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RFE/RL: Meanwhile an earlier cartoon by Iranian exiled cartoonist Nikahang Kowsar that pokes fun at Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Musavi has been removed from the popular reformist news website Rooz, which is based outside the country. The same cartoon has been reposted by the semi-official hard-line Fars news agency, which is said to have ties to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. The cartoon shows Musavi sitting at his desk 10 years from now and writing his 300th statement. Kowsar drew the Musavi cartoon after the Iranian opposition leader issued statement No. 18, in which he listed guidelines for the Green Movement. The statement appears to have been generally well-received among Green Movement members, many of whom praise Musavi’s courage in calling for radical reforms. Kowsar, is a contributor to Rooz, confirmed the removal of his cartoon, but did not want to comment on the reasons behind the move. Rooz did not respond to RFE/RL’s emails seeking explanation >>>

06/19/2010 - 01:55

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Opposition leader criticizes Iran's Supreme Leader

by Anonymouse on

Here's a new tactic.  Punching Khamenei in the gut! 

Everything is sacred


Seeing Mousavi's face on the moon...oh, hi there, Nikahang

by Rosie. on

Hi, Nikahang, I didn't realize you were one of us. I thought someone else submitted this. Well, anyway Nikahang, I know you're a very busy man but still. Couldn't you at least have told me this wasn't the one Fars picked up? I was starting to get obsessed with the damn thing. The one in the link, that's the one. Now that makes sense. But surely you didn't expect Rooz to keep that up, did you, Nikahang?

But you didn't miss a beat.  From the filthy, ragged, ugly Mousavi to the sanitized one they asked for. Gave 'em a taste of their own medicine. Go tell 'em, Nikahang. Human rights indeed. 

Well, anyway I'll leave you alone now, wafting above us with your big green (?) drawing pad. But before I do, could you at least just  tell me where else this one was published? Or do you only have us to count on now? Well, we'll always be loyal no matter what.


In any case, now I'm sure of three things: 1) It's not Khamenei in the picture, it's Yazdi (apparently a favorite subject of Nikahang's); 2) Sepah has not changed all that much; and 3) the name of this cartoon should be:

 'Seeing Mousavi's Face On The Moon".

Good one, Nikahang. ;oP


No, Ben, art is not what we can enjoy together

by Rosie. on

Arguing. Down and dirty arguing.

That's what I like to do with you.


sherlock resurrected

by Darveesh on

"elementary my dear"

comedy channel at its best


Elementary My Dears, Elementary

by Demo on

While the naiveté Diaspora is debating over greenish stuff, IRI jokers are scheming new games for 2012 elections. Did we all already forget about Khatemi’s eight years of “cry baby” game in defense of democracy & in support of talking to other civilizations?????

Give me liberty or give me death.



What about this one

by benross on

Garbage if you asked me! Typical anti-imperialist propaganda hiding behind some token patriotism. Clearly art is not what we can enjoy together!

Now that you are back, I let you know that I won't answer any other follow-up of yours! (As a reminder)


Okay, Comrade, I promise I won't quit again.

by Rosie. on

But I do want a raise.


What about this one, Ben?

by Rosie. on

From July of last year.




This time I have to!

by comrade on

The title of the book is "The Charter", which might refer to his platform, yada yada yada.

Then I have to learn to read more of other members' posts. There are only a very very very few whose comments I do follow. You, my dear, can be easily included in that short list as soon as I become assured you won't quit again!


Iraj work is far from art.

by benross on

Iraj work is far from art. Some recycled reactionary cliché doesn't cut it for me.


What are you wearing?

by Rosie. on



It's written on it Rosie

by benross on

It's the 'manshoor' (the manifest) he has lately issued.


No need to apologize.

by Rosie. on

Lay it on me, Comrade. 

So what do you think that book is with the tassel, then, if it's not a Quran?

As regards the man made halo, see my post no. 1 of 13,007.


Dear Rosie

by comrade on

I'm sorry I called you out.

There is no Quran in this drawing.

Have you noticed the halo over A.N.'s head? It's man made, while Mousavi's looks divine.

This artist has some strange political agenda of his own!! Like anyone else.


