifically they killed the second Iranian president Mohammad Ali Rajai and the Prime Minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar, in a spectacular briefcase bomb left in a conference room, reminiscent of the famous attempt on Hitler's life. Except this time "Hitler" got killed. Given the dubious nature of and how the President and Prime minister were rush-put into power illegally after ousting freely elected Banisadr, this was an act of rebellion and protest whose justification can certainly be debated.

Admittedly as bloody-handed Marxist terrorists go, the MEK is right up there with Italy's Red Brigade, Germany's Baader-Meinhof, the PLO, the lesser mentioned Zionist freedom fighters of pre-Balfour Israel, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, and on into the 80's with Daniel Ortega's Ronald Reagan negotiating Sandnistas, and further on and into the annals of anti-this-or-that terrorist groups for dummies historical record books.

So yeah, there are, and have always been anti-western terrorist groups in the world, and certainly the MEK is absolutely one of them.

And if by now, you are sensing one big missing name from this list, and might even be questioning NIAC's terrier with a bone grip on the MEK, you are right to do so, so I'll go ahead and ask it for you, "What about the IRI?"

Because as anti-Western Marxist terrorism goes, Iran is the biggest anti-Western Marxist terrorist organization on the planet. Is it really Marxist though? It is certainly Islamist, but Marxist? Well, if you count the elimination of the Taghoot class as the elimination of the bourgeoisie, and the Friday prayer blind believers as the proletariat, then it is not far to go to the RG as the Superstructure, controlling every aspect of life and industry in Iran. So yeah, Marxist.

Having directly killed more Americans than all the above mentioned terrorist groups combined, specifically in Iraq, as road bomb after road bomb has claimed the lives of countless American soldiers, and mortar attacks and snipers and the coup disgrace, suicide bombers have successfully created nothing short of America's Second Greatest Generation.

Compared to IRI therefore, the MEK is the Girl Scouts of terrorism.

In fact; it is the IRI that:

1) ... threatens the pro-democracy movement in Iran.

2) ... paves the way for covert action and war, repeating the mistakes of Iraq.

3) ... empowers pro-war hardliners in Washington, and destroys US credibility among Iranians.

4) ... controls US policy towards Iran, silencing the Iranian-American community.

NIAC can relax (and release) knowing that most of us do not support the MEK. And I think all of us cannot ever forgive the MEK for siding with Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war, especially taking up arms against their fellow Iranians. And certainly you have to by now question the sanity and combination of Islam and Marxism as an ideology to present, with a straight face.

Marxist Islam is like a Shit smoothie with a Puke boost. (I'll let you decide which is which)

But again, in comparison to the IRI, the MEK is a hair on the tail of the dog. Actually a flea on the hair on the tail of the dog. A mangy, rabid, street dog.

Now, while none of this in any way shape or form dismisses the MEK from correctly being designated as a terrorist organization, it ought to at least raise some doubt and larger question about priorities.

Or in other words, forget the fucking flea! What about the Goddamn DOG!!!

Neither should the US be focusing on the MEK at this time and debating whether or not it ought to de-list it and in some Republican wet-dream try and recruit the MEK to help overthrow the IRI, nor should it ignore the biggest elephant in the room, namely that the IRI is and has always been the far far larger threat and culprit, and something, anything has to be done about it.

NIAC should stop their ridiculous campaign against the MEK de-listing. In spite of their overall lack of creativity, and questionable choice of the battles they seem to "fight for" us, NIAC ought to ask us what we want instead of the apparently dead from the neck up party-line members (emphasis on party), and then present it to their surprisingly high up connections in Washington.

Instead of the MEK T-list status, NIAC should focus on the IRI's far numerous, and far more than interesting accomplishments. Anything else just helps the IRI skirt the real issue, and would actually be considered treason, if we were actually a free people.

I'm no fan of the MEK. I'm also no fan of the New England Patriots. Any group that follows a deviant ruthless leader, claims to be unified and selfless, but in fact marches to the drumbeat of a rockstar and immediately stifles the slightest dissension, is doomed to fail. And of course that goes for the MEK too.

But let us not for one second forget, or worse deny, that the far bigger threat, the bigger scam, the bigger scandal, the bigger crime, the bigger rape, the bigger betrayal, the bigger theft, and the bigger lie is the IRI's continual stranglehold on the topics and conversations, and more important than anything, the freedom of the Iranian people and their god-given right to choose "not to believe" the biggest lies they have been consistently told since 1979.

