Fool America Twice? Shame on America!

American voters bought every lie


Fool America Twice? Shame on America!
by bahmani

Suffice it to say Tuesday's elections had me steaming. Never before had we seen such audacious "sore losers getting even" politics as this before. There was more outright Glee on Fox, than Glee on Fox. So sexed was "America of the 50's", I fully expected Boehner the next speaker of the House, to announce that he was officially canceling his Cialis prescription and changing the pronunciation of his name to Boner. He is certainly sporting more wood than the San Francisco Giants!

The Republicans not only took hostage the fledgling 3rd party alternative that could have been the real legacy of the Tea Party movement, but absconded with the biggest fomentation of outright lies and falsified truths anyone has ever seen.

And worse than that, it worked! America bought every lie and line fed to them by Rush, Sean, and Glenn like Sham Wows or Deep Fried Horse Shit at a county fair. This on the heels of the Bush administration which has been the most damaging in history. Sorry Mr. Bush you can wait all you want, your History will NEVER be kind!

The real effort began as soon as Right Wing Talk Radio realized that they could not only curse, harass, harangue, and hang Obama on his every word (including many he never uttered) with impunity, but that also, no one anywhere near the White House was going to do anything about it.

Worse, the Republicans not only nailed the Tea Partiers like an ugly secretary on the copier at the company Christmas party, but they did it without offering one single shred of solution. Other than reducing taxes so businesses can invest more in businesses that don't have to pay taxes, the party of ideas has none. Certainly they forget that the washed out and faded Kodachrome Good Old European Immigrant Main Street America of yore they yearn so much for, had to actually be paid for. It will certainly be interesting to now watch them realize that all their rhetoric won't create jobs.

Obama is precariously teetering on implosion. At best he's a lame duck, and I fully expect the fickle Democrats to blame their woes on him in 2012, and dump him for a now much cooler Hillary. Has anyone noticed Hillary is smiling a lot more these days?

At the very minimum, it appears that Obama was incorrectly silent to his detractors, and should have taken them head on from day one. Because as it has now played out, by not responding to the critics, and screaming an equal and opposite sound to the crazed right blatherings, America sided with those making all the noise. The Absent argument, tantamount to an admission of guilt.

Here's some brief examples:

The Healthcare Reform created an OPTION! Instead of being accepted as a government effort to keep the insurance companies from arbitrarily raising your rates 20-30-40% each year, Obama wanted us to have an OPTION in case we got tired of being screwed. This will keep the insurance companies more honest but more importantly more competitive, because if they pull anything, we now have a lower cost alternative. This main feature, is the gist of the healthcare issue. Other than this, we've always had Government run healthcare, it is called Medicare and in California it is called MediCal and both are completely free.

The Government bailout of Wall Street was an act conceived of and approved by Bush and the Republicans! You'd think from the rhetoric, that Obama came up with the idea. As a token of bi-partisanship, this was kept in place when Obama took over, and it has been well run, and virtually all the loans have been paid back with interest. Bailing out Wall Street was designed to prevent a complete financial collapse of markets, not tame the fantasies of sexy stockbrokers and their passion for bonuses. The Right equated these 2 as the same thing.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan were conceived and fomented in the wild meanderings of Bush/Cheney's heart stopping terms. Yet Obama who ended one and is firmly embroiled in another is now suddenly to blame.

In response from the White House? "Can you please get out and vote?" literally the last week before the election. Certainly too little, and too late. No wonder Obama lost his voice towards the end. He hadn't had any practice.

Here in California though, there was one bright "YEAH!" moment when the wickedest witch of the east of Silicon Valley, Meg Whitman got a taste of what it has been like for most eBay bidders, namely how it feels to lose a bid! Just like an average eBay experience, she waited right up to the last minute confident that she would win the bid because apparently everyone in California is an idiot and can't see someone obviously attempting to buy an election. Jerry Brown's no peach, but he gets the system and has been there before with reasonably moderate success. Whitman still doesn't get that being Governor is not like being the CEO of an online monopoly. No one has to actually listen to you, Meg. At eBay if they didn't do what she wanted, Meg could fire them. Sacramento politics is different, Meg. You can't outsource or lay anyone off if they don't listen.

So what does this have to do with being Iranian?

Nothing. And everything.


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KTS khodet

by shushtari on

if you're a republican then I'm santa clause:


"jerry brown .....did moderately well..." !!!

that sums us your logic


and pelosi has everything to do with it.....she was the god..n leader of the democrats


jamesh kon

Anahid Hojjati

Dear bahmani, thanks for a great article

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear bahmani, I enjoyed reading your article and also the comments  on this thread.

