Reagan Defends Shah

Condemns Jimmy Carter for "abandoning" America's ally



Benyamin grow out of your Naivete, Reagans team wanted Mullahs

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

for Iran, reagans team were busy spending billions to keep mullahs in power, you think Israel would sell arms to iran out of profit or love.  After Iran gate showed the USA's hand they had to rely on israel to keep the mullahs in power.

My Favourite Reagan quote, "Al Quaeda are founding father material, we need to side with them"

My Favourite Benyamin Quote, God Bless Reagan, he knew better than all the intellectuals xyz"

32 years later and Reagan seems to have played you like a vyolin still, despite his documented record, this is actually why we lost the country, niavete, irresponsibility, ease of fooling people with words,

it's time Iranians paid attention to actions, that is why if they were wise, which lets face it there are a few wise ones around, they would be doing everything in their power to defend the character of the late shah.

The world media lied when they sold the Shah to Iranians as a mass murderer, dictator, crook, megalomanac.  He was none of these and we lost our freedom because our own intellectuals with the full agreement of the mullahs , back then did not know what some of these are and misrepresented his character. 

Lies must be challenged, for freedom to be restored. 


God bless Reagan

by Benyamin on

Even then he knew better than "all" of the intellectuals in Iran that Mollahs are not there to free our nation but to take it to themselves and split the wealth and whatever they can put their han on!

Those "khaam" Iranians that still think Mollahs are there to let you and let your children or your nation to flurish are a real fool even the most liberal molla is not about "complete" freedom! The mollahs want to have some sort of control. The only way a Mollah is trusted inwhich that Mollah "rejects" Islam`s involvement in politics in slightest way.

Today in the news the Imam Jaqma`at said" Velayat e fagheeh is above the law" Evereyone else is nothing but a slave!


این بیچاره آلزایمر داشت و نمیفهمید چی‌ میگه!!!


شاه که رفت و خدا بیامرزتش


این آمریکای ها، نمیدونیم قسم حضرت عباس شون رو قبول کنیم، یا دوم خروس رو.

 از یه طرفِ  دهنشون میگن دموکراسی‌ و آزادی در میدل ایست، از یه طرف دهنشون میگن جاوید شاه و جاوید امیره کویت، بحرین و عربستان سودی.



Of land reform

by پندارنیک on

The land reform was designed for one, and only one, purpose: To deprive the "religious establishment" of its traditional endowments. It was mismanaged disastrously, and backfired accordingly.

Darius Kadivar

Irangate aside It was Not Just Reagan who defended the Shah ...

by Darius Kadivar on


Omeed B. this video is partly misinformation and its now time

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

that Iranians are made aware of this.

I believe in secular monarchy as the only responsible path for Iranians that want the country to have freedom and justice restored.  The Only path in all fairness.

Reagan was asked to interlace in his speeches and debates such comments with the purpose of fooling Iranian Moarchists that the republicans are on their side, that the betrayal of Jimmy Carter was just the actions of a whacko liberal president.  Ths is very old news and game, as we can see from Iraq most recently there is absolutely no difference between republicans and democrats with respect to the US National Interest.

The main goal is and will be the same and will not change, maybe ever, for the USA.  Raising oil prices is an excuse that was used by Carter to betray th Shah, as was repression and human rights.  The real reason they were against the shah was that he was developing Iranians skilled work, developing a large middle class, creating a complex multilayered economy, unlike saud arabia today which has an economy solely based on oil.

British Ambassador to the Iran, Sir Dennis Wright said openly infront of us, we told the shah hundreds of times if he created an Iranian Steel industry and created skilled education for 1 million iranians he would be removed and his progress suppressed.  This is the national interest of US/Germany/France/UK because they can not have a major oil producing country be independent economically. 

Shahs dream was for iran to be more democratic and even a multiparty system over time.  Shahs experts advised him to make this process occur over 25 years.

So even the video where the shah says I am going to cancel BP and produce all the oil ourselves is not the real reason his team was ousted, though many mistakenly believe this.

Problem today, outside Iran, is disunity among Iranians, basis of that is the false belief that the Shah was a dictator and there inability to rally around a shah in the future, in a united way.

Problem inside Iran is terror, the majority of the new generation born after the revolution are ideologically classed as Monarchist by CIA analysts, they know this full well and why CIA is now secretly funding MEK, because a future shah they can not control from the standpoint of developing the country, like they discovered with the last shah.  And religous groups no matter what their style or flavour are themselves a major source of economic suppression and corruption which meets the Wests overall goal for Iran.

The path for success is clear, yet there are not enough noble minded people among iranians abroad to take action on it, and within iran there are many noble minded people but no ability to act. 

Even the mention of Javid Shah in Iran = death.  Which is the only reason people were screaming Allah-u-akbar from their roof tops in protest, not javid Shah.

The Revolution forced iranians to expand their understanding and Iranians are now more Monarchist/Nationalist as opposed to practicing muslims.  But this is sad news for them, because the West is against them in full force.  No words of comfort like the ad you placed above will change that.  No Republican supports the Shah over the MEK.




payam s

Taking land from Mullah's and giving it to peasants?

by payam s on

What a wonderful dream. He actually dispossessed peasants from their land, transformed the rural aristocracy and large landowners (khans) into industrial urban capitalists as part of his white revolution in efforts to impose capitalist relations. It was the major capitalists and foreign investors who industrialized and dominated the agricultural domain of Iran. NOT peasants and NOT the Mullahs. This forced millions of peasant to lose their livelihoods and migrate to urban centers where they would become cheap laborers to industrialists and constantly subject to racism of the upper class urbanites. The shah went just as Mubarak and Bin Ali did and there was nothing he or anyone else could have done about it.