Mousavi and Karroubi meet

Seek to stage vote protest on June 12 anniversary

TEHERAN (AFP) -- IRAN'S two main opposition leaders on Monday sent a written request to Teheran's governor general to hold a rally on June 12, the first anniversary of last year's disputed presidential election. Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi held a meeting after which they signed a 'joint letter and sent it to the governor general's office in Teheran with a request to hold a rally on the anniversary of 22nd of Khordad (June 12),' a report posted on Karroubi's website Sahamnews said. In recent weeks the two leaders have stepped up pressure ahead of the poll's anniversary by reiterating their calls to hold free elections in the country and rejecting the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


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oh i get it - vagina poetry hehe

by amgw4 on

kosse sher

is that what that expression meant? or is it being mistranslated?


It is foolish and dangerously unproductive to attack

by reader1 on

these two guys.  I do not share their politics and belief, but nevertheless, I fully support them not out of shear pragmatism, but out of respect for millions of Iranians who voted and rallied behind them in support of democracy.


They followed and brought in

by Arthimis on

They followed and brought in a Pyscho-path serial killer to Iran, therefore they are criminals themselves and must pay back for their crimes against humanity and Iran!!!


Akse Kalekhar

by statira on

Akse oon kalekhar, khomeini oon bala cheekar dare? Een ahmagholah khomeinie ke baese hameyeh badbakhteeyeh Iraniast.


Both of them are Criminals

by seamorgh on

Both of them are criminals. They need to be tried and put to death by the same islamic courts they, along with Sanei and Ardebili, helped to create. Those who support these thugs seem to have a very short memory indeed. They need to get a taste of their own medicine. And their acts after the election was only designed to clear their own name and past and to get into power by fooling people as they did back in the 80s.


Agree Saman jaan! Vagina nuts want Mousavi to be the green Hulk!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

you say:

Millions of young demonstrators inside Iran are using these 2 guys as an excuse to risk their lives ...

now, that's some serious vagina poetry.

the young (and old) demonstrators are risking their lives, have given their lives, have been jailed, tortured, raped... but not for the sake of these guys nor are they using these guys as an "excuse."  in a country, where you're labeled monafegh so easily, the protesters are being wise to use established insiders as a protection when voicing their dissent.  and you have witnessed what that protection has given them.

these two who had been in power when thousands were being executed under their watch are now trying to obtain a permit for peaceful demonstration.  the permit that they know well they will not get.  the question is what will they do when they won't get this permit: "hey, at least we tried."  "do peaceful demonstration from your home." or will they say: "we will defy this ban and come out to the streets ourselves to lead the protest."  as you can see, i'm not too optimistic to hang my hat on the leadership of these two characters.


What have you done lately?!

by Saman on

I'm not a fan of these 2 guys either ... but to sit behind your keyboard and type vaginal poetry is even more pathetic.

Millions of young demonstrators inside Iran are using these 2 guys as an excuse to risk their lives ...

Talk is cheap.


I never believed in them and still don't

by Bavafa on

But if they want to put their money where their mouth is and defy IRI and stand in the front to defend the rights of Iranian people that remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, I would not be holding my breath on their account.



Green Stooges

by Demo on

How do these 2 clowns reject a government & ask them a protest permt @ the same time?? Such a greenish movement!!!

Could perhaps fool some people some time but could not fool all people all the time.


have some dignity

by amgw4 on

these two are pathetic


On the other hand...

by Aarash4545 on

As the old saying goes...

"Shoghaal-e jangal-e Maazandaraani raa    Nagirad joz sag-e Mazandaraani"!!!


Sag-e zard..

by Aarash4545 on

Har do-e in sag-haay-e zard baraadaraan-e Shoghaaland!

Mardom!  Baaz fareeb nakhorin haa!!!???

Az haul-e haleem too dig nayoftin haaa!!!?


Az maa goftan!