25 Bahman

Latest videos from February 14 rallies in Iran


25 Bahman
by Ghormeh Sabzi

Latest videos will be posted here as they become available. See news and more updates here. Also direct reports from Iran in Persian here.

Videos posted earlier >>> PART 1 -- PART 2

Face-off between protesters and guards

Tearing down Khamenei poster

Another large poster torn down

Security forces roaming the street

Pro-Khatami slogans in his hometown, Ardakan

Basiji breaks car glass, attacks people:

Protests as viewed from a bus:

"I'll kill the one who killed my brother"

"Freedom or Death"

Tear gas attack in Teharn:

Protester arrested in Rasht:

Disabled man hit in the head by police:

Sharif University, "toop, tank, basiji digar asar nadaarad"

Protests continuing into the night

"Death to Khamenei" slogans

Basiji bike set on fire

"Irani mimirad, zellat nemipazirad

Chanting "Death to diktator" on Tehran's Azarbaijan St

Protesters escape security forces

"Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic"

Beating up regime supporter

Shot protester taken by ambulence

Marg bar Diktator...

Barricades and making bonfires

Sharif University:"Death to Mahmoud the traitor"

Sharif University studnet rally

Motor oil on the street to prevent against basijis on motorcyle

Tehran: Chanting Khamenei is next to fall

Security forces turn back people

Blood from injured protester

Singing "Yare Dabestani"

Motorized forces preparing to confront protesters

Protesters cheer as Khamenei poster brought down

Tehran protests continue into the night

Protester's leg covered in blood

"Marg bar Khamenei"

MORE 25 Bahman videos >>> PART 1 -- PART 2


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Z-izi, lets do the calculus

by ImtheKing on

50,000/1=50,000 (not 5,000,000!! ey baba) !




by Doctor mohandes on

So what happened to My chai? I had asked you for it 3 hours ago,

Zood bash please. Mano keep waiting nakon . A good woman should know what to do. Yallah Binam!:) 



by Hajminator on

The last year 22 Bahman was a fraud. The regime tried to leverage from Greens who came to protest.


Thanks to Google's  photo from one of its satellites last year, we know that, even with greens there were  less than 50 000 people there. Azadi square has an area of about 50000m^2 and compactly speaking each person takes a surface of 1m^2, looking at the photo every sane guy can come to the same conclusion.





by izi on

Maybe you should read the posts before yo jump in to comment just because you feel you have to comment.- We are talking about the last year in 22 Bahman while your Green movement was at biggest. But speaking of not being able to count though maybe you should apply that to your own fellow desperate revolutionaries who are saying that 1oos of thousands of protesters came out on the 25th. -//www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbYqckFvUJI&feature=player_embedded 


Hajmin jan,

by ImtheKing on

Keyhan is there to count for Hizbollahis!

Ha ha ha! 5 million thugs on Massachusetts square, that was a good one!



by Hajminator on

Who said there were 5 million people on Tehran last friday?

Either you think Azadi square has the superficie of Massachusetts? Or you cannot count?

The square was far behind to be full, at most there were 50 000 guys there.




Imtehking you truly must be desperate :)

by izi on

Your logic is as sound as your 32 years of pointless spitting from 1000s of miles away.So you are saying that 5 million (in Tehran) were brought in by buses? For a sandwich?


 First of all this shows your true face of what you really think about the Iranians and all the BS about democracy is just a crocodile tears of your fake show to make yourselves feel important. So you are telling me that the Iranians are so cheap and desperate that they came for a Sandwich?


Secondly, even though I know it is really hard for you guys to phantom but calculate how many buses it would take to transport in 5 million people in few hours. Now take that same calculations and figure out how many buses it would for the other millions and millions of citizens in other cities.Like I said your desperation and incompetence of 32 years of doing nothing but talk and watching the Iranian population and Iranian nation leaving you guys to pickle in your own desperation without giving you guys a second thought has driven you guys to a frenzy of infinite childish explanations trying to figure out why so many people support IRI.And here is the other millions of people who came out in other cities:




Z-izi khanoom, aye az 22 bahman gofti

by ImtheKing on

They gathered arazel-o-obash across iran, paying them a lot of sandiss, bringing them with Deluxe buses and as a result they weren't even able to full Azadi's square. Ah ke khandidam oon rooz. Vay, hahaha I'm still laughing.

