Changing From Within

I will not see it happen in my lifetime


Changing From Within
by bahmani

The key thing that many seem to forget or ignore is the way Iran's legal system and constitution is set up. This is the crucial point for all of us to get through our heads, because as wishful as we all are for various levels of reform to occur, it simply can't, according to established Iranian Law and it's strange Constitution.

It is currently a felony crime to suggest that Iran's constitution be changed. The warrant which can be issued if you keep pushing your luck, is the familiar "Corrupt Upon The Earth" (Mofsed-e-Fel-Arz) and "Anti-Revolutionary" (Zeddeh Enghelab), each of which carries the death penalty at worst, 10-15 years in prison at best.

So this means you cannot suggest any changes to Iran's Constitution.

As I am sure all of you are now a bit more aware, this is a key basis of the Supreme Leader's unelected role in Iran's governance, as well as all of the other Councils which hold various equally unelected powers of state.

So to change Iran from within and consequently peacefully, as we all aspire and hope for, would require the change of the Constitution, which as I hope you all now truly get, is illegal.

Even if Khamenei himself suggested revising the Constitution, he would be breaking the law. And I am sure there are many inside the many councils who would love the chance to hang him for that!

So this reason, and the fact that the leadership in Iran is sitting quite pretty now, reform of Iran's Constitution isn't going to happen from within. Ever.

To further secure their security, this second edition of the Constitution, which was revised after Khomeini's death, has also been declared a "Perfect Document" which also locks the deal tighter than a Seal's asshole.

What is an even more important subtle detail for all of you to know, understand, and try to digest into your articles, feedback, comments and posts, so that you really understand the current set up, and why street protests can never amount to peaceful reform, is this;

In the second revision, they also removed ALL amendment clauses, rules and regulations. This means that there is no rule, process, procedure for changing the Constitution. So you cannot for example ask the Majles to vote on an amendment that would eliminate the post of Supreme Leader, or require the SL to be elected etc.

Do you understand the impact of this?

I hope so, because as you can see, without tearing up the Constitution, (which would be illegal) even if done via a coup or second revolution, there is absolutely now way to change Iran's system of governance.

The only other way that Iran can reform from the current radical form of unelected governance that has these corrupt and unaccountable councils full of religious leaders ruling every aspect of government and life, is for these council members to slowly dissolve themselves over time. To make themselves irrelevant.

By the unlikely act of simply not showing up for work, or dying of old age one by one and not being replaced, so that many many many years from now, we end up with Constitutionally required traditional or ceremonial councils of elders, and a ceremonial Supreme Leader who are so old, weak, and out of it, that they really have little or no power anymore, and don't even want the responsibility. 

In mock executive orders that have no real Constitutional basis of power or credibility, they would "sign" over their decision making power to the new crop of "lower level" elected officials in a new ceremonial political tradition.

So when this reform through "attrition" happens one day, after a national election in which a new President was elected, the official (but ceremonial) Supreme Leader would symbolically hand over powers to the newly elected president and true representative of the people, and that would be that.

It would be carried live on TV across the land, and everyone would dress up in their finest, beaming smiles, and applaud and then exchange Sonbols. And then we would all go out for Chelo Kabab.

In the event of a bad President or crisis, the SL could theoretically take powers back according to the Constitution.

But this kind of Disney happy ending, is a very very very very very long ways away. I just turned 50 and firmly believe I will not see it happen in my lifetime.

Of course another alternative is the escalation fo these protests into a quick civil war, followed by another round of executions of top officials, and then we would all watch and see what the 30 somethings can figure out this time.

Based on the one in 1979, this whole mess could all be over in 2-3 years tops.


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Chemicals are indeed brain damaging

by Escape on

 As we see the proof......But again,the world would be so less entertaining without them..

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


What I meant is that we are not merely a play things of the British. We have choice:

  • We could have chosen to pick a better leader than Khomeini. People if they were smart would have stuck to Bakhtiar. We would have freedom now.
  • Khomeini did not have to be such a jerk. He had a choice; he picked badly.

The other nations may influence what happens but we do not have to follow. USA tried to shove Chalebi down Iraqi throat. But they did not go along. 



by sumwoman on

You said:

"Khomeini did not have to be a blood thirsty dictator. Yes he was hand picked by the British because he was a psychopath."


