25 Bahman

Latest videos from February 14 rallies in Iran


25 Bahman
by Ghormeh Sabzi

Latest videos will be posted here as they become available. See news and more updates here. Also direct reports from Iran in Persian here.

Videos posted earlier >>> PART 1 -- PART 2

Face-off between protesters and guards

Tearing down Khamenei poster

Another large poster torn down

Security forces roaming the street

Pro-Khatami slogans in his hometown, Ardakan

Basiji breaks car glass, attacks people:

Protests as viewed from a bus:

"I'll kill the one who killed my brother"

"Freedom or Death"

Tear gas attack in Teharn:

Protester arrested in Rasht:

Disabled man hit in the head by police:

Sharif University, "toop, tank, basiji digar asar nadaarad"

Protests continuing into the night

"Death to Khamenei" slogans

Basiji bike set on fire

"Irani mimirad, zellat nemipazirad

Chanting "Death to diktator" on Tehran's Azarbaijan St

Protesters escape security forces

"Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic"

Beating up regime supporter

Shot protester taken by ambulence

Marg bar Diktator...

Barricades and making bonfires

Sharif University:"Death to Mahmoud the traitor"

Sharif University studnet rally

Motor oil on the street to prevent against basijis on motorcyle

Tehran: Chanting Khamenei is next to fall

Security forces turn back people

Blood from injured protester

Singing "Yare Dabestani"

Motorized forces preparing to confront protesters

Protesters cheer as Khamenei poster brought down

Tehran protests continue into the night

Protester's leg covered in blood

"Marg bar Khamenei"

MORE 25 Bahman videos >>> PART 1 -- PART 2


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send videos from Sharif univ. to Prof. Ulmann at Stanford!

by MM on

Thanks for the compilations GS.


the hazbollahis

by rtayebi1 on

in Iran R bunch thugs, but hazbollahis in USA like FUSSY GORILLA R nothing but intellect prostitutes, they will change their color as soon as they don't get paid. I remember after the revolution they were keep taking away our freedom, by useing  tactics such as there is going to be a civil war. Bunch of vatan froosh their smart one and bunch of religious fanatics  idiots the restof them.


People who dare. I'm proud of all of you brave men and women...

by Marathon-Man on


To be tottaly honest these brave men and women deserve a bravery medal for stepping out against such a barberic and crazy rejim after all those hangings, torturs and violences....

 People clearly showed the rejim that they do not fear them any longer and can face up  the consequences no matter waht.

 We all know by now that this rejim is going downhill but this is a matter of time and the effort that we put in to make it sooner.

 Freedom is not granted , you have to fight for it.






Demonstration in Tehran or The pack is out for a walk?

by Khebedin on

How sad to see Iranian.com distributing MKO’s video. Repetition of the same over and over again. Does JJ realise what he is doing and how harmful this is to the website he has the responsibility to manage?. I can assure you that Iranians know the pack and shall never let them put hand on any part of Iran. These guys need to go where Sadam went. Relating them to the Green Movement is also dishonest.

Jahanshah Javid

Only a handful

by Jahanshah Javid on

Hichi nabood... So I don't know why these guys are sooooo angry over nothing:

Mash Ghasem

As fussy's pathological denial of reality takes a

by Mash Ghasem on

thugish turn, one could ask: " just how much do they get paid to call day night & vice versa?"


How many

by fussygorilla on

are claimed to be there in these "protests" which seemed to be trash can igniters?  A handful, may be a hundred Mujahidin Kalq thugs?  Are these  whom Mousavi Karoubi claim as supporters?  Hillary Clinton, you know that AIPAC mouthpiece, should have been there to complete the U.S. support for these hoodlums and of course CNN and BBC cameras also present their usual lies and exaggerations in order to complete the picture!


Can someone confirm this?

by KingReza on

This guy has been responsible for beating multiple protesters in Tehran in and around Emam Hossien.





by statira on

Protest does not stop here and people keep going to the streets tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and many days after today.

David ET


by David ET on

David ET

Iran Secular future updates will be on facebook

by David ET on

David ET


by David ET on


Iran Live

by vildemose on

David ET

CNN report

by David ET on