Nothing wrong with war!

Why it is good for us


Nothing wrong with war!
by Siamack Baniameri

It is a known fact that our country Iran has a large surplus of retards. Unlike real retards, these people do not suffer from impairment of cognitive functions. In fact, these cousin-fuckin’, rosewater splashing, Sandis drinking, hygienic challenged individuals seem to get around effortlessly. The problem with these retards is not medical … it’s ethical. These retards suffer from impairment of humility for a small amount of cash and a chance to leave the village. These retards have certain characteristics that include: religious zealousness, hatred of music, arts and anything that is attractive, uncontrollable sex drive that is triggered by women’s hair, ability to climb embassy walls, love of facial hair and obsession with defending the honor of other people’s wife and daughters!

Now, you might think that I’m making fun of the unfortunate or the uneducated in our country. That is far from the truth as understanding the difference between right and wrong does not require money or a degree. Actually, I personally know rich, educated individuals who have no shred of kindness in their DNA. Kindness cannot be bought or taught.

Throughout our long history, these retards have always had a special place in our religion and politics. As people, we tend to somehow, always end up with these individuals as our leaders. Sometimes by force, and sometimes by choice. But they seem to always manage to ruin it for the rest of us.

But today, thanks to a miracle called the Islamic Republic government, we seem to have a shot at curing this illness once and for all. At no time in our history have we managed to get all these retards in one place at the same time. IRI has managed to somehow recruit just about every one of them to serve as members of revolutionary guards and Basij. Opportunity is knocking.

The Iranian people surely do not have the willpower or the stamina to stand against this massive power of retards. These people are armed, well financed, dangerous and will travel anywhere to rape and pillage. Iranian people are no match for the savagery of the army of Orcs. However, western powers are quite capable of annihilating the bastards and rid Iranians, once and for all, from these brainless degenerates. There is no need to occupy or bomb ordinary people. There is no need to land troops or build nation. Just send a few thousand of these retards to heaven and Iranians will take care of the rest. Yes, we are willing to stay behind and build the country while them retards have fun with their 70 virgins. Imagine a country lighter on stupidity. A nation rejuvenated. A motherland reborn. And I for one, am willing to sacrifice a cousin or two for the greatness of my country.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Regarding issues

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Before moving on I absolutely don't think USA will invade Iran. They have a different strategy. Therefore I will put it in terms of Iraq because  we have a real situation.

1) Resistance or guerrilla warfare requires support of the population. Without it they will not succeed. In Iraq out of the three groups Kurds decided to work with Americans. They did not allow "resistance" and hence no problem. Others made the mistake of supporting them. If people turn these goons over there will be no problem. Yes it is difficult to turn in your hot head "bi-mokh" neighbor or cousin. But if it is between that and letting them blow up a market I'd turn them in. 

2) It is impossible to have a non secular democracy.  Hence we need a bill of rights which guarantees separation of religion and state. That is the job of a "Government In Exile" must propose and ratify a bill of rights. 



You got a good point, yet 2 issues are present

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

1) that ideologically brainwashed basiji's will use invasion as a pretext to do what the sunni bathists did in Iraq and start regional civil wars and mass killing/bombings of many Iranians to weaken ability of USA to take control of country and establish another nonsecular shariah based government that dances to its tune?  They can't do this if the people on all levels unite and break them, in that instance their will, will be broken much quicker.

2) Other than the mullahs the other issue is the USA/EU, what good is it if they just want a nonsecular shariah based government.  It is important to have guarantee's in writing this will never happen or else it will be like a useless exercise in neo-colonialism, like Iraq where religous militia's are loyal to ayatollahs who have the final say on the govt. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Sadegh Bozorgmehr

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


- I am willing to go so far as to let foreigners murder my own cousins and family for regime change. That is a sacrifice that I will make in the spirit of generosity.

You are going out on a limb and putting words in he mouth. There is no reason why regime change would cost many lives. I am not for war myself but I am also for being honest. War against IRI will be costly only if people fight to preserve the VF.

No reasonable person should fight to keep these goons in power. If they don't then they are not likely to be harmed. You realize most killings in Iraq and Afghanistan are by rebels not America. Regions with no major rebel activity have few harmed.