Khomeini did not have to be 5 feet tall. Yes he was hand picked by the British because he was 5 feet tall.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

PS: Here in Canada, everyday we are slipping more and more towards fascism and corporatism. We've been paying money towards a program called AirCare since i was kid. But I guess we didn't pay enough because we are now also paying carbon tax due to Global Warming. But we don't talk about the snow that falls in the month of May in a coastal city that used have roses blooming in December. Most everyday, the skies are sprayed with chemicals.

There is nothing fascist about taxes impose by a democratic regime. That is what governments do. If people do not like it they get to elect different politicians in the next election. That is democracy. You are trying to associate Canada with IR. No way; Canada is a real democracy. IR is a fascist dictatorship. Carbon tax is not the same as rape and torture. If is laughable that you would even try to put them in the same league. What next? Should I complain that a required auto inspection is the same as public stoning!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There is no question that the West has an active hand in ME revolutions. However the real power is in people's hands. Khomeini did not have to be a blood thirsty dictator. Yes he was hand picked by the British because he was a psychopath but people had other options. If we had been smart we could have settled for Bakhtiar. But we were dumb and fell for it.

Revolution in Iran is a must; the IR has to go. You are using fear mongering to scare people to stick to IR. It is yet another one of their tactics. There is no reason to assume a new revolution will bring war. In fact done right it will bring peace. I suggest post IR regime reach out to Israel and form an alliance. That will force the West to leave it also and not undermine it. That will also form a very powerful security arrangement that will make both Iran and Israel invincible with respect to all their neighbors.

Of course my suggestion goes against the wishes of the Islamist. It also goes against British policy. But the USA will live with it and they are the biggest power. If USA says it is fine then the rest of West has to go along. 


Most everyday, the skies are sprayed with chemicals

by sumwoman on

I wonder if revolutions in the middle-east timed at regular intervals are restart buttons pushed by western powers to prevent meaningful reform that would jeopardize their vested interests in the region.

I once read, during times of chaos the most hardened elements of society rise to power. The ones willing to kill the most, willing to torture the most, willing to terrorize the most. Perhaps, this accounts for the rise of militant Islam in Iran, subsequent to two years of chaos after '79.

If I remember correctly, Khomeini was flown in from Paris to pull Iran from chaos. During the subsequent war between Iran and Iraq, arms and ammunition dealers were selling to both sides.

Based on the example of the 1979 revolution, if another revolution occurs, the militant 30 somethings will rise to the top and after 2 or 3 years, they will start a war with an adjacent country and buy arms and ammunitions from the French, English, Russians, Chinese and American corporations.

Fun Fun Fun.

I never said, i'm proud of the mullahs. Give credit where it is due and lay blame the feet of the guilty. So it follows, the mullahs have and still commit horrible crimes and they are deftly navigating through treacherous times.

Or maybe, it's all just a show for us little people. Behind the scenes, deals have been made and eventually we will all be singing the same one world anthem.


To pin the label 'conspiracy' on people intent on discerning the implicit goals of the families and organizations that move the tide is dismissive. Sure does save a lot of time when your looking for answers. You don't have to go down the rabbit hole to investigate, simply because there are no rabbit holes. No hidden agendas, no secret alliances, no secret pacts, no secret organizations to sort through.

thanks for reading this far and all the best.

PS: Here in Canada, everyday we are slipping more and more towards fascism and corporatism. We've been paying money towards a program called AirCare since i was kid. But I guess we didn't pay enough because we are now also paying carbon tax due to Global Warming. But we don't talk about the snow that falls in the month of May in a coastal city that used have roses blooming in December. Most everyday, the skies are sprayed with chemicals.


Why don't you have a look

by Escape on

So you know what you are talking about the next time you mention the Taliban

An Interview with a Taliban leader in Pakistan

Waziristan Taliban Fighting | Part 1

Inside Taliban Part 1

Targeting the Pakistan 1/3 (2010) PBS/NOW Documentary

Taliban Mujaheedin are fighting with Pakistani apostate ruler [2010] Part 01of 06.flv

Taliban Can Fight Forever

Taliban unstoppable, best training camp in the world

Taliban meetings, abu ibraheem


fotis tsaki - taliban turk


Difference Between Democracy and Communism

by bahmani on

Part of the problem many Iranians have with implementing democracy, is the whole area of voting and how that affects decision making.

Many of us think that voting implies decision by majority or decision by committee.

Almost all Iranian organizations and so called community groups today, try to make decisions by "voting". What they don't realize is that decision by vote is actually communism.

