Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Says sanctions like "flies"

Reuters: Iran dismissed new U.N. sanctions on Wednesday as "valueless," vowed to continue its nuclear work and warned it may reduce cooperation with the United Nations nuclear agency. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during a visit to Tajikistan: "these (U.N.) resolutions have no value...it is like a used handkerchief that should be thrown in the waste bin." "Sanctions are falling on us from the left and the right. For us they are the same as pesky flies...We have patience and we will endure throughout all of this," he said in comments in Farsi translated into Russian >>>


Irani Irani

Ahmadinejad, the West-residing Rapist Groupie

by Irani Irani on

When an Islamist barks, an Islamist lies. You say: "One minute you say, go back to Iran and the next minute you say, get out of Iran."

Actually, I've never said that. Show me where I said that, that you lying Islamist liar. I've just said get your smelly, Islamist monkey face out of the West. Why don't you metastasize like the cancer that you are to Gaza or South Lebanon, you Islamist tumor. Why do you keep ducking the question: What are you doing in the West? Get lost. You lied and said Cinema Rex was done by SAVAK, you lying Islamist Rapist Liar. I have also never flagged you, O Rapist Liar. Animals like you rape and murder Iranians for criticizing turbaned monkeys, like Khomeini and Khamenei, and now you are moaning about being "flagged". What a confused Rapist you must be  :-)


Iranian Muslims United Against Extremism....

by Javan on

I am a proud Iranian Muslim would like other Iranians to join me and others like me in resistance against an un-elected President.  

The President of Iran is Mousavi........




by MahmoudAhmadinejad on

I called you and this Israeli and others like you who pretends to love Iran "COWARD".

I put the same question to you, not those in Iran. Why are YOU not in Iran to fight for freedom "COWARDS"? You see how you are so full of it?  You cannot even answer your own questions.



Who's to fight unarmed?

by TheEnemyHateMe on

Then you call people cowards? The people of Iran have no doubt in their mind the regime would massacre them all in a uprising.The Dictator spent the last year making sure the Iranian people knew that..That's why they are not cowards but victims of the Dictator,prisioners.How would you like to be a prisioner then have your holder claim you are a coward because you don't fight back people with gun's?What's the matter with you?

If they had guns your kind would be dead in Iran..I'm sure of that much...



by MahmoudAhmadinejad on

Here is another problem with fools like you. You contradict yourself all the times.  One minute you say, go back to Iran and the next minute you say, get out of Iran.  Just like your arguments about REX and etc.  Then, when you don't have any logical argument, you start asking desperate questions.

I can ask you and the rest of your gang members the same question. If you claim to love Iran, what the hell are you doing wherever the hell you are? Why are you not in Iran to fight and free Iran.  Is it not because you are a liar, selfish, coward and full of it? 

You cannot even handle a simple debate and you want to tell me that you will be better than IRI.  The only thing you have learned about democracy is how to pronounce it.  The fact that I have been blocked twice and your type flag my postings is another sign of your freedom of speech and expression. Then benross says, let us bring freedom of expression to Iran. Dude, you cannot take what you don't have to Iran.  Try to bring it to Iranian.com first then come and talk to me.

Irani-Israeli,    You are so dumb that you couldn't even tell that I was making fun of you in answers to your silly question.  




so many Israeli comments/stories on "Iranian" dot com

by Darveesh on

so you fell for the name as i did?


hasbara.com is a better fit


short ugly dude with cajonas

by Darveesh on

unlike tall black man with none.

Irani Irani


by Irani Irani on

As for why am I in the west? It is because I cannot stay away from you. Whenever I go to Iran, no matter how much I enjoy being there, still I miss you and come back just to see you.   Tell me again, what the hell are you doing in the West? Buy a one-way ticket to the Rapist Republic and get lost. Smelly Islamist animals and rapists have no business living in a decent country.


I hate to be in agreement with Ahmadinejad, but ..

by reader1 on

... he is right to ignore this truly unjust decision. 

