Torture in Rejai Shahr

Prison in Karaj is notorious for rampant abuse

Human Rights Activists Network in Iran (HRANA): The Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, one of the most dangerous and notorious prisons in Iran has turned into a place of exile for more than 70 political prisoners. Under the blind eye of the prison authorities, Rajai Shahr has been a place of torture, rape, murder and many other human rights violations. HRANA has published yet another video in a series of reports aimed at revealing the human rights violations by prison authorities at this notorious prison. This particular video was taken at the Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj and transferred outside or the prison by means that cannot be disclosed due to security reasons. It brings to light the torture and beatings of several prisoners at the hands of prison authorities - behavior that is against all legal and humanitarian principles.


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You did not know?!!

by seamorgh on

Oh, you did not know. Putting USA on prisoner's underpants is IRI's way of insulting the good people of America and the whole world. Also, IRI makes sure that prisoner's underpants have some green in it for the same purpose. Isn't it just clear! I am surprised that you did not know! By the way, if you doubt, let alone question, my assertions, you should be ashamed of yourself and your posts should be filtered by from now on. So long as I am saying anything negagtive about the IRI nobody has a right to question what I say or disagree. That's how things work here in the US.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


of the underwear sold in the USA is not made in the USA. In fact most textiles are not made in USA. They must have worked very hard to find one that was! More like it is made in China with a fake USA label to fool the buyers.



Does his underwear say "made in USA"?

by obama on




by seamorgh on

When faced with logic, censorship seems to be the best alternative for the insecure. OK OK, you do not need to torture me. I repent. THIS video is the best evidence out there for those who want to assert that IRI systematically tortures prisoners. In fact, I think you should take THIS video to the ICC and ICJ because no judge would dare not to pass a judgment against Iran after he/she sees THIS video.

Give me a break and go find a better cause for your life…


Freedom of Speech

by seamorgh on

It is quite interesting that has started to filter my posts. That says a lot about what kind of people you are...


There is a catch 22 here

by aynak on


Most torture does not happen when an INDPENDENT witness is present. So to ask the vicitims to provide evidence, when the evidence is at the hands of a state, and the state is the sponsor of torture makes no sense.   That's why INDPENDENT investigation must happen.   At this phase, if the state is clean, they must not fear independent investiation.   As we say in Persian, He who has done clean accounting, is not fearful of audit! :)  And that is why Islamic Regime never accepts international observers to examine the crimes (allegations will be automatically elvated to fact as soon as state prvents indepdent investigation).

Of course there are many cases, where not much *further* evidence is needed, than the exiting one:

Zahra Kazemis brutal murder at the hands of Islamic Regimes Justice system is the perfect example.    When a known reporter is arrested then her body is burried without notification of family, and there were holes found in the skull, and all of this while the vicitim was officially in the hands of state.   This only points to one thing, torture and crime inflicted by state agents.

Back to the above video:

First Question:  Does torture happen in Islamic Regime?

Answer:  Does a bear shit in the woods?

Second Question:  Is this specific video authentic?

Answer:  A: either someone from Islamic Regimes Justice (Torture) ministery has fabricated this, to later say this was fabricated (to discredit all other tortures and crimes they have committed) or it is authentic.   Those are the only two possibilities.   Islamic Regime commits enough of thses acts that NOONE NEEDS TO FABRICATE THESE, WHEN THERE ARE PLENTY OF LIVING EXAMPLES, INCLUDING HIGHT RANKING OFFICIALS, WHO ARE NOW, NO LONGER CONSIDRED INSIDERS.    Either way it points back at Islamic Regimes crimes against Iranian people.   As simple as that.


Probably as sickening as Islamic Republic, is the justfication of Pro_Torture camp who believe in Good torture (by criminal Shah) and Bad torture (by criminal Islamic Regime).   Why is it as sickening?   Because after all these years not only they are not unequivocally condemening torture, and not only they are saying it did not happen, but they are saying it was much less harsh or worse, happened for a good reason.   (As if getting a hot Iron on the back or finger nailed pulled is any better than getting raped?).

If one have come even one step closer to understanding the concept of human rights, he/she would not try to justify torture under any circumstances.    Because behind every ideological crime, there is a self serving justification.



Please do not blame Seemorgh!

by shahabshahab on

Many Iranians deny things even if it hits them on the head. They always believe in conspiracies and accusing everything to be fake. Many many Iranians believe that 9/11 did not even happen. Many believe that WWII did not happen or at least no jews were killed. Many believe that the Iranian government is too smart to make mistakes. In fact, just like those who blamed Neda for her own death, many many like this Seemorgh try to believe whatever they believe as long as it does not show that the IRI is really brutal and is capable of committing heinous atrocities, This person then calls anyone who thinks this video is genuine "stupid."

