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good voice all he's got

by daneshsh on

I'm pretty sure the forbidden question or subject was Ebi not singing the "Khalije Fars" in Dubai despite all the Persian people in the audience requesting it. I think he's got a great voice but he's a loser and a liar when it comes to politics and nationalism. He is obviously an alcoholic and I would have thought more of him had he at least admitted that he drinks at almost all of his concerts and that it's not only one or two small shots!

This was one of the best Parazit episodes for me. Enjoyed it a lot. 

Mardom mazloom:

من هم منتظر دیدن عکس اون دزد و آدم کش لااقل در پشت زمنیه علامت سوال بودم 



و این هم پارازیت های علی‌ حسینی


در تأئید حرفهای آقای قراعتی

من نگویم شیخ گوید مستراح

گشته بهر علم خود یک جایگاه

حال فهمیدم وزیر علم تان

مدرکش هست از از کدامین علم گاه


و این شعر‌ها در تأئید سخنان خواننده محبوبمان ابی‌

امیدوارم این شعر را برای ما بخواند.


About JJ comment, people have their moment. I have met him in many occasions with Jannati taking part in serious campaigns. As for his voice, he is liked by many. 


JJ About Ebis concert and Alcohol

by choghok on

I was in a concert were he from the start was drunk. He just sat down sometimes or lied down on the floor singing and sometimes in ling periods like Kambiz said he just was quiet and people sang the song . It was really upsetting to see that, not respectful to the crowd. And it is very funny to see that a person to come out and say that god have given him great voice. I have not heard this from many singers. I personally do no like his voice especiall much. I like more Habib or Dariush or Farhad voices.

Mardom Mazloom

یه فرد زشتی که هی دروغ میگه،

Mardom Mazloom

میگه من میخوام این مملکت رو نجات بدم ولی روحیش لجوجترین، کینه ورز ترین مردم است نسبت به خلق! تا وقتی سوار کار نشده، وعده میدهد، همینکه سوار شد دیگر به هیچ چیز رحم نمیکند!

خوب این فرد, که همه درد و بلای پارازیت یک سر بخوره تو سر خودشو اون کره خ.ر.ش ، خ.ر. خودمون دیگه!! اگر عکس خ.ر.شو بجای علامت سوال تو آخربرنامه میذاشتید، یک خورده دلمون خنک میشد!

منم بنظرم اومد که برنامه ایندفعه تون پر تنوع تر و خیلی عالی بود! دست مریزاد.



I like Ebi and all but


he WAS being political in most of the answers he gave despite claiming to be non-political. and I really cringe everytime our celebraties do the usual "vatan vatan" routine.


Alibi, drunken or sober

by comrade on

I wonder if the forbidden question would have been: " Where were you, any of you guys for that matter, when Soosan died penniless?".

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I loved this week's show, as usual. Digging up Taleghani's prophetic warning was especially a nice touch.

But about the Ebi interview: it's no secret that most artists, musicians, all over the world either drink alcohol or use drugs. Ebi is no exception. Has it affected his performances? I don't think so. He still fills venues everywhere Iranians live and his concerts are always entertaining. I have been to three of them and I enjoyed them immensely, even though he was under the influence. We can say the same about Western rock stars and bands. Keith Richards is legendary for his drug abuse. Not good for his own personal health. But he still rocks. So does Ebi.