Dear Mahmoud

Resignation – a viable choice


Dear Mahmoud
by Azada

June 12th was the anniversary of the day that you and your military junta staged a coup. Fed up with previous four years of your presidency, our people came out in masses to vote and IR leadership decided to ignore this and choose the path of undemocratic means to dismiss their hopes. You know it. We know it. The world knows it. You were selected. If not – if you really claim to have earned the landslide 63% votes of that 85% high turn-out – why then, ever since, your government is using the most harsh methods to suppress the peaceful dissents? If you are so sure of your votes and the support you claim having – why you and the rest of the tugs armed-to-the-teeth won’t permit people have a peaceful demonstration?

Sir, your strategy that the bigger the lie, the easier to sell has made you a poor miserable “Dalghak”(clown) in world stage. And this, I am sure your confidants and consultants fail to tell you. Because they have reasons and interest to keep you going as you have been. Rather, it seems you are enjoying the ride too much to see the truth. The world is now used to your creativity in making obnoxious claims and lies. From holocaust denial to tapping to Palestinians cause. They have ceased to take you serious long time now. So, you are better off to stop making such a fool of yourself. Simply – resign!

But this is too much of hope from us to expect. In history, there are rare cases that a ruler, knowing how unpopular, has decided to step down. You are too well armed and financed too well by petrodollar to let that go that easily. But seeing your uncommon moves in world stage, I personally do not discount this possibility. I beg you resign peacefully. Not for us. Not for Iran. Do this for your own sake. For your last dignity if any has remained. In return, we, the majority freedom lover Iran, shall forgive you and allow you find you and your family an exit to live next to your friend Hugo Chavez drinking cool beer and waltz Joropo with your wife in Caracas or worship among fundamentalist Palestinians in Gaza and or among Arab dictators of Baáth party in Syria. Your choice. Green Iran – to its generous non-violence nature - seeks no revenge. Let our people go. Please, resign.

Not that IR had much of good image in world, and long due to nature if it; however, you gave it a new boost. Everything you touched has had opposite results. You brought the country to brim of war and ciaos when Bush was US president. And now – under Obama – the man many hoped would be able to break through this mistrust nonsense between our two countries, you choose otherwise. And this, sir, I believe is sourced within your ignorance about world affair not to mention the enormous petrodollars scooped by IRG tugs. Since you, the nation is faced with four new UN resolutions - and being you, of which the most recent you labeled “pashezi arzesh nadard”- Another your typical lie, if not, why you guys did your best to stop it?

Sir, governance based on lies and fake claims will not last. More so, in modern life with enormous means for people to share their experience and words, the speed of downfall of any system measured by the rate it propagates ignorance and stupidity. And that, believe me, world sees IR and you as top in list in every negative measures – from the number of political prisons and journalist in your jails to number of executions under your system.

Sir, during last five years of your governance, our country has paid enormous price. In absent of any democratic measures in Iran to impeach you for your lack of competence, I suggest you simply call it quit. Listen to people. If you really fool enough to not believe our people not want you, give them a chance to show that in streets via their peaceful show.

Your end is inevitable. You must know that. If not – read history. The system your rep will come down eventually. If I were you I would do it gracefully ASAP. I simply would choose to go. Make an excuse – such as messianic Mahdi has summoned you to Caracas!


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Dariush The King

They say be careful what

by Dariush The King on

They say be careful what you wish for it might come true. I say this knowing there is more chance for the type of Ayatollah Jannati to take power than Musavi. Then you might be really sorry.

I am a fan of Ahmadinejad foreign policy. However, I am disappointed with some of his domestic decisions and actions.  Not having a say in judiciary system as he says, is no excuse.  This is his government and he will be held responsible for what is happening in his government in his name.  I would advise him to make numerous surprised visits to EVIN, KAHRIZAK and other prisons and see what is being done under your watch.  Take charge of the justice system.  Free the political prisoners.  Bring the criminals and torturers to justice. Provide equal rights and stop injustice.

If I were you, under these conditions in Iran, I wouldn't be so eager for Imam Mehdi's appearance.



Dear Azada

by Demo on

Are you for real?? Let's get serious. When was the last time that a world oil mafia "assigned" (by "force" and/or by "fraud") head of state "resigned"??

You dear instead should ask Mahmoud simple questions in regard to Iran's "oil" business. Questions like: How much is Iran's final oil share from Caspean Sea?? How much is the daily net oil sale profit of the country?? Which companies are providing services fo the oil fields?? & more. Assured enough he will present you with the fradulent data in a second. Like other made up numbers/statistics of the BP dirty/greasy hand government.


He is not the problem

by cyclicforward on

IRI is the problem and this system needs to go. That should be the focus point and direction we should focus on. Ahmadi is only a puppet in the IRI game. Don't let his excuse to fool you.


Yes, resign and allow Mousavi the real President to come!

by Javan on

It would be great if he resigned and allowed the real President Mousavi to come in.