Darius Kadivar

MA ...Who ya gonna call?

by Darius Kadivar on

Uh ... Uh ... Uh ...

I'm afraid of No Ghost ...




by MahmoudAhmadinejad on

I am trying to satisfy you as I am working and going back and forth. I never claimed to be a professor at Harvard University as you do. Clearly you are the janitor since you cannot even answer a simple question.  As I said, there are many opinions and stories surrounding this incident.  I just said that SOME in the government have committed even worse crimes than REX. What do I care if you add REX to it.  I use my common sense, You can use your hatred. 

As for why am I in the west? It is because I cannot stay away from you. Whenever I go to Iran, no matter how much I enjoy being there, still I miss you and come back just to see you.

Darius Kadivar

I just had a dream ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Mahmoud Had a Fatal Headache ...



Irani Irani

Regarding your claim, Ahmadinejad

by Irani Irani on

The sentence in the link: "Clonel Mohammed Ali Amini as the Head of the Police Department in Abadon ordered to Chain and lock the enternace and exit door of the cinema rex while the fire was engulfing inside the theater, 200 innocent lives were burnt alive while he currently lives in Boca Raton Florida and enjoys the nice weather of Florida in his retirement resident" has NO source, has two words mispelled (which is actually pretty good for illiterate Islamist rapists), is ungrammatical, and written in a silly, unprofessional manner ("enjoys the nice weather of Florida"). This is your "evidence" for the Shah's government being involved?!?! Once again, a basic truth emerges: "When an Islamist speaks, an Islamist lies." Khomeinist killers murder innocent Iranian people, and then lie about it. There's nothing surprising about that. They have been doing that even BEFORE they hijacked the country with their orgy of arson and killing, called an "Islamic revolution".

Irani Irani

Ahmadinejad, the West-residing cyber groupie

by Irani Irani on

Read the link again:

"Lasting from August 25 to September 4, 1980, the Revolutionary Tribunal would oversee seventeen court sessions that involved the trial of twenty six individuals, including the only survivor of the four-man arson team. After much deliberation, Hossein Takializadeh, the lone surviving arsonist, and five others were put to death in public.

In his defense statement, the principal defendant admitted to having started the fire along with three other religious activists and denied having had connections with the former regime’s security apparatus.”[8] Many families believed that the main group that was leading the religious activists involved in the tragedy, escaped the justice."

"Religious activist" is a nice way of saying Islamist Rapist.


Yes Ms Parsi you can well afford agree with Ahmaghinejad

by fozolie on

as neither of you or his puppet masters will suffer the consequences of making Iran an unnecessary target. Iranian people do suffer and will continue suffering more.  There is no reason at all for this except for the regime using this as a ruse to prolong its cruel and bloody rule.

I doubt if the parents of those murdered in the hands of the regime will ever experience any 'peace'.

Mr. Fozolie

Irani Irani

amgw4 and Mahmoud, let's change it to Falasteen dot org

by Irani Irani on

Or maybe, we can change it to Islamistrapists.edu, Gaza.com or simply Khat-eEmam.com. I am open to suggestions, my IRI Cyber groupie compatriots. 

P.S. Please explain why supporters of IRI, like yourself, have decided to move away from IRI to live in Sheytan-e Bozorg or elsewhere in the decadent West? Since life is so good in the Islamist paradise, may I suggest purchasing a one-way plane ticket to RKIA (Rapist Khomeini International Airport)?



Olagh is right

by MRX1 on

You need a real sanction:

1) Complete freeze of any bank accounts that mullah's and assoicates have out side of Iran, no money comming in and nothing going out. Just imagine these thief's and muderers not bing able to access all the money they stole over the past thirty years!Imagine the shock they will recieve.

2) An order of arrest for the all the IRR leadership the moment they set foot out of Iran to be send to hauge to be tried for crimes against humanity. 

3) prevent export of oil from IRR. No tanksers going and comming out of Iranian ports.