To put it in similar terms, the IRI has created a list of "Freedom Sponsoring Organizations" and put the entire Iranian people on that list and are slowly ticking them off one by one. Hyphenated ones included.

How and when will we de-list the Iranian people from that list?


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انتخاب بین بد و بدتر

sam jade

ما هنوز نفهمیدیم این رجوی زنده است یا مرده ، چند بار هم از مجاهد‌ها خواستم که یک روزنامه به تاریخ روز را بدند دست آقای رجوی و یک عکس بگیرن ، یک مشت بی‌ ربط جواب دادند ، اینها هنوز هم برای تحویل دادن اسرای ایرانی‌ به رژیم صدام عذر خواهی نمیکنند و یه مشت مزخرف تحویل میدند ، پسر عموی بنده را که سرباز در پادگان سنندج بود مجاهد‌ها اسیر کردند همراه با حدود ۲۰۰ تا ۳۰۰ نفر ، که مجاهدها میگن ارقام اشتباه است کمتر بوده ، باشه حتی یک سرباز ایرانی‌ را به شکنجه گاه صدام فرستادن خیانت است این شکنجه گاه معروف بود به این که دندان اسرا ایرانی‌ را میکشیدن ،،،

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The original appeal

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Now a days everyone hates Rajavi. I hear it from far right to far left. But not very long time aga people did not feel this way. I remember how big MEK was in 1979. Why the change of heart now? Why did people have to wait for the damage.

None of this stuff was unpredictable. We knew what MEK stood for from the beginning. We knew they wanted to dismantel the whole economic system. That their loyalty was to the Soviet Union or at least never to Iran. They supported Separatism. 

Why did it take so long to figure out they are not our friends. Really this was not rocket science.  Of course we still have dear"Professoers" who are defending them. But I figure some will never get it. The rest: please tell me what did you ever find good in them.


in rajavi

by onlyinamrica on

Jakesh ham adaye arbabesh sadam ro dar miareh ba in zolfagharesh. God I hate this jakesh and all your useless middle men. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Bahmani

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

but the US certainly needs to stand up and in their way and morally object to the IRI argument.

What morally the USA is in deep *** herself. To morally object you got to have a standing. All the scandals in America have eroded her moral standing to zero. I am not happy about it but the world will laugh. And with good reason. It is a shame but ture. 

Regarding NIAC if what its critics say is 1/10 true then it is not going to do it. They want good relations with IRI. Why wreck their relation by criticizing it.


very well written

by shushtari on

as you said, the mujaheds have no chance whatsoever.....and the real enemy of iran and it's people are the nuts of the IR.....(notice I left I for iran out it)




Adding to VPK:

by bahmani on

I do no think war with Iran is a natural guarantee. The US is exhausted, Iran is itching for a dirty fight, and in the end, what's the point of war in the 21st century?

This is most certainly not WWII where you can occupy Germany for 8 and Japan for 12 years and not allow them any say, and hand them the US constitution and tell them to suck it, hard.

Things don't work like that anymore. Even though sometimes we think they should.

What gets me is how Iran appears to be winning the moral argument and battle of twits. To see Lebanon's people lining the streets by the thousands, and throw flowers at Ahmadinejad's motorcade, or for the ridiculous ideas fomented each and every week during Friday prayers to go unanswered, is maddening when we all know the truth.

Someone like Ahmadinejad deserves to have his head flushed in the toilet, not stand up in a limo and wave like a monkey to crowds of Lebanese blowing him kisses.

But physical war? No. I am not advocating that, since it simply won't work and all it will do is make martyrs out of the IRI who will be able to point to it and say, "Didi? Nagoftam?"

but the US certainly needs to stand up and in their way and morally object to the IRI argument. Because there are so many failures to point out. Right now the huge moral failure of the Bank Scandal, isn't even making the western press, nevermind the US press, so we and the world can laugh at their claims of religion-based high ground.

At least make a snyde comment, something like,

"Although the IRI hates Israel, apparently it seems to like their banking system. It seems that Moslem bankers in Tehran are just as corrupt as Jewish bankers in New York."

