Poverty in Lurestan

Unemployment crippling rural Lurestan


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Anahid Hojjati

Dear Zuruz, thanks for your comment about lurestan

by Anahid Hojjati on

I learned from your comment about water issue.This area of Iran is very beautiful and every one should visit while in Iran. People are also kind and not too religious :).



by zuruz on

The Lurestan province was one of the richest province of Iran, culturally, ancient sites, archeologically, agriculturally, travel and tourism industry, plants, cattle industry, farmlands  and massive resources of oil, gas and fresh springs water all over the province, several famous waterfalls and other mines and minerals reserves with a rich cultural heritage. A tourist could observe 4 seasons in Lorestan by traveling different areas of provinces in few days before the 1979 revolution. After revolution Khorramabad the capital city of Lurestan with all it’s beauties, ancient castles such as ancient Flakalaflak castle along with 12 towers historically and scientifically each tower displays the positions of sun in each month in the heart of Khorramabad on top of high hill appears within tens miles of Khorramabad and several ancient bridges, towers, many springs which cold and some hot water were ejecting out from the ground all over the city. Surrounding mountains were all covered with trees and beautiful wild flowers especially during the springs for that reason Khorramabad was called one of the great paradise of the world. Lurestan was in the front line of Iran and Iraq war especially brave people of Lurestan inflected the most severe damages to Saddam’s military forces and that caused retaliation by Saddam to aim Khorramabad by chemical/conventional warhead missiles, artillery and air bombardments of the beautiful capital city of Khorramabad major populated sites, constructions and buildings as well as resources and ancient heritage. After the 8 year war which perished tens of thousands and injured many more in Lurestan the Islamic regime did not to appreciate all bravery and suffering of Lurestanis and did not do much to compensate the human scarifies & property lost of this injured province. The regime even managed to steal the fresh water of the province and transfered most of it via pipelines  to the city of Ghom the headquater and spiritual city for Mullahs who had only salted waters. Unemployment is so high and factories and production industries are closed due to negligent of corrupt officials. Lurestan was self sufficient for agriculture, vegetables& fruits, meat& food & milk products and almost everything, but now they are begging for some food to survive. There are too many uncompleted projects in past 32 years and only officials promised which they never turned  to reality.     

maziar 58

letter signed...

by maziar 58 on

in luri

presidente mahboob

nafte moofti nakhastime

aghallan narinin roo ee sofreh.



Shame on the people of Lorestan

by Simorgh5555 on

They should be grateful for what they manage to scrape by!. They should remember that people in Palestine and Lebanon are suffering much more than they are. People in Gaza and South Lebanon are so grateful to the Islamic Republic for the millions of dollars they have given them and would give their right arm to have such a generous government like the IR governing them.

Khak bar sare mardome Lorestan vaghan! Cheghadar namak nashnasan! 

Zende bad Jomhuriye Eslami! Cheghadar mardomsalare!  


G. Rahmanian

Ahmadinejad Says

by G. Rahmanian on

a lot of things. For example, he says he is in contact with the 12th Imam. Do we believe that? Of course, not. We just think he wants to say he is more Muslim than the others who are not in contact! He also says, Iranians had a revolution in '79, so a bunch of Islamic thugs would come and make things even worse than they were under the Shah.

Joe L.

poverty is all over ME

by Joe L. on

no question. actually from what i saw and heard iran is much more developed with less income than most of its neighbors. drinking water, health care and education is far better than any country in the region. thats overall. poverty? come to where my grandpa lives and i'll show you poverty in america. iran doesnt make much from oil. raw oil is cheap the final product is expensive. you should know better than that! or are you acting as if?


Yes and it was all fine and

by alaaf on

Yes and it was all fine and dandy before the Mullahs took over *sarcasm* You people seem to confuse Iran with Germany or Japan.   And brining democracy or liberal values wouldn't fill these people's stomach either. India is the world's largest democracy and it has people living in worse conditions.    I really hate to sound like Sargord Pirooz but it wasn't any better during Shah's rule. JJ you of all people should know this, since you're old enough to remember it. 


What a contrast !

by Rea on

Anahid Hojjati

Very sad, and then some say people in Rustaha are pro AN

by Anahid Hojjati on

I am sure IRI does not like Lurestan since Lurs have been historically more independent minded than many other areas of Iran.


Bedin Bokhoran..

by alx1711 on

Why dont you give their money to Tazi Palstinians or lebanese. Why dont you Built Tazi arabs homes and parks.

 As you, great Satin Istrael has destroyed poor TAZI " Palstinians & lebanese" homes.

 Stuff the Lorestan. Where is Lorestan, who cares!!!




Eslam hame chiz midehad

by jasonrobardas on

Naan midehad, Aab va barghe majjani midehad , Otoboose majjani midehad , Zendegye maadi va maanavi shoma ra behbood midehad ...................................



by seamorgh on

Shame on those who call for more sanctions and pressures on Iran. If it were not for sanctions, Iranian.com could have certainly started an aid fund to help people like this in Iran...


Meanwhile at Lebanon, Gaza and Venezuela,.. Free IRI Houses

by IranFirst on

 Meanwhile at Lebanon, Gaza and Venezuela,.. Free Houses are built by
Terrorist IRI for terrorists and Sudis-khors, with Iranian people's money, instead of being used for
poor Iranians(as in video).


کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند



by yolanda on

Time to protest!

G. Rahmanian

حكومت اسلامي ومستضعفان

G. Rahmanian

The excuse is, nobody knew Khomeini. And there are those in the "opposition" who believe Ahmadinejad is the savior.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

These are good, honest, hardworking, educated citizens. They should not be crushed like this. They do not deserve this.