If there is war I suggest people drop their guns. Or use it as an opportunity to attack the Basiji and Mullahs. Post war it is foolish to help any rebels specially Islamic ones. Turn them in to the Americans; save Iran from goons and terror.

Sadegh Bozorgmehr

Author is a walking stereotype

by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

I commend the author of this piece for his honesty. He hit all the main points that Iranians like him make.

- Iranians are "retards" and must be civilized by force.

- Civilized White people should save us from ourselves because most Iranians are too brown to be considered human.

- Iran's major problem is cosmetic. Get rid of the beards etc. and foreigners might think we're White too.

- I am willing to go so far as to let foreigners murder my own cousins and family for regime change. That is a sacrifice that I will make in the spirit of generosity.

In summary, I like Iran and all, but not as much as I hate IRI.  


Violence is only solution

by Siavash300 on

No way these stinky mullahs leave their positions with peace or any movement such as "Green movement". In order to make a living, Mullahs used to kill Imam Hossaine by Nohe khanie in cemetaries each day. All the sudden, they found themselves to sit on the peacock chair with plenty sexual partners such as Khaharan Zaynabs. They are making left and right sigheh. That is very naive to think these bastards leave peacock thron with negociation and in peace. No way jose.  Only violence can remove these bastards. That is the reality. Some people may not like it , but that is the fact of our society. The other pal is saying U.S "surgical strikes" will destroy 10,000 targets of bridges, tunnel and bathrooms. I still don't get it. What is the benefit of destroying bridges, tunnels and bathrooms for the U.S?   Stinky mullahs will kill mass of Iranians in thousands or even in millions just to stay on power. They are willing to give up the country resources to foreign power just to stay on power. They don't want to leave their peacock chair.

Not long ago, very reliable source told me in person that the targets would be only Basij, Revolutionay Guard and all those nuke sites. He said if the air stike hit the normal and average Iranian that would bring the whole nation against foreign invasion. That is not what they want. They want Iranians support. They don't want to make them their enemies. come on they are smarter than that. They are not like mullahs who love to make enemies around the world.

If the air stike only hit mullahs sites, people with join them and that is what they want.  Israel or rather jews are smarter than that. They target the sites and places who support mullahs such as basij. They want Iranian people's support. They don't want to fight against Iranians. In fact, Jews respected Iranians since the time of Koroush Kabir. They are fighting against mullahs, not against Iranian people.  I don't blame them. No one like mullahs except people who are on their payroll.  The guy's cousin was working with Obama's administration. So he was very reliable source. making that comment. He said the first attempt was to paralyse their computer with no human causualty. The 2nd option is military (if the virus doesn't work) would be military action. The goal is to stop these monsters to reach nuke power that is big threat state of Israel.  That is the plan. Very smartly designed. Surely, they are not going to hit the bridges, tunnels and public bathrooms.



by BacheShirazi on

Thank you


BacheShirazi I sent an email asking for links to

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


I will forward to you if I get a response on the operation.


Not sure where this would be now

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

so much online is concealed even though at the time it did receive some tiny light media attention, I would contact // these guys and ask them about any articles on Iranian War ships seized after the revolution but before the USA got saddam to invade Iran with the intention of helping secure the Mullahs.  I don't think any of the articles would discuss the private discussions that were given to RP to distance himself from it all as the USA/UK/France oppose the operation and wanted Mullahs in order to suppress years of progress, peace and human rights his father brought about. 

Media's goal in the west is to protect the nationl security of coutries above freedom of speech, so this means controlling the minds of their own intellectuals, so info like that you may only find in some peoples books, linked to the people involved. To be more accurate, I think it was the president of Israel that told RP he didn't support it and to get far away from the plan for his safety as west opposed it and had different plans for Iran, which we have all enjoyed for 33 years and counting.



by BacheShirazi on

I remember that when Reagan took office, a few thousand Iranians left
Iran and volunteered to knock out Khomeini and were trained in France,
they started to do some opperations on IRI pasdars, to show they were
easily ready, like capturing the IRI naval fleets biggest ships around
the world and imprisoning the pasdars. Yet nothing came of it due to the
real obstacles.


Link to this? 


I said all I can on the subject Simorgh5555

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Regarding the comment on this blog on cousin *&^*%s, it is a proven fact sadly, //

Says He married his cousin, all I can say is these are dark days.


Amir Parviz Jan

by Simorgh5555 on

If Iranians would unite with RP, the forces still loyal to him can literally erase the IRI from the pages of history from within Iran. 


You support Reza Pahlavi. You support Fidel Castro. The Pope or John Wayne or even Simirgh or Amir Parviz!

Badesh chi mishe agha?!

You think the Muslims will budge one bit? Do you think they will respond to the will of the people and invite him over to Iran? Do you think they will be threatened and lose any sleep?

They will round you up, put you on a show trial and give prison wardens condoms by which to rape you.  

MirHussein Mousavi was the Prime Minister of Iran and a dyed in the wool Hezbollahi. Did Syed Ali Geda say OK I will make a concession to the opposition and allow him to enter into a power sharing government to calm the people down and address the legitimate grievances?


I am not going to entertain conspiracy theories only that I had the utmost respect for Ali Reza and I believe his brother should have renounced all claims to the throne and let his brother become Valiyat. Ali Reza did not even have an internet website because his family muzzled him and stopped him expressing the views of many Iranians which is that these monkeys terrorists will not go without a fight.

Whether you approve of American led military action or not, the IR will not go without VIOLENCE. You have admitted to this. Rumours and speculations are rife that this is exactly what Ali Reza thought as well.






Simorgh5555, You are honestly uninformed. part 2

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You ask.... "What is unconsciable about killing mullahs or seeing whole units of Basijis die?" frankly nothing wrong with this line of thinking, one way or another heads will fall at the top in every district of Iran if regime falls (even though I am against capital punishment) this will not be preventable by me or 10 million people like me, so I've realized to deal with it.  Yet Military action will murder hundreds of thousands to millions of innocent people and unite too many people in favor of the rapists in power.  And after all that what do the people gain? 

The real underlyng issues are not resolved, the real issue is the west and its influence on Iran, if they militarily act, for sure they will only support another group of backward mullahs.  I don't think you even see the way they are playing the game globally.

Since Shahs prime minister, his personal doctor and himself were so darkly
murdered by receiving cancer the empire of the United States has done
nothing but harm human rights and democracy on earth, Paraguay's
Fernando Lugo, Brazil's Dilma Rousseff and former Brazilian leader Luiz
Inacio Lula da Silva, Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
and the populist leader of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, have all
been diagnosed with cancer, since America has not changed her ways at all
and as patriotic leaders they stand opposed to foreign domination of their peoples
and work hard at achieving freedom for their people like the late shah did.

You are wishing for help from the wrong team dear uninformed Simorgh5555, your views are almost as backwards as our patriotic  Iranian Generals and officers who I respect, God
bless them, but they are not trained to think politics through and can't tell the difference between an error and a good decision. The Light of
Truth wiil Triumph.  Somehow. I don't know how, but these mullahs don't have alot of life left in them, the problem will be the new mullahs west will back after these guys get removed.  The least I wish Iranians would unite aroung is secular anything or else the future will be worse.



Simorgh5555, You are honestly uninformed. No disrespect intended

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You say.... "As sincere and nice a person as he is, his solution is to continue civil
disobedience. You think that going on hunger strike and more
demonatrations is going to make a bit of difference?!!!!!"  Simorgh you don't see his strengths or his difficulties.  RP is the lawful protector and influencer of Iranian Culture, which has been wiped out to the disappointment of most Iranians and since he still has hundreds of thousands of people alive that were in the military during his fathers time, obviously he can do quite alot.

I remember that when Reagan took office, a few thousand Iranians left Iran and volunteered to knock out Khomeini and were trained in France, they started to do some opperations on IRI pasdars, to show they were easily ready, like capturing the IRI naval fleets biggest ships around the world and imprisoning the pasdars. Yet nothing came of it due to the real obstacles.

Iranians and RP have never been our obstacle to freedom.  The problem is that the USA/Reagan and Carter before him and both sides of the aisle since 1979 until today absolutely love the IRI and want islam for Iran so the iranian forces the shahs team assembled were requested by the west to step down and return the hardware, which they were forced to do.  The thing is if the people of Iran had supported the late shah (there is absolutely nothing the west could have done against Iranians even despite being able to murder the shah to suppress Iran). 

