More or Less

The more NIAC has tried to sway US away from sanctions, more have piled onto Iran


More or Less
by bahmani

One could theoretically, physically, and literally say "Thanks to NIAC, Iran got more sanctions."

Of course that would be a generalization. And nothing more than aligning specific keywords together on a website for Google to peruse and display in a Ranked Search Result.

However, one cannot help but wonder if NIAC and other self appointed pseudo lobbyist organizations living on the fumes of their crudely defined missions, were to focus their efforts on getting Iran to tone down it's nuclear and other regional ambitions, or rather to focus less on the US political process and more on Iran's, the road to less sanctions would be more easily traveled.

Assuming of course that seeing Iran tone it down from the cheap seats, would result in the US rewarding "Good Behavior" with less or no sanctions. And I am pretty sure that's the way it works around here.

So, according to the statistics, the more NIAC has tried to sway US politicians away from sanctions on Iran, the more sanctions US politicians have piled onto Iran.

The cry of "Hey NIAC! Stop helping us so much!" is making more and more sense.

Pound for pound NIAC's efforts have only backfired. Statistically. I don't even think the Idiot-Cowboy bar in Texas has removed the poster of an Iranian being hilariously lynched.

(Note: Seriously, can someone in Houston please go there and apologize for the hiker hostage taking already, then buy everyone in the bar a round, in return for taking down the poster? Because that's all it takes. You don't need an Engineering student to put up a petition.)

The lack of NIAC's real effectiveness (Real as in all that Iranian-Americans really want is for Iran to be free and less of a world media embarrassment) has been my only point of objection to NIAC from the very start. I love everything else about them. No really!

They're just pointed in the wrong direction, is all.

The naive assumption that Iranian politicians and the key players in the Iranian government are immune to the kind of lobbying that NIAC has perfected here, won't work because Iran is a dictatorship, is OK, justified, but still naive and worse, an entirely untried option! No one to date, in 30+ years, has EVER tried to organize a peaceful-intentioned, polite, logic-bound resistance movement, or a reform-minded opposition to this (or any) Iranian government.


RPII is only dreaming and wishing of one more White Christmas in Tehran, Saadabad to be exact. If he were anything more than that, he'd have been on a plane to Iran to work from the inside long ago. So as mesmerizing as he appears to some, he's not actually real. Trust me, I had a fantasy dinner with him once.

The MEK, well let's just say that if the MEK were serious about change, they would put down the weapons and stop making really bad deals with the devil over and over and over again and again and again. How stupid do we have to be to think the MEK supports democracy when their own organizational hierarchy is based entirely on marital status?

Also, I have come to the conclusion that you can NEVER trust any woman who insists on wearing a hejab when she doesn't legally have to. Even more so if she's not hot.

A lot of commentary on this site is devoted to identifying and answering the ongoing question, "What kind of a People are we, Iranians?"

A simple objective unemotional analysis of this is:

"Iranians are a freedom loving and freedom yearning people, who out of a real justified fear of ruthless and violent reprisal by their oppressors, have not (yet) learned that the legitimate power and will of the many, can outwit the illegitimate and ill-gotten power, and lesser will of the few."

The simpler explanation of how to overcome our fear of standing up together, is:

"Organization, Planning, Preparation, Determination, and an overwhelming optimism to drive the pragmatic, self-evident belief that you are right, and right can never succumb to wrong."

(Wow! It sure is arrogant to put yourself in quotes! My apologies post-quote.)

This combined with the numerous examples in history that other oppressed people living in exile, who ultimately decide and intend to take their country back from oppression. They have always done so by creating an organized resistance movement or opposition group, and have used the sanctuary of other free nations to launch pressure and drive the oppressors out and regain (or in our case Gain) their freedom. We have all of this AND the internet.

None of this means putting up a single Mollah against the firing squad wall.

None of this means violently overthrowing the existing government starting with a Green march on Qom.

None of this means harming a single hair on the fast thinning head of a single Quds force or IRGC commander.