Sorry, Ben, cross-posted Yes, it's art...

by Rosie. on

and that's the most important thing here, really. Very few cartoons are REALLY art. Iraj's sometimes are too. So there's a multi-layerd open-ended thing going on here, where many interpretations are valid, as long as they're within a certain framework.


WAIT, BEN! You're right! The one thing I forgot about angels

by Rosie. on

is that they're dead.


It is indeed very

by benross on

It is indeed very interesting and very accurate. But I don't see fear in Ahmadinejad. Frustration and helplessness, yes. As I see hopelessness in the nice guy.

Well, I see the cartoon the way I identify things. It might be different for you. It is art after all.


Yes Ben, but

by Rosie. on

the cartoon was moved from Rooz to FARS. And the cartoon shows Ahmadinejad terrified of Mousavi, floating into space on his little grey wings, with his little green Quran. So you have to admit, at the very least, that this cartoon is interesting.


p.s. The guy who broke IRI taboos, was not Moosavi to begin with. It was Ahmadinejad.

That's what No Fear always says, and everyone either ignores it or goes ballistic.


It was a bogus election like

by benross on

It was a bogus election like all bogus elections of IRI. People tried to milk it. It didn't budge. Get over it. The movement has no longer any organic relationship with the election contenders. It is a social phenomenon beyond those election landmarks. Don't look only at Moosavi. Look at Ahmadinejad too. They are all reacting to a social movement beyond their control.

The guy who broke IRI taboos, was not Moosavi to begin with. It was Ahmadinejad. It didn't go as planed, nevertheless we are now here, with a cartoon removed from somewhere, and put somewhere else!

There is no leadership to begin with, to have a style. 


'Frustration over his mild and mellow leadership style'???!!!

by Rosie. on

Yeah, I think I was wrong. Mousavi doesn't seem slick and manipulative. Look at his eyes. He's been blindsighted. And I think Kowsar is a liiiiittle bit more than frustrated, Jahanshah. He's disenchanted and cynical and worried about where the movement is going as he floats into space canonized into the jaws of Khomeini. In other words, Mousavi's a fool. And if he gets into power, which he may, nothing much will change.

And the Sepah pretty much agree. And they're totally cool with it. Or they wouldn't've published the cartoon.


Sahameddin Ghiassi

I destroyed Iran

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

I was..ordered. to destroy Iran. I do not know why? But I love to destroy Iran.  They told me to destroy Iran and Iranian, but also the whole Middle Eastern countries. And I tried to do this. Do you think I am stupid? No, I have a sickness, the sickness of dictatorship. The only way to stop me, is to destroy me, the dictators.  They wanted so and I did so. Who can I be? Iran ra viran kardam. Khob kardam?  



by Rosie. on

You're right .The guy in the picture looks more like Yazdi than Khamenei, with the rounder nose and softer face. And you're right about the UN halo thing too. But that's not really a correction, that just enriches my interpretation with a whole 'nother level of meaning. It's an enhancement. :oP

Anyway, I can't understand almost any of the Persian. Is there anything in particular I'd need to know to help me play this little game of 'what does it 'really' mean' better?  lol


One thing I'm pretty sure it does mean, just by virtue of Fars publishing it, is that the Sepah (or whatever faction of them in Fars) don't really care much who's in power now, AN or Mousavi. They'll back whoever suits them best. That would be a message to both of them, but especially to AN, who looks pretty wretched. Now, if it were Khamenei in the picture, that would be intense. And well, both K's were Supreme Leaders, so I do think there'd be at least an  implicit allusion thene to him even if it were a picture of Yogi, wait, wait. Maybe it just means that AN doesn't even have Khamenei behind him.  While Mousavi is being...canonized.

Darius Kadivar

Even Churchill & De Gaulle Had their Cartoons during WW2

by Darius Kadivar on

by their Very Supporters

Which Proves that if somebody is a Great Leader it doesn't matter how much Fun people make of him he Still Stands Tall in Public Opinion:

Churchill Compared to a Bull Dog


Churchill Seeking Help from Harry Truman:


Popeye cartoon 'Spinach fer Britain' :


De Gaulle :


That Said speaking about democracy is one thing ... fighting to achieve it or Setting Your Country Free demands commitment and activism.