Brian Appleton

Senator Graham "Neuter Iran"

by Brian Appleton on


Link: //


like they have done such a good job neutering Iraq and Afghanistan...may these war mongers all rot in hell!!! They already are neutered which is why they use missiles's penis envy...

 An attack on Iran would solidify the masses behind the government in self defence of their nation. It would kill hundreds of thousands of civilians like it has in Iraq and Afghanistan and create chaos and refugee populations. America has become a war mongering tyrant. It does not have the interests of the Iranian people at heart or even on the radar screen. It seeks only to control the oil and to serve the needs of the military industrial complex and the petroleum industry and to re- install a compliant puppet regime. The US government serves only the large multinational corporations not the people. The American people are in no more of a position to change the government than the people of Iran are to change theirs.


Brian H. Appleton


Rasool Aryadust


RESP: Shushtari

by bahmani on

Most of America was not "Duped" those that voted agreed with the arguments of the right. The voting population is not a majority of America, they happened to be a majority of voters.

Pelosi? Carter? Who mentioned them? This is a perfect example of how the message was altered by the right. You just inserted an entire comment that has not a shred of validity to the piece.

OK one shred, that the left is certainly sore from the beating!

Read it again or more carefully next time before you text in your comments. I'm actually a Republican Conservative... KTS (Khak Too Sar)


bunch of sore lefties....

by shushtari on

doesn't surprise me to see this bunch here LOL

so you want us to believe that pelosi is somehow a decent human being!!!! come on, idiots like her and carter should never be allowed to run for office


good luck next time.....

btw, it's pretty absurd to think most of the US population was 'duped'

Ari Siletz

Things Obama can still do without Congress support

by Ari Siletz on

Congress was lost to the Republicans, but according to Hufpost correspondent Dan Froomkin Obama still has plenty of executive power through the regulatory authority of the executive branch, if only he would use them.

Some actions he can take unilaterally:

1. Take on the banks. The Dodd-Frank act gives the President a huge amount of regulatory power. Obama is timid about using this power.

2. Climate change action. The Supreme Court has given the EPA  authority to regulate carbon emissions. Obama is timid about using this authority.

3. Campaign finance reform. Through the IRS Obama can make life very difficult for contributions abuse. He's timid about ordering tougher tax scrutiny on contributors.

Foregin policy, minimum wage increase, unemployment issues, firing Geitner, cleaning house...are all areas where he has sway as "Sherrif in Chief." But the Sherrif runs and hides whenever any of the bad guys show up in the saloon, and worse yet runs errands for them occasionally.    

 Quote from Froomkin article:

"...And Obama also needs to stop his White House's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) from crippling his own regulatory agenda; Steinzor points the finger at OIRA director Cass Sunstein, who she said "frets more about cost-benefit analyses than about regularly capture."



Sargord shut your pie hole! Now you're a Californian

by Anonymouse on

You're done with Iranian politics and supporting Islamic Republic and are now mixing apples and oranges?  I'm glad Barbara Boxer's ads were featured in your face so you could get a dose of your own medicine! 

Everything is sacred

Sargord Pirouz

Hey we Californians didn't

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey we Californians didn't fall for it. Democrats swept all the major offices.

Unfortunately, though, our California Democrats on the national level are beholden to the Israel lobby. But whacha gonna do. Where applicable, I voted Green.

But it was sure good to see Jerry handily defeat Meg Whitman. You really had to be a real ass to vote for that woman. (I'll bet "Iranian of the Day" Farah Douglas did.)