Democracy is using voting to select your leaders. Once that is done, you have to actually allow the leaders to lead.

Until the next election. Then, if they've done a good job they can be elected again. If not, someone else is elected to try.

The other problem we have with Democracy is free, and uncensored debate. Again, all Iranian groups and community organizations, don't ever allow this. They bring all sorts of excuses and reasons, mostly centered around "Aberoo Rizi Misheh", to shut up public debate.

Democracy requires debate, argument, and people talking, in order to flush out the best ideas, and bury the bad ones. If you can't take having your idea ripped open, examined and then shat on, and be ready to argue back, you're not ready for Democracy.

Proof that Iranians aren't ready is the fact that there are still too many comments complaining about the lack of civility this and unfair post about that, and so on. Debate, healthy, emotionally charged, angry and excited debate is the sweet stuff that democracy is made of.

If we are going to get our knickers in a twist every time someone begs to differ, as Jack said, we're simply not mature enough "to handle the Truth."

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree there is more to democracy than voting. I also think we could have more freedom without democracy. In fact I will be happy if we just got what we had with the Shah!

However that time is past. No one is going to accept a King with power. You may know that I am very respectful and sympathetic to Reza Pahlavi. But people are not going to accept a new powerful king. Monarchists like DK agree power must reside in people.

We need to start from a King and evolve from there, with gradual evolution.

This will be a tough sell. Honestly I rather have RP run the show than a broken Democracy. However I am in a minority.

A great many people do not understand democracy. They think it gives them a green light to step all over minorities. This is what Shah was so good at avoiding,. I am afraid if we have democracy in Iran that people will try to enshrined religion in law like they did before. Any democracy better have a powerful bill of rights or it is worthless.


The Path for Freedom, Democracy and Huma Rights In Iran is clear

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Democracy is more than just voting, it requires the removal of racist,
radical and armed groups.  So by definition it can never come about by
Revolution or Regime Change.  And it will never come from this regime either.  It's a long road and I believe in Irans
case one that only the Monarchy and its supporters can bring it about. Best
of luck to them.

We will see with Egypt, Tunisia, Libya etc that there peoples
aspirations will turn to misery and a worse state, because they have no
capability of keeping out the undesirable elements that are financed by
western NGO's to maintain their Western National Interests.

Yes Khomeini had major western backing.

We need to start from a King and evolve from there, with gradual evolution.


IN Addition...

by bahmani on

It is critical for you arguing about the usual conspiracy theories of the US and UK's and BRRRRZinsky's personal fetishes and plans to do this or that to Iran, to keep on topic and focus on what we know.

We know Iran is surrounded by US forces and a large part of her foreign policy actions is based on this self preservationist fact.

However we also know that Iran's grand experiment has been an utter failure. Economically, Socially and Morally. This happens as Iran's middle class is not buying what they are selling and do what they want in spite. The Rich play the game to stay rich. And Iran's poor will wave any flag, chant any chant, and march to any drum beat, as long as there is a picnic with free food at the end of it.

These are facts.

VERY FEW in Iran actually believe that it is really tasty Grape Koolaid that they are being forced to drink.

Our job is to expose the lies that are reported and purported as the "Chosen way of life of Iranians in Iran today".

We need to clearly expose the fundamental flaws and fallacies behind this "Great Charade" and make sure that we confront anyone claiming that this form of brutally oppressive governance, is real, or true, or just, or fair, or valid, or possible, in this day and age.

The fact is that God may in fact exist. Given that, what we do know for certain, is he would most certainly not be in favor of this kind of worship that devalues the every existence of SUMWOMAN.

As much as you may argue and hope for reform, in the Iran of today that you are actually brave enough to say you are thankful that Mollahs are protecting you and Iran from some evil, SUMWOMAN, you are less than me in almost every way. And this is locked in legally, institutionally, with no option whatsoever to amend it, to change it, or remove it.

While I do not think you are serious about your thanks of the mollahs, at least in this regard, I do hope you see the irony in your statement. Because inside Iran, you are not allowed to make it.

And remember to cover your body and your head and your hair. Because your profile picture (which is also illegal to use in Iran) shows way too much you-know-what.

That is the unfortunate reality you are forced to live under, simply for having one chromosome difference from me.

