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Talks about the video which almost cost her life


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addiction n prostitution always an excuse

by mannya2001 on

for the past few years, there has been talk on iranian overseas channels about how the iranian society is degenerating. their most cited examples are addiction and prostitution. even reza pahlavi is of late talking about that. I really don't get it. I mean do you really think the people in Iran would actually buy that argument from people advocating secular law. Absolutely not. people know that with secularism, what is now hidden would actually come to the surface and be encouraged. that is the fundamental difference. Even during prophet Mohammad's time, people were stoned to death for adultery. Would that have been an argument by anti-muslims of the time that Mohammad wasn't doing his job as a messenger because people were still engaged in adultery?? The clear difference in a moral/good society and an evil one is that the vices in the former are HIDDEN and discouraged. In the latter, they are EXPOSED and encouraged. Consider this: a very well raised family might have a son who sees a prostitute regularly and does drugs. Yet over time, because of family values, he knows that what he is doing is WRONG and will always be striving to kick the habit and get a wife. Whereas in a UC Berkeley type family, the father tells his son about how he did drugs and slept around and it was all an "experience." The Berkeley kid would grow up thinking that there is really nothing wrong with drugs or prositution. I hope I made myself clear. By the way, the addiction is an out right exaggeration. Do people in Iran smoke Teriyak? Absolutely. They did it right in front of my face in the Bagh with the whole Manghal and they even hired a sports news anchor who part times as a comedian to come and tell jokes. It was a great and awesome time. But you know what else. Every one of those guys was extremely successful and rich. Plus, the Bagh events were happening like once every 2-3 months. So quit talking about addiction, people are just chilling a bit. As far as prostitution. That is exaggerated too. You would really have to go out of your way to find any. At any rate, to me an Iranian prostitute who sells her body to other Iranians in Iran is far better than an Iranian girl who does no nude go-go dancing and gets non Iranians or foreigners aroused. Not only that, to me atleast, an Iranian prostitute who sells her body to Iranians in IRAN is far better than an Iranian woman who marries a foreigner. At least, the Iranian prostitute is serving her countrymen, whereas the Iranian girl married to a foreigner has sold her culture! An Iranian john doing an Iranian prostitute might say a Bismilla before he enters. Whereas the IRanian girl married to a foreigner might hear something like "get ready b_ _ch" before he does her, while mentally getting high off of the master/slave interaction similar to an American soldier doing a Vietnamese girl back in NAM!!


Manny2009: do you

by vildemose on


do you consider this a moral act?


They are threatening the protesters with execution now.

وزير‌كشور تصريح كرد: اينگونه افراد با توجه به نظر فقهي علما و مسئولان قضايي كه در چند روز گذشته اعلام كردند، حكم معاند و اقدام كننده عليه امنيت كشور را دارند و محارب هستند و تكليف محارب هم كاملا روشن است.



Manny2001: Your post (s)

by vildemose on

Manny2001: Your post (s) usually reveal more about you and your morals than one likes to know. I would be surprised if Iranians had the followed the same value system of morallity as yours.



by Fatollah on

your last comment shows your lack of knowledge !

this is not about liberalism or traditions or even religion!

you are wrong and you can not judge her, noone can!




by iroooni on

Do you have a spouse or a partner? Do you guys make whoopie? Now, if one of you records that and puts it on the net, is the other person all of a sudden an evil person?

What does that have to do with morality? 



That is Hilarious

by iroooni on

In Iran, we are the cradle of morality, decency and justice.  There is no place for deviant thoughts and behaviour in Iran's society.

Have you ever lived in Iran or read history books?


Growth of local porn

by vildemose on


Dear Manny

by Mehrban on

In your anxiety over loss of traditional values you are throwng the baby out with the bath water.    To respect rights of privacy of our neighbours friends and compatriots we will not debase the moral values of our society but foster a trust in the society.  We stop being moral police and leave people to decide for themselves what kind of lives they want to lead.  The religious and/or moral (if you like) value of each family (or individual) will be respected and government would stop interfering in the people's private lives.