I'm talking about a thinktank of analysts doing this 24/7, actually NIAC could do this job very well, to pore over every single word of untruth that comes out of IRI, in order to clearly showcase why the IRI is invalid, and itself corrupt upon the earth.

Because the IRI is corrupt, and wrong and it needs to go away yesterday.

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Bahmani

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thank you now I get what you are saying. 

First of all I agree with the premise. USA should do its own work. Not outsource it to MEK. Now to the details. 

  • Yes to do it right if will take an full American involvement. No BS just go in and clean up the mess like in Japan and Germany. It will require a full commitment and re-writing constitutions. No more Islamic Republics. Just like McArthur did in Japan give them a real Democracy. But USA won't do it not under Bush or Obama. It lost its  way. We no longer have Marshall plans we got robbing plans.
  • To do the above America needs good leaders and popular support. We have neither. America is out of money and popular support. They simply are unable to get the support required for a war against IRI.
  • America does not have the best interests of its own people or Iran in mind. Today's leaders are selfish and out for themselves. No more Johnson's or Nixon's who would risk themselves for America. Johnson risked and lost his legacy on Civil Rights. Nixon risked his whole legacy on going to China. Obama won't even go as far as make a speech for reforming Wall Street. A thing very popular on all sides of the political field.

In my opinion the worst thing that happened to America was the lynching of Nixon. He was the last president who really loved America. Since then we have Wall Street and idiots running the show. America may never recover just like Sassanids post Khosrow Parviz.


Reply to VPK:

by bahmani on

Sorry, looks like the reply to link doesn't work like most of the functions on this site.

The main point of my article is that NIAC should be lobbying the US to stop the IRI, not stop the MEK. The MEK is already stopped and their record of treason and worse, their ridiculous ideology, speaks far louder than NIAC can ever convey.

The US is not about to enlist the MEK to fight another proxy war with the IRI, and what NIAC ought to do instead of this joke, is to lobby the US to engage and confront the IRI directly.

When the IRI goes to Lebanon, the US has to be there to counter the arguments.

When the IRI goes into Palestine and stirs up trouble with support for Hamas and Hezbollah, the US has to be there with a larger check and better arguments.

When the IRI tries to pose it's election as legitimate, the US needs to be in Tehran (via an actual embassy) and counter the claims.

When the IRI hangs people in the streets, the US needs to call that a barbaric act and broadcast it for the world to see.

The US needs to engage the IRI at every step of the way with a counter argument when the IRI utters the slightest nonsense they utter every day, and to counter the IRI's actions when they act.

NIAC can help the US identify the IRI's ridiculous acts and utterances and help the US craft an opposing view and counter argument and counter action.

If the US stood up to the IRI's intellectually, financially and otherwise every place the IRI steps foot, the IRI would be embarrassed into submission and fail on it's ridiculous principles within a year.

I also contend that if the Iranian freedom movement sees the US standing up against the IRI they would feel better about standing up themselves, and if they ever got enough courage to do that properly for once (Moussavi followers were the freedom movement? Please!), we would not be having this conversation, and all of us would be back in Iran helping our country rebuild after "the great IRI disaster" footnote to our ongoing history.

How's that?

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I read your three posts several times and am totally mixed up. Would you please write it over in a concise fashion? What do you propose. 

You are obvioustly frustrated {join the club!}as we all are. But got to be more coherent and have a message which is understandable. Not confusing. 

I look forward to a post from you with clear suggestions as what to do. Remember NIAC is a side issue and not particularly powerful. It is not going to remove IRI.


No, YOU'RE Right!

by bahmani on

Clearly the priority is to run after the MEK, because they are valid. Even though they aren't. No, YOU'RE right, by all means cover your ears, cover your eyes , but keep focusing on the MEK, because they and not the IRI are the real LooLoo in the closet.

You prove why we don't yet have the capacity or sense to be free.

It's not about who's right or wrong, it's about what the right thing to do is.

My point is if you are an organization with the ear of the US govt. DO THE RIGHT THING.

The MEK is less valid than RPII right now and not worth our limited opportunity.

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NIAC's misguided focus on MEK

by bahmani on

No one is suggesting the MEK is not deserving of it 's current status, HOWEVER, I hope everyone can get that the real culprit here is the IRI. If anything, NIAC should be complaining about or working to stop the ongoing terrorism that the IRI is perpetrating on the Iranian people in Iran as well as outside.