Meanwhile, I can prance around the hot Iranian sun this summer, in short sleeves, t-shirts, and uber tight and short shorts that enhance my nether regions. Not that this is an especially welcome sight.

But I can do this simply because I am not you.

Now, really Jooneh-man, honestly since we're all waiting, how does that make you feel?

Are you still proud of the Mollahs?

God I hope not.


Just outlining the options...

by bahmani on

As I hope you get, I am not in favor of spilling a drop of Iranian (or anyone else's) blood over something as insignificant as "Government".

My point was to outline the fact of Iran's current Constitution and Law.

Pundits seem to think that "Reform" can happen, and according to my understanding of Iran;'s C and L, it simply can't.

It's illegal. The other option is the kind of bloodshed you alluded to, which I don't want, and so the remaining possibility is the religious elders in charge of the many "Councils" ruling Iran tight-fistedly today, simply wear out and it all becomes "Ceremonial".

That's the only Bloodless way I can see it can happen. But the bloodless, "get tired and get out of the way", way, won't happen for many years and maybe decades from now.

At least that's what I think.


Do you want to change from within? Go to Behesht-e-Zahra

by Siavash300 on


If anyone really concern about changing from within I suggest them to go to the cemetary of Behesht-e-Zahra in southern Tehran. Visit the mass grave or our brothers and sisters who had been buried in small piece of land by bloody hands of Islamic monsters who occupied Iran for last 32 years. Not even tombstones on these graves. Needless to say our virgin sisters were being raped the night before their execution by these Islamic thugs. Just take a look at these graves and listen to the crying of the mothers who lost their love ones. Listen carefully how they mourn and feel their pain. It touches the heart of any decent person. That will empower you and change you from within. Just do it and you will see the result immediately.

That's a shame to see some people close their eyes to the reality of Iran. Shame on them.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

G. Rahmanian

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I rarely lock horns with these entities. Do it the doggy

Oh please Rahmanian jaan first thing in the morning? I shudder at the thought of Soosan or Sum Woman anywhere near me. It is what make me want to take a vow of abstinence.



by Paykar on

Ramble on. You think very highly of yourself. Most people here are against what the regime is doing to the people and find it hard to believe there are individuals who, in good conscience, can in any way come out in support of the torturers and rapists.


Post as much as you want, you only expose yourself further.

Soosan Khanoom

Sum-woman, they act like a

by Soosan Khanoom on

Sum-woman, they act like a gang here and bombard their opponents one after another with no mercy and no wisdom and then they think me and joe or you and Joe are one person... or we all are one 

they are so out of touch from reality that they think they should not even have two or three opponents on this site ........ they keep wondering  how can it be ? so these three opponents are only one .... or they are the old one show up again .....

i am more sad than mad when i see these types of behavior ....  they allow themselves to label you and insult to you and yes they all are freedom loving people.....  how sad ... truly how sad this is ...  

The first time i ever heard of Joe was today when i reply to a post and the the first time i ever heard of you was last night  in reply to your post ... 

well ......... what can we do ? let them live in their delusional world  ..... 



G. Rahmanian

Let's Export Our Great Revolution, Peacefully!

by G. Rahmanian on

Let's prevent Iranians from protesting against the IR, peacefully. Let's hang from cranes and stone to death poor Iranians, in public, every 8 hours, peacefully. Let's torture, rape, mutilate and lynnch Iranians in their cells, peacefully. Let's put anyone who challenges IR's rule under house arrest, peacefully. Let's close down every publication, arrest every journalist, writer, poet, member of the intelligentsia that are against the IR, peacefully. Let's misappropriate the nation's coffers, peacefully. Let's deplete the Central Bank of tens of billions of dollars and save it in private bank accounts abroad, peacefully. Let's confiscate people's properties, peacefully. Let's, through nepotism, cronyism and favoritism allocate hundreds of large and midsize contracts to companies owned by the ruling clique's relatives and friends, peacefully. Let's live under an apartheid system with regards to education and employment, peacefully. Let's force millions more Iranians into exile, peacefully. Come on, people! What's wrong with you? Can't you live peacefully, even for a day?


Iranians who want to war with Iranians

by sumwoman on

Okay freedom fighters...

I began posting because I was alarmed at the bloody thirsty ravings of Iranian revolutionaries stationed in San Fran.

Your freedom loving ways have provoked you to ask site admin to block me. You cry for freedom and democracy but you practice tyranny, group think and insults. It's so classy of you.

