Signs for Emam Zaman

Another segment from a program on the hidden emam


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What a load of rubish. Do

by Khebedin on

What a load of rubish. Do they think people are stupid?.


Existance based on Lies = IRI way

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Islamic Republic and its followers are an embarrasment to Irans Culture which is separate from Islam.


Scary People and ideas!!

by opinionpost on



قرمه سبزی جون


هر گز نگران مباش

بزودی خودم ظهور میکنم

این که گفته اند امام زمان  مرد است...شایعه ای بیش نیست

نگران مباش



Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Human Bidet!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

After the liberation of Iran through massive military strike by the US & Israeli forces, all Mullahs & Mullahets such these two brother and sister will be deployed across the great land of Iran to perform Bidet function!

The details and the exact form of the transformation from mouth and tong into a cleansing tool will have to be worked out!


تئوری جدید امام زمان (Video)



The Imame Zaman is coming

by Simorgh5555 on

straight from the Tehran sewers and rearing his ugly head from a toilet bowl near you. 


عجب این امام زمان جاهل است


هنر نزد ایرانیان است و بس
بگو پس کجأیست این خوش نفس

نگه کن به نایب امام زمان
بود همچو عنتر درون قفس

عجب این امام زمان جاهل است
نخواهد کند رحم بر هیچکس


David ET

by comments on

I think you are right.  It makes sense now that I saw both in my tortila last night.


"Muslims?" Really?

by Demo on

1. In regard to the "hastening of the end of world:"

"Only those wish to hasten it who believe not in it: those who believe hold it in awe, and know that it is the truth. behold, verily those that dispute concerning the hour are far astray (Quran, Section 42, Verse 18).

2. In regard to the (made up) "Emam Zaman's Myth:"

"We have never assigned immortality to a human before you (Mohammed), therefore, if you yourself die, will they live for ever? (Quran, Section 21, Verse 34)"

"Every soul shall taste death. we will try you with a trial of evil and good. then, to us you shall be returned (Quran, Section 21, Verse 35)."

PS: Nothing & absolutely nothing about the EZ story in Quran for the wishful thinkers among our people! 


David ET

Yes on May 21 this year

by David ET on


Scary muslims

by hirre on

Shia are scary, why do you want emam zaman to appear when his appearance signals the end of the world? Those who want to see emam zaman also want to witness the apocalypse...