All of this could (and should) be done through negotiation, patient prodding, and perseverant probing for cracks in the thin veneer of the IRI. Just as it stands today. For especially today there are so many cracks in the IRI to exploit. Solely on the singular issue of women's inalienable rights, never mind the rest of the heretically hilarious hadiths in this absurd version of an otherwise innocuous and altogether useful Qoran.

Supreme leader? Are you fucking serious? Is this "Star Wars Episode 13: The Phantom Old Fart"? There are only 2 things that ever deserve to be called Supreme. The mid-sixties Diana Ross, and Pizza.

Back to reforming Iran from this side of Evin Prison.

This is the kind of patient form filling, polite inquiry, and getting the rules of engagement straight that NIAC has shown over and over again, that it has the talent and desire for, and above all the proven ability to excel at.

So Trita jan, please, jooneh man, stop swimming in circles around the "beltway". You're done, you're ready, we're ready. Take her out on the highway, open her up full speed, and steer this ship over towards this way, point her bow away from DC and to a Middle East heading. The wind is at your back. I think you will enjoy the journey much more and find this is where your true destiny lies.

Everyone will thank you. More than that all of us will support you.


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by Shepesh on


long live Iran

We are educated, so explain your opinion with data and reference

by long live Iran on

Since majority of Iranian are highly educated, could you please add some references and real statistic data instead of generalizing and spliting hair!

Long live Iran

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Truthseeker9

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Iranians are intolerant and aggressive people,

How many cultural web sites allow so many attacks on their nationality. IC is filled with attacks on pretty much everything. From Iranians to Islam it goes on. I see no threats; people as JK have all the say they want.

Be fair how is this intolerant? When someone is banned AO puts up a blog asking them back. The blog gets  posts from people on all sides of the debate asking to return them. You call this being intolerant? I am sorry but I just do not see it.

As for aggressive I have seen far worse aggression from non Iranians. Please give me some examples of what aggression you are talking about. I am puzzled. The main thing I see is non stop self criticism to a point of being counterproductive.

G. Rahmanian

Dear Truthseeker:

by G. Rahmanian on

Of course, we can point out the bad behaviors of other children when talking about the behaviors of our own. That does not necessarily mean we are trying to justify bad behaviors. We may be simply stating the fact that such behaviors are not specific to our children. 


Dear GR

by Truthseeker9 on

I didnt' say we're the only people who need to learn, or that it relates to one or certain people here. Are you saying if your child becomes aggressive and picks up habits that keep him/her back you will use other children are like that excuse to justify? I am selfish, I want us (Iranians) to improve ... This is not the only website I visit, and believe me, Iranians are intolerant and aggressive people, and quite underhand when it comes to getting their way. People may find that insulting but it saddens me.


NIAC smells fishy to me!!!

by farrad02 on

Where does their funding come from?


G. Rahmanian

Dear Truthseeker:

by G. Rahmanian on

Iranians are NOT the only people who need to learn how to debate. You would, perhaps, be surprised to learn that one's ethnic background does not have much to do with one's way of debating. You can find similar debate tactics used by Europeans, North Americans and people from the  Midlle East or Far East. One thing that must be kept in mind here on IC is that, in many instances, we write comments without having the intention of getting into a debate with someone. On IC or elsewhere, it is not the logical reasoning alone that defines or determines the rules of conduct in a debate. Other factors, such as one's history of being on the wrong side of the isle, so to speak, or one's intentions play crucial roles, as well. Some of the staunchest opponents(enemies?) of the North Korean leader have said he is a logical person. Are we to turn the whole world into one gigantic NK, simply because its leader is well-versed in the rules of debate? Or may sound very intelligent because his speech is restrained by the diplomatic protocol when meeting with foreign dignitaries? Those Iranians who listened to, trusted and voted for Ahmadinejad in his first election/selection as president did so, to a large extent, out of desperation and as a result of two and a half decades of frustration with the theocratic rule of the mullahs! Were their assumptions regarding Ahmadinejad correct? Was it a good idea to even trust him simply because he said some nice things to get votes? Should not we see and discuss issues related to Iran in a much larger picture than being concerned about hurting the feelings of a few individuals here and there? These so-called, "debates" do not merely pertain to one or two individuals or organizations on this site. They are about a country, our country, and its seemingly insurmountable problems.