In contrast, since one week, every fascist motahajer came and threaten people to not come for 25 Bahman, they said that the mouvement for freedom is now finished, dead, terminated, mordeh, pelassideh, etc. etc.

And what we saw? a heaven music of freedom from our youths in Tehran, and that after chand ta sili zadand too goosh arbabat.

Akh joon, cheh keyfi mideh vaghti goshesh midi again and again ...

For the evolution, people like me thought it was possible till one year ago. BUT that was before they killed, raped, hanged our youths and. Now. you can softly sit on your evolution or dream on it by eating pinbeh daneh.

Stay tuned haji khanoom stay tuned, more is up to come.


Anonymous Observer

Don't blow your stack just because you got caught "izi"

by Anonymous Observer on

Don't blow your stack just because you got caught with your pants down "izi."  

 AnonymousOk who photo shopped that Photo. Was it you losers just trying to make a point?

If you had bothred to look at the bottom of the photo before you resorted to "fahaashi", like your bosses have thought you to do when confronted with facts,  you would have noticed that the photo is from your bosses' own site, "Farsnews."  

Now go bang your head against the wall.   

PS- yes, when you run the country, have money and resources and can bus people in, feed them chelo-kabob and Sanids, and when they're not afraid of being raped, beaten and shot at, you will get more bodies on the street. 


Iziand Khbedeh,  the

by vildemose on

Izia nd Khbedeh,  the broken record are still in denial lol. they still insist the groups are isolated "rioters"!! The tells us these are tiny groups, yet their regime deploy tens of thousands of basij and police to combat them! Such a tiny group that they cut off internet and cell phones. Something doesn't quite add up there izi boozy!!! I think you need to check yourself into the nearest insane asylum, they have pills for your ilk.

This was a true victory for the Green Movement, whichever way you look at it. Numbers aside, the fact that so many people were determined to protest despite knowing that they would be beaten, arrested, killed on whim, shows that the people have resolve to keep the movement alive. In my opinion, change will come with opportunity. 1500 were detained according to HP.




This is what a real support is like

by izi on


You see this is why you guys are the losers that you are. Because this is the typical reply that you guys come up with every year. Yeah, yeah, yeah I am a billionaire and I have stolen money with my masters and blah blah blah.The fact is that every year you losers say the same thing and come back the next and repeat the same. AnonymousOk who photo shopped that Photo. Was it you losers just trying to make a point? If that picture makes you happy and important then so be it. Frame it and salivate over it thinking that you have actually made a difference. Here is the people who came out last year who support the IRI://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbYqckFvUJI&feature=player_embeddedand here are the pictures from this year://isna.ir/ISNA/PicView.aspx?Pic=Pic-1713426-1&Lang=E//isna.ir/ISNA/PicView.aspx?Pic=Pic-1713426-15&Lang=E//isna.ir/ISNA/PicView.aspx?Pic=Pic-1713426-16&Lang=E//isna.ir/ISNA/PicView.aspx?Pic=Pic-1713390-18&Lang=Eso you guys can scream and keyboard all you want for another 32 years but the facts don’t change that you guys will be here year after year doing the same useless thing.I actually thank you guys for being so useless. Opposition like you guys assures the success of IRI. Thank you.


IZI think who you are and think why they hate you

by afshinazad on

IZI are you one of those who have billions of Iranian money in British Banks.

or you are just a mouth peace who like to leak any where it comes.

do you have a iranian blood in your hands?

let me promise you, your billion dollar masters don't give a crap what you think because you are nobody but a tool with no brain, keep barking, because your and your masters days are over. 