The level of the Islamic Republic's intrusion in private lives in Iran is frankly suffocating and has produced no tangible good results (prostitution is on the rise, so is addiction).  You keep bringing up pornography and deviance which are not the topic of this discussion.  A woman has had a sexual relationship (allegedly) outside of marriage, the society on its own will judges her (good or bad) but for judiciary to have the right to prosecute her is assuming that Mortazavi (the government) knows better than her how she should lead her private life or better yet, Mortazavi knows better than all of us how we should lead our private lives (and how could he?).

Manny, if the results of what IR has done were positive on the social fabric of Iran, if it had brought us moral (your word) harmony and stability, I would condone it in a second but look at the result, their methods have produced a fundamentally hypocritical and ailing society that pretends to be what it can not possibly be.


Iran doesn't deserve you.

by benross on

But it should. That's what we are all about.


Delet baraye iran tang

by vildemose on

Delet baraye iran tang nasheh. Iran doesn't deserve you.


Manny: You think Iranians

by vildemose on

Manny: You think Iranians in Iran are moral under IRI, and Khamenis is their moral compass? Are you saying because Iran is under an Islamic government it is moral than if it were not??? Do you think people were more or less moral before the Islamic Republic??

You don't need relgio  n to be moral.

Your defintion of morality is highly questionable.

Religious laws are not necessarily moral laws and vice versa.





And you wonder why Khamenie acts the way he does???

by mannya2001 on

Some people in this forum go all out and try to be more liberal than western liberals.

I mean, atleast have a reference point- let that be your community's belief.

Reading all these types of out of the norm comments makes me think that perhaps Khamenie has a point afterall. 

Afterall, imagine if press and tv were all free and some people like ones on this forum try to corrupt the minds of the teens- imagine the kind of morally bankrupt society we will have.

Yes, Khamenie is extreme.  But from the comments I read, I get a feeling that there should always be a moral compass in IRAN.  We just can't have people running around and importing Western values in our society. 

What about democracy & freedom, you say?  Well, its a bit tough.  I mean if someone was to start a newspaper in Iran and starts propagating these toxic values and encouraging deviancy in a traditional society- can anyone tell him not to do it in a free and democratic society?? Not really.

So maybe, freedom & democracy don't belong in our society.  Maybe, we do need someone always to draw the RED LINES.

Maybe, a lot of the parents in Iran atleast feel that it is safe for their sons and daughters to go to high school and not have a teacher try to tell them how homosexuality is all natural & ok.

WITH WILD people out there. With people who have no belief system: not Islamic, nor Jewish nor Christian no Buddhist- where is the moral compass??

Don;t try to convince me that in a democracy people will be free to choose.  Not really.  The Media in a big way shapes people's minds and thoughts.  Consider this:  FOX, a conservative TV Channel, regularly show cases anchorwoman who literally are a step away from showing their private parts.  They discuss Hollywood, KIm Kardashian & Paris Hilton--little by little corrupting people's minds while holding onto a Bible.  This is the new conservatism FOX is propagating.

SO I am opposed to free press and total democracy in Iran unless there is a figurehead with the final word who acts as a moral compass.  Why? Because there are too many people with polluted ideas still in our society


What a lovely girl.

by پیام on

And what a tragedy that she should leave her country because of the narrowmindedness of Iranians.


more power to her, I wish

by Fatollah on

more power to her, I wish her success and fortune in life.


you said it best. 



Shout it out and tell it like it is Zahra!

by Khar on

Thank you for having done and doing your part on bringing down the society’s walls of norms and cultural backwardness.

More Power to you!

I preffer Paris Hilton ..

by on

Common! How lame is this? Now that she is outside Iran she should say: I had SEX and Filmed it AND Enjoyed it AND I'm preparing a Sequel dedicated to Khameneii !! 

 I am also tired of Namjoo. 





Is she married? You guys jealous that you are not in the video!

by obama on

She is gorgeous. People make mistake. She is young and learning to be a better judge of those idiots who burned her. Let's not judge the poor girl. We are have secrets, but we are not famous for people to dig into our past.

What is between her legs is hers and a lucky guy who is not you! She can do whatever she wants to do with it. That's why it is between the legs and hidden, not on her forehead! God knew what he was doing!


