Sacred Mousavi


RFE/RL: Meanwhile an earlier cartoon by Iranian exiled cartoonist Nikahang Kowsar that pokes fun at Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Musavi has been removed from the popular reformist news website Rooz, which is based outside the country. The same cartoon has been reposted by the semi-official hard-line Fars news agency, which is said to have ties to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. The cartoon shows Musavi sitting at his desk 10 years from now and writing his 300th statement. Kowsar drew the Musavi cartoon after the Iranian opposition leader issued statement No. 18, in which he listed guidelines for the Green Movement. The statement appears to have been generally well-received among Green Movement members, many of whom praise Musavi’s courage in calling for radical reforms. Kowsar, is a contributor to Rooz, confirmed the removal of his cartoon, but did not want to comment on the reasons behind the move. Rooz did not respond to RFE/RL’s emails seeking explanation >>>

06/19/2010 - 01:55

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This dumb reader just don't get it!

by reader1 on

 Whose picture is on Ahmadinejad's placard?  What that yellow halo over Ahmadinejad's head is supposed to say?                                                                                                                                                                                                                   PS. I can already hear someone  shouting “what an idiot”



by ghalam-doon on

Nikahang has done great for this movement by coining the word "Sabzullahis" to define those who hang to every word that comes out of their leader's mouth.

Where was Mr. Mousavi when his beloved imam was dismantling the basic promises of the revolution? Where was he when thousands of prisoners in Iran were hanged for their beliefs? Now he has re-branded himself as the Gandhi of Iran. Gandhi's hands were not awash in blood of his compatriots.



by Ferfereh on

This movement has no individual owner or leader or some saint that you want to worship and make him like you did in 1979 and then put him in the moon. This movement did not suddenly appeared from nowhere last year, this movement had grown in 31 years , 31 years of killing, raping, torturing, plundering. This is the begining of the end of this regime and nobody can make it pretty and sell it again to this people. Nothing and Nobody is sacred Not even God, do you want to worship Him, take it to your home.


Not to mention that cartoon will be a kick in Mousavi's behind

by Anonymouse on

That cartoon will make Mousavi and/or others around him to think more for other tactics.  Ok I'm done, talked too much :-) 

Everything is sacred


JJJ which "Green" intolerance? Can u identify a specific group?

by Anonymouse on

If you're referring to Mousavi's "Green" they are not a monolithic group. If you're refering to the newspaper they're not monolithic either or they would not have published it in the first place.  Perhaps it is a catchy phrase Green Intolerance! 

Everything is sacred


It is much much better if Mousavi's cartoon is published in Fars

by Anonymouse on

Yes let them publish that cartoon and then people will know the cartoonist and his other work.

Stupid is what stupid does! From the excitement of eating the haleem they're falling into the pot! 

Everything is sacred

Jahanshah Javid

Green intolerance?

by Jahanshah Javid on

Excellent cartoons. This and the previous. The criticism of Mousavi (for constantly referring to Khomeini as his role model) is perfectly correct and legitimate. I understand why some Greens would be get offended for making fun of Mousavi. But freedom of speech is far more important than protecting some politician.