Aiming at Regime Change ( which is clearly seems not to be Moussavi's Priority) is Not Like Campaigning in an election and having an intellectual or philisophical discourse on the pros and cons of democracy.

To mobilize people and public opinion ANY Opposition has to at some point use Propaganda !

And Propaganda is by Definition Using Lies and Deciet. In a Democratic Campaign it is merely called Advertisement. But it is still Lying to get people or at worst Exagerating a Leaders Qualities to Rally Support.

Cause in the end of the Day whether you are called Reza Pahlavi, Moussavi or Karroubi, De Gaulle or Churchill you are a Human Being who eats, Shits, makes love and above all ARE MORTAL !

In Short they are Not God !

But Someone has to do the Job we Cannot Do and The least we can is to Support him or her who Can bring upon that Change or help us achieve that Collective Goal.

This is Old as history. Those who claim that Propaganda is not useful or unnecessary are simply naive and have never understood how power is gained.

The Very First Propaganda Tool in A Nation's National Antheme.

It's Fine to claim you want democracy but without holding Your Nation as Sacred you cannot even Hope to achieve such an ideal as a nation.

Anarchy Does Not Lead to Democracy particularly if as in Our Case Iran is in the hands of a Bunch of Vatan Foroush Mullahs who claim that Cyrus the Great was a Muslim or are ready to Wipe the names of Iran's Greatest Kings and National Heros out of the pages of History books or School Text books.

That is Why Artists like Farrokhzad against all odds were singing Patriotic Songs or Trying to Alert Public Opinion in the Diaspora to Support the Opposition in Exile and Our Crown Prince in Particular. Others like Marzieh followed the MKO leaders she believed in. Personally I tend to Respect those who Openly Support someone at the expense of their own Reputation or at the risk of dissappointing their fans because at least they BELIEVE IN SOMETHING.

Boasting that You are a Democrat is often an excuse to say you don't believe in anyone nor wish to support anyone. Its COMFORTABLE NOT TO SUPPORT ANYONE than to Actually SUPPORT SOMEONE !

In Saving a Nation LOYALTY MATTERS !


Fereydoun Farrokhzad - Irani Boodan :


Fereydoun Farokhzad - Padeshah :


And Yet the above statement and Song by Farrokhzad in a Perfectly Democratic Society and context would be interpreted respectively as Racist and Propaganda.

Yet it Rings Genuine and Sincere to this day because he says Precisely What we want to hear and Because he knows that we are First and Foremost ALL DEPRIVED OF OUR COUNTRY !

Others Like Googoosh or Shohreh Aghdashloo Follow the Trend when it suits them or it's Fashionable. One Minute by jumping in the arms of Shahbanou Farah and another into those of Akbar Ganji

But Farrokhzad Was of another Caliber :

Farrokhzad on why he chose to enter Politics and on the Intellectual responsability of an Artist:


It's Easy to Boast about Freedom of Speach and Democracy which both ARE AND SHOULD be Our ULTIMATE GOAL.

But Sorry Folks Whether you want it or Not At Some point You are No Different Than your ancestors when they found themselves at Crossroads with History.

We are Neither More Intelligent nor Superior to our peers. We Only have the Arrogance of Our Youth thinking that We are More Democrat or More Open Minded simply because we can lecture about democracy and Human Rights.

The Truth is that Patriotism and Nation Building is Not merely a Joke or a School Time Hobby.

They may Sound Obsolete Values in the 21st Century America, France or Great Britain where we are lucky enough to live and where the people have for the most been BORN INTO DEMOCRACY without having to Fight for it. But That is a Luxury many of our compatriots back home don't have no more than people living in dictatorial regimes.

So It's Fine to criticize Moussavi or Karroubi once we defended them or voted for them But I Perfectly recall Calling ALL OF YOU OLAGH's For Entusiastically rushing to VOTE For These SELECTED Candidates and was accused of Not respecting Your Democratic Choice and being intolerant.

Was that a Democratic CHOICE or a Democratic CHOSSE as Ebi Would Put it ? Entekhab Beineh Bado Bad tar ? ...


Halah Aghar Shoma Olaghha Dorost Ray Dadeh Boodeed Harfy Nabood ...

SATIRE: I voted ;0)


As much as I believe in Democracy and Free Speach I know that at some point Talk is Cheap !