If the above steps are done, IRR will dissapear faster than you can blink. 


so many Israeli comments/stories on "Iranian" dot com

by amgw4 on

Change it to Israeli dot com



by MahmoudAhmadinejad on

I had already read the links you attached. There are many different scenarios about who did and How.  Still the simple question remains. Where were the police and firemen.  I can only use common sense.  Perhaps Colonel Mohammad Ali Amini ( head of the police department in Abadan at the time) who locked the doors and let people burn inside can answer your questions.  He apparently lives in Boca Raton, Florida (the sunshine state) and is getting himself burned in the sun.  he seem to have a love affair with fire.

By the way, if you didn't hear from me for a while, it is because I keep getting assassinated by this site. Maybe in the next life I be Dariush the King.

Below is part of the link. Read it again.

Captain Monir Taheri’s trial and execution

Captain Monir Taheri after his execution

After the success of the revolutionary forces, Islamic tribunals were established as part of the Islamization of society. Members of the shah's regime who were unable or chose not to leave the country were often subject to the judgment of the newly instated judicial process. In the midst of revolutionary terror and general uncertainty, many were tried and convicted for crimes they had little or nothing to do with. This was for the purpose of quelling the population’s thirst for revolutionary justice. The Cinema Rex fire was an event that continued to loom over the minds of many Iranians, and closure, no matter how vulgar the result, was vital not only for legitimizing the newborn government’s capacity to fulfill public demands, but also to crush any form of royal revivalism.

Captain Monir Taheri, member of Iran’s pre-revolutionary armed forces, was arrested in the town of Mianeh, two days before his trial and execution, on February 21, 1979; a few months after the fire at Cinema Rex. According to published sources, there was no evidence to suggest that the Captain had any involvement in the fire. Additionally, no mention of Taheri was made by either defense or prosecution staff during the public trial of 1980. Like many other defendants who were brought before an Islamic tribunal at this time, Taheri was not given sufficient time to organize any form of defense.

Before his execution by firing squad on February 23, 1979, the court fulfilled four of Taheri’s requests, including: not to be blindfolded, to avoid being photographed during the execution, to personally give the firing squad the order to fire, and to return his body to his family.[8] Clonel Mohammed Ali Amini as the Head of the Police Department in Abadon ordered to Chain and lock the enternace and exit door of the cinema rex while the fire was engulfing inside the theater, 200 innocent lives were burnt alive while he currently lives in Boca Raton Florida and enjoys the nice weather of Florida in his retirement resident.

Irani Irani

When an Islamist speaks, an Islamist lies

by Irani Irani on

Nice try, but I'm not a "Padeshahi". I support a democratic republic for Iran that doesn't kill its own people or exercise barbaric punishments--not a rapist, torturing regime run by mollahs and the mollah's executioners. i.e. Pasdars and Basiji.The Cinema Rex was set on fire by the same criminal liars and killers that had been setting theaters and cafes on fire before because they were "Western" and who also claimed 15,000 people were killed and injured in Jaleh Square!!! (Islamist lies are usually very Big Lies). Lying and deception (and, of course, killing, torture) were and are the cornerstone of Islamists. Safely protected by the French government in Neuphle-le-Chateau, Khomeini claimed that the clergy wouldn't rule, that utilities would be free, and that human rights would be respected. I encourage all non-Rapist Iranians to follow the links below and to learn more for themselves. Remember: Khomeinism means murder, Khomeinism means rape, Khomeinism means lying and deception. When an Islamist speaks, an Islamist lies--case in point, West-residing IRI cyber groupie, "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad".



Niloufar Parsi

sound statement

by Niloufar Parsi on

from ahmadinejad. i agree with him.



The only accurate info in

by MahmoudAhmadinejad on

The only accurate info in your posting is the date of the incident.  The rest are false. Savak wanted to blame it on Khomeini to ruin his reputation, but the truth came out.  I bet you have been getting your info from Anjomaneh Padeshahi websites.  If you look closer you will see the Sheer o khorshid and you can easily tell by the language they use. What else do you expect them to say? 

But some in IRI has done much worse then shah with respect to human rights and that is why we must make sure people like you will never get their hands on power. Otherwise, this cycle of violence will repeat itself and gets worse and worse.