It's a question of priorities. If you only have one live to live, why not make it count. NIAC arguing about the MEK is pointless in the grand scheme of things. The grand scheme is to argue against and stand up against the IRI for being illegitimate, brutal, entirely obsolete, and utterly wrong for Iran and Iranians living in the 21st century.

We don't actually need religion to rule us. If we did, God would come down himself for once and let us know. The fact that he hasn't proves he wants us to run our own lives, not the other way around.

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I'm talking about the government, not Iran

by bahmani on

Of course Iran is not Marxist, but my suggestion is that the IRI in fact is behaving like a Marxist Islamic state, or just like the MEK designation. So not the society, that is obviously a western fashion model and trend-based one as it has always been. Because Iranians LOVE to show off. More than freedom.

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

ariane is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


What bugs me is whenever MEK is in trouble we hear how bad NIAC is. Does that somehow absolve MEK? Does it matter what NIAC is?

No body wants to put NIAC in charge of Iran {including NIAC} so who cares. NIAC is never going to be the government of Iran or USA. It is an American lobby group. MEK wants to run Iran. That is a threat to all of us. I may not trust NIAC in general. But I support their effort to keep MEK out of any or all forms of power.


Vildemouse I agree with you on niac,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

their game is not in service to Iranians or Iranian Americans by seeking a grand bargain with IRI.

I also agree with others wanting a terrorist organization to continue to be labelled as such.  I also want the world community to support reza II call for a national referendum for Iranians to determine their own future.  I want the basis for this to be that the international community recognizes the IRI as a government that is exercising terrorism against Iranians.


Who's the Terrorist? MEK or IRI?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

At this point in time as well as in their histories BOTH.



by ariane on

IRI, MEK, two peas in a pot! Both the same shit! You really can't tell which one is the lesser of two evil!!

Should we get ourselves rid of a inhumane regime like IRI and put our country in the hands of even more disillusioned vindictive control freaks like MEK? Seriously??

It's such an Iranian thing to do though, isn't it? Getting out of a hole, only to fall into a deeper one!! Breaking your fast with dog shit!!

For the love of god, stop advocating stupidity, idiocy, and SHIT (MEK)! Iran these days needs some sensable heads managing it! Definitely not  fucked upmentally disabled individuals like Maryam Rajavi or his egocentric idiot husband Massoud! I don't care where NIAC affiliations lye, they are right in lobbing against MEK!



G. Rahmanian

Dear Vildemose:

by G. Rahmanian on

Sure! Anyone who wants less than a democratic Iran, wants nothing good for Iran.

G. Rahmanian

VPK, you Wrote:

by G. Rahmanian on

"How about we let people there decide for themselves." I agree 100%!!! That is what I call democracy.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

G Rahmanian

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes we need to agree to disagree. In my opinion what happens in Iran NIAC is not going to play a major role. Their only power if any is in the USA. Iran must not rely on West to rid herself of IRI. 

If recent events are a proof West will make it worse. Just see what they did in Libya. I was a supporter of Libyan intervention until I saw their new constitution. No thanks Obama! We already have an Islamic Republic don't need another one. 

You are giving much too great an importance to NIAC. If they do manage to keep Neocon and American Liberals out of Iranian policy: good! Their influence in Iran is nil. How about we let people there decide for themselves. 


 Dear GR:  I perceive

by vildemose on

 Dear GR:

 I perceive NIAC as a dangerous entity and a threat. Because of the position it has been put in, NIAC's moves can be more damaging to any cause that has anything to do with freeing Iran from the yoke of the tyrannical regime in Tehran.

 Life, liberty, security (social, economic and political), and  pursuit of happiness can only be guaranteed  when basic human rights are not violated by one of the most cruel and brutish government on earth.  Niac's doctrine of "grand bargain" is antithetical to freedom and democracy.

 I couldn't agree more. I will also include MousaNvi et al in this category.

"We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." - Louis D. Brandeis

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

I did not called any one an agent nor labled any.

All I said was ............

I'm out of this one before causing or making ENEMY.


G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Thank YOU!

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

I do appreciate the differences. Where it concerns the cause of democracy for our country, I perceive NIAC as a dangerous entity and a threat. Because of the position it has been put in, NIAC's moves can be more damaging to any cause that has anything to do with freeing Iran from the yoke of the tyrannical regime in Tehran. I use your pet phrase here: " Let's agree to disagree." Or something of the kind. No group or individual should be seen as more important than the cause of democracy and freedom for Iran and Iranians.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Iran Vacation

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I don't know which posts here are serious and which are in jest.