Election results 4 (D) Representatives who voted against Health

by Anonymouse on

Rep. John Adler (N.J.) [Lost 50% to 47%]
Rep. Jason Altmire (Pa.) [Won 51% to 49%]
Rep. Michael Arcuri (N.Y.) [Lost 53% too 47%]
Rep. John Barrow (Ga.) [Won 57% to 43%
Rep. Marion Berry (Ark.) [Retired seat went to (R) 97% t0 3%!]
Rep. Dan Boren (Okla.) [Won 57% to 43%]
Rep. Rick Boucher (Va.) [Lost 51% to 46%]
Rep. Bobby Bright (Ala.) [Lost 51% to 49%]
Rep. Ben Chandler (Ky.) [Undecided Chandler leads by 600 votes]
Rep. Travis Childers (Miss.) [Lost 55% to 41%]
Rep. Artur Davis (Ala.) [Quit to become Gov, lost, seat went to (R) 72% to 28%]
Rep. Lincoln Davis (Tenn.) [Lost 57% to 39%]
Rep. Chet Edwards (Texas) [Lost 62% to 32%]
Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (S.D.) [Lost 48% to 46%]
Rep. Tim Holden (Pa.) [Won 56% tp 44%]
Rep. Larry Kissell (N.C.) [Won 53% to 44%]
Rep. Frank Kratovil (Md.) [Lost 55% to 42%]
Rep. Dan Lipinski (Ill.) [Won 72% to 24%]
Rep. Stephen Lynch (Mass.) [Won 68% to 26%]
Rep. Jim Marshall (Ga.) [Lost 53% to 47%]
Rep. Jim Matheson (Utah) [Won 85% to 11%]
Rep. Mike McIntyre (N.C.) [Won 54% to 46%]
Rep. Mike McMahon (N.Y.) [Lost 51% to 48%]
Rep. Charlie Melancon (La.) [Lost 64% to 36%]
Rep. Walt Minnick (Idaho) [Lost 51% to 41%]
Rep. Glenn Nye (Va.) [Lost 53% to 41%
Rep. Collin Peterson (Minn.) [Won 55% to 38%]
Rep. Mike Ross (Ark.) [Won 58% to 40%]
Rep. Heath Shuler (N.C.) [Won 54% to 46%]
Rep. Ike Skelton (Mo.) [Lost 50% to 45%]
Rep. Zack Space (Ohio) [Lost 54% to 40%]
Rep. John Tanner (Tenn.) [Retired seat went to (R) 59% to 39%]
Rep. Gene Taylor (Miss.) [Lost 52% to 47%]
Rep. Harry Teague (N.M.) [Lost 55% to 45%]

I made the above analysis myself.  Out of 34 Democrats who voted against healthcare bill and 31 seats up for re-election (3 retired) 18 lost to Republicans.  What does that tell you?

It tells me that voting against healthcare didn't save them, or at the least the results are inconclusive.  It reminds me of Clinton and Monica when at the time Republicans were on a sugar high glee (like now ;-) only to get themselves kicked out of office!

It cost Republicans 2 Speakers of the House and a failed impeachment and losses in Congress and more popularity for Clinton and Gore won (if not for the cheating of Supreme Court).

So in this case I'd use what Clinton taught history which is to embrace controversy and beat them with it in their own game.  Healthcare can be the death of Republicans in 2012.  In every general elections it is a major topic of debate.  Now for the first time there is (will be) healthcare in America.  

Everything is sacred


as a sidenote

by Fesenjoon on

I always thought of the real reason they let go of Rahm Emanuel.

He was the only Democrat that had the steel balls to answer back at conservatives with the same intensity and vigor. Instead the WH brought in the chief of staff "who quietly gets the work done" (Rouse).

Maybe it's their whole philosophy or something (of bending over and taking it in the ass). And if so, they dont deserve 2012 either.

Something to ponder on. 


You may be reading too much into this.

by Anonymouse on

First of all, of the 60 seats that Republicans gained, 29 were from the so called imcumbent Blue Dog Democrats out of the total 57 in their caucaus.  One who survived was the old failed Redskins quarterback, De Marcus Russell, sorry Heath Shuler who is now Nancy Pelosi's arch rival!

Second, Faux News is where they've always been and they didn't add that many "supporters" or "new" viewers.  They were just able to galvanize their base and bring them to the polls.

About 25% - 35% voted less (depending on district) than during the 2008 general elections when people came out in droves to vote for Obama.  Democrats weren't able to bring out the vote and in some cases it didn't really matter, like the 29 Blue Dogs who would have lost anyway because they were in the Republican districts to begin with.  Quayle Jr is now the presumptive Rep for his district.

However you look at it Republicans won and I sense a little bit like when Bush won his 2nd term or a little like Ahmadi won his first term and started to open his mouth!  A feeling of guilt. Granted people going to polls more in Iran in Ahmadi's first term may not have mattered anyway, given that election is under question as well, but I'm talking about the feeling afterwards that made people come to vote for Obama and Mousavi in buses and in rain!

Republicans won fair and square but they didn't win everything like they did with Clinton winning House AND Senate.  So now it is up to Obama to stand up to them and shut down the Govt if Republicans follow through with their threats like Mitchel and Cantor said yesterday.  They want "smaller" Govt shut the whole damn Govt altogether!  Would that be "small" enough for them?!

In the next 2 years healthcare can become more important as more people lose their jobs or lose a temp job to temp job.  The economy is so bad that it could stay like this through the end of Obama's 2nd term but at least by 2014 there is that healthcare OPTION that you talked about. 

BTW Medicare is not free for everyone and for many by the time you use Medicare for the first time it's on your death bed when because of never attending to a sickness and waiting till the last minute for Medicare, it costs you your life.

Everything is sacred