Sound of Silence

Kurdish music with a twist

Sound of Silence
by Ghormeh Sabzi

In Sanandaj, a Kurdish musician, Yadollah Nasiri, plays music and a group of hearing and speech-impaired women and men "sing" along with sign language. The song's name is "Sarij".


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Touch of harmony.

by Sinibaldi on



soundsand a


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desire,the inner

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When I see Irans Unfortunate, I miss Shah and Days Of Freedom

by AlexInFlorida on

Shah made such a great effort in bringing freedom and justice for all and just think how these peoples lives would have been different if Shahs team had stayed in power and achieved their goals.  In 1985 all Iranians would have had health care, paid for by government if they could not afford it.

Those who betrayed Shah, betrayed the weak and the poor as well, since he he put almost all his efforts into bringing freedom and justice for all.

The Days of Wealth, growth, modernity, development, free education and well being have been gone for a long time now. 

Surely Shah must be badly missed?  Not every Iranian can be Ignorant can they?

To think that the west, deceitfully/purposely labelled Shah a dictator
in order to first trick iranians into betraying the Shah and then
getting them to support their #1 man Khomeini who with Saddam would help
weaken and control Iran should surprise no one.

Iran has oil, all developed countries wanted to control it and Shah
wanted to use the oil to help Iranians realize Freedom no matter their
class or station in life.

Shame on Iranians for not having the last word on their own future and
betraying their 2500 year old national institution of tolerance, freedom
and majestic monarchy.

How is Shia Islam working for you now? 


Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

by Chupaun on

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!


Heartwarming music and

by Kooshan on

Heartwarming music and beautiful people. I wonder if human being did not have speak, how would the history be written?

Most of the atrocities deeply rooted in our spech communication. We fist hurt people withour words and then the actions follow!!!!!

I hope no one takes my words as an offecnce to The linguistically challenged people.



by yolanda on

Hi! Angel,

  LOL! yes, I am dreaming of visiting Iran....but I have to have some disposable income 1st.......I need 2nd job during summer......if I go, I will take a picture with the beautiful hookah pipe - the Persian paraphernalia.......I don't know how to smoke.......I have never smoked in my life....I have better not started 'cause I don't want any allergic reaction......LOL!

    If you have a collection of Persian costumes, you should do a photo can be your own fashion model and find someone to take the pictures for you.........just a suggestion!

Please take care!


Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

The ones in the video aren't traditional in that sense. ... I wish , that before they detroy all, I could go and collect all sounds and costumes........ There is one fashion designor (Shirin  Bakhtiari-Zafar- Guild), otherwise, I've been actively trying to salvage pieces at auctions (embroidery! The cuts!) for ages ....

Hey Yolanda, one day soon, we'll go off , and you'll be sitting there with your hooka pipe, and I'll be with my soundrecorder and all sorts causing mayhem !


The paradox of freedom: sometimes people freely choose not to be free."



by yolanda on

Hi! Angel,

   Thank you for the info......the costumes in the video look great, beautiful and feminine-looking.......I guess they are ethnic costumes.......I can see them only in special occasions........Wow! You still have the vintage garments.......I have to say that the old stuff is way better than chadors.

take care!

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

I don't know about now, but about 40years odd years ago, the most gorgeous garments were village norm. I used to love and adore them and wear them... I still have a few pieces. O†herwise, you can pick up exquisite pieces at Christie's South Kensington auction  for less than a fraction of the current trends.


"The paradox of freedom: sometimes people freely choose not to be free."

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on







by jigsawnovich on

I love this video, and I can feel the love in this video!  :)


What a beautiful rendition

by dhhcfo on


Fantastic.  Very moving.



by yolanda on

Nice music, beautiful & colorful (Kurdish?) costumes and no chadors.....

Thank you for sharing!

Manoucher Avaznia

هر جا کرد هست،

Manoucher Avaznia

هر جا کرد هست، آن جا ایران است.


با درود


great video of our Kurdish brothers and sisters.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Great display of love for life and will to overcome hardship amidst the daily terror inflicted on brave kurdish people by the islamist regime.


Simply Beautiful.....

by Khar on



سر فراز و پاینده باشین همتون.......(-:



یکی دیگه از نگین های با ارزش جواهری به اسم ایران، اینبار از کردستان.

نمیدونم چه جوری میشه وصفش کرد، لطافت موسیقی؟ احساس و همراهی شنونده ها؟ لباسهای رنگارنگ؟دلتنگی برای اون آب و خاک؟ هرچی که هست بد جوری بدل نشست!

دستت درد نکنه ق.س. شب جمعه ای حال کردم.

Bahram G

Thanks divaneh

by Bahram G on

You also said it for me. Beautiful.

Bahram G


So wonderful

by divaneh on

Beautiful music, beautiful settings, beautiful people. Their communication through face and body is so strong and so touching.

Multiple Personality Disorder

That’s just beautiful!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Very touching and amazing!


Thanks JJ! Indeed, you are right.

by Midwesty on

Appreciate your response!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

... people with disabilities do not get a chance to participate fully in society. this is a wonderful exception and we should see more.


JJ, please elaborate on this ...

by Midwesty on

"they don't get a lot of chances like this"...

Jahanshah Javid

how beautiful is that?

by Jahanshah Javid on

the music is lovely. and the "singers" wonderful. so touching to see them included in a beautiful artistic setting. they don't get a lot of chances like this -- to experience a rich life like the rest.