1953: "Year of the Wind"

Poem by Shamloo, music by Pejman Khalili, vocalist Mohammad Hassan Ezztzadeh

سال باد


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Darius Kadivar

No sense of humor either ...

by Darius Kadivar on

What a Gloomy Republic you must have in Store for us ...

1984 George Orwell Movie Trailer (1984)

Animal Farm-George Orwell-Animated Movie (1954)



by Arj on

All dictatorial regimes take advantage of the parranoia created by the fear of a "bogeyman" in order to justify their crimes and gross violations of human rights! Yesterday, it was the Tudeh bogeyman, and today, the Zionists and agents of the great Satan! And interestingly, these circumstantial hypotheses can apply by association too! Hence, Mosadegh should've been toppled by the CIA and MI6, because the Tudeh party might have taken over -- as in Musavi and Karubi had to be deposed and imprisoned because they were going to hand the country over to the U.S. and Zionists!

Morover, in the post-coup era no political parties could be allowed to exist due to the same fear! Ergo, people should've been good boys and girls, counted their blessings, enjoy the 2500 year celebrations from afar, and forget about politics. Is that too much to ask for keeping the Shahanshah Ariamehr happy?!


And if he had not been removed

by fozolie on

Do you think he could have controlled Toudeh and its infiltration of the army? What would have been the future of Iran once Mossadegh rule by decree would have failed and he became a hostage to Toudeh? 

What is with Iranian love of failure? Who made Shah a dictator? The demagogue Mossadegh, Toudeh and Jebhe Gheri e Melli.

Mr. Fozolie

Darius Kadivar

Beautifully Done but don't think You can "Impress" Constitution

by Darius Kadivar on


1979 was the result of ignorance of Antellectuals.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

1979 was lead by people who mostly fled,

not even they were happy with the result of their anti-monarchy views,

Khomeini taking the movement over was really because the people who

organized 1979 within Iran were not Intellectuals, they were Antellectuals.

Some peoples pride is too big to be fixed, so they blame 1979 when the shah was unpopular on 1953 which happened when the shah was very popular.

The blame theory Doesn't reason out.


United We Stand

by Amir19 on

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. I believe until we have not toppled this barbaric regime of IRI, putting a divide among ourselves and pro- or Anti Shah or Mossadegh groups, or even, distancing ourseleves with PMK members, does not serve our cause. We must pull all of our resources togather and fight the regime in Iran and in a free Iran, we can have mature discussion about all of these matters. Let's stay focused on the main objective, which is getting rid of the thugs in Iran and bringing a free and democratic regime in Iran, which is chosen by the majority but defends the rights of all minorities.


So long as people remain

by Khebedin on

So long as people remain distancing themselves from facts and not prepared to facing realities and refuse to think before taking any action, the situation remains the same. The political round yard can only be set up by people, it will not set up itself. Our problem are not the politicians, but ourselves. You only need to look at some of the comments on this website.


...and thugocracy lives...

by Arj on

So long as the armed forces and street thugs are the king makers in our land, we're doomed to live under dictatorships, whether in secular or religious forms! And so far as we excuse the use of violence and intolerance of opposing views, we'll be alternately ruled by basijis and Shaban Bimokhs, or vice versa!


1979 was a direct result of 1953.

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Islamic Republic of Hell grew directly out of the despotic regime of Shah. So did Hojatieh, and all those Mosques, Mahdiehs , Hossaynieh, ...

If you don't understand this simple equation by now, you're really beyond hope.


One thing is obvious.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Iran was a far better place to live, even in 1953 than in 2011. 

A Sad Story of Big Mistakes that one can not fix because too many are still too proud to admit it.


نگاه کن

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

نگاه کن



سالِ بد
سالِ باد
سالِ اشک
سالِ شک.

سالِ روزهای دراز و استقامت‌های کم
سالی که غرور گدایی کرد.
سالِ پست
سالِ درد
سالِ عزا
سالِ اشکِ پوری
سالِ خونِ مرتضا
سالِ کبیسه...





زندگی دام نیست
عشق دام نیست
حتا مرگ دام نیست
چرا که یارانِ گمشده آزادند
آزاد و پاک...





من عشقم را در سالِ بد یافتم
که می‌گوید «مأیوس نباش»؟ ــ
من امیدم را در یأس یافتم
مهتابم را در شب
عشقم را در سالِ بد یافتم
و هنگامی که داشتم خاکستر می‌شدم
گُر گرفتم.


زندگی با من کینه داشت
من به زندگی لبخند زدم،
خاک با من دشمن بود
من بر خاک خفتم،
چرا که زندگی، سیاهی نیست
چرا که خاک، خوب است.



من بد بودم اما بدی نبودم
از بدی گریختم
و دنیا مرا نفرین کرد
و سالِ بد دررسید:
سالِ اشکِ پوری، سالِ خونِ مرتضا
سالِ تاریکی.
و من ستاره‌ام را یافتم من خوبی را یافتم
به خوبی رسیدم
و شکوفه کردم.


تو خوبی
و این همه‌ی اعتراف‌هاست.
من راست گفته‌ام و گریسته‌ام
و این بار راست می‌گویم تا بخندم
زیرا آخرین اشکِ من نخستین لبخندم بود.





تو خوبی
و من بدی نبودم.
تو را شناختم تو را یافتم تو را دریافتم و همه‌ی حرف‌هایم شعر شد سبک شد.
عقده‌هایم شعر شد سنگینی‌ها همه شعر شد
بدی شعر شد سنگ شعر شد علف شعر شد دشمنی شعر شد
همه شعرها خوبی شد
آسمان نغمه‌اش را خواند مرغ نغمه‌اش را خواند آب نغمه‌اش را خواند
به تو گفتم: «گنجشکِ کوچکِ من باش
تا در بهارِ تو من درختی پُرشکوفه شوم.»
و برف آب شد شکوفه رقصید آفتاب درآمد.
من به خوبی‌ها نگاه کردم و عوض شدم
من به خوبی‌ها نگاه کردم
چرا که تو خوبی و این همه‌ی اقرارهاست، بزرگ‌ترین اقرارهاست. ــ
من به اقرارهایم نگاه کردم
سالِ بد رفت و من زنده شدم
تو لبخند زدی و من برخاستم.





دلم می‌خواهد خوب باشم
دلم می‌خواهد تو باشم و برای همین راست می‌گویم


نگاه کن:
با من بمان!




نه‌ شاه، نه شیخ


استقلال، آزادی، جمهوری ایرانی‌

مرگ بر دیکتاتور


What a tumultuous period, what haunting images...

by Reality-Bites on

A period when maybe if Shah and Mossadegh could've come to some kind of an agreement and a roadmap for the future of Iran, we would not be where we are today and Iran would be a different country today................afsoos!


Not much seems to have changed in 60+ years

by Bavafa on

Though the thugs on horse back are now riding motor cycles but the deed is indeed the same.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory