Tehran: Milad Tower

Panoramic view from the top

Wikipedia:Milad Tower, with its height of 435 meters, is the fourth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. Milad Tower consists of five main parts: foundation, transition (lobby) structure, shaft, head structure and antenna mast. The lobby structure consists of six floors. The first three floors consist of 63 trade units, 11 food courts, a cafeteria and a commercial products exhibition, which is supposed to be 260 square meters. The head of the tower is a steel structure weighing about 25,000 tons and consisting of 12 floors. This structure is the biggest and the tallest multi-story structure among all the telecommunication towers in the world.


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تهران شهر خاطره ها


دستت درد نکند بهرام عزیز

که خوب قلب ما را نوستالژیک کردی با مرور خاطرات تهران !

یاد خوشی ها و تلخی های خاطرات تهران را در دلم زنده کردی دوست عزیز!

بسیار عالی!


Great job, Bahram

by Cost-of-Progress on

Thanks for this great video. Last time I was there, the tower had not yet been opened to the public.

Changiz, as it goes, "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all".





Real Iranians

by seamorgh on

Real Iranians build and not burn public property...



by yolanda on

Hi! bahram9821,

      Thank you for the info......it is good to know.......I don't want to land there and then being turned back.......the tower really looks nice......it can stimulate tourism!

Thank you for sharing!


Yolanda aziz

by bahram9821 on

in order to visit the tower you have to call and make reservation, it has limited operating hours. The cost is about $8, there were heavy security check the first time I visited but the second day nothing at all lol.



by yolanda on

Thank you for recording this great and clear video....we can see Azadi Tower and Azadi Stadium (?) from Milad tower.....very cool!

Can anyone visit Milad tower? Do you have to make reservation in advance? Do they charge an entrance fee? Is security tight? Any metal detector?

Thank you for sharing!


بابا یزد معلومه.........(-:




این حرفای با حال مخصوص بزرگ تر ها نیست! کوچولو ها هم دمشون گرم، کم نمیارن........(-:

دستت درد نکنه بهرام برای زحمتی که کشیدی.

چنگیز.........این روحیهء چنگیزی رو بذار کنار سر جدّت،  چنگیز تو نیشابور از جمجمه مردم بیگناه مناره ساخت، مثل اینکه این عادت تو خون نبیره هاش هم رسوخ کرده! 

Genghis Khan

Keep it handy

by Genghis Khan on

It's good to have a video like this. You will use it  for ((before and after)) comparison.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

bajenaghe naghi

bahram jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Great video. Loved watching it. 


Nazy Jan

by bahram9821 on

Nazy Jan, I had to try twice to get the video, the first time due to sandstorm nothing was visible. The following day which was Friday I showed up around 9 and got the best view. Later on I found out that Fridays are best time to see the fantastic view, less traffic less smog.

ebi amirhosseini

Bahram Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

Sepaas for sharing.

Ebi aka Haaji


a video of protests from up there

by seannewyork on

It would have been great if we had a video like this of the days of the protests.  seeing the fires all around tehran and azadi filled with millions of people.

it would have been a visual khamenei would have hated.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Thanks for sharing Bahram Jan! Did you film this yourself? It's really lovely! Tehran is so HUGE now. I read yesterday that they are actually trying to push people and offices out of Tehran, trying to make good on the promise to move government offices out of the capital. Did you hear anything about that on the ground? (it would have been difficult to hear it at the top of the tower, I suppose!). Thank you for the panoramic view of Tehran Bahram Jan.