It is because the Iranian people were so easily manipulated and to this day are not united by a super majority of 75% around RP that he has no other choice but to be uninvolved as the USA/UK/France Want.  RP could do whatever we want, like remove IRI by force if the political situation in Iran supported it and the entire world continued to oppose Freedom for Iran and therefore him.  The reality is the West does oppose him and did kill his father and brother (who wanted to make a move and kick out mullahs without western support and disunity in Iran).  If Iranians would unite with RP, the forces still loyal to him can literally erase the IRI from the pages of history from within Iran. Without the willingness of a super majority supporting RP, it is pointless for him to knock out the IRI with both disunity in Iran and strong US/UK/French opposition, since Irans fate will be no better the past and the west can undermine even a future democratic Iran.


Amir Parviz Accpet that all

by Simorgh5555 on

Amir Parviz

Accpet that all Iranians start supporting Reza Pahlavi-what then? Do you think that the criminal ugly cousin shagging Mollahs are going to change one iota? In 2009 Mousavi went from one time has-been prime minister to almost Michael Jackson superstar stardom and he was a hezbillahi to the core? How did Seyed Ali Khameni respond? Did he ask for the ballot boxes to be checked? Did he ask for a power sharing government between Ahmadinejad and Mir Hussein Mousavi? Did they compromise in any way to give you the impression that these are civilised people and that they can be reasoned with? They are throwing the youngest, most educated and bravest of our Iranian youth into prison and giving condoms to the prison wardena to rape.them before beating them to.death.
What makes you think that Iranians getting behind Reza Pahlaci is going to.change? As sincere and nice a person as he is, his solution is to continue civil disobedience. You think that going on hunger strike and more demonatrations is going to make a bit of difference?!!!!!
Khatami and the reformists were in power and not only did they do nothing but you had the chain murders and some of the highest rates of execution. The reform movement began 25 years ago and they did NOTHING but give people false hope.

What is unconsciable about killing mullahs or seeing whole units of Basijis die? These are the same people who killed Neda Soltani and other Iranianw. LET THEM BE KILLED. They have negated themselves as Iranians. They are nothing but biological plasticine.
Was the civilian population slaughtered by Gadafi 'unpatriotic' for appealing for help to stop their murder?
You guys are running out of excuses. Your scaremongering tactics have failed. There is ONSE solution and that is the solution Reza Shah had in mind more than half a century ago when unified Iran: VIOLENCE.
Violence against the regime is right, ethical and extremely satisfying. War with Islamic Republic is BEAUTIFUL.

Please support military action NOW

G. Rahmanian

Amir Jaan!

by G. Rahmanian on

Either you'll accept "The chickens are all one-legged." or this "debate" will go on till the end of the world. I'm amused by the statistics presented, though!


Response to Rastgoo about IRI's many wonderful achievements

by AMIR1973 on

the family planning in Iran is a model for the UN.  Iran has decreased its birth rates to some of the lowest in the developing world (better than Turkey).

It was under the Shah's regime that family planning was developed. Emam urged women to have more babies. It was only afterwards that the regime took the prior regime's family planning off of the shelves and reinstituted it.

the population has been thoroughly educated down to the villages. 

Literacy rates have been rising throughout the world. IRI's literacy rate is 125th among countries, below many countries either much poorer or more conservative -- nothing to boast about:



Fourth, infrastructure is present in the vast majority of the country.  

Once again, IRI's life expectancy and infant mortality rankings are not even in the Top 100! For a country as rich in resources as Iran, not being to make even the Top 100 among countries 32 years after the An-Gholab is a disgrace.

Basically, lift all sanctions and "leave the IRI alone to do its thing" and the Supreme Leader, IRGC, Basijis, Guardians Council, and the entire thieving and murdering Khomeinist establishment will somehow just evolve into Greatness Personified (also known as Doraan-e Talaee-yeh Emam)! But, perhaps the Return of Emam Zaman will happen before then....