No, please don't blame him or her. Let this person live in the fantasy that IRIB is always perfect. What gives it away is when Seemorgh doea not question the video's contents: Instead, Seemorgh doubts that IRIB being so smart would not have allowed this sort of video to leak out!!  Do not blame this person. He or she simply wants to find a reason why this could not have happened.

So sad, but true.


Unionist Severely Beaten in

by vildemose on

Unionist Severely Beaten in Prison

Rasoul Bodaghi, a member of the board of directors of the Iranian Teachers Trade Association, has been severely beaten in prison by the prison guards on May 28. The assault has taken place at 7:00 a.m. with one of the guards by the name of Ghasem Mohammadi cursing Bodaghi in Karaj Gohardasht prison where Bodaghi is being held. When protesting, Rasoul Bodaghi has been physically assaulted by two other Revolutionary Guards by the names of Sheikh and Aghvaii getting hit on different parts of his body.

Bodaghi has then been taken to the prison corridors, tied to the prison bars and repeatedly beaten sustaining injuries on his head, face, and his teeth.

His fellow inmates protesting the guards’ actions have also been beaten including Dr. Ahamd Zeid Abadi, the incarcerated journalist, member of the board of directors of the Iranian Journalists Trade Association, and the head of Islamic Iran Students (Advar Tahkim Vahdat).

Following the assault, the prisoners of conscience in Gohardasht ward number 6, in an statement, condemned the assault and called the attention of the world human rights organizations and activists on lack of any security on the lives of the political prisoners in Iran.



google search gives 2,570,000 results on on torture in Iran

by MM on

 A google search on the subject of torture in Iran brings out 2,570,000 results (3 shown below).  Why should there be fake setups when there is plenty of examples?

Techniques Of Torture in Iran: //;photovideo

From my Iranian prison  - Mohammad Khoshzough intervewed by Michel Hurtmans: //

US student held in notorious Iran torture prison: //

pastor bill rennick

Difference between torture during Shah's era and Mullah's era!

by pastor bill rennick on

This is by no means approving or condoning or advocating torture of any kind!

Then, torture was performed to keep the criminals, subversives, and terrorists under control as a means to maintain law and order for the benefit of the population (majority) and the country that is Iran!

Now, torture is performed to keep the population (majority) under control for the benefit of the ruling mullahs (minority) and their agenda,  the Islamic Republic.,

It's like the inverse pyramid phenomenon!




by yolanda on

Ahmad Batebi said that the prison official pushed his head into human sewage...he could not hold his breath he inhaled.....IRI treated him worse than an animal!

In a separate interview. Batebi said if Iran is bombed.....he will go back Iran and fight for Iran!




by yolanda on

Thank you, Gavazn, for the article link. IRI did not say the 2 videos are fake........IRI is just upset the videos make them look bad and hurt their "campassionate & merciful" image......they are trying to catch the person who did the recording! They have no plan to investigate and explain the bruises on inmate's body!

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Ahmad Batebi's Testimony : Techniques Of Torture (60Min)

by Darius Kadivar on

From one who has experienced torture Firsthand:


Ahmad Batebi tells CNN's Anderson Cooper, in his 1st U.S. television interview how he was tortured for 8 years in an Iranian prison and how he managed to escape.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

You make a lot of assumptions. Let me go through them:
  • This video is fake. You don't know that. The reasonable thing was what McCoy did. Said he was not sure. Not that it is definitely a fake.
  • Am i cruel or intolerant? How do you know that, do you know me. I will tell you that I am sick of paying lip service to IRI and Islamists. It has been 31 years and countless deaths for iRI. For Islam 1400 years of pain and agony. I say enough.  No more tolerance of Islamist behavior. They either behave civilized or go the way of any other criminal or nut jobs. Unfortunately the belief itself is uncivilized so they either need to ignore their beliefs (as many do) or be a danger to self and others.
  • You think I would bury people? For your information I am oppose to the death penalty. My opposition goes even to the Islamist nuts. So no, I would not bury them alive or execute them in any form.
I already said the point is not this video. I know personally of people who were killed and tortured. Some were kids. Killing of children is routine in IRI and condoned under Islamic law. If you don't believe me go read up on it. This stuff is not made up. So even if the video was fake the reality is that IRI does this. The Islamists get pleasure from it. And they do it with full support of Islam and Sharia barbaric rules.



by Gavazn on

The Intelligence Ministry is determined to discover the identities of the individuals involved in exposing the rape and torture of prisoners in Rajaiee Shahr prison in Karaj.