I happen to know a number of Iranians who go back to Iran once a year or more. They do not work for IRI nor are they NIAC activists. Should we make going to Iran to see your family be a crime now? Should my friend not have gone to see her mother. Or my other friend not go for his mother's burial. People have family and loved ones back there. Want to go to see them in Iran; it is normal.

maziar 58

Mr.G Rahmanian

by maziar 58 on

Thanks for your unbiased article and the un honorable mention and their TRUE mission and a sudden "zohor" reappearing of Niac followers backs from their IRAN vacation!.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

G Rahmanian Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


NIAC and MEK are two different things and I do not intermix them. Say NIAC is bad let us assume it: alright? How does that impact PMOI delisting or not? That must be done on its own merit not on IRI or NIAC.

Why do you and others keep mixing NIAC and MEK. Once again no matter whether NIAC is evil or not it makes no difference on MEK. Their fate should be result of thier own actions. 

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

The title was a reference to Mr. Bahmani's article who has done a great job where it concerns NIAC's lame logic!!!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

G Rahmanian

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



You got me. I admit! I am a paid IRI agent; so are all of us who oppose "PMOI". Your superior logic has exposed us all from Afshin; to me to Mehrdad. We fall at your feet and at your logic! 

Anyone who is unable to see the wonders of PMOI is a tool of IRI! We must all throw ourselves at the feet of Maryam and Massoud. Move to Camp Ashraf and take up arms. Give up our false gods and worship their greatness. 

{Sarcasm off}

Please stop insulting our intelligence; we know what "PMOI" is all about.

G. Rahmanian

Logic For The Dummies!

by G. Rahmanian on

Although there have been sporadic counterarguments with regards to NIAC's wholesale attacks on the PMOI and other organizations and individuals, no article on IC has been as thorough as this one by Mr. Bahmani.Regime's paid agents, propagandists and apologists of all shades and colors, on this site and elsewhere, are relentlessly attempting to create an environment of mistrust and phobia by constant dissemination of falsehood and flagrant lies with regards to individuals and organizations opposing the regime. They revise and distort historical facts with the sheer objective to conceal or justify regime's reprehensible crimes against Iranians. They resort to spurious political posturing to beguile the unsuspecting politically naive and sentimental fools. Regime's exploitation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is only one example of such posturing! While crying foul vis-a-vis the US "imperialism," the regime has followed interventionist and warmongering policies with the objective to spread its brand of "revolution" in the region. In the name of war against "separatist elements," the regime has turned the province of Kurdestan into a war zone and grounds for its "military exercises," for more than three decades. In the course of its death-dealing existence regime's forces have arrested, tortured, raped and lynched tens of thousands of Iranian children, women and men. The warmongering regime of IR provoked a war with Iraq and is trying hard to provoke yet another one. The war with Iraq cost the Iranian side six hundred billion dollars in material damages and left one million Iranians dead. Since coming to power, tens of billions of dollars in oil revenues have disappeared without a trace. Atrocities and crimes committed by the regime are, by no means, limited to the few acts mentioned above. And, of course, while all these brutalities and criminal acts have been and are being perpetrated by the tyrannical Islamic Republic's mullahs and militarists, on a day to day basis, and while Iranians are being deprived of the most basic rights and freedoms, NIAC has concentrated its efforts on trying to prevent PMOI from being delisted from the US FTOs. Only recently NIAC has paid occasional lip-service to human rights abuses by the regime. Knowing NIAC's history of contacts with regime's elements, this could only be seen as an attempt to recruit a few more members it badly needs!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Afshin is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It is so obvious there should be no need to say it. Why should the enemy of my enemy be my friend? Wahhabi and Khamenei hate each other; that does not make them my friend. Hitler and Stalin were enemies; I don't want either as my friend.

The whole idea of alliance with MEK is incredibly dumb. The fact that Bolton; Neocon and their like support them only proves my point. Anyone who thinks MEK is going to help Iran needs to get a reality check.

Why do I have to even say this to anyone after so many betrayals. It really takes either total naivete or being on the take to support them. I am neither naive or on the take; no thanks to the MEK.