ETA for regime fall

by Rastgoo on

Now that's an interesting question.  I ran away from fighting the Iran-Iraq war 32 years ago and was under the impression that the regime will fall any day.  About 12 years ago it dawned on me that Iranians don't want another revolution and that a sizable minority do in fact support the hardliners in the regime (~25% back in 2000 according to regime polling).  By hardliners I mean Khamenei, Mesbah, Yazdi, Ahmad Khatami, et al.  I include Rafsanjani and Khatami among the reformers.  If you take those guys away and honestly ask what percentage want regime change, I would have to guess at perhaps 20%.  It's bitter truth but most people want an Islamic government.  Now, that doesn't mean we can't have Democracy as well.  I think that long term we will reach a state in Iran where the Velayate Faghih will become a symbolic role.  This is what happened to the Islamic Caliphate with the Abassid Caliphs sitting in Baghdad powerless until the Mongols destroyed Baghdad and Islamic civilization back in 1250.  Of course the Ottoman empire (military rule) is another possibility but I doubt it since the literacy rates and globalization will not allow a military rule for too long.  Also do keep in mind that it has not been a complete waste since the revolution.  Look at the cup half full.  This regime has done a few good things for Iran that we must note in light of 32 years of sanctions, 8 years of a devastating war and doubling of the population from 35M to 70M today.  First, it revolutionized agriculture so that today Iran is more or less self sufficient.  Second, the family planning in Iran is a model for the UN.  Iran has decreased its birth rates to some of the lowest in the developing world (better than Turkey).  Third, the population has been thoroughly educated down to the villages.  Fourth, infrastructure is present in the vast majority of the country.  Fifth, the organic flowering and social evolution in terms of NGOs, etc.  These all point to a heightened social and political awareness in Iran.  Last and most important this revolution has taught Iranians that secularism is the best form of government.  I think this is a great accomplishment for Iran that other countries in the region are just entering now.  I call for full cooperation of the US and the world community with Iran.  I think that if Iran is brought back to the international realm it will inevitably face accountabilities that will force it to curb its autocratic nature.  Sanctions and war are the worst thing for Iran.  Iran will change for the better, have no doubt.  Iran was among the greatest nations for at least 2000 years before 1700s.  We can catch up and become great again like the koreans, Chinese and Japanese.  I have no idea when Iran will become "habitable" again but another 10 years in over 2000 years of productive history is just a drop in time's bucket.  A large drop in our lives but compared to history of civilization it is nothing and certainly worth waiting for.  Meanwhile keep hope alive and prey for peace.


Behesht Zahra ...

by Joubin on

Haven't been there since '79 but I'm pretty sure the ratio of dead mullah / dead patriotic Iranian is pretty low.

Iran is a "problem" nation for the Globalists, just as Germany, and Japan, were for their fathers and grand fathers back in the day.  Consider what they did to Germans and Japanese.  IRI is but a passing phase.  

Here is my definition of "retarded" in this context:

Siamack Baniameri: grow up, kid. 


Rastgoo on reform will not take 400 Years.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The most positive leader Iran has had since the Islamic occupation 1300 years ago was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. He understood the real Culture of Iran (to be pre-islamic in a detailed way) and defended it in a way no leader has done.  If there is any opposition to the IRI it is a society that once knew Freedom which he fought for after years with out it and a youth that longs for Freedom like it used to be. Since it was the people that were manipulated to allow their freedom to be stolen from them by the Rat Khomeini I doubt they will make true progress without a real leader that focusses on defending the culture of Iran, like Reza Pahlavi, not bs reformists. 

The hurts which we deal with everyday are a result of gutlessly betrayal of MRP in favor of IRI.  Iran has been in a state of Tyranny for 33 years, with IRI left alone and imposing tyranny don't expect life to be better in another 1300 years.  Do you even know what Tyranny means? It is the absence of freedom to make positive change. What nonsense are you spewing?


Simorgh5555 Mousavi, khatami reformists supporters are not on

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

this site, you need brain cells to arrive on this site.  True Reformers understand the need for Regime to go and for Reformist leaders to be hung with conservative leaders, the same way they have both done to tens of thousands of iranians over the last 33 years.