Story on the alleged aftermath of two videos


I only said

by seamorgh on

I only said that this video is Fake. Nothing more, nothing less. Why do you get so offended and why do you become so defensive about this stupid clip? Why do you link this claim of mine with so many other matters that had no relevance to my claim. Perhaps you were the stupid director of this video.  And it does not take a genius nor a guard to realize that the underpants is not a prison style. Geeez, You are so intolerant that I am sure you would be so much crueler than any current prison guard in IR if you had your way in Iran. If you had your way in Iran, you would most probably bury anyone who would oppose your views alive.

Real McCoy


by Real McCoy on

Did I say it was fake?

We have not negotiated over my consultation fee yet, my friend.

And then, did Shah just popped out for a torture scene?

dingo daddy En passant

Real McCoy,

by dingo daddy En passant on

why do you say it is fake?


Shah was not a monster!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

VPK & Farsi

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Ras mighi agha. Ma Farsi harf nemizanim. Man Parsi sokhan megooyam. Do you know the difference?



Iranians are smart

by onlyinamrica on

That is a cheap shot. Next time try to hire a better director.
If it's true, then it's all Shahs’ fault. Someone should have taken his suite cases away, punctured his airplane wheels and made him stay home.

Real McCoy


by Real McCoy on

Not much separates us. I know you are a good man.

But, Moses was nowhere close to Charlton Heston; nor did he have to be.

I hope I'm clear enough.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Real McCoy

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree that this particular video has not been verified. However to me that is not the point. The point is the routine rape and murder practiced by IRR. As well as my ignorance of the prison underwear practices.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I did watch the video and found it less sickening than your denial.

I speak Persian better than you do. However I am not an expert in prison underpants. Do you speak from experience? Were you a guard there perhaps? 

I will say that I have no way to verify this particular video. However I personally know people who had their children executed. Is that a fake too? Did the mother of my friend lie about her dead kid? This particular video makes no difference. The IRR is routinely raping and murdering Iranian kids.

Thanks to the teachings of Islam. One day I like to see it banned forever from Iran. 

Now go back and find some other crime to deny.

Real McCoy

You Unreal McCoy

by Real McCoy on

I am well aware of the ramifications of my statement, when I say the authenticity of this video is yet to be verified.

Having said that; will I be surprised, or shocked, or ashamed of my initial doubt, if proven authentic? Knowing the nature of IRI the answer would be: No, no, and yes.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

by seamorgh on

Your ignorance and blind belief is sickening. From your comments, it seem like you have not even watched the videa. Or may be its because you don't even know farsi.

By the way, the underpants that the guy is wearing is the single best evidence that this is fake. It is not the kind of underpants provided in prisons. It is just very funny how your hatred has turned you into an idiot. 



by humanbeing on

footage of the most horrific acts was carried out also in dark times such as in world war ii. they so believed in what they were doing that they didn't always hide it, maybe were desensitized to how horrific it was (how can you explain footage of experiments by mengele on humans), or, as vpk notes, may have been intended for consumption by the public in order to intimidate.

other staged incarceration in 'good' conditions was organized before red cross visits, e.g. in terezin.

there are many motivations.

to call this fake because it seems either staged or irrational that it has been released by iri is not only denial, but perpetuates the torture of this young man and many other unknown victims.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


you don't know what you are talking about and your denial is sickening.

Here are some ways it may have happend:

  • Maybe IRI is allowing this to scare people and keep them from revolting.
  • Maybe it was for internal use and Islamic training.
  • Maybe it was done surreptitiously.

Denial is the order of the day for Islamists: first the holocaust; now torture.



by seamorgh on

Definitely fake. No country, including Iran, would allow such interviews to take place with prisoners. Not even US allowed interviews in Abu Guraib or in Guantanamo. I mean you can claim Iran to be ruthless but not stupid because if you do, that mean all of you are even more stupid for not being able to take down the IR. If you have ever visited any prison or secured facility in Iran (same in the US), you would know that no recording device is ever permitted and they search everybody, including their own employees quite thoroughly to ensure nothing gets in.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/More about the Victim Emad Bahavar (RFE/RL via Payvand)

by Darius Kadivar on

Jailed Iranian political activist Emad Bahavar has been transferred to a prison known for its harsh regime, his mother has told RFE/RL's Radio Farda. Tahereh Taherian said her son was transferred to Rejaee Shahr prison for refusing to make a televised confession to his interrogators.



This is Islam

by Ferfereh on

All the mullahs do in iran, is according to Islam and Quran. The mullahs have said clearly that they conquered iran in 1979 and they had mercy  on former officers that they did not take their wives as slaves. What do you want these murderers, rapists, thieves do until you decide to WAKE UP ?