Interesting clip, but I had

by bambi on

Interesting clip, but I had to continuously lower  the volume, to the point of muting, in order NOT to hear  Namjoo's annoying voice and singing style.  I specially dislike his style of  crescendos.


Simply Graceful

by Peykan on

Being herself in a hypocritical society and not going through the omnipresent rhinoplasty make her outstanding in my book.


Ali P :-O

by Anonymoses on

re: last para. Don't make such threats. Seriously. Not enough Chlorine for the eyes.


Ali P :-)

by Mehrban on

I can't stop laughing at your last paragraph.

Ali P.

Dear mannya

by Ali P. on

Even accepting your 'local communities public decensy' concept, the person in the film- be it her or someone else- did not choose to intentionally  violate 'the local standards of decency of her community'.

The video has been shot without her knowledge, most likely, and leaked to the public, without a doubt.

There is a difference between shooting and producing pornography - an industry outlawed in some jurisdictions - and being filmed, with or without your knowlege, AND THEN, finding out that the video has been put online, for the public to view.

The moment is gone, otherwise I would have suggested JJ to start a campaign of sympathy with the victim of this atrocity, with us all, videotaping our moments of passion - and yes, glory!- and put them on line!


Ali P.


What a beautiful young lady

by IRANdokht on


Amazing how people can cause so much damage by just repeating nonsense and ruin someone's career (even their lives) with their careless behavior.

I hope she gets the chance to pursue her career, she is very talented.


Multiple Personality Disorder

What are they talking about?

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

What happened to her?

Darius Kadivar

Pendar Neek Apology Accepted

by Darius Kadivar on





by Monda on

You said: "In Iran, regardless of religious belief, we have a culture and civilization that dates back centuries.  We are the cradle of morality, decency and justice.  There is no place for deviant thoughts and behaviour in Iran's society".

And I say: It's about time to re-evaluate those centuries-old values. btw Are you the same guy on JJ's thread, who believes the cartoonist should die?! 

You said: "If you are that comfortable of your believes,at the very least, make sure that you make your beliefs public to people you meet in person.  Afterall, you don't want to be a DOROOGHO like Ahmadinejad, you know" 

I say: I am very comfortble And vocal about my core-beliefs.

You Don't Know Me and You Never Will.   


Following suit

by پندارنیک on

You said you were sorry, so do I now. I don't have to remind you of the
importance of our common fight against cultural taboos,
regardless of our profound political differences. Thus;

Darius Kadivar; I am sorry that I called you an intellectual prostitute; I hope you'll accept my apology.


Since you mentioned my name...

by میرزاقشمشم on

In a public forum such as this, people are allowed to make comments which fall within the rules and policies of the site. There is no need to mention anyone's name in the title or, in the main body of the text when you feel a response is due. I have no serious intention to challenge every thing you have mentioned, simply because it seems a useless effort. How am I supposed to introduce you to  the idea and sanctity of "privacy of individuals" when you are enjoying your irrelevant slogan of Iran being the cradle of decency and justice, American law about nudity in cabarets, etc. These are  undeniable  signs of difficulty, if not impossibility, for mutual understanding between us. So let's just stay on a friendly course, like total strangers who share the same road in a city. Assalaamun Alaikum...



Few questions

by Kooshan on

I really feel bad for Ms. Zahra. I wholeheartedly believe that private matters are no one else's business. The issue is that once you are a public figure, you automatically give up your privacy. This is true in US as well. Lot of people make lots of money out of scandals.


Few questions I have for Zahra are:

If the video is true:

1. Why is she so careless?

2. Why would some horrible person do this to her? What was thereason?


If the video is NOT true:

1. WHy did she give up? She should have stayed back and defended her dignity and rights.





by Mehrban on

Right to Privacy is in the penumbra of the US constitution, some states, I undersatnd have taken exceptions to it for example in cases of gay sex but even those cases have gone through federal courts to prove that stance unconstitutional (I believe).  What people do in the privacy of their home is their business.

If this tape was not made for commercial purposes, I do not see any moral issues with it , certainly no legal issues in a democratic setting.  Of course in the Iran of IR anything goes.