""This is a similar story to

by vildemose on

""This is a similar story to the 2009 demonstrations when I attended several rallies. The tactics are the same:
Build "walls" of Niroohaye Entezami along with their vehicles to block entrance to major roads; divert people to side streets in order to stop large groups gathering momentum; plant groups of plain clothes agents amongst protesters; radio basijis on motorbikes guiding them towards protesters inciting them to beat protesters remorselessly; throwing tear gas into the crowd; ram into the crowd at high speed with motor bikes; plant plain clothes agents with big lenses to take photos of the protesters in order to identify them; beat and push protesters into waiting vans.
All this along with cutting off the mobile network communication, shutting down the Internet and jamming satellite TV stations are just some of the tactics the Islamic Republic use to stay in power.

They say that cowards often need a lot of back up. Yes they have a lot of resources it seems but they are no more than murderous thugs; the worst kind of criminals on the face of the earth.

But the winds of change are
blowing. Khamenei is holding on but not for long. The brave people of Iran have shown their courage in the face of mortal danger. The regime is scared and is crumbling.

The people of Iran will choose their destiny and come out victorious despite the West's support for the regime for the past 31 years.""

Anonymous Observer

Yes "izi", so many people came out for the IR

by Anonymous Observer on

that it had to photoshop pictures to inflate the number of protesters:


32 years of BS!! 

PS- if you're not writing from South Lebanon you should be able to read the Persian notes telling you why the picture is photoshopped.   



by izi on

ooohhhhh where did I hear that threat before? Oh yeah I have heard it from firace oppositions like you for 32 years. :)

Like I said I will see you next year and the next and the next doing the same things getting no where.

Whether you accept it or not Majority of Iranians do not want a revolution and all changes will happen as evolutioin but the 79 revolution will allways remain.

Take look at how many people came out to support the IRI and the revolution just few days ago and compare it to the few soosools today.


Yeah, z-izi khanoom

by ImtheKing on

We also are glad that Fascists like your masters have occupied Iran! Areh be khoda, If they were as smart as Reich guys, it would have been something else. But with genius like Mamooti, Ejeh-E, Moghadam, ...we will overcome by laughing everyday. Yeah!

When the regime will change, don't put a flashy minijupe, you'll be detected easily as an ex-pro-mullah, OK?



by izi on

The funniest part is that you guys are so desperate that due to lack of any opposition you are supporting people like Musavi and Karrubi. But I am really glad that Iran has opposition like you guys. After 32 years you guys are still nothing more than talk.


Yeah, yeah, yeah z-izi khanoom

by ImtheKing on

Last year people came in mass because they didn't know they would be killed, tortured, hanged, etc. This year they came knowing all that and you got a puddy too dahani.

He he he

Stay tuned hajieh khanoom, wondering which mini-jupe you'll put after the regime change. A pink fluorescent to catch the lost time? Hahaha


Imtheking teh "Green Movemnet" is dead

by izi on

The proof is in the pudding. Look at your numbers. How many came out last year and how many this year?

And how many diffrent cities has it spread to? These are remenance of MKO supporters and loser Pahlavi dreamers.

Like I said I will see you losers here next year too.


Hajieh z-izi, deh to dari joosh mizani!!

by ImtheKing on

If me and Roozbeh are saying the same thing that means we are right and you wrong...

Oh yeah, I forgot, your master is the God's envoy on earth and you, be yourself, you know everything ;)

Hajieh khanoom, a question: From your logic, After killings, hangings (1 every 8 hours), etc. etc. where did the millions of people of last year go?  They vanished... he he

Stay tuned Hajieh khanoom, stay tuned!


Roozbeh look at yourself

by izi on

I am not the one that it is in a frenzy. I am loving to see you guys coming here year after year with your predictions and getting owned every year.

Last year after the "Green movement" millions upon millions came out to support the IRI and the Greenies ran off like little MKO/CIA/Zionist supporter that they are.

This year compared to last year 1/1000 of the population did not come out yet you guys are stilll making loser predictiond.

How come you guys egnore the millions of people that cam eout just 3 days ago to support  the IRI. are they not Iranian? or is it just your tyoe that you accept that counts?

I am having fun watching the losers here year ofter year. Man joosh nemizanam be khodetoon negah kon bebin ki dare joosh misane.




by ImtheKing on

If we are wrong and you the absolute right in the absolute majority supporting IRI, pass chera matahteto inghadar mizani zamin? I'm saying that from the tone of your z-izi comment. lol

Hajieh z-izi, your masters said that the Green mouvement was dead, etc. etc. and yet a huge too dahani to you and them, yesterday by the youths of Iranzamin, and that all around Iran!