Don't forget to...

by Truthseeker9 on

give a good swing with that handbag as well and call them mentally disturbed. That will always prove how great Iranians are at debate.


Dr. Mohandes

Friends!! Moment! moment!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Remember San Fransico... LOL .

This is really crazy.

Not that i intend to tell you your buisness or anything, But after super carefully reviewing Dr. ala's comments again and WIthouth taking a stance on WHat NIAC is or What it likes to drink and smoke or do for that matter, I do Not think He is Determining, Defining, Demanding, Commanding, anything to anyone including you.

Seriously. We will be doing ourselves a big favor, if we decided once and for all, to really hear one another out , or Read each others's comments without trying to excavate as deep as we can, digging up items with regards to what hidden agendas/motives someone might have had. That adds fuel to the fire, and would throw any dreams of Unity and coming together right out the window.

Having said that, I think Mr. ala has a point in making a statement on the lack of adequate contributions in the Political arena. Whether NIAC or any other Organizations are the real and legitimate organizations to bring that about, is a whole different Game.

Khoodafez shooma:)


 OY: Bingo... My last

by vildemose on

 OY: Bingo...

My last comment on this thread.


"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

Oon Yaroo

Dear Vildemose, If you don't wish to be accused of accusing

by Oon Yaroo on

someone for pointing out his/her "support" of/to IRR then you should use the following softer and more subtle synonyms instead!

Synonyms for support:






Stick out








Mohammad Ala

Iranian contributions have been miserable....

by Mohammad Ala on

vildemose jan no offense or bragging… let me add few sentences… I have been in public eye (as they saying goes) using my real name and picture for 40 years.  Mr. Bahmani knows me for 2/3 of my 40  years of service.  Jahanshah creator of IC knows me and about my contributions.  I have been with IC since 1996 when it started.  Let people who know me to judge me….

VPK jan, thanks for your civil and good comments.

I have first hand knowledge of Iranian contributions because of my involvement in four organizations and several projects which the last one was Lake Urimeyeh documentary… contributions for this documentary were miserable for something which is non-governmental and not for profit.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Once more

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


This is not a difficult thing to get. It does not require hours of debate. A general question:

Do you want IRI gone or do you think it has a value worth saving?

  • If you want it gone then the discussion goes to how. 
  • If you don't then the discussion takes a different path. 

Where we stand determines how we proceed. NIAC obviously wants to rescue and "reform" IRI. My opinion is based on years of observation. I don't necessarily disagree with all they say or do. Nor do I agree with all their detractors. 

But the one big thing is that they are trying to legitimize IRI. To me that is a waste. I am all for negotiation with IRI but over one thing. How they will peacefully give up power and go. No other issue is worth discussing. 

It would be great if they are open to leaving peacefully. Arrangements may be made for a safe haven for the leaders. Provided they behave to avoid chaos and more trouble. But if they want to hold to power there is not much to discuss.


Mr. Ala: Who do you think

by vildemose on

Mr. Ala: Who do you think you are to demand "meaningful contribution"?? What is your definition of meaningful contribution??? Who are you to determine and define what meaningful contribution is or whether people have made meaningul contributions or not...Again your hubris is on display?? Stop insulting our intelligence.


"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Issue is IRI

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes I agree the West is using Nuclear as excuse to hit Islamic Republic. But so what? I want the Islamic Republic gone. If they are so stupid to give West more excuses it proves they are not fit to rule.

The really big one is what do people want. Do you want IRI gone or not? Nuclear and other stuff are all symptoms. If you want it gone then welcome any pressure put on them. If you don't then admit it and say why not.