So Those Who Complain should Either Offer an Alternative Solution or Put their Money where their Mouth Is ...

Ma Keh Raay Beh Een Aghayoon Nadadeem ...

so As far as I am concerned my Conscience is Clear given that My Choice was Made 30 Years ago:

Bakhtiar On Regime Change Based on RESTORING the Constitution of 1906:


It's Never late for YOU to Make Up YOURS !

However May I suggest This as the Latest GREEN SLOGAN of MY CHOICE :

Ask Not What the CROWN Can do for YOU but What YOU Can Do for the CROWN !


Hee Hee

Meegham Deegher Agha Dorough Chera

Ta Gabre Ah, Ah, Ah, AH ....


cartoon removed

by benross on

Just a little bit too much torture to write about!

David ET

آقای موسوی زیاد دست و پا نزنید جمهوری اسلامی باید برود

David ET

100 years of Iran history in 10 minutes (including "Golden Years of Khomeini" !) 


Jahanshah Javid

Why shouldn't a cartoonist reflect reality?

by Jahanshah Javid on

It was wrong of Rooz to remove the cartoon. It was terrible they chose to do so for political reasons. Drawing Mousavi as he's writing his umpteenth statement is a reflection on the frustration over his mild and mellow leadership style. And what is wrong with that? Why shouldn't a cartoonist reflect this reality and have fun with it? Isn't freedom of expression one of our goals? So why not practice it? If we can't be tolerant now and practice democratic ways, then what's the point? Why fight the Islamic Republic? To install another regime that has it's own prejudices and red lines as far as free speech and freedom are concerned?


A little correction

by ghalam-doon on

I think the halo above Ahmadinejad's head goes back to the conversation that he had with Ayatollah Amoli about what happened during his speech at the UN.

You can see the details in this video:


I think the guy in the picture is Mesbah Yazdi, spritual guide of Ahmadijenad as you see in the following video:



Reader 1, ps Mouse

by Rosie. on

The halo on AN's head shows that he too, like Mousavi, has been elevated to the level of an, angel, saint. Only as you can see,  he's far from as successful as Moussavi is. I think the yellow halo is part of conveying that, because if you look at it, the higher up in sainthood you go, the closer you are to God so the less of a halo you need.

The guy in the picture is Khamenei. Mousavi's halo is very faint in comparison to Khamenei's and AN's (which is also completely fake btw), because Mousavi's been elevated closer to Khomeini who doesn't even need one because he's already God--just a faint radiant glow .

(Another way of looking at that, or adding to it, is that Mousavi's been very slick by using Khomeini to elevate himself while all AN has is Khamenei. The cartoon'scomplicated in a lot of ways, R1. It's like some of Iraj's stuff. You could go on and on forever interpeting and reinterpreting the details with other people and with yourself lol).

What's really interesting is that Fars News published this knowing that it actually conveys a worse image of AN than Mousavi Mousavi's so much stronger than him that AN's even scared of him. And Khomeini looks about as hideous and ridiculous as anyone could possibly make him.

Well,anyway, Mouse pointed out that the Green Movement's not a monolith. Actually, if anything it's quite the opposite. And has become less of a monolith over time imho. But so has the Sepah, with all the schisms and defections since the uprising. Looks like it finally reached Fars News too.


ps Mouse Speaking of monoliths, Just wondering if, in a positive context, someone had written a subject line that said Green Tolerance, would you have pointed out that they're not a monolith then too?

Just kidding. lol


هیچ کس مقدس نیست،


ولی‌ حالا چرا شما گیر دادی به این بنده خدا موسوی. اون
که خودش رو به هزاران خطر انداخته تا از مردم و خواست‌های اونها دفاع کنه?

Nazy Kaviani

The right to free expression

by Nazy Kaviani on

Nobody is allowed to tell anyone else what to think, what to write, and what to create as an artistic piece.

Nikahang Kowsar's track record as a dissident artist and journalist has been quite clear and impeccable during his career. He has been the voice of millions of Iranians through his sharp and interesting satire and cartoons. Just because he has an opinion which might be different from others he should not be attacked.

When are we going to grow up? People who attack Kowsar should know that so long as this narrow-mindedness exists, Iran will never have a true democracy.