We will overcome, even though you and your masters are 1000 times more vaghih than Mubarak. The higher you put the price, the harder will be your sili

So stay tuned, Hajieh khanoom, stay tuned!


Easy, "izi"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

زیادم جوش نزن حاجی خانوم، که شیرت خشک می‌شه.

در ضمن

نه غزه، نه لبنان، جانم فدای ایران!



Weren’t you guys here last year?

by izi on

I remember distinctly that you guys were here saying the same things. Yet again a year is passed and the same guys are here with their same predictions.Didn’t you guys say last year that it was over and you got owned by 5 million people showing up to support the IRI just in Tehran.Now with few 1000 soosool coming out in Tehran you think you have support in Iran.OK now your 25 Bahman is over now what?I guess I will see the same losers next year saying the same thing as in every year.

Hey it is 32 and counting. The score for you losers is 32 IRI and 0 for losers sitting in the west saying “lengesh kon”.

keep dreaming baba, keep dreaming. Majority of People support IRI.


from me to you for a change

by Monda on

Mash Ghasem

Thou Ghormeh Sabzi aziz, many complemnts to you

by Mash Ghasem on

for thy videos. You rock, get some rest dude,cheers

Mash Ghasem

دستگیرشدگان دیروز در تهران به زندان اوین منتقل شدند

Mash Ghasem

هزار و پانصد
نفر از
دیروز در
تهران به


گذشت چند ساعت
از تجمع
افراد دستگیر
شده در جریان
تجمع دیروز
لیستی مرکب از
1500 نام
،  از سوی
بیدادگاه انقلاب

خوانده و
اعلام شد
دستگیرشدگان به
زندان اوین
منتقل شده‌اند.
حقوق بشر

در این باره
می نویسد:
امروز، 26 بهمن
ماه بازداشت‌شدگان
تجمع روز
گذشته در
تهران، به
دادگاه انقلاب
واقع در
خیابان معلم
انتقال یافته
و برای آنان
پرونده تشکیل
شده است. این
در حالی است
که ماموران
یگان ویژه،
صبح امروز با
حمله به
در مقابل
انقلاب، آنان
را مورد ضرب و
شتم قرار داده‌اند.



خطر اعدام
برخی از
دستگیر شدگان


دستگاه اطلاعاتی
و امنیتی رژیم
همراه با خبرگزاری
های دروغ
پراکنی آن،
فارس، با طرح
شایغاتی و
منتسب کردن
های روز گذشته
به مجاهدین
خلق، در صد
ایجاد زمینه
تبلیغاتی برای
بعدی رژیم به
ویژه اعدام
برخی از
به اتهام وابستگی
به مجاهدین و تیراندازی
به مردم،
هستند.  پاسدار
طرح دروغین
شدن 9 تن از
امنیتی در

روز گذشته
، گفت: تیراندازی
گروهی از
منافقان در
روز 25 بهمن

به کشته شدن
یک نفر از هموطنانمان
و مجروحیت چند
تن دیگر شد


مهر، پاسدار
رادان در
حاشیه نشست
روسای پلیس‌های
آگاهی با
اشاره به

روز گذشته گفت:
به دنبال
فراخوان سران
فتنه پس از 22
بهمن و به

اسرائیل و
انگلیس گروه
اندکی از فتنه‌گران
به خیابان‌ها


Dastet Dard Nakoneh GS!

by Monda on

Khasteh Nabashi! (I hope you are getting some sleep?)

Jeesh Daram

The videos that will crush the pillars of theocracy in Iran

by Jeesh Daram on

The direct naming of Khamenei is the best thing happening in Iran. There is hope and growing fast. I love the ending of this video, thank you:




When their president looks like a monkey,

by ImtheKing on

It's no surprise that their thug supporters, beating people in streets of Iran and, spreading lies on internet in the west, are Mad Gorillas (and also proud of being that - badbakhta they cannot even think and see by their own!! .. oh sorry, thery are just Gorillas ... they have to read Keyhan to undrestand the world!)