Yes I see how people want IRI gone but not damage Iran or her people. But guess what: IRI is already damaging Iran and the people.Next is what is worse. I don't know What I do know is that you don't remove an infection without pain.

Mohammad Ala

Accusatory tone without meaningful contribution.

by Mohammad Ala on

vildemose, you do not make sense…. Mr. Bahmani, the author of this thread knows me and my participation (this is a positive side of people using their real names and pictures).  Let Mr. Bahmani judge me, not you.  I do not need to prove to people who have accusatory tone without any meaningful contribution. 

Oon Yaroo

Has IRR's contributions to NIAC met its expectations!?

by Oon Yaroo on

Has IRR's contributions to NIAC met its expectations!?

There is not any problem with the following three concepts Iran, nuclear energy, and America! These three can work well with one another as they did before the 1979 An-Ghollab!

The problem is the "illegitimacy" of the criminal IRR!

And it is to the best interest of Iran and the world for the illegitimate IRR not to get access to any form of nuclear technology peaceful and/or offensive!

So, it's correct to say that America will guarantee to come up with any excuse to deprive the  illegitmate IRR from getting "it!"


Mr. Ala: Your

by vildemose on

Mr. Ala: Your condescendation and self-rightous tone as an "authority" to know what's good for Iran and Iranians or to determine people's contributions in your small world only equals the hubris of leadership of the criminal Islamic republic. Enough already...You and your ilk are an enabler of IRI. That is your contribution....don't worry about the contribution of others. Focus on your own complicity to prolong injustice and misery under the guise of being an anti-war while supporting those who have no qualms to get us in another war for the sake of liberating some other nation to further make iranian slid backward toward utter religious and military fascism.


"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

Mohammad Ala

Our expectations do not match our contributions.

by Mohammad Ala on

I disagree with this article and will keep my comments brief. 

If Iran stops all of its nuclear activities today, as it did during Khatami era for two years, the West will come up with other demands…. As Southerners in the USA would say.. “ I guarantee you.”

Iran has a need for nuclear technology, for example in medical field which has not received.  As a signatory to NPT, where is the help?  All Iran has gotten are the IAEA visitors who constantly come to Iran and place as many cameras as they wish and when they leave bring up political issues..

Since the issue is NIAC, I will add few words about it.  The author of this thread must not have attended any of NIAC’s seminars.  The NIAC’s website has many accomplishments.  Being against sanctions is ONLY one area which they have been working on.  NAIC has tried to educate Iranians in public service and having a representative in different stages of American political system.  Our community members neither participate nor contribute financially.

NIAC is fighting against organizations which have 200 personnel and several hundred millions of dollars for their annual budget…. Can you guess which organization I have in mind? 

Our expectations do not match our contributions.


Trita reminds of me a young

by vildemose on

Trita reminds of me a young Newt Gingrich in his opportunistic behavior.



"Adiós, pizza man. There's a Newt frontrunner in the GOP presidential race, and his name is Gingrich. Newt Gingrich.

Yes, folks, that's right. Former '90s heartthrob Newt Gingrich is this week's poll leader.

Despite his many past indiscretions—such as flirting with climate change acceptance, cavorting with criminals, and proposing an individual mandate—Newt Gingrich is the Republican candidate that Americans trust most with our nuclear weapons.

And so, less than two months before the first votes are cast, the country's preeminent "housing historian" looks poised to make some history of his own."