Irani Irani

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, just another Islamist killer

by Irani Irani on

Before the Cinema Rex was burned in the summer of 1978, the riots and arson started by Khomeini's murderous gangsters had quieted down. Khomeini's murderers set the theater on fire to start the riots again. They had burned movie theaters before (as well as cafes, etc) and continued to burn movie theaters afterwards. An investigation by the Rapist Regime itself showed that a group of 4 Islamist "revolutionaries" had started the fire. As always, Khomeini and his rapist followers lied and tried to blame "SAVAK". Just as they lied and claimed that 15,000 had been killed and injured in Jaleh Square!!! The true number killed on that day was 88. The number of people killed by the Shah's regime was a tiny, tiny fraction of the number murdered by your beloved Rapist Regime. The IRI has been the biggest disaster in Iran's history since the Mongol invasion--Iran is much poorer and more pathetic now than during the Shah's reign. (It's interesting that an IRI Groupie like yourself has moved out of IRI, no? Why not live in Khomeini/Khamenei's Islamist Paradise?) Despite 31 years of oil and natural gas revenues, Iran's GDP per capita is lower than Botswana or Gabon!!! (look it up). The only way for Iran to become a decent society is Regime Change--pure and simple. There is no reason for pointless "dialogue" with piece-of-garbage Islamist killers and rapists. There is no reforming Islamist animals, and there never will be.   


Answer from True

by Arthimis on

Answer from True Iranians:

Mr. Ahmadinejhad, you are playing a great act that your bosses want you to play, just like an "Antar" that you truly are... Marhaba. 

31 years, You and your ilk have been the most profitable business partner for all those countries who now are imposing theses new sanctions on you! Now, you have too earn a little less than before for your services to them when you are killing Iran and Iranian people for them!!! Nothing personal, just the bad economy every where...You know! :-)


"Their word is no good,

by Arthimis on

"Their word is no good, they have had 4000 years of practice in lying and
killing,also in torcher".

This was one of the comments by John on the Yahoo link!

Mr. Mottaki,This is what the " Public International Opinion" , This is what they are thinking about you and your entire regime Mr.! When will you guys ever get this??? You are the criminals!!! Mr. Mottaki, Sir, this is beyond being Dumb asses and metally challenged, This is insanity...

May God, have mercy on Iran and True Iranians.



by MahmoudAhmadinejad on

Who said Khomeini set Cinema Rex on fire?  If they did, where were the police and fire departments to put the fire out and save people?  You are telling me that was not a savak job?  They made sure no one gets out. Are you saying khomeini and his followers locked the doors and stood behind them and didn't let the police and firemen break the doors.  Let us act like a fool and believe you.

But you are the one who claims to be educated, civilized, democratic, Iran lover and calling yourself Irani, Irani.  Setting Iran on fire and causing civil war goes against all of that. 

Don't you agree?

Irani Irani

"But please don't set the country on fire."

by Irani Irani on

"But please don't set the country on fire." That's what that animal Khomeini and his murderous followers did when they set the Cinema Rex on fire and burned over 400 people to death! It was the bloodiest incident of that giant arson known as the Islamic Revolution. And now the arsonists are running the country and their cyber propagandists living in the West are saying don't set the country on fire. It's a little ironic, no?


Real McCoy

by MahmoudAhmadinejad on

More power to you. But please don't set the country on fire. Try more civilized ways. To keep you happy I will even dance for you. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd5cMCeKIco

Real McCoy

It's time To get Mollahs out of Iran...no doubt

by Real McCoy on

And let's remember: Unlike a referendum, you can not set a date for a revolution, and unlike a referendum it's better to leave phones, and cameras at home. No spectators, all participants. Wait a minute! What are we then?


It's time To get Mollahs out of Iran

by Manam_Babak on

Mr. Real McCoy the time for a national reforandom has came and gone. It is now time for a real revoloution to overthrow this rejim, and get ride of Isamist extreemist for good,