PS: I have never met Joe L. I do not know who he is or where he lives. So you can stop dreaming about iri boogey men come to ruin your war party.

I want peace not war. Is that so hard to understand!

PS: i don't support mullahs, but damn I am glad they are in charge, because they have managed to keep Iran in one piece.




by Paykar on

"The mullahs, Ahmedinejad and their keen sense of politics is all that is keeping her from sharing the fate of Iraq."


This is got to be overstatement of the decade. Now, what type of reform does Iran need Sumwoman?

Do people all over the world have the Right to determine  their form of government? You are no different from Antarynejad or the Mullahas, accusing the masses for being agitators helping the American agenda.

Iranians are engaged in a battle for their survival, dignity and Civil Rights-they could not care less about Amrika or the @#$% NeoCons. 

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Joe ... iranian people

by Soosan Khanoom on

Dear Joe ... iranian people have never been given a chance to live democratic .. we all are learning ... hopefully this site is a good start ...

 I have more opponents here than supporters ...... basically no supporters ... but since this is going to be democracy ... it is going to be good ...... .. as you know democracy is not the right of majority but the right of individual

 now everyone please do not lbeat your opponents... let us live and breath democracy ....

we have the same rights as mola nasrudin and  mash ghasem : )

G. Rahmanian

DM, Azizam

by G. Rahmanian on

That's a good one! I rarely lock horns with these entities. Do it the doggy style(doggy fashion), so by the time they realize what has hit them, you're done and gone! Some may even enjoy the learning process!

Joe L.


by Joe L. on

your knowledge is impressive. no one here has been able to argue any of your points. shows the power of knowledge. replies to your posts sounds more like ghadafi yelling to support his own regime (did you see him on cspan today. it was comical). good evening.

Joe L.

Basiji thugs

by Joe L. on

i dont like them. have bothered me in tehran. tell you what, you guys here and that girl who wants me blocked are just like them, difference? you are in america and probably not religious. thugs however, well you get it.

Joe L.


by Joe L. on

now a voice of freedom and democracy is asking admin to block others who think different than her. wow wow wow, this is getting better and better. i am beginning to have too much fun, must come around more often. islamic republic is sure looking good comparing to feather weight freedom fighters. being here only one day out of the year, i see what free and open minded iranians must go through. what you got to say for yourself asking others to shut up so you can present "your" freedom? shame on you. shame on admin if they truly blocked others who think different.




by Doctor mohandes on

Are You pulling a vilemose?? LOL

allright!!!!!! yaa baby.

G. Rahmanian

The Best Policy

by G. Rahmanian on

Is to write your comments and ignore them and they will eventually disappear! Even if they didn't go away, you wouldn't be wasting your time constantly arguing with a bunch of IR agents. Would you argue with a Baseeji in the streets of Tehran, Mash'had, Isfahan, etc.? If not, why do it here? Can you see any difference between their attitudes and logic? They're all the same. Only the venues are different.


either that or firooz had a sex change!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Pathetic how these clownish infantile spammers with no jobs or life  who are obviously not even Iranains are allowed to roam  and pollute this site with their sick fantacies of racial hatred and anti Iranian comments......

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

G. Rahmanian

Did NP Get A Facelift?

by G. Rahmanian on

Or are these clowns under different avatars her new clones?

Anahid Hojjati

Admin, would you please look into this

by Anahid Hojjati on

 To Admin: Recently several IRI supporters were blocked on this site. Now , all of a sudden, Joe L. and sumwoman are all over IC.  Where were these two couple days ago? No one gets interested in a website and in a matter of one day contributes these many comments. This looks like a case of blocked users coming back with new user names.

Admin, can you look into this?


Sell your stock options in Lockheed Martin and Boeing

by sumwoman on


Are you here to incite Americans boys to go to war against Iran on your behalf?

If you don't like the mullahs, grab a plane, go to Iran and show them what you got.

Do not incite Americans to war.

Do not incite anybody to go to war, no one profits but the warmongers.

Enough already, macho man.

Sell your stock options in Lockheed Martin and Boeing,
that way you will no longer have a financial obligation
to push death and destruction on innocent peoples living in far away places.

No amount of insults can make up for your shallow understanding.
I suggest you widen your political scope,
you are sorely lacking insight into the deeper currents that push the tide.

Do not worry, Pashtuns are not plotting to kill you.
They are too busy dodging bombs and bullets.