Regime has to go, but foreign military is unconscionable,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

unlawful, immoral and will above all, harm our capability of establishing a democracy in Iran for generations. The Regime is not going anywhere peacefully, yet the Iranian people can remove this regime without foreign military acts, using non-terrorist/non-extremst opposition that are above all patriotic, unlike the IRI.  There needs to be more Iranians actively showing support for RP to make it crystal clear he is the defender and leader of the culture that we support. 55% isn't enough, with a large majority backing him, he can remove the regime, because he has millions of people in Iran ready to fight for their freedom alongside him. 



by BacheShirazi on

You reform and pro war people are two different sides of the same stupid coin. You war idiots have this ridiculous notion that Iran's army is so weak that it can be destroyed in 10 minutes with strategic strikes and Iran will be liberated. Of course you can't provide an answer as to why if this was the case why the U.S has not taken out the Islamic republic yet. If U.S goes to war with Iran you can also expect the loss of the disputed Islands in the Persian gulf.  But the thing is the U.S wont go to war with Iran. And pro war Iranian people who want it to are plain selfish. Why should the United states of America invade Iran, lose tons of troops, so that Iranians can have a chance of getting a democracy. Why should they do that? Why should Americans mothers lose their sons for a country they could not care less about?

Reform people are equally dumb. Iran's population is ahead of its government. Your reform argument would work if this was the other way round, but it's not. Why should the Iranian people be held back for decades so some retards educated in Qom who run the show find out that pisslam is no way to govern a country.  You further fail to address the fact of why every reform movement so far has been crushed. Mousavi is partly at fault for the 2009 failure for calling off the demonstration and losing all momentum.






by Simorgh5555 on

These people are unable to accept hard facts. Its not because he is not in favour of military action against the IR which bothers me but it is because Rastgoo, depite the fact that he acknowledges that we live in a world or Facebook and Twitter, he cannot pin point one significant contribution these Reformists have made. He argues that each country is different but surely after thirty years its amazing that there isn't an opposition party any more and now there is talk about even abolishing the post of president after Ahmadinejad. This is plain utter self-denial and madness so typical of the delusional Mousavi supporters.


Rastgoo -what do you estimate the ETA will be on Iran's

by Onlyiran on

evolution to democracy?  400 years, just like Europe?  Or since we're always behind Europe by leaps and bounds in everything, should we double that amount to 800 years?  Should we just be patient, or actually, should our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren be patient for the IRI to evolve into a democracy?



by AMIR1973 on

For clarification's sake, I did not call for a war on Iran, but I do have a question: Do you agree that if the IRI is just "left alone", things will work out on their own and take care of themselves -- i.e. "evolve" in their own time and manner towards (Fill in the Blank outcome)?

Tiger Lily

Let's get to the fundamentals here

by Tiger Lily on

when you say retards with rosewater, did you mean reatrdedly pure enough or culturally sensitivally gallons of JLO? Hmmm?


Otherwise I quite agree. Let the hired serial killing state sponsored psychopaths and mercenaries kill each other for other psychopaths and sociopaths to get back to business, baba.'Can't wait to taste Baniameri cousin kebab, although the'll probably justgive me the left over abgoosht.

That's democray for you. pffft




It will not take 400 years

by Rastgoo on

Reform and change for the better will not take another 400 years to occur in Iran.  This is the age of the internet where information is transferred at nearly the speed of light around the world.  The 2009 protests in Iran were transmitted almost in real time using cell phones and Twitter (and other social media sites).  Hence the satellite dish removals, internet censorship and TV signal distortions in Iran.  Social evolution is also expedited with evolving technology at the same productivity rate that our everyday lives are streamlined.  You are painting the whole world with the same black and white colors.  You can't compare Iran with Czechoslovakia and Poland or Cambodia.  Each country has its own unique history that determines its future social evolution.  In science we call these boundary conditions.  In every day language you are comparing Apples with Oranges.  You have an acute lack of historical perspective, very neo-conservative like, in that you think all these things have to happen in "no time".  This is very typical of a spoiled mentality that is used to getting things when it wants them without any regard for others.  Things take time whether you like it or not.  You can't use a hammer on every problem.  Some problems require different sets of tools and require a longer time to crack.  You are not being patriotic by calling a war on Iran.  In fact this is both unpatriotic and inhumane as it will cause many lives to be lost in a very risky gamble.  If you think you're talking for the people in Iran wanting war to replace the regime you are dead wrong.     


Dear G Rahmanian and VPK

by divaneh on

Dear Rahmanian,

Thanks for your reminder. I think you are right and I have taken this blog too seriously. Perhaps I did because of the recent blogs and exchanges about the war and the comments in here by some supporters of such actions. I agree with you that the blogs or comments here can in no way influence the situation with regards to the war. I however think it is a healthy debate that allows us to evaluate different strategies ranging from elimination to conversion of some groups for bringing democracy to Iran.

