Women's story

... after 1979

Women's story
by Ghormeh Sabzi

Iranian couple -- journalist / women's rights activist Asieh Amini, and photojournalist Javad Montazeri -- share the women's story after Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution and their struggle for freedom and gender equality.


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by Nur-i-Azal on

Olá, saudações e boas-vindas. Eu amo o Brasil e os brasileiros. Você sabe sobre o Santo Daime ea UDV e as igrejas Ayahuasca? LUZ


Hi, I'm from Brazil and

by MoonCream on

Hi, I'm from Brazil and these days, I was reading two books about Iran. Reading them make me interested in the current situation of the country.

I saw videos on youtube and found out about the green movement. It's so strange that all this happened last year and I just did not realize.

Anyway, the subject is still very confusing to me. Here, in Brazil, we only hear about the nuclear thing and etc.

Soo, I would like to exchange emails with any iranian person. :) Really! My email is: roxas.twilight_@hotmail.com I don't know how a lot of stuff works, like, this site, the people here are actually in Iran? I guess not, because of the censorship, but is just a guess...Well, ok, this is it, send me a email, if you want, I would be pleased.  :)

Multiple Personality Disorder

Thank you for posting this video clip

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Great selection of pictures.

Darius Kadivar

Those Leche Culs who weren't Olagh and were Present ... (video)

by Darius Kadivar on

Shadi Sadre bio and name was mentioned nevertheless:


Secretary Clinton (Former First Lady and Current Secretary of State) and Current First Lady Michelle Obama were Present Together ! :



Below the Leche Culs No Doubt ? ... But Certainly Not Olagh ...

Shukria Asil

Promoting government responsiveness to the needs of women.

Colonel Shafiqa Quraishi
Integrating women into the government and police force.

Androula Henriques
Fighting human trafficking.

Sonia Pierre
Dominican Republic
Ending discrimination based on country of origin and the human rights abuses of statelessness.

Ann Njogu
Seeking social transformation and at the forefront of reforms in Kenya

Dr. Lee Ae-ran
Republic of Korea
Promoting human rights in North Korea and aiding the refugee community in the Republic of Korea.

Jansila Majeed
Sri Lanka
Strengthening rights for internally displaced persons.

Sister Marie Claude Naddaf (a.k.a. Sister Marie Claude)
Working for social services for women

Jestina Mukoko
Documenting human rights abuses.

Leche Culs No Doubt ? ... But Certainly Not Olagh ...



Great action of Shadi Sadr, bravo!

by Souri on

I approve and support her action, %200! She did the right thing.

FYI, not all the Iranian are the (léche cul) like Makhmalbaf and Co!

This is not the American or other Westerner who make the rules for us! This is our game and we are leading the game by setting our own rules .More power to Shadi. Many thanks to her.

Darius Kadivar

Just read that Shadi Sadre Refused an Award ( Very Foolish )

by Darius Kadivar on

Iranians in their struggle for democracy ( be them men or women) need to also understand the psychology of their counterparts in Europe and America if they hope to recieve notable support.

We tend at times to express ourselves very clumsily thinking we are understood all the time in our behavior however noble and well intentioned but we don't always realize that Communication Skills in the field of Public Relations is important if we wish to deliver a message efficiently to our non Iranian friends, colleagues or supporters.

I read that Shadi Sadre who who quite rightfully was awarded the International Women of Courage Award 2010 refused to pick up her prize in Washington and prefered dedicating it to another Women Activist held in Iran Shiva Nazar Ahari.

Her attitude however well intentioned could have been more powerful with her being present at the ceremony which would not stop her from making that dedication to her fellow colleague.

Instead she refused to attend the ceremony in Washington where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was present. This was probably seen as a rude attitude since Mrs. Sadre's recorded message was not aired during the ceremony as a result.:

See Report Here:


And Excerpt in question:

In a recorded message that was to be broadcast at the awards ceremony in Washington D.C., Shadi Sadr states that, “As Shiva is not with us and cannot attend this award ceremony, I will also refrain from attending in the hope that my absence will turn the attention of the international community to her dire situation, and help to free her along with other human rights activists and journalists in Iranian prisons.” We have just learnt that, regrettably, the U.S. Department of State has decided not to broadcast Shadi Sadr’s message during the ceremony. In effect it will succeed in silencing the very voice of protest and solidarity which has earned Ms. Sadr the Women of Courage award.

Here was Shadi Sadre's message in question:


Ladies ( but it also apllies to us men) Please Make an Effort in Terms of Communicating your Intentions more subtly than you sometimes do for it can prove counterproductive particularly if you are seeking international support.

Alaki Keh behetoon Jayezeh Nadadand ... 

My Humble Opinion,



Maryam Hojjat

Iranian women's Freedom &

by Maryam Hojjat on

equality  is past due time because of IRI/IRR thugs.


Mercy good work

by rain bow movment on

thank you for this clip,I wish the girls with no hijab in demonstration knowing what a monstrous regim waiting for them to sluther them.


Good work

by Neekoo on

Thank you Asieh Amini and Javad Montazeri. This is a good reference clip with original photographs.  There will be freedom and equality for Iranian women, some day not too far away.


Thanks GS for the link

by Bavafa on

May one day gender equality exist not only in Iran but every where in the world.