"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


  • Dear Oon Yaroo: Thank you for being one of the few people who has been always supportive. I want to be fair and make my own mind. I really hope NIAC changes course but so far I am very disappointed over regime support.
  • Dear G. Rahmanian: All you say is true no IRI means no visa problem. Plus it is also the cause of the Persepolis tablet problems. The IRI has got to go then other problems will resolve.
  • Regarding War Machine: There are about 6-8 million Iranians in diaspora. That is about 10%. Besides OWS has nothing to do with Iranian diaspora. I just want my nation back without war. The problem is that IRI is waging a war already. I see we have no good choices but am open to ideas. As long as we agree IRI got to go the question become how not if.

hamsade ghadimi

pirates of caribbean: curse of black turban

by hamsade ghadimi on

i'm not sure if mr. bahmani has abandoned niac's ship or trying to give brotherly advice to trita so that he'll change direction.  i hope it's not a "reform" movement within the niac organization. at least for bahmani's sake, or the niac basiji squad will take him to a virtual jail and feed him virtual gheimeh bademjoon without having the attention of his captive virtual audience.  i guess we won't know until we hear from the bride's mother.  maybe in his next blog, he'll remind us of the silver lining in an organization like niac or how he was smitten by niac during its "golen age."


It doesn't help NIAC's case...

by AMIR1973 on

that individuals like "iraj khan" (previous user name: Mola Nasreddin) defend it. Surely, one has to look at NIAC sceptically if some of its most vociferous defenders are also defenders of the IRI. It also doesn't help that NIAC's President-for-Life acted as a liaison for the IRI's UN envoy and that top NIAC indiviuals like Siamak Namazi and Reza Marashi are both linked to Atieh Bahar (in Namazi's case, it's his family's business) -- the Tehran consulting firm which helps arrange business deals for foreign companies looking to do business with the IRI. Follow the money and NIAC looks more and more like a lobby for normalizing relations with the mullah's regime and for doing business with the mullahs.

G. Rahmanian

Good For the Boys At The Occupy Wall!

by G. Rahmanian on

Now, let's get back to controlling the damage caused by NIAC!

iraj khan

1% War Machine

by iraj khan on

What is the position of 'Occupy Wall Street Movement' in regards to attacking Iran?


"It’s up to our newly energized grassroots movement to stop this madness before it happens"

"War is the health of the corporate state. The 1% needs its endless cash flow to stay in power."

"As the slaughters in Iraq and Afghanistan transform into something less visible, the 1% war machine must have a new profit center. The pretext for this latest war is the spectre of a nuclear-armed Iran. It’s a tawdry re-run of the lies George W. Bush used to sell the 2003 attack on Iraq. It’s no surprise those “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were never found—or that Bush could later joke about it."


G. Rahmanian

Trita Parsi Is Thinking:

by G. Rahmanian on

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."


It is unsafe to sit on the deck of a ship with no life vest!

by fanoos on

Does anybody know where Dr. Parsi is sailing to?

He is in deep thoughts?

What is he thinking about?

Have his ships been sunk?

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Getting a visa does not need organizational work of a lobby! Had it not been for the filth befouling our country, Iranian students wouldn't have to deal with so many problems everywhere in the world. The root causes of all the problems Iranians in diaspora are facing lie in the very reprehensible existence of the criminal regime in Tehran. If an organization advocates dialogue with such anti-Iranian entity, it cannot claim to be simultaneously working towards the betterment of the situation for Iranian-Americans!!! How many Iranian-Americans do you personally know who are in need of NIAC's services? The services NIAC is providing can be done by a travel agency. Remember pre-revolutionary era? Iranian students abroad were the envy of many others from around the globe. What's happened since the revolution which may require an entity like NIAC to help Iranians? Who and what have caused all these problems for Iranians? If one knows the answer, then he/she also realizes how farcical and fake organizations such as NIAC are!


Camp Ashraf Ayandeh!

by Faramarz on

These Camp Ayandeh NIACies with their cut and paste material and strict adherence to Trita's playbook are beginning to look more and more like Camp Ashraf people (without the mustache and the headscarf)!

So the US should enlist one camp and not de-list the other?

"A" stands for Americans getting killed by Regime's IED's in Iraq and Afghanistan.

G. Rahmanian

If "A" Stands For "American,"

by G. Rahmanian on

If "A" Stands For "American," then where are the multitudes of American members? The only Americans working with NIAC seem to be those who get paid for their work!