Dear VPK,

You have argued with a few sentences of my comment and then have come to the same conclusion.

You have given me the exact answer that I expected with reference to the 10%. Even 1% is something close to 1 million, so killing is out of question. Please note that the question is based on the idea that is discussed in the blog.

The worst thing about the violence is that it gets out of control. I don't think I need to provide examples for this.

You don't need to be patient if you have a golden bullet. Otherwise you have to put your faith in the civil movement and be patient. The second part is very clear, read it again.

And finally you have come to the same conclusion.



by Simorgh5555 on


At least  all nonsense  talk about the disintegration of Iran into seprate bantustans out of the way. There will always be pockets of communities that seek to break-away and this is not different from the Baques in Spain to the Front de liberation du Quebec- and also, as Houshang Tarrah Gol states (and his opinions are closer to yours than mine) says it is more likely that the Kurds and Baluch resistance groups are fighting for recognition of basic human rights rather than a hidden agenda to seek independence. All Iranians, regardless of their ethnicities are working, married and living in different cities across Iran. All mahor cities have become cosmopolitan Iranians even in Ahwaz where the IR (to its credit) resettled many Iranian families in previous Arab only ethnic enclaves. Most iranians have an Azari, Lor or even Baluch aunt, grandmother or uncle interspersed all over the country. The thought of Any talk of a civil war along strong ethnic or sectarian religious lines such as Iraq is overblown and patently absurd. Iran today is a different country from Iran in the 1920's thanks to the Pahlavi dynasty. 


In relation to Iran's dysfunctional reform movement you would think that in the last 33 years the Reformists would have achieved some significant step in separating state from religion; sepratating the judiciary, legislature and executive; allowing candidates to stand for election without being veted by the Assembly of Experts; removing social restrictions and allowing greater freedom of expression. But Alas, they have done Sweet F*** All to change anything other than allowing Halal Music and Cinema to be used. Under the reformist moderate cleric Khatami the rates of execution and extra-judicial killings surged. Nothing changes. You call this evolution but compared to other countries under oppressive totalitarian rule there has been a significant reform movement that has made huge strides or they have got rid of their dictators altogether in the same time as the Islamic Republic has been in power. 

Compared to Czecholovakia-40 Years - We should be past de-Stalinastion and be entering into the Prague Spring by now

Compared to Poland-40 Years - We should be in the "Solidarity" phase  

Compared to Cambodia-We should have overhtrown our Pol Pot by now

Compared to Uganda- We should have our Idi Amin kicked out  by now

Compared to Spain -We should be close to death of Franco  

Compared to Zimbabwe- We should be on our power sharing deal beyween Mugabe and opposition movements

Compared to Zaire- Mobotu's regime should be on its last legs 

Compared to Panama- Noriega is overthrown in ten years and we should be light years ahead!  

Compared to Libya (40 years)- We should have overthrown Gaddafi by now

The only crooked regimes still alive on the planet is North Korea and China followed by Cuba-which is not even comparable to the evil of the Islamic Republic.

Four hundred years? What do you thing this is the Middle Ages? I hate to pesonalise this Rastgoo (AND THIS APPLIES TO ALL ANTI-WAR IRANIANS RESIDING IN THE WEST) but you or your family probably couldn't stand living in the hell hole called the Islamic Republc for 5 years let alone 33 years and you did not stick round to see the revolution blossom or help the reform movement. Oh, no! It the conditions were intolerable for you and that is why YOU had left alongside many other Iranians including me.

Please don't tell me you left Iran for "Personal reasons"!  

Iran does not have 400 years to wait until all the rivers are dried up; The population spins even more out of control; Islamific advances until all remnants of its pre-islamic civilisation is burried and forgotten. 

What arrogance to condemn Iranians to another 400 years of an evil regime when you are living comfortably far away taking for granted your everyday freedoms.  


You made it out. Now spare a thought for the 65 millions who did not.  


Please support military action with all your heart!  


What's most humorous/sad of all....

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Is the notion that the IRI can be "reformed" or if just "left alone", things will work out on their own and take care of themselves. Nearly as humorous is the use of the term "warmonger".